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    Nobunaga Oda by Crimsondramon

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/03/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nobunaga Oda FAQ for Warriors Orochi
        Version 1.00
    Created By Crimsondramon
    A.	INTRODUCTION                            
    B.	LEGAL STUFFING                          
    D.	UNLOCKING NOBUNAGA                      
    E.	NOBUNAGA’S MOVESET                      
    F.	NOBUNAGA’S WEAPONS                      
    G.	NOBUNAGA’S ABILITIES                    
    I.	NOBUNAGA’S PERSONAL ITEM                
    J.	Q&A                                     
    K.	THOSE WHOM I THANK                      
    L.	HOW TO REACH ME!                        
    Hiya! This is my very first actual FAQ I’m making. 
    Please don't scold me if I suck or anything. This FAQ is
    basically what I think of Nobunaga in WO, arguably the
    best character on the horse. 
    About Me:
    I love playing all types of games. I like to always be 
    with anyone, even online. Feel Free to add me on MSN if 
    you wish. (Details at last section). I'd love to also
    help anyone in need. (Details at last section)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks 
    and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Shall we begin?
    In Warriors Orochi, Nobunaga Oda, the Demon King, wants to
    take down Orochi, the demon. He is aided by Hideyoshi 
    Toyotomi and Mitsuhide Akechi (of all the people..). 
    Throughout the story, he gains valuable allies, like Guan 
    Ping, and amass an army rivaling Orochi.
    If you need to know about Nobunaga Oda’s history, you can
    type “Nobunaga Oda” in wikipedia. There’s very detailed 
    information about him there.
    That is a very difficult task to do, unless you already
    have a copy of this game in your PS2/Xbox360. Load game
    and there you have it! He's unlocked at the start!
    Normal Attacks
    S       - Diagonal left slash.
    SS      - S+ Right horizontal slash.
    SSS     - SS+ Diagonal left slash again.
    Sx8     - SSS+ 4 alternating diagonal upwards left and               
    right slashes ending with a finishes with a 360 degrees 
    Jump +S - A downward angled horizontal slash to the right.
    Run  +S - A horizontal slash to the right.
    Charge Attacks
    TTT     - Nobunaga lifts himself up, charges a ball of dark 
    energy in his left palm and sends it to the ground, causing 
    a shockwave to the area in front of him. Pressing T will 
    make Nobunaga lift himself up higher, causing a bigger area 
    effect and more damage.
    STTT    - S+ An upward diagonal slash to the right. 
    Pressing T will, if it hits an opponent, Nobunaga will leap 
    into the air do a 360 degrees slash and if you press T 
    again, continue slashing the enemy 4-5 more times and then 
    finally slashes them downward into the ground which sends 
    any enemies near flying backwards.
    SSTTT   - SS+ Nobunaga does a 720 degrees slash. Pressing T 
    would make him jump a small height and punch the ground 
    with dark energy. Pressing T one last time would make 
    Nobunaga do a drill attack like M. Bison in SF games with 
    dark energy.
    SSSTTT  - SSS+ Nobunaga charges up dark energy and blasts 
    it like Nightmare in SC3. Pressing T (up to two times) 
    would make him charge longer but deal more damage.
    Jump +S - Nobunaga thrusts his sword downwards to the 
    ground.(Great with STTT)
    On Horse:
    S       - He slashes right...
    SS      - ..and again..
    SSS     - ...yet again..
    Sx8     - ...and 4-5 more times to the right.
    ST      - S+ Upward right slash.
    SST     - SS+ Downward right slash.
    SSST    - SSS+ Charges dark energy and releases.(like in 
    T       - Horse uses forward two legs and whacks the ground.
    Run + T - Horse jumps up and slams down.
    R1 specials:
    R1      - Nobunaga quickly releases a small dark energy orb 
    which reacts to charge attacks.
    S+R1    - Faster version of STTT, with more slashes while 
    in mid-air.
    SS+R1   - Again, a faster version of SSTTT.
    SSS+R1  - Faster version of SSSTTT.
    O       - Nobunaga does very fast left to right slashes, 
    while levitating. He ends with a diagonal slash to the 
    right with a shockwave.
    True Musou
    O       - He starts off by saying "Do you dare to resist 
    me?". Nobunaga does very fast left to right slashes, while 
    levitating.  Then, he does two 360 degrees slashes to the 
    left and right, does a slash to the right and ends with a 
    diagonal slash to the right with a shockwave, saying "then 
    you dare to die!"
    L1      - Block
    L1 +Left Analog Stick - Block while moving
    (Same applies to the horse)
    1st Weapon
    King's Sword
    Base Attack: 9
    2nd Weapon
    King's Rage
    Base Attack: 18
    3rd Weapon
    Demon Slayer
    Base Attack: 37
    4th Weapon
    Demon Regalia
    Base Attack: 75
    Note: As usual, to get 4th Weapons, play on Chaos Mode,
          or 3 star or higher battles on Hard Mode.
    Boost - Kill 60
    Strategy: No need
    Fortitude -Within 12 minutes from start,
    kill 3 officers
    Strategy: Abuse STTT or SR1 
    Acclaim - Without performing any moves
    using the Musou gage, keep life 50%+ and
    kill 3 officers
    Strategy: Same as above
    Focus - Within 6 minutes from start, 
    kill 180.
    Strategy: Anything but STTT or SR1 will
              work best
    These are the rough explanations of the Special
    Effects in the game.
    Fire    - Damages enemy until he/she touches the ground.
            Does not work with Ice.
    Ice     - Target freezes for a while.
            Does not works best with Air element.
    Bolt    - Increased range of attacks.
    Flash   - Breaks guard.
    Slay    - Increased damage to generals, insta-kills to 
    Drain   - Heal when you attack opponents.
    Absorb  - Replenish Musou when you attack opponents.
    Air     - Extra damage against airborne targets.
            Not a good idea to use with Ice element.
    Brave   - Extra attack power against an Officer.
    Range   - Increased range. Does not work on some.
    Multi   - Clones appear and deal extra damage.
    Agility - Increased attack speed. Bugged on some chars.
    Might   - Increase the attack power.
    Rage    - Doubles damage when low in health.
    this is what the skill would compare with Nobunaga's move 
    Fire    - Don't bother.
    Ice     - Moves do a lot of moving, not so useful.
    Bolt    - Must to increase range, duh.
    Flash   - Must for almost every  char.
    Slay    - Must for almost every char.
    Drain   - Only useful to keep him alive longer.
    Absorb  - Good with Tech character.
    Air     - Good for one with quite a couple Air skills.
    Brave   - Other better skills.
    Range   - Doesn't affect.
    Multi   - Quite useful.
    Agility - Few moves will be bugged.
    Might   - Useful.
    Rage    - Useless.
    My recommendation for the selection would be:
     1. Bolt, Flash, Slay, Drain, Absorb, Air, Multi, Agility
     : May looks like it lack of strength, but with SSSTTT move, 
       will able to kill generics in one hit.
     2. Bolt, Flash, Slay, Air, Brave, Multi, Agility, Might
     : Maximum Strength, again with SSSTTT.
    (Taken from KW's Mr. Honda Personal Items Guide)
    Nobunaga Oda (Sengoku Story 1)
    • Defeat Cao Ren (before he talks).
    • Rush through Guan Ping (try not to go through the castle)
    • Defeat the soldiers (not generals) in the middle area.
    • Defeat the soldiers on the left side & top left (where 
    Mitsunari + generics are), try to prevent them from meeting 
    with Huang Zhong, you can defeat the generics but do not 
    defeat Mitsunari.
    • After you defeat 500 meet with Huang Zhong.
    Note: You should be able to get 500 by defeating the 
    soldiers in the middle area, west side & top left, just 
    remember do not defeat the guard captains.
    J. Q&A :
    Q: Why make a Nobunaga Oda FAQ?
    A: Because no one made it and he's my fav. character in 
       all of KOEI!
    Q: Which of Nobunaga's costumes do you prefer?
    A: P2 costume. It fits Nobunaga in this game.
    Q: Whom do you use with Nobunaga in WO?
    A: Usually, I go with Zhang He and Orochi. My holy 
    Q: What's your favorite song from WO?
    A: It's between SAMURAI SCANNERS and Osaka Castle..
       cannot decide. Both equally good!
    (Clap for them)
    CJayC: For founding this great forum and posting this :)
    KOEI: For making this game, along with previous DW and SWs.
    Kelifrag: For helping me to start off this FAQ, letting me 
              WO before I had it and for being a good friend :)
    Gearchi : For introducing the "Warriors" series to me or 
              I wouldn't be here making this.
    My parents: For buying this for me on my b'day.
    KOEI Warriors: For helping me know about this game.
    Mr. Honda from KW: For the amazing Personal Items FAQ!
    Nobunaga Oda: For being who he is and a great person that I 
    Wikipedia: For info about The Demon King.
    Myself: For making this FAQ! I have to take credit for it!
    YOU: For reading this!
    You can contact me at:
    (hotmail is preferred coz I use it everyday)
    Just put "Warriors Orochi Help" in the title so that I will 
    notice it! If they're any errors in this FAQ, mail me! 

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