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    Magoichi Saika by Berserker_Blade

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                                   Warriors Orochi
                                   Magoichi Saika
                                     Version 1.0
    By: Black Murasame63 (c)2008
    E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
    I.   What's new...................................(MS001)
    II.  Copyright....................................(MS002)
    III. Contact......................................(MS003)
    IV.  Introduction.................................(MS004)
    V.   General Overview.............................(MS005)
            A. Unlocking Magoichi.....................(GN00A)
            B. Skills.................................(GN00B)
            C. Personal Item..........................(GN00C)
    VI.  Character Evaluation.........................(MS006)
    VII. Moveset......................................(MS007)
            A. Move Analysis..........................(MA00A)
            A. Weapon Recomendation...................(WR00A)
    IX.  Credits......................................(MS009)
    I. What's New (MS001)
    Intial release
    Version History 
    January 21, 2008
    1.0 Initial release
    II. Copyright (MS002)
    This FAQ may not be reproduced in anyway except personal and private use. It
    will not be in any website or distibuted publicity without any permisson. To
    put this simple don't take it without my permission. If you do, I will find
    out and send a pack of bloodhounds after you.
    (c)2008 Black Murasame63  
    III. Contact Info (MS003)
    If you have anything to add something, found errors or simply want to talk to
    me, go here:
    E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com.
    The following site are allowed to post my FAQ to their website:
    - Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    - Supercheats (www.supercheats.com)
    Be sure when the adminstrator of the respective site upload my FAQ. You must
    let me know that you are doing so. For everyone else,please, by all means, get
    my permission before putting up this FAQ ojr anyone's FAQ in your website. 
    Also, any E-Mail that does not contain any constructive criticism whatsoever
    or just simply trolling, I will not bother reading it, and it will be deleted.
    IV. Introduction (MS004)
    Magoichi first appear in Samurai Warriors. He is known for his charsima and his
    womanizing nature. Also, he is one of the few characters that uses a gun as
    a main weapon. But, you would wonder, how would a bayonet would work in a
    hack-and-slash game? The bayonet acts a lot like a sword and uses bullets as
    arrows. In my opinion, he is a fun character to play as. He has a lot of flashy
    moves using the bayonet and he has an amusing personality. Gameplay wise, he is
    a versatile character that can adapt to different situation. Although he is an
    oddball, his style of play is actually effective. This faq will give you in
    depth analysis to this womanizing character.
    V. General Overview (MS005)
    Magoichi Saika is a fictional character based on Suzuki Shigeoki, the actual
    leader of Saiga Ikki. Magoichi's role in Warriors Orochi is an observer of
    the battlefield and sometimes a strategist. But for the most part, he is
    out there on the battle field flirting with every beatiful woman he sees.
    So, what has has changed during the transition between Samurai Warriors 2
    and this game? As the bare bones of the character, Magoichi retains most
    of his basic moveset from Samaurai Warriors 2. But, in favor of the special
    type system found in Warriors Orochi, Magoichi loses his 2 R1 specials. That
    means you can't do the R1 + Square rapid fire attack or the R1 + Triangle
    homing bullet attack. But, the omission of the R1 specials shouldn't be
    too much of a loss.
    A. Unlocking Magoichi (GN00A)
    Magoichi Saika is one the first characters to unlock. Basically just beat
    Shu chapter 2, "Battle of Hasedo" and you pretty much unlock him.
    B. Skills (GN00B)
    When playing as Magoichi, he has 3 abilities to obtain. Once you satify the
    condtions, the skill will add up for one more notch. It's benefical to all
    the characters. He has 3 abilities to get.
    1) Recuperate: All standby characters regenerate musou much faster
    Just Kill 60 enemies.
    2) Speed: Increases the strength power for all speed type characters
    Kill 70 enemies along with 3 generals
    3) Karma: Increases your chances of enemies dropping an item
    Within 10 minutes from the start of the battle, defeat 100 enemies without
    using any attacks that uses up musou
    C.Personal Item (GN00C)
    Saika Overcoat: Raises the Parameters of Magoichi's stats
    To get Magoichi's Personal item play chapter 4 at the Shu storyline called,
    "The Battle of Nan Zhong." Within 8 minutes do the following: Rescue all
    the allies while killing 300 soldiers.
    Getting his personal item is not an easy feat. Doing all of this within 8
    minutes seems to be too short especially all of Meng Huo's allies are all
    over the place. First off before you start make sure you have equipped
    Cavalier, Karma and Impulse. Having Cavalier and impulse will get to
    your destination faster. Also having Karma increases your chance of getting
    an item enhancement. It may not be the speed sandals all the time. But,
    your chance of getting it increases. Also, intern save is your best friend.
    Oh, make sure cavalier is above level 3 or higher. The higher level your
    cavalier is, the faster horse you get in battle.
    Now, I assume you have saved Zhu Rong at the beginning, right? Anyways, once
    you do so, immediately go for Jinhuan Sanjie first. He is located the far
    eastern end below Dong Tu Na. He is the most likely to get killed off than
    the other two generals. Use the shortcut available in that area and pursuit
    the general at that area.
    Once you rescue Sanjie, head southwest to rescue Ahui Nan. I suggest you
    do an interm save here. There are some pots that contain item enhancements.
    But, if you feel that Ahui Nan has not died, just go on ahead. He situates
    where a hure body of water with floating planks. Kill the general on that
    area. Once you do so, DO AN INTERM SAVE!!! Go back where the pots, or if you
    are lucky, you might have the speed sandals in your disposal. If not, exit
    and load your interm save to get the item you want. Now, for those who have
    the speed sandals, use your precious 30 seconds to backtrack through the
    hidden passage and onto the third and final ally to save. He should be down
    a little below half of his health. Kill the general in that area and SAVE!!!
    You should have some breathing room by now. From there, kill any soldiers you
    see. But, I suggest go for the ones in a really huge clusters. If you manage
    to kill 300 soldiers along with saving 3 allies, you should trigger an event
    that a hidden item has been discovered. Go to that point and get your prized
    VI. Character Evaluation (MS006)
    In terms in overall performance, Magoichi can hold out very well. Because
    of his versatility, he can handle various situation on his own all thanks
    to his movelist. His C4 alone can do many wonders. He can knock away crowds
    and he can take off a significant portion of the major general's health.
    For the most part, Magoichi is one of the good general killers out there.
    Any bullet he shoots can stagger the blocking opponent leaving you with
    an opening. His C2, C3, C4 and his S String can take out a lot of damage.
    Also, since Magoichi is a technique type, his moves gets better with the
    benefits he is given. For example, the S String, His R1 barrage special and
    his C4 move can knock off nearly half of the major general's health. What's
    so special about that is that he can do that much damage without depending
    a lot on Slay. Being a technique type grants him to do any counter attacks.
    His R1 special thrusts forward giving damage for those who try to attack him.
    His thrusts can go so far that he can escape from the crowd very easily. Best
    of all, the counterstrike grants him invincibility. So even if you don't have
    a full musou to escape the overwhelming crowd, you can be sure that the R1
    thrust can get you out in a pinch.
    While being a technique type is great in all, there are drawbacks. Most of
    his charged attacks have a very slow start up. It takes a small jab to stop
    his destructive power. Some of his charged moves aren't ideal for overwhelming
    crowds. For example, his C1 and C4 really need some distance between the
    enemy and you. Also, most of his basic moves are easily interupted. The cause
    of that is that most of his combo stands in one place. When he does his bullet
    rounds such as his C2 he is very vulnerable all over the place. It takes a
    few or even one person to stop all of his combo string. Last but not least,
    his combo is too linear. He cannot link up one of his charged moves with
    another. So, for those who wanted to do some bread & Butter combo, Magoichi
    is definitely not the right person to do the job.
    The only way to compensate his weakpoints, he seriously need to equip agility
    to its maximum. At least Magoichi can initiate his move a little faster. Also
    being a technique type can reduce the frustration a bit. When you use the R1
    enhancement as the start of the combo instead of the triangle string. You can
    punish enemies by doing your counter attack if they try to interupt your combo.
    So if you plan to use attack that can leave you wide open such as C2 use the
    enhance version to fully optimize your attack. Overall, his excellent general
    killing moves alone makes him capable of soloing an entire mission especially
    on the higher difficulties. His personality along with his well rounded moveset
    can tear up the battlefield quite nicely.
    VII. Moveset (MS007)
    S: Square Button
    T: Triangle Button
    O: Circle Button
    X: "X" Button
    Regular Attacks
    S:           |A horizontal slash from the left
    SS:          |A horizontal slash from the right
    SSS:         |A diagonal slash from the left side
    SSSS:        |Shoots a single bullet (Unblockable)
    SSSSS:       |Shoots another bullet (Unblockable)
    SSSSSS:      |Shoots another bullet (Unblockable)
    SSSSSSS:     |Shoots another bullet (Unblockable)
    SSSSSSSS:    |Finishes off with 3 bullets that fires in 3 different directions 
    Jump + S:    |Does a 180 Degree slash
    Jump + T:    |Pounds the ground using the blade of the musket
    Dash + S:    |Does a forward Kick
    Charge Attacks:
    C1-TTT:      |Shoots several rounds in four compass direction. The 6th shot
                 |goes at a 3 way direction; ends the combo by shooting in the air.
    C2-STTT:     |Lunges the foe in the air and shoots the foe 5 times. The 6th
                 |and final shot will hurt the airborne foe as well as the foes on
                 |the ground
                 |EX: Does the same thing but more damage
    C3-SSTTT:    |Does an unblockable slash then does a series of slashes back and
                 |fourth the finishes off with a back flip.
                 |EX: Does the same thing but more damage
    C4-SSST:     |Shoots an arc of bullets at a 180 degree formation
                 |EX: Shoots a turret of flames instead of bullets.
    R1:          |In close range, Magoichi thrusts his body forward and uses the
    "Thrust"     |blade of his bayonet to stab the enemy. (Grants Invinciblity)
    R1:          |Shoots a barrage of bullets at a concentrated area which gives
    "Barrage"    |an enemy heavy amount of damage.
    O:          |Does a series of slashes and shoots off several rounds
    Critical    |Does the same thing except it ends with an surrounding blast
    Mounting Attacks:
    A series of squares: |Multiple slashes on one side then shoot several rounds
    End with a triangle: |Does an unblockable slash
    Press Circle:        |Does multiple slashes while the horse can attack while
    Press Triangle:      |The Horse jumps and stomps
    A. Move Analysis: (MA00A)
    The Square string: The square string does a decent damage. For the bullet
                       shot, they are all unblockable. Also, the last shot
                       has a knock-off effect. The problem is that the shots
                       can be awkward at times. Other than that, this move can
                       be linked with the R1 Special.
    C1-TTT: Despite how flashy Magoichi's gunsmanship is, there's no excuse for
            poor efficency. This not a good crowd killing move at all. First off
            it has a slow start up. When you actually initiate the move, it only
            affects 4 compass directions. Not just that, C1 can be easily interup-
            -ted. Also the last hit that shoots up in the air is only for show. In
            terms of gameplay, you are wide open for an attack. Don't do this
            especially in a crowd. If you actually want to use this move, have a 
            small space between you and your foes. Other than that, avoid this move
            at all cost. 
    C2-STTT: C2 is a decent general killing move. He lunges the foe in the air and
             shoot 5 rounds of bullet to the airborne foe. C2 does a moderate
             amount of damage towards the enemy. The 6th shot unleashes an elemen-
             -tal damage to the enemy. Not only that, the 6th shot also affects the
             surrounding foes; thus the enemies suffer the same shot as the the
             airborne enemy. However, you are left wide open during the firing
             process. The surrounding enemy could interupt the combo. Use the R1
             enhancement to strengthen the attack and give a punishing blow for
             those who try to attempt to interupt the combo. 
    C3-SSTTT: C3 is another good general killing move. Basically, it does a series
              of slashes then does a backflip at the end. The damage is very
              modest damage. If you have slay, your chance of taking a chunk off
              of health is relatively high. You can use it to escape large crowd.
              Use C3 if the general is cornered to a wall. Also, use the R1 enhan-
              -cement to do extra damage or try to escape the overwhelming crowd. 
    C4-SSSTTT: C4 is a very versatile combo. As a regular attack, you can knock out
               a handful of crowd. On the other hand, if used at a point blank ra-
               -ge, it can leave a heavy blow to minor generals. C4 has a lot of
               range. Also, the bullets are unblockable. However, the initiation
               is very sluggish, so you can be easily interupted. But, the R1
               enhancement is whole different ball game. Instead of bullets, its a
               arc of flaming turrets. Those turrets comes at the enemy much
               quicker than the regular version. Great for an overwhelming situa-
               -tions. But, there is a price. The range is much shorter than the
               the regular version. But, despite of the limited range, the blow
               is FAR more devastating. On a full health bar, it can knock off
               nearly 40% of the health and that excludes slay. C4 overall is
               great for crowd killing and general killing.
    R1 Special: The close of range version of the R1 special is very good. The   
    "Short"     thrust gives him some inviciblity time. Also, any attempts of
                interuption during a combo or being attacked, Magoichi can give
                a punishing blow to those who try to attempt to attack. Also,
                this special can also help you escape. If Magoichi is in critical
                condition, he can use the special thrust to escape the overwhelm-
                -ing crowd. Also, during the thrust, he has all the time of the
                world to switch. This move alone is excellent even though you
                may not have full musou to initiate a musou attack. Even though
                it takes up musou, it's worth the trouble.
    R1 Attack: The long range version of the R1 special is ideal against generals.  
    "Long"     This move has priority. So, if the general is about to make a move
               you can punish them by using the barrage of bullets toward the
               general. Not only this move is fast, the damage is very heavy. It
               takes out nearly a third of the general's health. Use this when
               situation gets sticky.
    VII. Weapon (MS008)
    Weapon name      | Weapon Base
    Musket           |      9
    Silver Trigger   |     19
    Thunder Thrower  |     38
    Marksman's Pride |     77
    A. Weapon Recomendations (WR00A)
    There are many abilities out there. However, there are some abilities that
    are more useful for that particular character. For Magoichi's case, he is
    a versatile character. He can adapt to many situations.
    This ability is a must for Magoichi. He can rack up huge damage against enemies
    especially generals. He has a good chance taking out a good chunk of health
    with that ability especially his Square string of his C3.
    Agility is a must for Magoichi. Most of his moves have a very slow start-up.
    Using agility can speed up his slow moves. Also, this should reduce the chance
    of being interupted during the start-up. 
    Magoichi also need range. Ironically, his bullets alone should compensate his
    range. However, since his slashes doesn't have much range, it's ideal to put
    some range to extend his effectiveness of the charged attacks.
    Flash is also a good ability Magoichi Should have. There are a lot of enemies
    especially the higher difficulties, tend to block a lot. With this ability
    you can destroy the opponent's guard and finish them off with your combo.
    Since his R1 Spread Shot takes up musou and I assume you are going to use this
    frequently, it is ideal to add this for your repetoire. Absorb basically takes
    the enemy's musou and use it to recover your own musou. So, if you are the type
    that spams on the R1 special, espcially the technique type, use this as one of
    your ability.
    Brave as an ability gives greater damage against generals. Brave should rein-
    -force his ability greatly since his C2, C3 and C4 can put a dent towards the
    Well, Might as an ability also works. He can rack up some extra damage against
    foot soldiers with that ability. It seriously doesn't hurt to rack up extra
    damage against your foes.
    Bolt gives Magoichi the ability to stun the enemy after your series of hits.
    This allows you to damage your enemies even further or enough to make your
    There are several other abilities out there. I don't recommend using air
    because his c2 is the only one that can do airborne damage. Also, due to
    his limited combo, he can't do much B&B combos. You could use drain as a
    filler. But, this could conflict to absorb. If you plan to use ice instead
    of bolt, use it as a c4 move. If you actually freeze them, you have an
    opening to do a devastating R1 C4 move. Try other combinations that
    suits you.
    IX. Credits: (MS009)
    I would like to thank the following people.
    Koei/W-Force: For making Warriors Orochi
    Gamefaqs: For accepting this FAQ.
    Last but not least, I thank YOU for taking the time to read this faq.
    I look forward to hear more about the this FAQ. So if you feel like there's
    something is missing, please feel free to contact me. If it's well thought
    out, I'll add it and credit you for the next revision. So once again, thank
    you for taking the time to read this.

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