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    Knight FAQ by DoubleStriker73

    Version: v1.51 | Updated: 08/01/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    P   P U   U    Z     Z  L     E       Q   Q U   U E     S       T   :
    PPPP  U   U   Z     Z   L     EEEEE   Q Q Q U   U EEEEE  SSS    T
    P     U   U  Z     Z    L     E       Q  QQ U   U E         S   T   :
     CCCC H   H  AAA  L     L     EEEEE N   N  GGGG EEEEE    OOO  FFFFF
    C     H   H A   A L     L     E     NN  N G     E       O   O F
    C     H   H A   A L     L     E     N  NN G   G E       O   O F
      T   H   H E       W   W A   A R   R L     O   O R   R D   D S
      T   H   H E       W W W A   A RRR   L     O   O RRR   D   D     S
      T   H   H EEEEE    W W  A   A R  RR LLLLL  OOO  R  RR DDDD  SSSS
    By: DoubleStriker73
    email: twinstrikers73@yahoo.com
          (Subject line must have "Knight Puzzle" somewhere in your subject line
          or I'm not reading it.)
    Table of Contents
    (If you want to skip directly to any point in the FAQ, use Ctrl+F, type in
    the bracketed section of where you want to go, and hit "Find")
    1) Introduction [INTR]
    2) Legal Information [LEIO]
    3) Knight Spells and Recommended Monster Spells [VYSP]
      A: Knight Spells [SKWL]
      B: Recommended Monster Spells [LCMS]
      C: Known Knight Loops [YCHM]
    4) Tactical Strategies as a Knight [TSAK]
      A: Your Equipment [KEOS]
      B: Building Exp. [N&HE] 
      C: Fighting as a Knight [FASK] 
    5) Credits [CRDU]
    6) Version Updates [VRUD]
    1) Intorduction [INTR]
       Welcome, young Squire-in-training!  This Knight FAQ will guide you through
       all the twists and turns that you'll encounter in your adventures.
       Remember, it's a far more chaotic field outside of the walls of Bartonia!
       If you're not a Knight, many of these strategies detailed within will NOT
       work with your Wizard/Druid/Warrior, so use a Knight for best results!
       If I forgot something/made a blatant typo/have more info to share, go send
       it to my E-Mail above.  Don't forget to put "Knight Puzzle" in the subject
       line or I'm sending it to the spam pile!
    2) Legal Information [LEIO]
       Copyright 2007
       As of this current version, only two sites are allowed to host this FAQ:
       1) GameFAQs
       2) Infinite Interactive
       If anyone finds this FAQ anywhere other than these two sites, please notify
       me ASAP.
       This FAQ is of the author's property and should not be reproduced under any
       circumstances without the author's advance permission.  Any usage of this
       FAQ on any other site or as any part of public display (magazine,
       newspapaer, etc.) is strictly prohibited and will result in a violation of
       copyright.  We don't want a lot of loony lawsuits on the legal system.  It's 
       already burdened as is.
       All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.
       All rights reserved.
    3) Knight Spells and Recommended Monster Spells [VYSL]
       For a complete list of spells, please refer to the following link:
       Since all spells (as well as items and runes) are detailed above, I'll
       merely list all the spells that the Knight can learn, and any notable spells
       that can be learned from monsters that a Knight can use to great effect.
       The spells will be arranged according to this format:
       Name: The name of the spell.
       Level learned at/Monster learned from: The level or monster that you'll need
       to attain to get access to this spell (either immediately or through
       Description: What the spell will do.
       Cost: The amount and type(s) of mana spell consumes to cast
       Recommended by (only for monster spells): Who gave this spell the thumbs up
       Notes: Any info and opinions by any users (either me or any other players)
       on the usefulness of this spell.
       Rating: Done in an "out of 10" format.  Also user opinionated.
    A: Knight Spells [SKWL]
       Name: Thrust
       Level learned: 1 (You start with this.  Other classes must learn from a
       Knight monster)
       Description: Destroys a single targeted gem, gaining its effects.
       Cost: 6 Fire, 6 Water (9 Fire, 9 Water for Knight-researched version)
       DS73: Thrust is an okay early-use spell.  It can help by destroying that
       pesky gem preventing a column of four gems or a row of five from matching.
       Charge! destroys a whole row, which would still allow the vertical match,
       but would screw over a horizontal match.  This spell destroys only one,
       however, so destructive capabilites are limited.  You can make lots of
       dumb dialogue with this spell, though.  :D
       DS73: 6/10
       Name: Divine Right
       Level learned: 2 (Other classes learn from Knight)
       Description: Destroys all purple stars in play, gaining their effects.
       Cost: 6 Air, 6 Water (9 Air, 9 Water for Knight-researched version)
       DS73: Damn useful spell.  This facilitates experience-gathering and opens up
       a stagnant board.  However, this spell only has a major effect with at least
       10 purple stars in play.  Even then, you may still get screwed by the random
       drops.  Still a great spell (until you hit Lv. 50, of course).
       DS73: 8/10
       Name: Challenge
       Level learned: 3
       Description: Damage to both players increased by 50%.  Your turn doesn't end
       if you have at least 15 Yellow Mana when the spell is cast.
       Cost: 6 Fire, 6 Air
       DS73: I ditched this one.  This spell is risky, especially in the early
       levels when a few screw-ups could cost you the battle.  It's okay if you
       don't expect any skull matches from your opponent, but I still don't like
       it.  You may get killed on a bad drop.  However, if you manage to get some
       skull drops while this spell is in effect, have at it and inflict some
       carnage.  :D
       DS73: 3/10
       Name: Stun
       Level learned: 4
       Description: Makes your enemy lose a turn, and inflicts 5 damage, plus 1 for
       every 8 Red Mana in your reserves when this spell is cast.
       Cost: 6 Earth, 5 Fire
       DS73: You better spam this spell a lot.  This is the Knight's lifeblood,
       and it saved many a Knight from defeat.  You'll do amazingly well by keeping
       this in your list at all times.  The only veritable complaint I could wage
       would be the resistances, but since few enemies have a resistance against
       Earth or Fire mana spells high enough to speak of (at least 20%), I think
       it's hardly an argument.  That said, this spell will help clear the path for
       you when you're stuck and would be forced to make some bad choices.  Plus,
       out of all the spells that make your enemy lose a turn, this is the cheapest
       one, cost-wise.
       DS73: 10/10
       Name: Trample
       Level learned: 5 (Others must learn from a Centaur)
       Description: Inflicts damage equal to half your Green Mana in reserve to the
       enemy.  This will inflict at least 1 point of damage.
       Cost: 7 Earth, 7 Fire (10 Earth, 10 Fire for Centaur-researched version)
       DS73: You won't use this much without a LOT of Earth Mana stored up.  You
       won't achieve high reserves without putting points to Earth Mastery, and you
       don't want to waste Lv. Up points on its high cost-to-stat ratio.  This
       spell also drains mana from your Stun spell reserves, which you'll need in
       a pinch.  Oh, and when you cast the spell, the mana that's needed to cast
       it won't get counted in inflicting the damage.
       DS73: 4/10
       Name: Favor
       Level learned: 7
       Description: Gives a 50% chance of adding 1 Life Point for each exp. point
       gained.  This effect lasts for 8 turns, plus 1 for every 6 Air Mana in
       reserve when the spell is cast.
       Cost: 6 Air, 8 Water
       DS73: When used in tandem with Knight Lord/Promotion/Both and followed by
       Divine Right, you can recover from a severe blow and fight back with
       confidence!  To assist in your efforts, Stun first and keep it running until
       the combo is complete.  Just be warned that you may recover less Life than
       you really need.  If you keep killing the enemy when you still have half of
       your life left, you won't really need this spell.  You'll REALLY not need
       the spell if your Morale is at least 150.  :p
       DS73: 8/10
       Name: Courage
       Level learned: 8
       Description: Removes all status effects on you.  Your turn doesn't end if
       you have at least 10 Water Mana when the spell is cast.
       Cost: 2 Fire, 2 Air, 2 Water
       DS73: This will keep Poison, Disease, and all those other status effects
       from screwing you over in the end.  This will also let you keep going with
       enough Water Mana in stock.  However, three types of mana are used, so your
       spell may get resisted more often!  Plus, this spell will also wipe any
       positive effects that you have.  I learned this the hard way when I cast it
       with Paladin Aura on.
       DS73: 9/10
       Name: Promotion
       Level learned: 10
       Description: Turns all the gems of the selected type into purple gems.  Any
       gem can be picked, including skulls or gold.
       Cost: 8 for all 4 types
       DS73: Nice if you want to keep mana (or gold from Dugog) away from your
       opponent and giving him useless (to him) experience.  You can also set up 4
       or 5-of-a-kinds with this spell.  Be warned, however, that all 4 types are
       used, so watch out for those with resistances in all four types.  Once you
       hit Lv. 50, that's it for experience-gathering, though.
       DS73: 9/10
       Name: Charge!
       Level learned: 12 (Others must learn from a Minotaur)
       Description: Destroys a whole row of gems and inflicts 5 damage.  Full
       effect for the destroyed gems is gained
       Cost: 6 for all 4 types (9 for all 4 if Minotaur-researched)
       DS73: The far more destructive version of Thrust, literally, positively,
       and negatively.  It takes out 8 gems in a horizontal row, so any matches
       that must be done horizontally will get annihilated.  On the positive side,
       you can really screw opponents over by denying any skulls or 4/5-of-a-kinds.
       DS73: 7/10
       Name: Vigil
       Level learned: 15
       Description: Whenever you match 4 or 5, you gain 3 to all mana reserves
       this spell persists.  Lasts for 8 turns, plus 1 for every 5 Water Mana in
       reserve when this spell is cast.
       Cost: 6 Air, 8 Water
       DS73: Really, you can just forge a Rune of Music with a Modifier Rune
       that adds at least 2 to Base Rune and any Power Rune to achieve the same
       effect without recast and with an additional bonus.  However, if you want
       the spell and item, be my guest.  That said, combine this with Promotion and
       Knight Lord to help in making stars, or Paladin's Aura for massive mana
       storing.  Plus, the cost's pretty cheap and only vulnerable on 2 types, so
       it's pretty nice.
       DS73: 8/10
       Name: Knight Lord
       Level learned: 20
       Description: Doubles the number of purple stars in play, ending your turn
       (unless you get lucky and get a 4/5-of-a-kind)
       Cost: 6 Earth, 6 Air, 6 Water
       DS73: Oooh, another useful spell.  REALLY useful if you manage to get at
       least 16 purple stars in play at once.  Like Divine Right, this doesn't
       have much of a game-altering effect if there's only a few stars in the grid.
       You can work wonders with this spell, and it's capable of screwing over some
       combos that require anything other than just purple stars.  Also, nice spell
       for getting more experience.  If you forged a Dragonhorn of (whatever), you
       could keep this spell going and going forever and ever and ever...  Until
       there's hardly anymore Purple Stars, at least.  Even after you hit Lv. 50
       and made all your Exp. gathering spells spells useless, you'll still find a
       use with this spell when getting mana.
       DS73: 9/10
       Name: Sword of Sirian
       Level learned: 30
       Description: Drains all your Air Mana, inflicting damage equal to the Air
       Mana drained.
       Cost: 10 for all 4 types
       DS73: Oh jeez...   You'll need a good amount of Air Mana to get this to be
       worth anything, which means you need a good rating on Air Mastery.  Even
       then, you use up ALL your Air Mana, not to mention 10 of your other mana
       types.  I'd much rather take a Mana Drain than use this spell.  The good
       thing, however, is that you can avoid being hit hard by Archery, which
       would inflict no damage without any Yellow Mana.  Not too useful by itself,
       DS73: 2/10
       Name: Chivalry
       Level learned: 40
       Description: Fills all the mana reserves of both players, and cleanses off
       oll the status effects of both players.
       Cost: 16 for all 4 types
       DS73: Absolute suicide against Runekeepers, and basically anyone who has
       items that benefit from full reserves.  Of course, it also helps you, and
       the enemy doesn't cast spells much anyways (although I see them cast more
       often in my eyes).  If you're forging, a Rune of Jewels will add 8 damage,
       although Eric's Bow does that better by 3 at Lv. 50.  A Black Staff can
       hit for 16 more to your base, so there's some items that can take advantage
       of this spell.  However, against the above enemies, STAY AWAY from this
       DS73: 2/10
       Name: Paladin's Aura
       Level learned: 50
       Descriptions: At the beginning of each turn that this spell is in effect, 2
       mana of all types are added to your reserves.  Lasts for 8 turns, plus 1 for
       every 5 Air Mana in reserve when this is cast.
       Cost: 12 Air, 9 Water
       DS73: For a final level spell, it's very useful.  Constant mana regen for
       a few turns, plus this spell pays for itself in 6 turns and it also fuels
       your Stun assault.  Alongside Vigil, you can really get back to owning the
       crap out of your opponent!  The mana regen is slow, though, so don't rely
       on it.  Plus, while this spell is active, try not to cast Courage, or else
       you lose the bonus.  This spell will nullify the effects of 2 Disease
       conditions on you.
       DS73: 9/10
       If you ask me for my opinion on a spell list at level 50, using Knight
       spells only, I'd use this:
       Divine Right
       Knight Lord
       Paladin's Aura
       My mount is a Giant Rat.  Cunning bonus, plus I could find a use for Rabid
       Bite every now and then.  :)
    B: Recommended Monster Spells [LCMS]
       Name: Burn
       Learned from: Imp
       Description: Turns all green gems in play to red gems, ending your turn
       (Unless you get a 4 or 5 of a kind)
       Cost: 4 Earth, 6 Fire
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: Ah, a nice killer against those who rely on Earth Mana to get their
       spells going!  This needs at least 10 green gems to have any significant
       effect.  Of course, you can get some free matches with this spell!  Be
       warned, however, that without a Stun, the enemy could use this against you.
       It's ESPECIALLY not recommended against stuff that use Fire Mana, like
       Fire Elementals, Flame Giants, Flame Dragons, and a Warrior with
       Deathbringer that you came across (un)luckily.  Also, you'll consume the
       green gems, which you'll need for Stun.
       DS73: 8/10
       Name: Conflagration
       Learned from: Fire Giant
       Description: Turns all gems of the selected type into red gems.  All gems
       are selectable, including skulls or gold.
       Cost: 12 for all 4 types
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: Getting bored of Promotion, or already at Lv. 50?  Switch it out
       and use this spell!  Combined with Burn, you can fill the field with red
       gems, meaning you could get a Heroic Effort or build mana quickly!  It's
       best to link this with Burn for massive fire power, then Rain of Fire to
       clean the field of red gems.
       DS73: 9/10
       Name: Death Gaze
       Learned from: Liche
       Description: Halves your enemy's LP, making a random skull for every 5
       points inflicted.
       Cost: 45 Earth, 30 Fire
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: That enemy has at least 300 Life Points?  Cast this, and they will not
       only be reeling from the blow, but you could add MORE injury by random
       skull matches!  You're best served to cast this when you first start to
       inflict damage, since this only affects your opponent's current Life Points
       and not his maximum.  You wouldn't want to win in two turns, would you?  :p
       Just be careful about casting; this uses up a LOT of mana.  Also, it's a
       complete pain in the ass to actually research this in the first place.  You
       WILL fail to research this one a LOT.
       This is probably the brother of Deathbringer.  Hey, death spell brothers!
       Equip a Rune of Music item and you can fill your reserves with this.  :D
       DS73: 10/10
       Name: Freeze
       Learned from: Frost Giant
       Description: Turns all red gems into blue gems and adds 1 to Water Mana for
       every gem transformed.
       Cost: 4 Earth, 6 Water
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: Ah, another link in the chain of Burn and Conflagration!  You can
       abruptly turn the field into a sea of blue, and you can get MORE combos set
       up!  Plus, the cost's cheap and it only can concieveably get interrupted by
       resistances, which only apply if the resistances against Earth and Water
       Mana are significant.  As a single spell, use when the enemy wants some
       Fire Mana desperately.  Also, you'll leave Wizards and Warriors in the cold
       without Fire Mana gems to work with.
       DS73: 8/10 (if used to link with Burn and Conflagration), 8/10 (single
       spell usage)
       Name: Frost Bite
       Learned from: Frost Giant
       Description: Destroys all blue gems and inflicts 1 damage per destroyed gem
       Cost: 9 Air, 13 Water
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: Here's a combo-ender.  After Burning and Conflagrating, then Freezing
       the field and getting a nice chunk of Water Mana, you can channel some Air
       Mana with the filled Water and REALLY hurt the enemy for at least 20+
       damage!  It's a long combo, but it really hurts the enemy, especially if you
       can pull it off.  As a single spell, wait until you get at least 12 blue
       gems in play.  It's nothing too special, but it can act as a substitute for
       Divine Right when you hit Lv. 50.
       DS73: 8/10 (as a combo ender), 7/10 (as a single spell)
       Name: Headbutt
       Learned from: Orc Lord
       Descrption: Destroys all red gems in play, and your enemy loses 1 turn, plus
       and additional 1 per 8 gems destroyed.
       Cost: 9 Earth, 18 Fire
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: What if you DON'T want to Freeze and Frost Bite, or the enemy has a
       good Water resistance?  Switch to this.  You'll take out all the Red gems
       and you can get some free turns in!  As a single spell, it's not really
       worth it unless you can get your opponent to lose 3 turns.  It doesn't cost
       as much as  Rain of Fire, even though it's still steep, but you'll get some
       free turns if you could pull it off.
       DS73: 9/10 (as an alternate combo-ender), 7/10 (as a single spell)
       Name: Rain of Fire
       Learned from: Fire Giant
       Description: Destroys all red gems, inflicting 1 damage per destroyed gem
       Cost: 12 Earth, 18 Fire
       Recommended by: DS73
       DS73: Another combo-ender for the Burnflagration assault.  Instead of Frost
       Bite, you can implement this and cause your enemy pain the same way.  As a
       single spell, wait for at least 12 red gems.  Also, the cost is a bit steep,
       so you should monitor your reserves.
       DS73: 8/10 (different combo-ender), 7/10 (single spell)
       Notice, I didn't put the spells from mounts.  I'd figure you could choose
       your own to augument your style of play.
    C: Known Knight Loops [YCHM]
       Knight Loop #1:
       Your spell list:
       Vigil (optional if you have a good Rune of Jewels rune item equipped)
       Knight Lord
       Stun (keeps loop going)
       Favor (for LP recovery)
       Divine Right (for clean-up)
       Basically, you're running Vigil first, unless you got a Dragonhorn of
       (whatever) equipped.  You put Promotion to bring out some Purple Stars if
       there hardly is any.  Once you got some Purple Stars, run Knight Lord
       indefinitely.  You'll use Stun to act as a nice buffer, and for LP recovery,
       Favor away.  Divine Right is there if you get bored of the loop.
       Credit to: fluxcapacitor66 (for posting it) 
    4)Tactical Strategies as a Knight [TSAK]
       Alright, young squire.  You know your spell lists, and you know how this
       game works already (hopefully).  Now let's get into the tactical discussion.
    A: Your Equipment [KEOS]
       There's not much to say here, sadly.  Knights don't have all that much
       useful equipment, many of which could be forged.  Among the good non-forged
       items are:
       Name: Eric's Bow
       Type: Weapon
       Why this?:  At Lv. 50, you're doing +11 damage every time you match skulls.
       Name: Minogoth's Armor
       Type: Body
       Why this?: It's like a Full Plate Armor, and it also gives you an extra 15%
       Earth Resistance.  Plus, hardly any useful Body armor is avilable for use.
       Among the forged stuff:
       Dragonhorn of (whatever)
       Forge with: Rune of Music+Rune of Dragons+Any Power Rune of your choice
       Type: Misc
       Why this?: Vigil becomes obsolete, so you can use another spell, like Death
       Gaze.  :D
       Eye of (Whatever)
       Forge with: Rune of Orbs+Rune of Dragons+Any Power Rune
       Type: Misc
       Why this?: In case your enemy likes casting spells, why not go and leech off
       some mana for your own?  Also, you can switch between this and the above
       Dragonhorn, if you need to.
       Aegis of Poison
       Forge with: Rune of Shields+Rune of Gods+Rune of Poison
       Type: Misc
       Why this?: Not wanting to rely on gathering mana, but you want some damage
       on your enemy?  Try this.  40% chance of inflicting poison, and every time
       your enemy inflicts 6 or more damage, they get 5 back.
       Relic of (whatever)
       Forge with: Rune of Jewels+Rune of Gods+Any Power Rune
       Type: Head
       Why this?: Since there's hardly any good head armor, and you'll be most
       likely gathering mana anyway, you can add 24 damage to the 11 Eric's Bow
       at Lv. 50 its already dealing ON TOP OF the damage you're already getting
       through skull matches!
       There are many ways to get your Knight to have some sort of an equipment
       arrangement that would exemplify his abilities, whether through natural
       leveling or stat buying.
       A typical arrangement of a Knight sometimes revolves around output of damage
       without mana.  In that case, I recommend this:
       Heavy hitter:
       Relic of (whatever)
       Minogoth's Armor
       Eric's Bow
       Aegis of Poison
       Assuming you cast NOTHING (including Stun) in the face of sufficent
       resistances and stock up mana, you'll most likely be delievering at least 35
       damage at Lv. 50 and with full mana reserves for all four types.  That
       doesn't include the Battle bonus and Poison effect, so have at it.  :D
       On the other hand, what if you're casting a lot of spells and need mana
       a lot?  Well, look at the above arrangement and replace the Aegis with a
       Dragonhorn of (whatever).  You'll switch strategies on the fly!
       What if you're facing that Warrior with Deathbringer?  I bring this along:
       No Earth Mana type spells:
       Deep Talisman (Jewels+Chaos+Caverns)
       Minogoth's Armor or a forged body item (Lava or Flight+Chaos+Caverns)
       Deep Reaver (Axes+Chaos+Caverns)
       Deep Relic (Jewels+Gods+Caverns)
       16%+15%+24%+24%=79%  If Body is forged, then it's 88%.
       With the former, you're very likely to resist the spell.  With the latter
       and with at least 220 Morale, you'll avoid it every time.  This arrangement
       focuses on Earth resistance.  With this set, you can avoid many annoying
       spells and would probably be ideal for PvP combat, since you can just cut
       the enemy down to size whilst inflicting heavy damage of your own.  It won't
       guard you much if it's a Wizard, however.
       What if you just want to train mounts?  I come with this:
       Mirror of PAIN:
       Mirror Helm
       Mirror Armor
       Eric's Bow
       Aegis of (whatever)
       You'll throw back damage every time and train your mount to Lv. 50.  The
       only thing I can't help you with is fast reflexes.  You'll need those to get
       your mounts to Lv. 50.
       A Knight is capable of being flexible with equipment, but experiment for
       yourself.  The items I mentions are just among the best, but there are more
       ways to get your Knight up to snuff.
       Submissions from other players:
       Circlet of Skulls
       Woodland Cloak
       Erik's Bow
       Lucky Stones
       Divine Right
       Paladin's Aura
       Wake the Dead
       Death Gaze
       Mount: Giant Rat
       Bishop's arrangement revolves around littering the field with skulls and
       Stunning to assist in getting good matches.  Lucky Stunes is there and a
       Lv. 50 Giant Rat will help ensure that you get the first blow.  Bishop
       managed to successfully research Death Gaze (a feat I'm still working on)
       and put that spell as part of this arrangement.  It's truly useful, and if
       the enemy is unfortunate enough to get hit by one, especially early on, the
       battle is pretty much over.
    B: Building Exp. [N&HE]
       Since you're a Knight, you have it the easiest.  You can EFFECTIVELY build
       loads of experience the fastest.  Thanks to Divine Right and Promotion, and,
       alongside a Dragonhorn and lots of Purple Stars, you can Knight Lord your
       way to Lv. 50!
       Due to the random seed glitch on the DS, there's some ways for some quick
       experience!  It's best that you play the DS version to take advantage of the
       following trick, as it lacks a random number seeder!
       After powering on the DS and getting into the game, go to Choose Opponent
       and pick any enemy you can beat that has a higher Cunning than you.  The
       first field after powering on the DS is always the same.  Your opponent will
       grab the skull match to the left.  You should go and grab the vertical Red
       Mana match, NOT the horizontal one.  You'll grab some mana and two skull
       matches, one involving a +5 skull, netting you a Heroic Effort in the
       There are many more tricks involving the DS, so PSP users, you're not going
       to find a definite trick.  Cherish every Heroic Effort you attain.
    C: Fighting as a Knight [FASK]
       Without a lot of mana options, your Knight will need to focus on skull
       matches to deal the heavy blows.  Stun the enemy without mercy, though you
       should watch out for when the field has a lot of Purple Stars.  You can
       Knight Lord your way to to bug your enemy consistently.
       Defensively, you have many advantages.  With a lot of Morale, you have a
       low but decent chance of resisting a spell.  This is especially useful if
       a Liche wants to cast Death Gaze on you.
       Knights, like Warriors, focus mostly on damage, but you can take blows of
       your own and can laugh it off.  With a heavy investment in Morale, you can
       basically equip a Mirror Helm, Mirror Armor, and an Aegis, and watch your
       enemy kill itself.  Infict damage whenever you can, and let your enemy kill
       itself slowly.
       On the other hand, if you want to kill your enemy quickly, go for my heavy
       hitter arrangement.  This will speed the slaying of any enemy quickly,
       especially the bosses, like Dugog, Minogoth, or even Bane.
    5) Credits [CRDT]
       I'd like to thank Infinte Interactive, for developing this game, D3
       Publisher, for getting this game out on public, Nintendo, for letting this
       come to the DS, and Sony, for allowing this to get ported to the PSP.
       I'd like to thank GameFAQs and CJayC for letting this FAQ to be hosted on
       the site.
       Zaraf and eishin also gets a big thumbs up for their efforts to make the
       Hi-Res map, the spell, item, and rune lists, and for their capture puzzle
       solutions, along with a spell resistance calculator.  You two gave this game
       your all!
       fluxcapacitor66, thanks for posting that Knight loop!
       jeff_blinks for pointimg me toward getting this FAQ to actually HELP you
       instead of putting unnecessary stuff in it.
       Bishop gets a mention for alternate item and spell combos
       I thank my brother for introducing me to this game.  How's your Druid
       I'd also like to thank my boredom.  Having nothing to do in the summer makes
       me do things like this.
       Finally, I thank you, the young-squire-now-asskicking-Paladin-of-DOOMZORZ,
       for reading this FAQ and absorbing it's knowledge into your mind.
    6) Version Updates [VRUD]
       V. 1.00: Knight FAQ portion complete
       V. 1.50: Killed off most of the unneccessary details, added more opinion on
       V. 1.51: Added other spell and item combos, and included Bishop's suggestion

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