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    Achievement Guide by MajorBlackout

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                             XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE
                                 By: MajorBlackout
                            E-Mail: Hummer1114@Gmail.com
                              Gamertag: Maj0r_Black0ut
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    If you happen to find a website hosting this guide and has not asked for the
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    forced to smell my dog, and then forced to watch my 5 inch, black and white TV.
    This Achievement Guide contains some +SPOILERS+ so if you like to earn stuff
    with your own strategies and own wisedom, do not continue under ANY
    circumstances. If you could also get offended in any way possible reading this
    guide please don't continue reading.
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    |___ |__/ |__| |                TABLE OF CONTENTS             |  |  | |__/ |___
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    To search quicker, press / and type in the number code in which the Achievement
    is labeled with. The codes can be found right below these words.
    	A. Contact Information
    	B. Introduction
    	C. Achievement Guide (in order of appearance)
                                  Campaign/Single Player
    		1. Complete Act 1-------------------------20GS
    		2. Complete Act 2-------------------------25GS
    		3. Complete Act 3-------------------------30GS
    		4. Complete Act 1 on Hardcore-------------20GS
    		5. Complete Act 2 on Hardcore-------------25GS
    		6. Complete Act 3 on Hardcore-------------30GS
    		7. Complete the Tutorial------------------20GS
    		8. Von Helsing----------------------------25GS
    		9. Open Sesame----------------------------25GS
    	       10. Zapp!----------------------------------25GS
    	       11. Clap On/Clap Off-----------------------25GS
    	       12. Combat Engineer------------------------25GS
    	       13. Han Shoots First-----------------------25GS
    	       14. Use the Force... Field-----------------25GS
    	       15. Collect a Data Cell---------------------5GS
    	       16. Collect 35 Data Cells------------------35GS
    	       17. Collect all 100 Data Cells-------------60GS
    	       18. Deathrace 2161-------------------------15GS
    	       19. Dragon's Breath Specialist-------------15GS
    	       20. Mole Mine Specialist-------------------15GS
    	       21. Rhino Specialist-----------------------15GS
    	       22. Catapult Specialist--------------------15GS
    	       23. ST-4 Torpedo Launcher Specialist-------15GS
    	       24. Lodestone Specialist-------------------15GS
    	       25. Raptor Specialist----------------------15GS
    	       26. ALM-37 "Deep Freeze" Specialist--------15GS
    	       27. Invader Specialist---------------------15GS
    	       28. Scorpion Sniper Rifle Specialist-------15GS
    	       29. Bulldog Specialist---------------------15GS
    	       30. Pacifican SMG Specialist---------------15GS
    	       31. Bangalore Specialist-------------------15GS
    	       32. Black Widow Specialist-----------------15GS
    	       33. Dead Aim-------------------------------15GS
    	       34. Pugilist-------------------------------15GS
    	       35. What Goes Up---------------------------25GS
    	       36. Welcome to the Suck--------------------15GS
    	       37. Beware Falling Objects-----------------30GS
    	       38. Super Soldier--------------------------25GS
    	       39. President of the USA-------------------25GS
    	       40. President of Pacifica------------------25GS
    	       41. It's Good to be King-------------------15GS
    	       42. All Your Base Are Belong to Us---------15GS
    	       43. Gold Plated Shovel---------------------15GS
    	       44. Standard Bearer------------------------15GS
    	       45. Inductee-------------------------------15GS
    	       46. Private--------------------------------15GS
    	       47. Battle-Tested--------------------------15GS
    	       48. Corporal-------------------------------15GS
    	       49. Battle-Hardened------------------------15GS
    	       50. Demolition Expert----------------------15GS
                                       HELP TOPICS
    	       51. Data Cell Locations
    	       52. Weapons Testing FAQ
    	       53. Achievement Glitches FAQ
    	D. Conclusion
    		Credits & Comments
    ____ ____ ____ ____                                          ___ _  _ ____ ____
    |___ |__/ |__| |             A. CONTACT INFORMATION           |  |  | |__/ |___
    |    |  \ |  | |___   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    |  |__| |  \ |___
    Yeah yeah; I'm Hunter Webb, I make Achievement Guides, and you probably know
    my name or really don't give a crap. However, if you don't read this section,
    you probably won't know how to contact me (unless you read the very first
    part). You can send me an E-Mail to Hummer1114@Gmail.com if you have any
    questions, which you probably will. This game is really glitchy and some
    Achievements are a real pain getting.
    ____ ____ ____ ____                                          ___ _  _ ____ ____
    |___ |__/ |__| |                B. INTRODUCTION               |  |  | |__/ |___
    |    |  \ |  | |___   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    |  |__| |  \ |___
    Okay. The reviews for this game were TERRIBLE. Almost every post or thread I
    could found had the main idea of how stupid this game really was. However, most
    people do not take a look around and feel the battlefield they are in...before
    they completely deform it that is. Yes, you are probably sitting there thinking
    "Wow, this retard doesn't know what he is talking about. GTFO!" Well, if that's
    the way you feel then you need to get up, go outside, get some fresh air, and
    take in the fact that nobody cares. Playing this game is actually a good
    experience. If you ever come across the point to where you only use your
    Entrencher for objectives, you need to Restart the mission. You have probably
    missed out on the entire experience. Make hills, make craters, and do whatever
    it takes to make this game a fun time for you. You could also try Weapon
    Testing, after collecting at least 10 Data Cells. That is a fun time that could
    have you occupied for quite some time. Now, in the case I am talking about
    Multiplayer this game really bites. The Achievements on Multiplayer take some
    real patience to get. Not something you would work REALLY hard to get that
    1000GS on. Below is my overall ranking of Campaign and then below that, Multi-
    player. Take a look!
    Hunter's Overall Ranking of Fracture Campaign/Single Player:
    8/10 = A good time if you enjoy third person shooters. The weapons are a really
           good addition to the game, having a wide variety of them. A good game
           to at least play twice.
    Hunter's Overall Ranking of Fracture Multi-player:
    2/10 = Not something that could occupy you for longer than 20 minutes. The only
           honest reason people player Multi-player is for the Achievements.
    ____ ____ ____ ____                                          ___ _  _ ____ ____
    |___ |__/ |__| |              C. ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE            |  |  | |__/ |___
    |    |  \ |  | |___   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    |  |__| |  \ |___
                                 CAMPAIGN/SINGLE PLAYER
    1. Complete Act 1 (20 Points)
    Complete Act 1.
    Self explanatory. Act 1 consists of the following missions: Alcatraz, Dropship,
    Conveyor, Dreadnought Tower, and Dreadnought Revealed. Beat all of them in
    while playing the story to unlock this Achievement.
    2. Complete Act 2 (25 Points)
    Complete Act 2.
    Self explanatory. Act 2 consists of the following missions: Genetic Research
    Base and Recon. Beat these two missions while playing the story to unlock this
    3. Complete Act 3 (30 Points)
    Complete Act 3.
    Self explanatory. Act 3 consists of the following missions: Washington DC,
    Generator Beams, and Take Down the Dreadnought. Beat these missions while
    playing the story to unlock this Achievement.
    4. Complete Act 1 on Hardcore (20 Points)
    Complete Act 1 on Hardcore.
    Self explanatory, but somewhat challenging. See #1 for list of missions.
    5. Complete Act 2 on Hardcore (25 Points)
    Complete Act 2 on Hardcore.
    Self explanatory, but challenging at some parts. See #2 for list of missions.
    6. Complete Act 3 on Hardcore (30 Points)
    Complete Act 3 on Hardcore.
    Self explanatory, and challenging practically the whole way. See #3 for list
    of missions.
    7. Complete the Tutorial (20 Points)
    Complete the Tutorial.
    Wait for it... Oh yeah this one is self explanatory also. The entire mission
    known as Alcatraz is the tutorial. Complete it, and you're done.
    8. Von Helsing (25 Points)
    Crush an enemy to death with a spike.
    Do this one on Act 3- Washington D.C. Get to the part where you enter the
    tunnels and the Lawrence says something about "The walls are low in these
    tunnels, try using your Entrencher to smash them against the wall." Throw a
    spike at an enemy, it will raise, he will be SMASHED against the ceiling and
    you will get the Achievement. *Note: Results may vary*
    9. Open Sesame (25 Points)
    Successfully open a physics or hinged gate for the first time in single player.
    This Achievement will unlock automatically in the Conveyor level in Act 1.
    Simply follow your objectives and you will get this no-doubt.
    10. Zapp! (25 Points)
    Successfully block (or unblock) an energy beam for the first time in single
    This Achievement will unlock automatically in the Genetics Beam level in Act
    3. Simply lower the terrain for the beam and you will get this.
    11. Clap On/Clap Off (25 Points)
    Successfully used a TD switch for the first time in single player.
    This Achievement will unlock automatically in the Conveyor level in Act 1. You
    will walk up a broken bridge created by a Black Widow (or not) and walk to a
    shield with a generator to the left. Lower the switch (aim at it and press LB)
    and you will get this Achievement.
    12. Combat Engineer (25 Points)
    Successfully raise/lower a bridge for the first time in single player.
    This Achievement will unlock automatically in Act 1 (Can't remember exact
    mission). Simply raise the terrain with RB then throw a Spike on the hill you
    13. Han Shoots First (25 Points)
    Kill an enemy by using TD and forcing them into the beam in single player.
    This can only be done in Act 3- Genetic Beam. When an enemy walks under a beam,
    use RB to raise the terrain underneath him and the beam should kill him. This
    could take several tries.
    14. Use the Force... Field (25 Points)
    Kill someone by forcing them into a shield.
    Do this in Act 1- Dropship; the part where you destroy your first AA cannon.
    Go into the area with the cannon, killing ONLY guys ALREADY outside it. Raise
    the terrain and force an enemy into the shield above or to the side.
    15. Collect a Data Cell (5 Points)
    Collect a data cell.
    Can be obtained very close into the beginning. The easiest one to be found is
    left of the door where you meet up with Lawrence.
    16. Collect 35 Data Cells (35 Points)
    Collect 35 data cells.
    Look at #17 for locations of data cells.
    17. Collect all 100 Data Cells (60 Points)
    Collect all 100 data cells.
    Collect all 100 data cells in the campaign of the game.
                     ** See 52. Data Cell Locations for locations **
    18. Deathrace 2161 (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills running over enemies with the TDV-1.
    You can get this two ways: the level Recon or Weapons training. Simply aim at
    someone and boost right into them.
    19. Dragon's Breath Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills with the Dragon's Breath.
    Four easy steps: Find a Dragon's Breath (turret), find an enemy, kill it, do
    this 24 more times.
    20. Mole Mine Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills with Mole Mines.
    This can be found in Act 3- Take Down the Dreadnought. When you see the
    diagonal building, look on the ground and you should see this gun. It's a very
    annoying gun because it hardly even tries to kill enemies. Just try and get it
    to kill 25 enemies. And don't even try to have this kill a Hydra.
    21. Rhino Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills with the Rhino.
    The Rhino can be obtained after killing a Bolla. I prefer you get all 100 data
    cells then try and get this Achievement in Weapons Testing.
                      ** See 52. Weapons Testing FAQ for tips **
    22. Catapult Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Catapult.
    The Catapult can be found in Act 3- Washington D.C. Intro. It's practically
    impossible to miss. Shoot it and when it is close to an enemy press X. I prefer
    you play on Casual as the enemies will die in one Catapult mine.
    23. ST-4 Torpedo Launcher Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the ST-4 Torpedo Launcher.
    The ST-4 can be found in Act 1- Alcatraz. It is an objective to get his gun so
    you definitely cannot miss it. It's not hard to kill with this weapon. Just get
    50 kills with it.
    24. Lodestone Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills with the Lodestone.
    The Lodestone can be found almost everywhere in the game. A good and effective
    way to get 25 kills with this gun is to shoot in the lava and it will suck
    enemies into the lava, killing them and adding to your 25 kills.
    25. Raptor Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Raptor.
    I don't know about you guys, but this was my favorite gun throughout the game.
    It never let me down during Bolla fights, ambushes, or everything else. It you
    loved this gun as much as me, you will get this Achievement before the end of
    Act 1, possibly before half of Act 1.
    26. ALM-37 "Deep Freeze" Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills of people frozen by the ALM-37 "Deep Freeze."
    The Deep Freeze can be found shortly after you meet the Creepers for the very
    first time. Since you only get nine shots with this gun at the most, try and
    shoot it when two, three, or possibly four enemies are close together. Quickly
    melee them into pieces to maximize results.
    27. Invader Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Invader.
    The Invader can be found in Act 1- Conveyor Tunnels. You will come across some
    Pacificans that have a green head and can only be killed via their head. Also,
    you will find that if you are within 10 feet of them, they are pretty deadly.
    These are the Invaders, hence the gun named after them. Kill one, pick up the
    shotgun (Invader), and kill 50 enemies with it. This isn't hard at all; the
    Invader is a deadly close-range weapon.
    28. Scorpion Sniper Rifle Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 25 kills with the Scorpion Sniper Rifle.
    The Scorpion Sniper Rifle can ONLY be found in Act 3. I highly recommend you
    get this Achievement in Weapons Testing. All you need to get is 10 data cells
    then you can unlock Weapons Testing and earn this Achievement. It's a very good
    weapon as only one headshot is needed to wipe out almost any enemy.
    29. Bulldog Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Bulldog.
    Your default weapon in the entire game so you really don't need to find it,
    unless you run out of ammo which happens very often. All you have to do is kill
    50 enemies with it. The very first level will count towards this Achievement by
    the way.
    30. Pacifican SMG Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Pacifican SMG.
    The same concept at "Bulldog Specialist." All you do is get 50 kills with this
    gun. Oh, and this gun is called the "Pacifican Machine Gun" during the game.
    Very strangely, I got this Achievement on Act 3- Take Down the Dreadnought,
    even though I used this gun a whole lot.
    31. Bangalore Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Bangalore.
    This can be found on the very first level of the game. In fact, it is also an
    Achievement. All you need to do is shoot an enemy, but beware because they WILL
    dive out of the way. You can also find this gun in the hands of Hydras. Simply
    kill one and pick it up.
    32. Black Widow Specialist (15 Points)
    Cumulative 50 kills with the Black Widow.
    This can be found on the very first level, same as the ST-4 and Bangalore. You,
    however, cannot use it in the first level (same as the other 3 in this level).
    The Black Widow is a very fun weapon, a perfect weapon to get "What Goes Up" as
    you can shoot a grenade and it will stick to enemies. Then, when you want, you
    can explode it at will. Just kill 50 enemies with it. Not hard, but somewhat
    33. Dead Aim (15 Points)
    Accumulate 25 headshot kills.
    You can start earning towards this Achievement at the start of Act 1- Dropship
    Down. You will encounter Raptors, which hold the Raptor (Odd the enemies that
    hold the weapon are named the same at the weapon). Kill a Raptor, pick up its
    gun, kill 25 enemies with headshots.
    34. Pugilist (15 Points)
    Melee kill 10 enemies in a row.
    I recommend to try getting this Achievement when you receive your very last
    Strength Augmentation. You know you got it when you are in Act 3, Lawrence
    stops you, and tells you that you can now "Kill an elephant with your bare
    hands." At that time, go for this Achievement. *NOTE: The phrase "in a row"
    means that you have to kill the 10 enemies one after another with melee. You
    can't, for example, melee kill, shoot kill, then melee kill.*
    35. What Goes Up (25 Points)
    Kill 5 hydras while they're in mid-air.
    Hydras are enemies that have Bangalores and can jump really freakin' high. Find
    a Black Widow, shoot the Hydra when IT'S ON THE GROUND, and detonate it when
    the Hydra is in the air. Do this 5 more times.
    36. Welcome to the Suck (15 Points)
    Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Vortex Grenade.
    You will find this bad*** grenade after you exit the Conveyor Tunnels (I
    think?). Don't worry if you think you're going to miss it, Lawrence will let
    you know. As soon as you pick it up, throw it at the group of enemies below
    you. If you timed it correctly and your allies did not kill any of the enemies,
    you should get the Achievement. If you don't try throwing the grenade in the
    middle of the enemies. Or, just save the grenade and throw it in an area with
    a lot of enemies.
    37. Beware falling objects (30 Points)
    Kill an enemy using the Stomp Augmentation.
    You will get this in Act 2- Genetic Research Base. Try to get it on the puny,
    little Pacifican soldiers as Raptors can withstand the shockwave. To do this
    ability, double-tap A, then press B while in the air.
    38. Super Soldier (30 Points)
    Acquire All Augmentations in the Game.
    Do not worry, this Achievement will unlock naturally during Act 3. All you have
    to do is play the game, and you will get it.
                               MULTIPLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS
    39. President of the USA (25 Points)
    Accumulate 100 Alliance Wins.
    Simply play as the Alliance team and win 100 times. I recommend you have
    another friend of yours who has or has rented this game and helps boost you the
    Multiplayer Achievements.
    40. President of Pacifica (25 Points)
    Accumulate 100 Pacifican Wins.
    Same concept as "President of the USA" except you need to play as Pacifcans.
    41. It's Good to be King (15 Points)
    Win 50 Kingmaker games.
    The best way to get this Achievement is to boost it with a friend. If you don't
    want to "cheat" then you are clearly and idiot and can have a boring time
    getting this.
    42. All Your Base Are Belong to Us (15 Points)
    Win 50 Break-In games.
    Same concept as "It's Good to be King."
    43. Gold Plated Shovel (15 Points)
    Win 50 Excavation games.
    This gametype is a somewhat fun one because you are supposed to race the time
    and prevent Pacifica from raising those spikes. However, you can use the same
    concept and skill as the above two Achievements.
    44. Standard Bearer (15 Points)
    Win 50 CTF games.
    Also a somewhat fun gametype because Capture the Flag is an all time favorite
    gametype of mine, especially on Halo. You could either have fun doing this one,
    and not need to boost Achievements or have a lousy time doing this and need to
    45. Inductee (15 Points)
    Awarded for completing one multiplayer game.
    Probably the easiest Achievement in the game. All you need to do is start
    playing a multiplayer game online and finish it. It does not matter whether you
    win or lose the game; all you need to do is COMPLETE it.
    46. Private (15 Points)
    Awarded for completing 10 multiplayer games.
    Still simple. Could take you from either 15-30 minutes to get. Start a game
    online, and finish it. Still does NOT matter whether you win or lose.
    47. Battle-Tested (15 Points)
    Awarded for completing 100 multiplayer games.
    Harder than "Private" and could take about 2 hours. Just have some patience and
    don't forget to breathe often. You could win or lose all 100 games and it still
    doesn't matter.
    48. Corporal (15 Points)
    Awarded for completing 250 multiplayer games.
    Could give you a headache and shouldn't be attempted in a day. Try to complete
    about 25-50 games a day (about 4 hours) and you should get this in at least a
    week or so. Win/lose= doesn't matter.
    49. Battle-Hardened (15 Points)
    Awarded for completing 500 multiplayer games.
    Tough, but not impossible. If you're determined, you could get this between 2-3
    weeks. Just try and have some patience and don't play all day long. Try not to
    lose your social life getting these stupid 15 GS.
    50. Demolition Expert (15 Points)
    Awarded for completing 1500 multiplayer games.
    H...O...L...Y...CRAP! 1500 multiplayer games in such a crappy online experi-
    ence. Do NOT expect to get this in less than 5 weeks, unless you truly have no
    life. Try to play 25-50 games a day and you SHOULD get this in probably 6
    weeks, if you pace yourself. You could LOSE ALL 1500 games (if you do, you
    really shouldn't be playing online) and you could still get this Achievement.
    All I have to say is, have fun playing Fracture and 'May the Force Be With
                                       HELP TOPICS
    51. Data Cell Locations
    Below are the data cell locations of Fracture. Use these for personal use only.
                            ACT 1- ALCATRAZ- 8 DATA CELLS
    1)  Practically in front of the dropship hosting your very first Sonic
        Grenades. Lower the terrain to gain entrance to this. (NOTE: The Subsonic
        Grenades are at the BACK of the ship)
    2)  Behind the room with the Bangalore. To get here, go around the Bangalore
        building to reveal a garage. It's in there.
    3)  It is behind where the water tower ORIGINALLY stood. Look in a corner.
    4)  To the left of the door where you go to meet up with Lawrence.
    5)  Look down the hall where the soldier is pinned from the Dragon's Breath
        turret. It's on the second story; raise the terrain to get up there.
    6)  Blow up the roof by shooting the barrels, fall in, and look around for a
        catwalk hosting this data cell. Raise the terrain to access it.
    7)  When you go back outside, jump out of the building and look to your
        immediate left.
    8)  Located on the second story of the building that has the ST-4 Torpedo
        Launcher. Get up there and grab it.
                          ACT 1- DROPSHIP DOWN- 8 DATA CELLS
    1)  When the mission begins, run around to the other side of the ship that
        Juice crashed. It's located at the front of the ship.
    2)  When you get to the second AA gun, look on the roof. There is a Bangalore
        crate here too.
    3)  After you destroy both the AA guns and head to cross the bridge, look for a
        Orange 219 sign the second you exit the AA building. Now look to the west
        of the sign and you should see this data cell.
    4)  After the cutscene showing troops and a Spike crate being deployed from a
        ship, look towards the Dragon's Breath turret. Now look up above it and to
        the right of it. You should see the data cell located on top of a wall. Use
        a spike to reach it.
    5)  When the time comes that you are required to throw a spike grenade to raise
        the grate, look for a bunker. Walk up into it and look down the hall. It is
        located at the end.
    6)  When you come to the large warehouse type area, look to your immediate
        right. It is located there in a corner.
    7)  After shooting down the PACIFICAN dropship, walk down the valley to the
        crashed ALLIANCE dropship. Lower the terrain and it is located inside.
    8)  After you kill both Hydras, walk up the hill like normal. Before entering
        the elevator, look above the entrance to it. It is on a catwalk up high.
        Use a spike grenade to reach it.
                         ACT 1- CONVEYOR TUNNELS- 11 DATA CELLS
    1)  After whiping out most of the enemies on the other side of the lava, and
        the conveyor is turned back on, ride it to the other side and jump back off
        as soon as you get there. It is on a small tower; use a spike to reach it.
    2)  When you get on to the conveyor up top in the same area as #1, ride it into
        the next area and it is located on the right.
    3)  When the Pacificans disable the conveyor, look down towards the catwalks.
        It's located towards the right.
    4)  When you destroy the bridge, walk up it, and create your first TD switch,
        look down towards the other end of the bridge. Jump down onto it.
    5)  Once you re-activate the conveyor, get on it and ride it into the next
        area. Upon reaching it, you should see the data cell on the catwalk. Jump
        off the conveyor and use TD and a spike grenade to reach the data cell.
    6)  After you get back onto the conveyor, you will ride underneath a catwalk.
        The data cell is located on that. Climb the path to your left to reach it.
    7)  When you gain your first Strenth Aug. jump into the next area. Go to the
        very back and you will find the data cell located behind some crates.
    8)  After fighting the Hydra and several Pacifican soldiers, an icon will tell
        you to go through a middle door. Instead, go through through the left one
        which will lead you to a room hosting the cell.
    9)  After you destroy the 4 hydro-ball tubes and use the spike grenade to get
        over the wall, look up and you should see the data cell on a vertical pole.
        Use TD and a spike to reach it.
    10) Once you get outside the facility, look a little bit up and you should see
        a yellow arm holding this cell. Use TD and a spike grenade to reach it.
    11) When you get off the dropship, look to your left. The data cell is next to
        the cliff and a building wall.
                        ACT 1- DREADNOUGHT TOWER- 9 DATA CELLS
    1)  Behind a large tower. Located behind an elevator and next to a crate of
        Spike Grenades.
    2)  After entering the building, don't enter the elevator just yet. Look right
        next to it behind some crates.
    3)  When you cross the bridge, look to your immediate left up on some higher
        ground. The data cell is located here. (NOTE: There is also a Bangalore to
        indicate the cell)
    4)  Continue along the path from #3 and you will reach a broken bridge and a
        building. On top of the building is a Vortex Grenade crate and the cell.
    5)  When Lawrence says "The squad is up ahead" you should have destroyed a
        dropship. Get on top of the building and look down to the right. The data
        cell should be located above a door. Jump down from the ledge to the right
        to reach it.
    6)  After you meet up with the squad and the bridge is destroyed you will
        need to take the path to the right. Start walking down it and you will come
        across a lot of Hydro-ball racks. Walk down the right area and you should
        come across this one.
    7)  When you come to this really big ramp, look to your left and you should see
        the cell on top of a building.
    8)  In the area where you throw a spike under the bridge close to #7. It's
        under the building with the spike grenade crate and near the vortex crate.
    9)  Once you raise the bridge, proceed up the area with the Bangalore crate.
        Keep a sharp eye on the left area.
                       ACT 1- DREADNOUGHT REVEALED- 7 DATA CELLS
    1)  When you exit the cave, look directly in front of you and it should be
        inside a circular pipe.
    2)  On the pillar of the Golden Gate bridge. Knock down the water tower next to
        it, get on top of it, and get the cell.
    3)  After seeing the cutscene of the Dreadnought's leg crushing the dropship,
        look to your left.
    4)  Located on the foot of the Dreadnought. Not on a ramp which you take to
        enter the Dreadnought, but on the actually foot.
    5)  When you get on the Dreadnought then get back off, look in the corner near
        a weapon crate. It's located near the crate.
    6)  When the pods of Pacificans fall from the Dreadnought, kill them and head
        up the hill. Right when you get up to the hill and see some very short
        walls, look to the right and the cell is on the 2nd story of this destroyed
    7)  Behind the building in which all your Alliance soldiers are huddled. It is
        also the extraction point.
                      ACT 2- GENETIC RESEARCH BASE- 12 DATA CELLS
    1)  Right when the mission starts, do a complete 180 and look on the 2nd story
        of a building.
    2)  After seeing the cutscene with the Pacifican tank coming out the big door,
        look to the left of that door and you should see a catwalk, with the cell.
    3)  After you see the cutscene with the Creepers (things that burrow under-
        ground), look to the right and you should be able to get the cell with the
    4)  After destroying the 3 generators in the same area as #3, head towards the
        door but don't go inside it. Look to your left and right and you should see
        the cell.
    5)  When you get to the area with the radar array. It's located in one of the
        bunkers located on the right. Use a spike to raish the grate then get into
        the bunker and get the cell.
    6)  The same area as #5 but at a different bunker. Instead, throw a spike at
        the grate and quickly get ONTO the grate. When the spike lifts it up, get
        inside of the top of the bunker and look for the data cell.
    7)  When Lawrence says "Creepers in the area" AND "Pacificans use the Lodestone
        ..." Run down the ramp to the creepers then look behind the ramp.
    8)  When you are shown the Cheetahs, kill them and go to the next area. Do not
        jump down to the area with lava and Creepers. Instead, go down the stairs
        and look down there for the cell.
    9)  When you encounter more Cheetahs and are using the big slide-like things
        that dangle from these rods, you should see the data cell way in the back.
        Use the Lodestone to move the platform and reach it.
    10) When Lawrence gives you the Shield Buster, look for a building on the left.
        Entrencher jump to reach it.
    11) After you destroy the shield with the buster, look in the next area on the
    12) When you are given another Shield Buster, it's in the second story of the
        building on the left.
                             ACT 2- RECON- 20 DATA CELLS
    1)  At the beginning of the level, on a platform above the creepers. Entrench
        jump to get it.
    2)  In the next area, when you fall down a broken walkway, look to the right
        across some toxic waste.
    3)  After you get in the TDV and jump the first gap, you will come across a
        pool of green toxin. The cell is on top of the building right before the
    4)  After you use Grind on a hill, look for a walkway high up near you. Use TD
        jumping and/or a Spike Grenade to reach the cell on the walkway.
    5)  When Lawrence says something about "you're almost there" you should run
        into a pool of green toxin. Look really high up on a catwalk. It's located
    6)  On a catwalk to the left before a big shield.
    7)  After you destroy the dropship and jump the gap, you should see a destroyed
        ALLIANCE dropship. It's inside that.
    8)  You will come to a huge pool of green toxin. Go to the building and there
        will be quite a few Pacificans, and the data cell.
    9)  On a large ramp to the left of you after you grind under a gate.
    10) When you get to another shield, look to the right of the shield itself. You
        should see something that looks like a giant dumpster. Use TD to open the
        grate and get the cell inside.
    11) When you finally get inside the facility, you should be in tunnels of green
        toxin. Take a left, another left, and it should be at a dead end.
    12) When you get to the area with the supercomputer, jump into the swamp and
        turn around so you're facing the area you just came from. You should see a
        tunnel in the swamp. Use TD to get through it, and to the cell.
    13) After you leave the facility, you should find this cell on a bridge after
        some toxic pools.
    14) You will come to a bridge. About half way on it, it will collapse out of
        nowhere. Keep going and you will come to this disk on the right side.
    15) You will come across a very small walkway, holding a Pacifican tank on it.
        The disk is also on top of the small walkway.
    16) You will come to another Pacifican tank guarding another walkway. Go under
        it and look for a ledge on the right. Entrench jump to it.
    17) After you jump over the gap, look to your left on the 2nd story. It's
        pretty well hidden.
    18) Once you create a ramp to jump a gap, look a little to the right for the
        cell in a control tower.
    19) After you get off the TDV and get the Scorpion sniper rifle, look one level
        lower for the cell.
    20) Directly beneath the helipad that Sheridan was previously on. Also under-
        neath the prisoner.
                      ACT 3- WASHINGTON D.C. INTRO- 10 DATA CELLS
    1)  When the mission starts there will be Pacificans shooting you from a
        building to the right. Go inside it and find the cell on the ground floor.
    2)  Directly across from this building is another one. The cell is located on
        the top floor.
    3)  You will head up a ramp and down a hallway. You will find a Scorpion sniper
        rifle at the end of the hallway. Look down towards the enemies and you
        should see the cell.
    4)  Up on a lone piece of broken hallway. Use Entrencher hill (RB) and a spike
        to get to the data cell.
    5)  After you get #4 and advance to the next area, you can either take two
        paths which are on the right. In between the two paths is a building. The
        cell is on the second story of the building.
    6)  On the complete other side from #5. If you have a good eye, you can see it
        on the roof of a building. Use your TD skills to get it.
    7)  After you pick up the Catapult, look up and you will see the cell on a cat-
        walk up above.
    8)  On another catwalk close by to #7. Use a spike to reach this one.
    9)  When you first go into the area with a lot of Raptors look to the right and
        you should see it in an alley.
    10) Across from #9; behind a fence.
                         ACT 3- GENERATOR BEAMS- 7 DATA CELLS
    1)  After the first beam room, take the LEFT door and walk until you see a hole
        in the ceiling. Jump up there and you will see the cell.
    2)  In the second beam room, look up onto the second story. It is in a small
    3)  In the third beam room, go close to the ledge where the beam enters the
        room. You should see it in plain sight.
    4)  After you're done in the third beam room, take the right door as the left
        door is block by rubble. Now in the fourth beam room go over to the other
        door on the opposite side. You will find the door which was blocked by
        rubble. However, in this room you should see a hole in the ceiling. You
        know how to get it...
    5)  In the fourth beam room, you will be required to ricochet the beam to blow
        up the shield generator. Look over to the left side, near by the generator
        you destroyed.
    6)  When you meet and kill the spike hydra, look on top of the beam generators.
    7)  When you first enter the last beam room (fifth) look to the right side and
        you should see a big pile of rubble. The data cell is behind it.
    1)  When you exit the beam tunnels, you will be shot at by enemies in a
        building to the right. The cell is located on the second story of this
    2)  When you see the Pacifican vehicle slam into the wall, look to the left up
        on a second story.
    3)  After you pass under the diagonal building, jump down and look to the
        right. The cell is located in this building to the right.
    4)  After you pick up the charged grenades from the dropship, look for a
        building to the left of the ship. The cell is on the second floor.
    5)  After you drop down from the window from #4, you should see it in front of
        you in the second story of a building.
    6)  After you clear the area of all enemies, look for a house on the right part
        of the area. The cell is on the second story.
    7)  Instead of looking for #6 on the right side of the area, look for the LEFT
        side of the area.
    8)  After you allign the beams, get INSIDE the Dreadnought and you should find
        your last data cell easily.
    I had a tough time making these locations as some were VERY difficult to
    describe. So, don't complain about how these didn't help you because I didn't
    "take you to the exact spot". Instead, use your brain and my locations as a
    52. Weapons Testing FAQ
    1) +Question- I have collected all the data cells, but the shield at the back
        of the testing area will not open. Is this a glitch? What happened?
       +Answer--- You have to unlock that shield EVERY time you go into Weapons
        Testing. What you need to do is use TD to allign the huge turret in the
        middle to face towards the big cylinders near the shield door. Then step on
        the yellow circle to make crates spawn. Step on the blue circle to use them
        to load the cannon. Then step on the green circle to shoot the cannon. You
        should blow up a cylinder, resulting in a HUGE explosion. Do the same thing
        to the other one.
    2) +Question- What is the point of your allies at the back of the Weapons
        Testing facility?
       +Answer--- The Weapons Testing facility has every weapon, vehicle (one of
        'em, rofl), and object in the game. So, to make Weapons Testing seem even
        more awesome they have allies back there. NOTE: You can actually kill them
        and they still respawn. Shoot them with the Deep Freeze and have fun.
    3) +Question- Am I the only one that loves Weapon Testing?
       +Answer--- No, so stop asking that question. I personally like Weapons
        Testing also. It reminds me A LOT of Halo3's Forge where you can just goof
        off and have no consequences.
    4) +Question- Loved your Achievement Guide. Thanks for creating it. Will you
        add me on Xbox LIVE?
       +Answer--- That's not a question, but I still decided to put it on this
        section. Thank you for the compliment, I love getting those things. Yes, I
        will indeed add you on Xbox LIVE. Send me a Friend Request along with a
        message to who you are. If you are reading this guide put "Read Fracture
        Cheev Guide" as the message text and I'll easily know.
    53. Achievement Glitches FAQ
    1) +Question- I played Act 1 on Hardcore, but didn't get the Achievement. What
       +Answer--- I'm sorry, but I do not know how to fix that problem. You're
        unfortunately going to have to re-play Act 1. The same goes for all Acts.
        However, since you played that part once you should know how to beat it a
        little better. Feel free to skip enemies if necessary.
    2) +Question- I did exactly what the Achievement asked me to do, yet I still
        didn't get it. What happened?
       +Answer--- This could be a glitch, or not. Just try again is the best advice
        I can give you. Either load the previous checkpoint or just try again.
    ____ ____ ____ ____                                          ___ _  _ ____ ____
    |___ |__/ |__| |                D. CONCLUSION                 |  |  | |__/ |___
    |    |  \ |  | |___   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    |  |__| |  \ |___
    Sorry it took me so long to create this guide everybody. I was really
    frustrated with other stuff. I was trying to finish a school project, beat
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on Realistic, AND manage my website. But I finished it so
    you can't complain. Feel free to E-Mail me or Xbox LIVE message me about any
    question you have about my guide. I really hope I helped you earn the
    Achievements in this game as some were a real pain to get. Thanks for reading!
    Version 1.00 - Achievement Guide finished and published to GameFAQs
    Version 1.05 - Websites added to Disclaimer and Legal Information section.
    ____ ____ ____ ____                                          ___ _  _ ____ ____
    |___ |__/ |__| |               CREDITS & COMMENTS             |  |  | |__/ |___
    |    |  \ |  | |___   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    |  |__| |  \ |___
    1. Lucas Arts- Fun and enjoyable game guys, good job!
    2. Day1Studios- Can't pick favorites, both you and LucasArts made this game.
    3. ASCII Generator (http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)- Still good work,
       thanks a lot.
    4. GameFAQs- A good site to just browse. Pleasure doing bui'ness with ya'll.
    5. GamesRadar- I can't lie; you guys are my fav. Love everything you guys do.
       Don't stop (wrap your body...)
                              Copyright Hunter Webb 2008

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