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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/27/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       SSS    SSS PPP   PPP LLL     III  NNNNN  NNN    TTT    EEE     RRR  RRR
       SSS        PPP   PPP LLL     III  NNNNNN NNN    TTT    EEE     RRR  RRR
             SSSS PPP       LLL     III  NNN  NNNNN    TTT    EEE     RRR  RRR
       SSS    SSS PPP       LLL     III  NNN   NNNN    TTT    EEE     RRR  RRR
    			CCC    CCC EEE      LLL     LLL
    			CCC        EEE      LLL     LLL
    			CCC        EEEEE    LLL     LLL
    			CCC        EEEEE    LLL     LLL
    			CCC        EEE      LLL     LLL
    			CCC    CCC EEE      LLL     LLL
    * Game:	        Splinter Cell Conviction  *
    * Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
    * For:		Xbox 360, PC              *
    * Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
    * Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *
    * Web:		www.thechaosuniverse.com  *
    Version 1.0 - Just the basic game, with no real attention to the scoring or
    achievements (I know it's like months old but I have my reasons)
    Version 1.2 - Added the other two sections. Debating whether or not to add
    co-op and cover the extra mode levels, and/or realistic due to the late date
    of this guide. I might do it one day soon just for kicks, but I doubt it.
    Table Of Contents
    Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			( CON2222 )
    3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
    4. The Guide			( FAQ4444 )
    	Merchant's Street Market	( SC#1 )
    	Kobin's Mansion			( SC#2 )
    	Price Airfield			( SC#3 )
    	Diwaniya, Iraq			( SC#4 )
    	Washington Monument		( SC#5 )
    	The White Box			( SC#6 )
    	Lincoln Memorial		( SC#7 )
    	Third Echelon			( SC#8 )
    	Michigan Avenue Reservoir	( SC#9 )
    	Downtown District		( SC#10 )
    	The White House			( SC#11 )
    5. Weapons & Gadgets			
    6. Achievements & P.E.C.		
    7. Author Info / Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    I like the direction this game took. Splinter Cell games were more about 
    going complete stealth and not killing enemies. This game eliminates both
    and simplifies the game to "just get it done." Streamlined controls goes a 
    long way to speeding up what was once a waiting game; still cat and mouse but
    with more room for error. Stealth is still rewarded, don't get me wrong, but
    finally you can combine both elements of stealth and gunplay successfully.
    Think of it as combining the old SC games with RE4, with the key word being
    The story is nothing to write home about - I half expected Sam to wake up from
    a dream at the end. But the presentation is something you probably haven't seen
    before. Objectives and messages light up on walls, flashback scenes project
    on walls, and just other cool atmospheric stuff like that happens throughout.
    If the story was actually good it would have been great, but it's all still
    appreciated for it's effort. And the characters are good, but what they have to
    say is not.
    This game is very dark and violent, and that's beyond the fact that it's a 
    stealth shooting game. And this sorta hits back to the recent Call of Duty:
    Modern Warfare trick of over-the-topness that does wear thin in a hurry.
    However, the game is short enough so that the game does all it wants to and 
    winds down just as things start to get old. Plus there are other modes to play,
    so all in all this game does qualify as a must-play.
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    XBox 360
    A - environment prompts, jump, use
    B - melee, hold to grab
    X - use gadget
    Y - execute
    RB - tag enemies
    RT - fire
    LB - crouch
    LT - take cover, drop down, death from above (DFA)
    RS - look, click to zoom/aim
    LS - move, click to reload
    D-PAD - switch gadgets, guns, and toggle goggles (lol)
    BACK - help
    START - pause menu
    *Holding melee grabs an enemy, and you can use him as a meat shield, but you
    can also melee again to kill him.
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    #1. Stealth is NOT required. You don't have to be unseen to beat this game.
    It is part of some non-essential extras, but you can run and gun if you want.
    It's best to try and go stealth for as long as possible, but once the plan goes
    to hell you don't have to rage-quit.
    #2. Gadgets, use them, that is all. Usually have weapon stashes to restock, so
    no worries there.
    #3. There are many distractions: sticky camera noise, environment stuff like
    car alarms, opening windows, shooting bullets, shooting lights, and even 
    letting yourself be seen for a moment. These and others can be used to scatter
    #4. The best way to move enemies is by killing one or a few and then blowing
    up the rest as they come to investigate. It's really the only way you can 
    control and area, otherwise they will patrol all over. Especially later in the
    game when they wear helments and don't die with one headshot, explosives are 
    the best way to go.
    #5. Very few fights and areas are not designed with some sort of "out" for you
    to use. Meaning both some place for you to hide and from which to launch your
    #6. Last seen location. This exo-skeleton of you will appear when you're seen
    and then are not visible. That spot is the last spot where they know you were.
    You could even trap that spot if you can escape because enemies always 
    converge on that spot, whether you're there or not.
    * 4. The FAQ  ( FAQ4444 )                                                     *
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    The story hinges greatly on the events of Double Agent, which was a so-so game.
    Merchant's Street Market	( SC#1 )
    Follow the instructions when told and move to the alley. Take cover and press
    the button that lets you hop between cover. Once at the stall you go into a 
    quick flashback. When back, know that you can zoom the camera a bit before you
    shoot, and you want to go for headshots. There are three guys to take out.
    You'll go into another flashback where you are slowly shown how to do a little
    execution combo. You simply do a melee kill, follow that up with tagging any
    nearby enemies, and then pressing the button that plays it out. You do that
    in the flashback, and do not pick up the Desert Eagle. Then you get to do a
    melee kill on a guy in the alley up ahead, but in real time you must acquire
    the two nearby tangos and do the execute, otherwise it's a gun fight.
    Up ahead is the final area, so just take cover at the second box which should 
    have the words "cover" on it. Just wait for one of the guards to walk over and
    do your melee when he's close. Tag the nearest enemies and execute them, then 
    the third to the left, and then just chase down the gang leader. 
    In the bathroom you are in control when holding him, and you can smash him into
    the urinals or sinks, maybe other places too, but do it three times to end the
    Kobin's Mansion			( SC#2 )
    *NOTE: Good time to clear up that the black and white effect of the game means
    you are in the dark, so if you see color that means you are visible to the 
    enemies. Also, the words all over that give direction are as if you're in the
    mind of Sam, seeing his thoughts. Also still, you will always have options 
    available appear in the lower left of the screen, if you ever need to know what
    you can do in a situation.*
    *NOTE: Also, for the 360, clicking the RS is the aim button.*
    You have the ability to look at the bottom of doors and peek under with the 
    high tech mirror you got there. Go up the street and where the wall starts on
    the left you will see a door. Feel free to look under if you want, or just
    climb up your side of the wall on the corner, climb over, and you should get 
    the "death from above" option, so use it to kill this corner guard.
    Again, do not pick up the D. Eagle, just walk to the pipe on the wall and 
    climb up, then right, and under the window hold the "use as body shield" 
    button so that you can grab the guard and keep him up with you. No option to
    knockout, so just kill him.
    You can pick up the shotgun on the drawer nearby, but switch back to your 
    pistol (should be a d-pad button). To the immediate left is a door, but no need
    to bother with it or the guy behind it. Instead, go right and hop out the 
    window, then go right, and hop inside the hallway with the art and two guards
    when they aren't looking. You should have your execute option up, so tag and
    take out both with your pistol. There is an SMG if you want it, but no need.
    *NOTE: You can retry from the last checkpoint if you ever want to redo a 
    botched stealth attempt.*
    Turn off the light by the door and open, then slink to the right and through
    the glass door (feel free to close it), and hit the weapon stash ahead. Around
    the corner, stay low and hit both lights down this side of the balcony, and 
    climb the pipe at the end. Do a death from above on the guy below, then hit
    the other balcony. There is at least one guy up here to start, maybe another
    will be at the end, but you want both lights out. Ideally, you will melee the
    first guy and can execute the two guards on the floor, but if you alarm them 
    by shooting out a light, they will all scatter - hopefully you won't be 
    detected though. 
    I say use the pillars on the balcony to take out one or two guys, then execute
    whoever is closer to the first stairs that were under the pipe. That is so you
    can get to the floor and use their patrol lines for melee kills. One guy may go
    behind the wall on the left, while the other should go clockwise around the
    entire floor. That should be seven guys dead in this area, and that should 
    leave the one guy at the hallway, so just pop his head.
    Down the hall you will pick up EMP grenades which help take out lights and 
    such. At the next weapon stash, upgrade your pistol out, and that's about
    all you should do. Go out and up the pipe, pull down the dude at the window,
    then execute the two goons that appear.
    Go up but take the window to the right. Shimmy right and pull out one guy, then
    go camp at the far right window. Jump over and melee the guy in this corner,
    then use the couch and chairs in the corner as cover. There are only four other
    enemies you must kill, not including Kobin, so as long as you are not detected,
    just pick them off. Hopefully from this corner you can be creative, know how
    to use the switch cover button, and can execute two guys in a hurry. From there
    just pick off the other two. Then use the back cover until Kobin is wildly 
    firing away, then just run up and grab him.
    Price Airfield		( SC#3 )
    Just slap her around a bit.
    Go out and there is a guard at the nearby corner. Quickly slink to him and 
    melee, then use the execute to take out the two guys by the C4. Pick it up and
    then shoot the light above the door up above. Go up and open it, then quickly
    melee the guy inside. Go right and pop the guy below in the corner, then wait
    for the third patrolling guy to move closer and pop him from the catwalk.
    This leaves five more tangos to clear, all on the left side of the hangar. You
    don't have to, but I went back outside the way I came and took a pipe on the 
    outside corner of the building that let me crawl in through a window; this put
    me on the left side, on a roof of a room below. Don't drop down the hatch, it's
    kinda a trap. Instead, and with the execute option from your melee kill, go to
    the stairs and take out the two guys in the corner. 
    Then come back up and find the guard rail to hop over, drop down, and slink to
    the guy working at the computer; the alternative is to drop down the hatch, 
    open the door, and quickly melee him. Once he is killed by hand, use the 
    execute on the two workers at the chopper.
    Plant the C4 and follow the path outside to a weapon locker where you can
    upgrade your SMG and EMP grenade. Go behind the truck ahead and go right. Hop
    through the window and melee the dude. Then go right and hop out either window
    so you can follow the fence. Between the barracks up ahead you will see two
    guards, so execute them. Hop into the last barracks window and melee the guard
    at the door.
    Go right and you'll be at the power generator room. Go right to the back and
    you can see through the window that there are two guys, but there is also a
    third inside. One option is to open the window and this will scatter all three.
    You can wait for one to come outside as you hide behind a corner and then 
    execute the other two. However you manage to do it, go in and throw the power
    Quickly escape around the back of this building as the rest of the area is 
    alert to your prescence, as they probably were already thanks to the trail of
    bodies behind you. Find the door on the gate nearby and quickly go through it
    before anyone is near. Close the door if you want to use the weapon stash for
    whatever reason.
    The best thing to do is wait for the guard in the bunker to go to the door
    and follow for a melee. Then use the pipe and do a few DFA kills. But however
    you do it, make your way to the right side, beyond these bunkers. Follow the 
    boundary up to behind the satellite and pop the lights that shine on the spot
    where you need to plant the C4. This should cause guards to come to this corner
    and from there you can melee until the ones around you are gone. Then plant the
    Now power will be somewhat restored and more guys poured into the area. Keep in
    mind, being detected is not too big a deal, you just need to fall back or move
    ahead so you vanish from their sight. Hopefully you can crawl through the near
    hangar and melee guys as they patrol and as others find dead bodies. Short of
    that, just make a break for the roadway and vanish from the guys in this part
    of the airfield if found.
    Up ahead is your final obstacle, and I would start by popping the lights to
    your left, which should cause guys to scatter and then you can pick them off
    one by one, either with melees from the left or staying by the humvees. I
    kinda botched this part, but if you need to take out the final guy inside the 
    little room, just approach from the right side or pop from far away. Use the
    controls and slip out.
    Diwaniya, Iraq			( SC#4 )
    Gee, what did they expect would happen on the highway of death? This level is
    about gunplay, not stealth - I tried. Pop the two guys up ahead, another group
    down the way, and a third group further.
    At the checkpoint you have a big fight through a gas station area. Start off
    with the three nearby, then quickly hit the big red tanker to the far right 
    which should take out three more. Then cut your way up the street, and be 
    careful of the one dude in the alley to the left, try to get him from afar.
    At the next checkpoint, just snipe the guy to the upper left and the two to 
    right, then clear out the building on the left; red cans blow up. Take out the
    three down the center of the road, then go right to take out two more in the 
    Head to the gate and enter the school. Four guys around the barrier, then three
    more inside the classroom; toss in a frag and go in guns' blazing. Head through
    and out, and at the target room you can shoot the two guys through the glass,
    or open the door to shoot, and rescue the guy.
    Then just post up and wait a bit to shoot all the red barrels: two in front, 
    one to the left, and two to the far right. Then just pop a few enemies every
    now and then until the level ends.
    Washington Monument		( SC#5 )
    You have three goons who you must interrogate in darkness. They are marked, and
    they follow set routes, so just be cautious when you move into position. You
    don't have to be completely hidden while you punish them, just in darkness.
    Let's say the Washington Monument is North. Head to the Northwest corner where
    the zipper-like ride is, and across from it you should find a porta-potty in
    a corner, and behind it is a vent you can crawl under. Just wait inside until
    the one guard shows up at the end, grab him, and interrogate him behind the 
    vending machine things.
    Thug #2 patrols through the food court you're in, so let him go by, follow, and
    get him in the dark alley - there is a vent here too, but this guy's back is 
    turned anyway.
    Thug #3, which is the one closest to where you started, will stop in front of
    an alley in front of the pirate ship ride. If your timing fits, you could run
    directly "west" from #2 to reach the alley and maybe he'll be there; otherwise
    just wait of course.
    Then head to the little shack in front of the Monument to meet the dude. After
    the alarms sound, run back to the carnival and hit the right side as you enter
    and duck from the guards that are waiting. Crawl to the booth and wait for
    them to start moving. Position yourself at the end so when you jump over you 
    don't crash into a lot of stuff. You'll hop over and take cover on the west 
    side of the middle divider when the nearest guy heads to away, or just isn't
    looking. From there, quickly go into the corner vent we hit earlier.
    Where Thug #1 was killed, there should be a few guys and two with their backs
    to this corner. Hold the melee button so you take the nearest one hostage, and
    execute him in the dark. It gets a little tricky taking out the three or so
    enemies in the food court, but just remember that you can gun it out a bit. 
    Some of them are hiding behind cover, and if you need cover there is a booth 
    and the vent. FYI, the other side of the vent is blocked, so you have to go
    through the court.
    Now head to the alley where Thug #2 was killed. You should wait here and at the
    exact spot where #2 was, another guard should stop there after a bit. Kill him
    and crawl through the vent. Get to the very right end and there should be three
    guards looking east. There is a fourth that patrols, so make sure he isn't
    looking when you hop over and quickly head west. But stop behind the cover and
    scope out the fourth guard, hold the melee button when close, and drag him to
    the alley in front of the pirate ride to execute (you haven't gone through this
    alley yet).
    *NOTE: The fourth guard could also be west, don't forget that too. Should wait
    until you see him appear behind the trio of goons, then go.*
    Go to the rail and scope out the three guards. You can tag the farthest two,
    hop over the rail, hold the nearest, execute them, and then kill the one you
    hold, but you have to aware that there are four guards to the left. It's better
    to hop over the rail, hug the left wall, and quickly go down to the shadows 
    Doesn't look right, but you can follow the rail to under the lamp post, jump 
    over the very end, and slink right behind this guard. Then you can get behind
    the bench, hop over, and head to the car for a brief flash-forward and end.
    The White Box			( SC#6 )
    *NOTE: Please know that when I say to get through a window, I mean to open the 
    window and then jump. If you jump first you will break the glass.*
    The back of your car allows for weapon upgrads. Do so for the nifty Five-Seven
    and pick out an alternate gun. Now you can do five marks on executes with this
    gun, and some other secondary weapons too, but this is the main gun of use.
    Enter the patch of grass, wait for the guard to exit, and shoot his head. Then
    just hop over and run for the upper left corner. Crawl the pipe, then hop on 
    some vents, from there hop up to the ledges to get up, then hit the next pipe,
    and I'm sure going right allows for a similar path. Anyway, from this second 
    pipe, go up, then go right all the way until you hit another pipe, take it up,
    and from there get to the alcove. In here you can crawl another pipe and the
    path following the pipes from here is pretty straight-forward.
    Once inside, follow the path until you see the windows; no worries of being
    spotted. Go around and hop up to the pipe and follow it down. Hop down from
    here and just take the steps to the bottom. Feel free to peek under the locked
    door, but you have to get on the pipe and go above the skylight. There is
    really only one option here: pop the guy kneeling on the floor, then the bald
    guy in front of the monitor, and do a death from above on the guy directly 
    below you (when he's below you of course). Don't have to be lightning fast, 
    just don't miss a beat and you won't be shot at.
    Roll through all the cameras and the last is the one you need. Watch it and
    then head out the side door. Hop through the window and just post up in this 
    corner by this little "caged" room. There will be two patrol guards, one that
    pops up in the middle and one that pops up at this doorway. Get the doorway
    guy first with a hold kill, pop the middle one with your silencer, and then 
    you can hop on top of the caged room.
    From here, hop up to the pipe above, tag the two (you may be able to tag up to
    four now, but I don't know) near the bomb. But get the other guy when he walks
    away, either with a DFA or just popping his head at the wall (shooting him
    is faster). Then execute the last two tangos.
    The pipe ends where the scientist runs to, so question him. Get in the elevator 
    and use it. To the left is a weapon stash where you get sticky cameras that 
    can be used for distractions.
    Through the double-doors are five enemies, but through the left door is an open
    room, so take that. Open the window and slide left to see the big room. Quickly
    open the window and pull down the guard before the others are set. That leaves
    four and you should be able to execute four enemies at once. So tag all four, 
    probably get under the first window, open it, and take them all out at once, or
    wherever it will work (where all their marks are red). I suppose if you do all
    that really fast you could save the two scientist, but I don't think you have
    to. You may even want to spare one guy so that you can build up another execute
    for later, and if anything you don't have to kill everyone, you can just move
    on if you mess up.
    Move up toward the back area, but stop before the staircase. There is a column
    with pipes on either side of it, go up the left side one. If you're quick 
    enough you can look up through a window to the right and kill a baddie before
    he executes a coat. Including him, there are five on this second level, and 
    four move on the third that will aggro if you're noisy down here. With an 
    execute you can take out at least three guards down here, including the two on
    the balcony, but you'll most likely have to single-kill one guy, which should
    be easy enough from the middle pipes.
    To safely get to the third level, use the corner pipes on the balcony. From
    here and if the third level is stirring about, you can melee kill two, then 
    execute the pair.
    Pass through the office and wait for the one guard in here to move away, 
    then make a break for the window. Shimmy all the way to the end, and feel free
    to pull out or shoot the two that patrol. At the end there will be three guys
    that you can hopefully execute. Otherwise you'll have to stir it up, and use
    the windows as your weapon.
    Head out the door and use the pipe. There are three guards at the end of it, so
    either shoot one and DFA, or just a DFA. The thing to know about these areas
    is that the labs will light up when anyone is inside of them, but you can 
    climb on top of them. May not play a factor in this first part, as you can 
    just melee the other two or so guys, but you can always fall to the roofs for
    When you round the corner, four guards will storm in, so post up at the spot 
    under the window. Either quickly hop up, or just wait it out. I'm sure it's 
    very hard to do, but I hit the guy that came to the corner, then I tagged the
    other three, and when they charged toward me there was just a sliver of a
    window to hit all three. Maybe you can hold it off until they are closer, but
    you should at least hit two, then maybe play cat-and-mouse with the other from
    the roof.
    At the doors ahead you can peek under, then take to the window. You probably 
    don't have an execute and there are five guards. Doesn't matter if you shimmy
    to the balcony, the labs will light up when you try to cross. And they don't
    come to the balcony, so it makes this most likely a run-and-gun. But near the
    door you can set up a plan to use your emp flash to make a break for the roof
    of the labs (which you can only reach from this side, not the balcony side).
    From the roof you can either try to snipe guys down to a DFA finish, or use 
    gadgets and emps to just cover your escape to either the pipe on the wall or
    the door to the side. You aren't completely safe on the rooftops, so keep that
    in mind. If nothing else you can devolve it into cat-and-mouse from the ground,
    or just using the railing and windows like we've done before.
    If you want the easiest way, it's probably to play a short game of tag from
    the balcony, using emp flashes, and taking a body shield to gun it out. It just
    depends on how you want to get through this.
    The Trap
    However you get through, the pipe can lead you to the next room, or just take
    the door. There are two lights up above that can be shot, and then just get a
    feel for the room, maybe opening all the windows. Hit up the weapon stash and
    upgrade your guns and remote mines. You can also upgrade all your explosives
    if you have the points.
    There are four possible perches to use: the pipes, the shelf, behind the big
    screen, and the worst has to be at the computer controls. There are three
    spawn points: left corner, right corner, elevator. Aside from the remote mines,
    you can use the monitor as bait if you are not detected. You simply need to
    take out all the other guards and then DFA the one at the monitor, or from some
    other spot. Remember, stealth is still in play, and you can even fall to the
    windows if you get pinned down. And finally, green lights will reveal where 
    the enemies are coming from.
    I am partial to the pipe just above the console, and look to the entry points.
    It's pretty easy to pop enemies in the head that are farthest away, granted
    that you don't miss and get detected, and then doing a DFA when the last goes
    under you. 3 frags will go quicky, and it's pretty easy to use on the side 
    left and elevator waves. Then it's to remote mines, flash grenades, and 
    hopefully you don't need to go to emp flashes for ground kills.
    Restock and head down the steps to the pipe that you can take down, and 
    eventually drop down to the bottom.
    When you reach the warehouse, just run forward to the pipe and take it up.
    There are a lot of ways to finish out this level. All you need to do is use
    the controls and escape. But grenades and the pipe allow you to take out all
    the 15 or so guards. There are four that rush you to start, three more that
    pop up at on the opposite side of the room, and then about nine or so that 
    pour in after the blast. Remote mine near the EMP, or your own EMP to cover 
    your escape are the best ways to make your exit if you don't want to get your
    hands dirty. The pipe is best for the first seven, but most enemies are 
    wearing helmets that require two headshots to kill. This really tests your
    aim and accuracy if you do want to kill everyone without being caught. The
    cage rooftops are options too if you are stuck on the ground.
    However you get to the parking lot, just make a break for your car.
    Lincoln Memorial		( SC#7 )
    The Chase
    Walk to the camera booth and use the controls. Same controls as the other
    cameras in the last level. Switch to the second one to the right and wait 
    for about a minute for the conversation to start, it will be two guys talking
    within the columns. Zoom in to hear them, and you have to focus in on their
    heads (the black guy seems to work fine as a focusing point throughout). They
    will move, so switch to the other inside camera and zoom in as they walk. They
    will move back after a bit, so switch back to resume.
    Now exit and head for the stone steps and just creep up to the guy and grab 
    him. You can smash him into the lit up consoles a few times.
    Now just follow this new target back down and through the tent. If you stop
    in the tent or get seen by him, you'll have to slink your way up closer to get
    him to bolt; you don't have anything on you.
    Chase him to the part where you're told not to kill and take cover. You have
    two dim cops that you need to melee, or just get by - you have time to melee
    both, so feel free.
    Resume and make your way to past all the obstacles until you hear Grim say he's
    waiting and just go for cover or swing to the right to chase him away. Head 
    down the path to the tent he enters and all you have to do is follow him around
    this thing and back out. 
    *NOTE: Remember, pressing the cover button while moving lets you slide.*
    Around the corner take cover as two more cops are waiting. So either take out
    or just slip by. Then just follow to the cafe area, hang a left, and that 
    ends the chase.
    Now turn and go back up to the right, to the bathroom. At least on normal, I 
    just chilled in here through all three waves, then killed one guy going out
    the left door, then just running for the car.
    Third Echelon		( SC#8 )
    The Shadow
    You can upgrade your sticky cameras for all gadget upgrades and feel free to
    grab a secondary weapon and buff it up if needed.
    Go up the left wall and climb on top of the shack. Wait for the two to part 
    and DFA the one that waits outside the door. Hop down and peek under the door
    or look out the window to see the camera. Go out when the camera isn't looking
    and flip over the rail.
    There is a guard below you, but also another along the wall that will find the
    body. What you have to do is DFA the guard below you, then just wait behind
    cover for the nearby guy to investigate. Bottom line is he can't see the body
    up close or your cover is blown. 
    There are two patrolling guards, and you should have killed the one that was
    near the wall. The other will circle this entire ground floor. Best thing to 
    do is either wait behind the corner car where your DFA kill is, and when the 
    third guard heads for the wall corner you can follow and melee.
    It's a good spot because you can hop into a vent and plant the C4 at the first
    Come back out and follow the left wall down. You may not be able to see the 
    ledges, but you can climb up the wall, to the second level of the car garage,
    and then left to the vent opening; just watch for the guard that may be at the
    rail, pull him off if you see or hear him. In the vent, plant the C4 and just 
    go back the way you came but wait on the rail for the second level. A guard
    will patrol and come by this spot, so just wait and pull him down. 
    You can look at what's here, then go up to the nice lady. After the blast, 
    just take cover at the desk, don't hop over yet. Scope out the dude further up
    and wait for him to go left, and that is your queue to hop over and desk and 
    slide under the door if needed. If you did it right, you can post up at the 
    corner and melee him as he comes out.
    Now you must also pass two more gates down the hall, and they closing now. But
    there are two guards. It's very hard to not be spotted when passing through 
    the first gate, but it's about waiting briefly, accurate shots, and using the
    right side to pass through the second gate without detection. Otherwise just
    gun it out and do an epic slide to get through.
    Down the steps, post up at the corner and follow the dude into the adjacent 
    room. Hit the window and use the rail to pull down both dudes that will come to
    it. Get to the end of the rail, hop over, and head down the hall for a 
    The next office space is trickier, but you don't need to avoid detection 
    altogether, you can pop cameras, get spotted, or even gun it out if you must.
    But I recommend just hitting the "roof" areas, which can be reached by just 
    being under their edges, like the corner cover at the start of this segment.
    You can go up to the left, wait for a guard to pass by, hop down, and then hop
    to the next roof. Drop off in the upper left corner, and from there just time
    the camera and patrols to make a break for the other side of this building.
    Careful though, there may be a guard around this corner, so either have a trap
    ready if you want to be sure or just calculate that into your move from
    the previous corner.
    Once you're on this other side, you can take him out or just go to the window
    and slide to the end. Nothing to do from this room, so take the roof and go to
    the other side. I recommend either shooting one guard and DFAing the other, 
    or using a trap to get one, rile up the other, and then taking him out. Then
    you can hop down, move when the camera isn't looking, and take the door.
    Eyes in the Dark
    Enter the server room and talk to the dude. After that, quickly take to the 
    roof in here. Use your new sonar to spot the dudes, but you may need to take it
    off to move. Head up to the right corner and wait for them to look away so you
    can hop down and hop up to the vent. Then get back to the previous area through
    the hatch.
    Should be all clear if you did so before. This "escape" portion is somewhat 
    timed as the complexity may change drastically if you take your sweet time or
    don't kill guys. They will move further back along your path, so time is a 
    factor if you want to get out easily. When you hit the rounds at the corner,
    take to the roof area quickly. This time the transition from one roof to the
    other is harder, so feel free to use a sticky camera or mine as a distraction -
    they don't go to the roofs if you didn't know. 
    But getting off this roof to the first area is the hardest part, and requires
    a good bit of courage. Should have all EMP flashes ready, so pop one to cover
    your escape to the hall and the first area of this section. Pop your goggles
    and if there are guys you should be able to pop them one by one, but if you're
    clear just make a break for it. One trick to note is that dying will pretty
    much set four guys in the first area, for better or worse.
    Now you can access that locked area. Pop your goggles to see the laser grid, 
    and throughout you will switch between the two views. Go under the first, left,
    hop over the plantar, crawl to the corner, hop over the plantar, duck under
    the next, hop on the ledges on the wall to shimmy right to the end, drop, duck
    around the corner, and time your final crawl under the last set (when the
    two vertial beams are to one side, you pass through the other). Then just hop
    up the between the doorways to get over.
    *NOTE: Mad props if you can manage all that without the goggles and by using
    the tiny LED lights on the walls.*
    Downward Sprial
    Approach the target and start whooping him around. On the floor you can smash
    him into the monitor and desk he lands on. Afterward, pick up ammo and get a 
    good secondary weapon for a firefight. Three elite spies drop in and they know
    where you are, so just trade fire. They land on the upper level, so if you 
    can get off an execute then it's all good.
    After they're dead, take cover up the steps by the window or just on the 
    upper level as three guards enter. You want to pop one from distance, pop 
    another that is standing under a rail, and hopefully you can DFA the third - 
    just using each kill as bait works too. A fourth should enter, so just 
    dispatch as you see fit.
    *NOTE: Dying before the next guarded area will bring you back to the guards
    after the elites and kinda in a bad spot. You'll have to wait a few seconds
    as the guards go by, and either try to slip behind them or pop an EMP to cover
    as you exit where the weapon stash is. Trust me, you don't want to be in this
    Now you have two options for your laser grid. The clear winner is the right 
    side. All you do is hop the wall ledges, stay on the divider wall, just hop 
    over as the middle room laser sweeps by, hop up the other side, get on the 
    tiny sliver of wall ledge on the right, and take the pipe out of here. The
    left side path wouldn't be so much harder if the controls on this game were
    tighter for platforming.
    The Guantlet
    Head up and take cover in the office space on the left. The guy patrolling here
    is easy enough to kill when he's closer to the where you entered, or if you
    literally sprint to him and creep up.
    Now post up on the rail that overlooks the communications pit. If you can 
    use an execute on three guards, great! If not, then just clear a path or wait
    for the path to open so you can go left, to the area behind the screen. If
    you save your execute then maybe you can pop it from the middle vent opening
    to get four. But getting two or so and playing cat-and-mouse with the rest 
    is fine, especially since you need to build another execute.
    Make sure you got all five guards before going up the stairs on the other side.
    Stay around the top of the stairs. Pull out a remote mine and toss it straight
    ahead so that it's on the wall in the office. Then move up and take cover at
    the first desk. You've been spotted, but let them draw in closer and pop your
    mine to hopefully take out both. Otherwise you have an execute or just toss
    another mine.
    It's a clear shot to Grim's room. After that, things get interesting. You
    have executes all the way out, so just have your finger on that button and 
    enjoy the ride as you backtrack out and through the door at the stairs. It
    gets a little tricky as the rest of the dudes are behind the doorways and
    are only visible when you pass through, but if you're quick enough it's not
    that hard to press one button when you see red arrows. You'll eventually
    hit the front desk and just run for the elevator.
    Michigan Avenue Reservoir		( SC#9 )
    The Scientist
    *NOTE: Remember, the goggles are just to check enemy position, so I won't
    mention it every time it should be used, it's purely to help you see enemy
    Upgrade and grab a secondary weapon.
    This first area has five guards to kill and one in the middle that you need 
    to interrogate. Two are further up and three start near the truck. Your
    EMPs won't play much, but about all your other gadgets are free to play if you
    want to avoid detection. Remote mine the first group, then the second when
    they come to investigate. Thick bushes can provide cover if needed.
    As far as approaching the target, you can just creep around the cover to his 
    left and grab him from behind. Now you must enter the building. To the left 
    you'll hit a pipe, crawl in, and you can jump up to another pipe. As always,
    you want to do DFAs and get back up the pipe to hopefully do an execute to
    thin out their numbers. There are a few things to keep in mind, such as the 
    flashing lights on either end, as well as the pair of pits. You can just
    hop in and out of these if you don't mind abusing the system that way. Just
    don't forget the pipe on the wall if needed.
    Then take the pipe in the office and follow the path all the way to the pipe
    which you should be able to hit without being seen, but clicking your goggles
    is always wise. Up the pipe you can see the layout is about seven enemies in
    two different parts of this sewer, with four near the target location that will
    not move. 
    As always, the pipe is your friend, and there is also a canal in the second 
    half that you can abuse too. Other than that, just pick off enemies and save
    one execute as you approach the target, you really need it if you want to 
    avoid detection.
    When you clear the sewer, take the steps and if you have an execute you can
    use it for an easy clear. Otherwise you'll have to pick off all four in a fire-
    fight from above. You can even DFA the two near the girl. Then talk, hit the 
    weapon stash, and follow to the end.
    Quickly run up the wall in front to jump up and pull him down if you can. Hop
    up and take to the pipe to get your bearings of the area. There are now about
    seven left, all over the place. I say take point on the pipe opposite the door-
    way and from here you'll clear out most of the enemies. Start with a sticky
    camera near the front of the door and use it's noise to lure in somebody and
    blast him. More should come, so start tossing remote mines as them come to 
    investigate. Keep scanning until there are just guys left on the sides. You
    may be able to hit one guy through a window to your right, otherwise you'll
    just have to pick off whatever is left on your own - the gadgets were just so
    you could clear a way out of that shack. 
    Be careful if you go left not to step in front of the turret in the tunnel, it
    will see you from very far away. To approach it, just toss in an EMP grenade,
    use the cover to post up next to the gun, and take out the last guy inside. I
    tried tossing in a frag but it didn't work for whatever reason.
    Follow the tunnel to the next area and quickly go up to the rail to pull down 
    this guy. Hop up and take point behind the cart up to the left. Toss a frag to
    the right when three guys are near, this will bring in the rest, so pop that 
    barrel in the middle when one or two are near it, then just pick off whatever 
    is left.
    Before you approach the tag, feel free to clear the area of light. And if you
    have some remote mines, feel free to also set those up on the other side of 
    where you set the tag, a little up the narrow path. It's nearly impossible to 
    avoid detection here when they drop in and rush the area, just now that you 
    only have a split second after you step foot down the narrow path to take cover
    to the left; if you go right you are trapped and therefore dead. There are five
    enemies, so a simple execute is not enough. You need a remote mine or frag to
    take all out. Otherwise take out what you can with your execute and chase down
    the last.
    Head down into the bunker and load up on gadgets. Stop up ahead at the doorway
    because these walls are made of stone and you can't goggle through them. The 
    best way to go about this area is to use all your remote mines. Toss one a 
    little ahead of the first pair and detonate when three are near it. Lay down
    another as more approach, and use the last when needed. You could also use 
    the doorway further up to pop dudes that patrol that way, and it's usually safe
    to hit them from that spot. It may take a little luck, but this area can be
    very simple.
    Up ahead you'll be greeted by a chopper. Just take cover and take out the two
    ground troops, let the chopper fire, and then run up to the silo for cover. 
    Kill the guys on both sides and run up to the building for cover. Remember 
    that your secondary and frags are fair game.
    The third spot is trickier because you don't want to hit or blow up the 
    generator (which is clearly marked). Just hop out of the building to the left
    and mow down goons, then clear the dude on the right, make sure you are clear
    before you tag, and the chopper is behind the silo so you don't have to worry
    about it. 
    Downtown District		( SC#10 )
    The Approach
    Go up the steps and hang a left and take cover behind the counter. A guy should
    come near, so melee him. From there, just lob frags down the middle of this
    room to lure guys to the same spot for more frags. The last guy should retreat
    to the exit, so take him out fast. Head out into the street and it's safe 
    until you pass the second car that explodes. 
    Around the alley corner, hit the Black Arrow op, let the second one investigate
    and either take him out or let him pass so you can climb the pipe. Follow the 
    ledge all the way around until you see the next pipe on the opposite wall. 
    There is a canal under you, but you want to get on the pipe. Pull yourself 
    up to the ledge from pipe #2 and shimmy to the right until you're in the little
    perch. From here you can pick off everyone using explosives in the middle and
    pick off dudes under you. Should leave just one guy to the right, at the 
    corner below.
    Head up to the weapon stash to reload. Up ahead is a roadblock with seven or
    so enemies. Follow the right wall and climb up the scaffolding, then do a DFA
    on the guy here when he's farthest away from the roadblock as possible. Then
    just cross to the other side of the street and crawl up the columns to get in
    a perch much like the last fight, just this time closer to the corner. Just 
    toss a frag toward the upper left truck to take out two enemies, then again
    when more go to look, and that should leave three more dudes huddled up that
    you can blast as well. If not, just pick them off from here. Move up to hit
    a scene.
    1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue
    Hit the cover by the booth and from here pop two quick bullets into the red
    tanker to clear the gate. How this unfolds is pretty random, just know there
    are dudes behind the gate and a few on the street. Really the only way to 
    do this without detection is to start lobbing sticky cameras to the front of
    the burning truck, hit the music, and then explode when guys are near. Using
    a few remote mines or your gun to clean up the last few. Just be sure to take
    point on the left, near the plantars.
    Go through the cleared gate and take cover up ahead when you see the truck as
    guys enter the area. Quickly toss a remote mine and hit it when almost everyone
    is near, then mop up. Same trick up ahead, but take cover behind the booth.
    When you approach the front door, retreat to cover as guys enter from your 
    right. Kill who you can but you just need to sneak to the right. There is one
    more guy covering the entrance, and you can sneak up behind him by using the
    shrubs on the right, or just ignore him and kick in the doors to the right.
    The White House			( SC#11 )
    *NOTE: We're not going for no-detection here, firefights with the elites is
    Run up the hall and stop at the end. There are two guys inside talking, and
    to save your execute you can sneak up, pop one in the head, and quickly melee
    the other. Hit the weapon stash and move up the stairs.
    This area is very tough and may require more luck just to get through, never
    mind avoiding detection. The tried and true explosives lure trick will work if
    you use the left corner, just don't blow all your explosives here. And SAVE 
    AN EXECUTE as you leave. Move up to the dining hall area, tag all four guards,
    and then grab the VP.
    After, move left and toss a remote mine at the door in front of the stage, hit
    it when they are through, and then toss more in the corner or where you see
    them. You have to bust your way into that door, and also clear out the four
    elites that wait inside; a frag sounds nice. Go in and mop up whatever is left.
    Room Service
    *NOTE: A lot of my encounters with the elites led to much twirling around 
    tiny slabs of cover, sometimes going back and forth. If you can pull off an
    execute on these guys, go for it, but they're just too aware of your location
    to be passive, you have to just go for it with these guys. So yes, that means
    have your secondary gun out for them.
    After the scene, hit the elevator shaft and melee the guy below. There are 
    five more tangos inside the kitchen, so go left and tag four, then chase down
    the other after you execute.
    Hit the stash through the kitchen, then watch out for the turret in this 
    corridor. You have to hop the cover using the command to enter a door further
    up to the left. Inside you'll be ambushed by four elites, so use a mine or 
    just the inginuity of the cover to take them out. Back at the corridor, move 
    up, then to the cover directly ahead, and from the left by the wall you can
    pop the gunner. 
    Move up to the offices and watch out, four more elites will drop in and it's
    another tight squeeze. A mine to start things off is fine, maybe even dropping
    it to the left at a door when the guy goes through. It's difficult, but you
    can actually take them all out with little or no detection. And it's the
    same story at the next office area - a mine to start things off and mopping up
    the rest using little cover.
    Up ahead in the next office-like area you won't be attacked, but you may 
    notice and will soon hear a gunfight nearby. When you get near the room it is
    taking place, just go up the left corridor and park by the doorway. It didn't
    take too long before an explosion went off and there were just four enemies
    left, prime for an execute.
    Just press forward. Mark all six red goggles. Press the melee button when the 
    gun is in your face. Feel free to spare all the way through, but at the end
    you have the choice, both for achievements, but either will work ;)
    * 5. Weapons & Gadgets                                                        *
    All of these can be upgraded using your PEC points.
    Marks refers to the tags you can apply for Executes. The more the better, 
    Guns have three areas: power, range, accuracy. I won't go into depth about
    these, as you only need them for gun-fights, which we aren't trying to get 
    into here. We want to savor our kills, lol.
    Sticky Camera - A camera you shoot to a spot. The enemies can't see it, but
    	you can make a noise to attract them, and you can even blow it up.
    Frag Grenade - Basic grenade.
    Remote Mine - Toss, it sticks, then detonate.
    EMP Grenade - Disables anything electric for a short time.
    Portable EMP - Disables all electrical stuff for a short time.
    Flashbang - Stuns enemies for a short time.
    Mirror/Snake Cam - Used to see under doors. Not upgradeable.
    MK.23 - Standard handgun. Silenced.
    MP-446 - Weaker than the MK.23, but can have three Marks if you upgrade. 
    Desert Eagle - Not much stronger than the MK and is inaccurate. Not silenced.
    P228 - Worse than the MK, but starts with three Marks. Not silenced.
    Five-Seven - Weaker than the MK only in power, but better than the MK in the
    	other areas. Four Marks. Silenced.
    USP.45 - Weaker than the MK, but has the best upgrades. Not Silenced.
    Machine Pistols
    Skorpion - Mini-assault rifle that tears through ammo.
    SR-2M - Unlocked in co-op. 10 more bullets than the Skorpion.
    Sub-Machine Guns
    MP5N - Crazy accurate with three Marks.
    MP5-SD3 - Better than the MP5N, but only 2 marks. Silenced.
    UMP-45 - Less range than the others, but more power and three Marks. Can
    	upgrade for a Silencer.
    AKS-74U - Unlocked in co-op. Better than the others, but not silenced.
    Assault Rifles
    M468 - Standard-issue. The weakest, but can be silenced, how about that?
    G36C - Better for pure combat.
    SC3000 - Weaker in combat than the G3, but can be silenced.
    AK-47 - Unlocked in co-op. Best range.
    M-500 - Only shotgun in the basic game. Close range only of course.
    *NOTE: I know there are other guns you can have using promo codes and on
    UPlay, but there's no point to them. This is a stealth game, grab a silenced
    pistol and silenced secondary.*
    * 6. Achievements & P.E.C.                                                    *
    All Modes
    Best Of The Best		Complete all Splinter Cell PEC challenges
    Preparation Master		Complete all Prepare & Execute PEC challenges
    Stealth Master			Complete all Vanish PEC challenges
    Well-Rounded			Complete all PEC challenges
    Quality Time			Invite a friend to join a game mode
    Single Player
    These levels are separate from the other modes, but the other modes have 
    variations of some.
    Merchants Street Market		Complete Merchant's Street Market
    Kobin's Mansion			Complete Kobin's Mansion
    Price Airfield			Complete Price Airfield
    Diwaniya, Iraq			Complete Diwaniya, Iraq
    Washington Monument		Complete Washington Monument
    White Box Laboratories		Complete White Box Laboratories
    Lincoln Memorial		Complete Lincoln Memorial
    Third Echelon HQ		Complete Third Echelon HQ
    Revelations			Discover Anna Grimsdottir's dark secret
    Michigan Ave. Reservoir		Complete Michigan Ave. Reservoir
    Downtown District		Complete Downtown District
    White House			Complete White House
    Judge, Jury and Executioner	Take down Tom Reed
    Man of Conviction		Allow Tom Reed to live
    Realistic Difficulty		Complete story on realistic difficulty
    A mode from the main menu. These levels are the same ones available in all
    other modes.
    St. Petersburg Banya		Complete CO-OP Story St. Petersburg Banya
    Russian Embassy			Complete CO-OP Story Russian Embassy
    Yastreb Complex			Complete CO-OP Story Yastreb Complex
    Modzok Proving Grounds		Complete CO-OP Story Modzok Proving Grounds
    Survivor			Battle your co-op teammate and survive
    Co-op Realistic Difficulty	Complete the co-op story on realistic
    The basic mode in Denial Ops where you just play a level similar to those in
    the main game, only you have a set number of enemies. If you are detected you
    may as well retry because the number will increase. Each level is broken
    into segments, but they are very short segments.
    Hunter				Complete any map on co-op
    Hunter Completionist		Complete all maps
    Hunter Master			Complete all maps on realistic
    Perfect Hunter			Complete any map without detection on realistic
    Last Stand
    A mode in Denial Ops. You defend an EMP from waves of enemies, but it's
    hard to anticipate where enemies spawn from.
    Last Man Standing		Survive all enemy waves without failing
    Last Stand			Complete any map on co-op
    Last Stand Completionist	Complete all maps
    Last Stand Master		Complete all maps on realistic
    A mode in multiplayer. You fight NPCs and can kill each other for points.
    Face Off			Win one match 
    Face-Off Completionist		Complete all maps
    You'll find uniforms in the Denial Ops, and you can buy more when you choose
    the uniform button. And the ones you buy you can purchase different camo for.
    Accessorizing			Purchase any 1 accessory for any 1 uniform
    Fashionable			Purchase all texture variants for all uniforms
    Variety				Purchase any 1 uniform
    Weapon Upgraded			Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon
    Weapons Collector		Unlock all weapons in the weapon vault
    Weapons Expert			Purchase all 3 upgrades for all weapons
    Gadget Upgraded			Purchase all upgrades for any 1 gadget
    Gadgets Expert			Purchase upgrades for all gadgets
    Ready For Anything		Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms
    P.E.C. Challenges
    This is the overall reward system that applies to any mode you are playing.
    These challenges can be seen in your pause menu at any time, and the progress
    of each is shown.
    All of these require multiple uses in order to get the points. You can unlock
    most of the gun and gadget upgrades off one main game playthrough. More plays,
    or plays in the extra modes, will be required to get the rest.
    Clearly you can play the game on rookie and on the easiest stages to get 
    these if you want to. It makes no difference.
    LKP refers to your Last Known Position.
    Vanish Silently - Once spotted, vanish without killing enemies.
    Cat and Mouse - Kill the guy investigating your LKP with melee.
    LKP - Kill the enemy while standing within 10 meters of your LKP.
    Portable EMP Escape - Use the EMP to stun 3 enemies.
    Flashbang - Use it to vanish.
    EMP Stun - Use the EMP grenade to stun 3 enemies.
    Choke Hold Freedom - Free a team-mate from a choke-hold in multiplayer.
    Reviving Team-mates - Revive team-mates.
    Prepare and Execute
    These all deal with either instant-kills, marking enemies for Executes, and
    Executes themselves. So the ones that deal with marking mean you must mark
    and then use Execute, not to mark and just kill any way you want.
    Death From Above - Use DFA kills.
    Grab From Ledge - Pull enemies off a ledge or rail.
    5x Predator - Kill 5 enemies in a row without detection.
    Stealth Headshot - Headshots without alerting other enemies.
    Mark Proficiency - Kill pairs of enemies using Executes.
    3x Frag - Kill 3 enemies with one frag.
    Remote Explosion - Kill 3 enemies with one remote mine.
    Stunned - Kill someone stunned by an EMP or flashbang.
    Behind Closed Doors - Peek under a door to mark someone you Execute.
    Sonar Mark - Use the goggles to mark enemies and Execute them.
    Shadow Takedown - Melee takedowns in the dark.
    Sticky Camera Whistle - Use the noise on a camera to attract an enemy, then
    Splinter Cell Challenges
    Mark Mastery - Mark and Execute 4 enemies.
    Advanced Stealth - Complete a level without detection and retrying.
    Advanced Close Combat - Complete a level without shooting and retrying.
    10x Predator - Kill 10 enemies in a row without detection.
    Assualt Rifle Marksman - Kill 15 enemies with one rifle clip (don't reload).
    Pistol Marksman - Kill 10 enemies with one pistol clip (don't reload).
    Collateral Damage - Bash a human shield into a door.
    Human Collision - Bash a human shield into another enemy.
    Deadly Fall - Throw someone down more than 10 meters.
    Environmental Hazard - Kill 3 enemies with one environmental trap.
    Security Device Diversion - Kill an enemy investigating a disabled camera.
    Car Alarm Investigation - Kill an enemy investigating a car alarm.
    Human Kevlar - Mark and Execute 3 enemies while holding a human shield.
    Group Neutralization - Kill 3 enemies stunned by a single gadget.
    Alternate Door Entry - Bash a door to kill an enemy.
    Breaking Glass - Break a window by tossing an enemy into it.
    Effective Interrogation - Use three different moves in one interrogation.
    Full Recovery - In Co-op, kill 5 enemies while down before being revived.
    Remain Undetected - Stay undetected for 10 minutes after vanishing. Eat a 
    	Sam-wich if needed for the duration.
    These are earned with UPlay Points (UPP) from the UPlay button on the main
    menu in the game. You can get these points from other Ubisoft titles as well.
    Infiltrator Mode - 40 UPP.
    SCAR-H weapon- 20 UPP.
    SCC Theme - 10 UPP.
    VR ZVEZDA Uniform - 30 UPP.
    UPP are earned in this game from four achievements:
    Weapon Upgraded			Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon
    Ready For Anything		Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms
    Merchants Street Market		Complete Merchant's Street Market
    White House			Complete White House
    Guns and Such
    All other things, like guns and gadgets and uniforms are unlocked just by 
    playing the story and co-op.
    There are various uniforms available depending on if you fell for the pre-
    orders or bought certain editions, but no one cares.
    And there are several free guns on XBox Live, but I won't list them here
    as they may increase in number and are pointless.
    * 7. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *
    My Motivation
    I write these guides to help gamers avoid the dumb mistakes I made.
    That's really all it is about. I'm not trying to give 100% detail about the 
    game, help you up your leaderboard rankings, help you pwn noobs so you can 
    lol, or hold your hand as you play.
    My guides are really meant for single-player games only, with the multiplayer
    ignored, and you are supposed to read it as you play. I also cringe at 
    most extra stuff, like achievements or challenge modes or insane "play the 
    same segment 10 times to move on" hard modes. These things are just pure 
    "filler" that are so easy for the devs to make and so many of you suckers fall
    for thinking these things are legit gaming experiences... ugh. They are just
    time-wasters, but I do try to cover some of them.
    I hope you can learn to find things in this guide if you must (ctrl + F) and
    hopefully the table of contents points you where you need to go. If you jump
    into the guide not from the start, it's on you if you are off my order of
    events or you missed some early setup.
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
    be exceptional.
    The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
    on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
    won't work.
    My email: 				lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
    Title of your email should be: 		SCC
    PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
    of the guide, but only if you like it.
    PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. 
    I have other guides floating around too. They are:
    Resident Evil 4
    Dead Rising
    Gears of War
    Lost Planet
    GRAW 2
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    TES IV: Oblivion
    Shivering Isles
    Knights of the Nine
    The Darkness
    Halo 3
    Half-Life 2
    HL2: Episode One
    HL2: Episode Two
    Call of Duty 4
    Assassin's Creed
    Mass Effect
    Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
    Perseus Mandate
    Sam & Max Episode 203
    Devil May Cry 4
    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Grand Theft Auto 4
    Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Alone in the Dark (360)
    NCAA Football 09
    Madden 09
    Dead Space
    Gears of War 2
    Prince of Persia (2008)
    Call of Duty: World at War
    FEAR 2
    Resident Evil 5
    Modern Warfare 2
    Assassin's Creed 2
    World of Warcraft
    Mass Effect 2
    Heavy Rain
    I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
    me, and all because I write these little guides.
    Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
    this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.
    In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
    GamePro, but I am. Maybe I'll be in more I don't know about...
    Look to Gamerhelp.com for a slew of other articles written by me in the 
    featured article section.
    Here is my list of sites:
    GameFAQs (main host site)
    GamersTemple (http://www.gamerstemple.com/)
    CheatCodeCentral (cheatcc.com)
    and more here and there, too many to keep up with
    and even a few foreign ones too!
    *NOTE: There are many more with single guides, and then others with a few, and
    some that I just don't keep track of.*
    All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
    guide be ad-free and in this text format.
    And if you want to make a donation at my site for hosting a guide, that is 
    fine too.
    Here is my website:
    You'll find all my other guides here too and perhaps something else you may
    As of 6/20/10 it have not been updated in a long time, but I've only had my
    few guides since to add.
    I only ask for a donation because their aren't many people that do this 
    stuff for free. Even in a text-only format, you've gotten hopefully some 
    nice info for free and enjoyed me enough to just maybe repay all the time
    spent making this guide.
    You can give whatever you want, all of it helps. 
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2010 Brad Russell

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