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"Not the Sam you remember"

Let me start off by saying that I grew up with Splinter Cell. The first SC came out when I was in high school & from the first time I played the demo I was hooked. I couldn't believe all the gadgets and abilities that were given to you from the beginning, it was truly ahead of it's time. This allowed for so many different gameplay options right from the get go. As the series progressed it seemed Ubisoft had a very real focused direction in which they were taking the series. Each game pushed the graphics a little futher & the addition of multiplayer in Pandora Tomorrow was a great addition. All this was done without straying too far from the series roots, but rather expanding Sam's capabilities, technology & fun factor.

Now it is 2010 & it is very obvious the Ubisoft either has a new development team, or the director of the series decided to take a big risk. Not only does Sam look completely different (missing his standard spy / wet suit) he is missing all of his hi-tech gadgetry, many of his stealth abilites AND certain weapons that have become standard in SC games. In their place the development team decided it would be a better idea to make the game more "action." I put the word action in quotes because although they attempt to make gameplay more intense, they really dilute the gameplay, limit the players options, which in turn makes the game extremely repetitive lack-luster experience.

Now this game isn't complete crap. They have added interrogation sequences which are quite unique & a good addition. This is the only part in the game where the graphics really really look good. When I got to my first interrogation I thought, "well maybe this game isn't all bad." But the interrogation scenes are way to quick & too far apart to really make any difference. In closing I really hope that the guy's over at Ubisoft get their Sh*t together. If this game was called something else, like 24 or Borne Ultimatum, I would have liked it much better because it isn't a terrible game, by itself. It is only bad when you put it next to previous Splinter Cell games. I really hope the next game in the series is closer to SC roots. If not, I won't be playing it. As it is, I ended up turning off Conviction after only 4-5 hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/07/10

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (US, 04/13/10)

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