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Reviewed: 05/10/10

Some welcome changes.

What would you do if you lose everything you're cared about and have been pushed to the edge. Well here is your chance to find out. The newest Splinter Cell shows just what it means to be a man on the edge. You play as Same Fisher again but this time you have a lot to discover about what is really going on in the world. If you plan on getting this or like the series than I say go for it but for those who aren't quite sure than read on. This game has a lot of new features from the rest of the series so do not expect the same game.

Game Play: (10/10) The game I thought was really awesome to play. The difficulty on normal felt just right. It has some parts that will make you go WTF but once you figure out what you are doing you really feel like Same Fisher when you pass certain parts. The weapons feel really comfortable and you can upgrade all the weapons, gadgets and costumes. This game has a reward system that is unique in the way that you gain points to upgrade by doing certain things: Shadow Stealth Kills, Ledge Kills, Car Alarm Investigation Kills, Triple Grenade kills etc. There is probably 45 different things and you have to do each one a different amount of times. The upgrades normally increase the accuracy, range, power, clip size. They even increase the Executions. This is a new feature in which you can mark guys than push the Y button and you kill each guy in quick succession. It's a nice feature and can be used only as often as you do melee stealth kills. Last known position is a new feature that will show you that last known position you were seen at. This way you can look and see where the enemies will be searching for you. The controls of the game feel real solid through out all of this. It does feel a bit odd when going upside down on a pipe but it's easy to get used to. Another nice thing this game adds is the objective presentation. If you are unsure what to do there is normally a hint or literally what you are supposed to do is presented on the side of a building or on the ground. The game always reminds what your objective is. Must be so when you are having so much fun killing guys that you remember oh yeah I gotta do that. Deniable ops is a fun feature added to the game in which you can do Hunter where your goal is to essentially eliminate all enemies. Last Man Standing where you guard a EMP from waves of enemies attack. 20 waves to be exact. Each wave has a set number of guys and it gradually raises every 5 waves or so. Infiltration is a mode that you have to earn the UPLAY points for which is a hunter mode except you can't be detected . Face off is a versus mode in the game. It makes 2 players play hunter against each other. You essentially kill as many guys as you can and get points for it. You get more points for killing the other player though. If one player is discovered by an enemy than the other player can see their last known position. All of these features play just as well if not better than the solo/co-op since you have freedom to select your guns, outfit and gadgets. Although the story has same features except the outfit. The stealth in the game is solid as ever. You can set up so many kills in so many different ways that you are really only limited by your imagination. There are certain parts in the game where you are required to be stealth and likewise there is one mission where you are required to be a bit louder since you don't have the option. I will mention that the cover in this game is really nice and if you use the cover you will almost never be hit unless you go to shoot a guy.

Story: (10/10) Not a lot I can say about this besides the fact that Split Cell: Conviction really does well to keep with the storyline and continue the story. If you have followed the rest of the Splinter Cells than you won't be disappointed by this game. The story is easy to follow if you have not played the rest of the games as well. It gives you a general idea of what happened in the last game so you know why things are the way things are. It does however not ruin no details of what happened in the other games so you can still enjoy the other games if you haven't played them before.

Graphics/Sound: (9/10) The graphics and sound are just awesome. Graphics aren't Gears of War 2 quality but they are definitely next gen. The sound is spectacular. I noticed when playing co-op and even in the single player that you can hear the detail of when plays turn on their goggles or even reload. It's things like that, that make a game stand out for me. The graphical details of every level makes each level feel independent and not like they were all from the same template. The shadows and even the lighting in the game has kept it's quality from the rest of the games. So when you shoot out alight you can expect it will go dark. What is really nice is the portable EMP you have in the game. When you activate it the lights go out instantly and everything feels so realistic. The guns also sound really nice. The one feature that is nice is the silenced guns are what they are supposed to be. If you go guns a blazing with a silenced gun guys will notice you since they are suppressed but not completely compressed. So the game does a good job of making everything black and white when you are hidden or can't be seen(if not moving) but you will see the colors of everything in the area you are at if you can be seen.

Play Time/Re-Playability: (7/10) Main story is at least 6+ hours if you don't try to rush it. Than you got the deniable ops which can take at least another 6+ hours than you have the co-op story which is another 3+ hours. All in all you can expect this game can last 10-15 hours. It personally took me over 8 hours to beat the main story. You can set certain options for the game as well. Like the feature of Hunter and Last Man Standing you can turn off the Sonar Goggles and turn on Pistols only to add extra challenge and replay to the game. There is also a Face Off mode which can potentially have unlimited replay if you enjoy it enough.

Final Recommendation: (9/10) This game is a good game to rent at least. I would only suggest buying it for those who think they will get all they can out of this game since to do so will take at least 15+ hours. There is a lot of nice new features in this game and the option to be stealth is also a nice feature. There are some parts however that will require stealth. Also run and gun is not really an option but a mixture of the two works just as good as stealth.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (US, 04/13/10)

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