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"It would be good... if it wasn't a Splinter Cell game (Single player campaign review)"

Sam Fisher is back to find out who killed his daughter, Sara.

Story: 5/10
Picking up where DA left off, Sam's daughter, Sara, was mowed down by a car. Fisher wants to find who did it, obviously. The story isn't bad, it's just predictable. You won't really feel for any of the characters, apart from 1 or 2. The ending isn't too bad.

Graphics: 3/10
The graphics aren't bad, but are far from great. Character models look okay, as do environments. It would look good for a last gen game, but compared to recent titles, graphics are way below average. One major annoyance is the fact that your screen goes black and white when fully hidden. For someone like me, who likes to spend a lot of time out of sight, this makes the game even uglier then it already is.

Sound: 8/10
The audio is great. Voice acting is top-notch, as is the music. What stops this section from getting a 10, is the dialogue outside of cutscenes. Guards repeat the same words over and over again, most of which are unnecessary swear words. I understand they aren't going to say "Oh poop, Fisher must be here. Quick, run to cover. Oh, holy moly, I've been shot!" But the dialogue could be written much better. The overuse of swearing makes it hard to play when children are around.

Game play: 5/10
This has been through a massive overhaul since DA. Fisher now moves a lot quicker and smoother. In most missions, you can now afford to be spotted, and fight your way out. Gunplay is good, though not as tight as dedicated third person shooters. What stops me from enjoying this as much as DA, Chaos Theory, Pandora tomorrow and the original however, is that there is WAY too many forced combat events. Some objectives even require you to defend something, which involves gunning down people for 5 minutes. The Iraq level is a prime example of too much forced combat. There are plenty of weapons, which can be unlocked. Upgrades for these weapons can be purchased with points. To earn points, complete P.E.C challenges. These challenges offer a good challenge and there are plenty to work your way through. In short, gameplay is way too action packed for what is supposed to be a stealth game and gunplay isn't good for a third person action game. A new feature, Mark & Execute makes the game way too easy. After a hand-to-hand take down, Fisher can mark numerous targets with the RB, (how many targets you can mark depends on the gun that is being used) and press Y to gun them down, all in a matter of seconds. Another new feature, Last Known Position, also brings the difficulty down. If you are spotted by a hostile, then duck out of sight, a ghost of you appears in your last known position. Enemies will fire and advance on that position, giving you a chance to set a trap, or simply sneak by.

Difficulty: 2/10
There are 3 difficulties, Casual, Normal and Realistic. All three are very easy, and only one or two points in the game provide a challenge. For some reason, Ubisoft continue to name the hardest realistic, even though it is not realistic at all. What realistic mode should of been, was realistic. No mark & execute, no last known position, no unlimited ammo for pistol, no regenerating health. Instead, it is almost the same as Normal difficulty.

Summary: Gunplay isn't good enough to call this a good TPS, and there is too much action for this to be called a stealth game. What your left with a a slightly above average Action/Stealth hybrid, that fails to satisfy casual gamers new to the Splinter Cell series, or hardcore Splinter Cell fans such as myself.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/04/10

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (EU, 04/16/10)

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