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"Good concepts, just not the splinter cell fans are used to"

Let me start buy saying personally I enjoyed this game. I loved the Splinter Cell series ever since I played the very first one. Each game added new depth to Sam's character. In every splinter cell game so far, I've felt like I am truly Sam Fisher, especially with all the awesome gadgets. This story shows a much darker side to Sam, which is not a bad thing.

Conviction took Splinter Cell in a direction that isn't what some to consider to be Splinter Cell. Ubisoft decided to make stealth a non-essential part of this game. This does bring splinter cell into the action genre, but that's not what long time SC fans are used to. I was the most disappointed this aspect of the game because it made it harder to "set up" enemies to walk into a trap.

I was very impressed with the mark and execute feature of this game. It almost made up for the lack of stealth, almost. Mark and execute allows you to effectively follow enemies that have been marked, even if you can't see the enemy themselves you can follow the arrow. If the enemies are in range, all of the enemies that have been marked will be going home in body bags with the single push of a button. Most of the time with mark and execute, the enemies will not know what is going on until survivors see the fallen bodies.

My favorite addition to this game by far was the interrogation system. Sam fisher has gotten very angry since Double Agent and after playing the first level of Conviction you are sure to notice. The interrogation system allows you to do a lot of different actions, such as stabbing a knife through and enemies hand, or slamming a refrigerator door on an enemies head. These actions are amazingly fun to watch and initiate. My problems are that the interrogations are very short, I think the maximum amount of actions per interrogation is 3. Its like anyone in the game can last through 2 interrogation techniques, but when you do a 3rd they cry like babies. Also there are not enough interrogations throughout the game.

Conviction completely changes the gunplay elements of the Splinter Cell series. Instead of using a gun as a last resort, like the rest of the splinter cell series, this game is almost a third person shooter through and through. I love the way the guns are used and that you always have a gun equipped. Each gun has different pros and cons, but some are better than others. My problem with this is that Splinter Cell is a stealth series and most of the guns don't even have silencers. I pre-ordered this game from gamestop just to get the silenced spas-12 shotgun.

Another thing about this game is the way Sam can grab enemies. I love it. I love the fact that instead of waiting around for an enemy to turn his back, you can now run straight at him, hurt him, then you are behind him ready to fire, snap his neck, or through him out a window.

The gadget system has been changed completely since Double Agent. Each gadget is specifically made for combat, except for the sticky camera device. I like the new gadget system for this type of game, but some of the gadgets are almost useless.

All in all, this is a game a lot of people can enjoy. For long time fans of the series, this game is a disappointment but still worth your time.

- Storyline keeps attention
- mark and execute
- Interrogations
- Human Shields
- Sam is a whole lot faster than he used to be
- gun choices
- Multiplayer Modes
- graphics

- Stealth aspects
- gadget system
- lack of silenced guns
- Short Campaign
- Very, Very, Very, Very short co-op mode

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/14/10

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (US, 04/13/10)

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