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"Forget everything you know about Splinter Cell and still have a good time"


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series has a long line of history. Inspired by the Metal Gear series, It is a series of stealth action games that takes the player in the world of espionage action. Filled with gadgets and an array of stealth acrobats, the Splinter cell is known for innovation in stealth action. In The fifth installment to the Splinter Cell series Ubisoft takes a sharp turn from its stealth action, into a combination of stealth and 3rd person shooter. Ubisoft takes what you know about previous games, and changes a bit, but without changing the core aspects of the game that made it a great series. The game itself is great, but at the same time doesn't live up the Splinter Cell legacy.


In Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction you once again play as Sam Fisher. After killing his best friend and learning that his daughter is dead, Sam Fisher goes off the grid for years until he gets back into game to find the truth of his daughter's killer and even some answers that are better left unsaid. The story feels and plays like a movie, you are on your seat to the very end. Michael Ironside returns as Sam fisher, and without him this game might as well of been a flop. In this new addition to the series Ubisoft shows you what happens when the greatest agent in Tom Clancy history is thrown past the edge of no return, and what happens when you mess with a deadly agent. Overall the game's story is great, but for film and video game buffs the story is predictable but at the same time you still have that feel for the story and the characters, Ubisoft did deliver this time around.


Conviction's gameplay takes away the old gameplay from previous games, In order to differentiate from previous Splinter Cells outing. The new cover system is great, at the same time it feels more like a crutch then a real innovation. Like in Metal Gear Solid 4, the game has a array of weapons for you to use and swap out to make the game more interesting to those who do not like stealth, like Metal Gear Solid 4, a lot of those weapons aren't necessary, as the game be played with just the pistol, in most cases I found the pistol more harder to use, which in some cases is a good thing. The one thing that makes the game makes the new Splinter Cell game interesting is the new stealth system. The new stealth system allows the player to easily sneak in and out of tough situations; you have a white shadow that shows up as your last know position to enemies, this makes it easy to hide than in previous games. The games AI system is as predictable than any other Splinter Cell game, but more annoying. I found myself turning off the voice audio, as the enemies AI is so annoying when you hide in the shadows, though it is great that some AI remind you of the last level, the AI audio in itself is more or less a parody of every other game, which sometimes isn't a bad thing, but not a good thing either. The game can be played either 3rd person action shooter or stealth, only one level really requires you to be stealthy, which is really sad. The games levels aren't as long as the previous games, but the amount of enemies make up for it, as there are many stealth kills. You can also upgrade your weapons and gadgets, but it doesn't make a huge difference, and isn't really worth doing unless you are really into customizing. The single player campaign is short for old Splinter Cell fans, but with deniable ops there are still things to do for single player lovers. The game mainly focuses heavily on Xbox live multiplayers that it is really hard to decide wither to buy it for just the single player or just the multiplayer. There isn't much to say about it except that it makes the game worth taking it out the case long after the single player game, and if you do not have live, you still can play deniable ops as single player. The game is as exciting as any other action game out there, but the only real bad thing about it is that hardcore Splinter Cell fans well be displeased with it, as most of what made Splinter Cell games great is gone, in order to make the game different from its previous installments, which like before, ins't a bad thing, but isn't a good thing either. . The real problem of the game that stops it from being a great game is the fact that alot of gameplay has been changed massively in order to be different from previous games in the series. It is hard to call it a splinter cell game because most of what made the series great, is now gone in order to try different things.Overall the game play is great for new and old fans of the series that even after you played the single play campaign, you will be coming back for more


The graphics are vastly improved in Conviction, which makes it hard to say anything bad about it. The amount of detail in the levels is greater than the previous installment, as well as the lighting, which was a big problem in the other games. The games main characters have changed, but it has been so long since the first game that it doesn't matter as much as before. The sound and music of the game is great, Sam fishers voice over returns to his role, and he does it better than ever. The only real downside to this is that the enemies AI voice overs are so bad, that you might end up muting the music, a lot of the backtalk is fun at first, but after a while is just annoying and over done.

Play Time/Replayability

The game for a normal person takes around 10 hours to complete the single player campaign, after that there is endless hours of Muitiplayer and Co-op. The game is very repayable, but there is no true reason to replay it as there are no real rewards except for stealth challenges and deniable ops. If you're looking for a great multiplayer game to add to your collection, conviction is a must, it also supports split screen so it is great if you don't have live. If you're looking for a great single player stealth game, you might want to play previous games, but don't let that discourage you as it is a great standalone title.

Final Recommendation

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction is an excellent game. While it does not follow the previous games exactly it still has that feeling of being a great stealth game. Fans of the series won't like it exactly, but they won't hate it either. The game is a must buy for fans of the series, and a great multiplayer experience that it is hard to say to rent it. The game is very cheap today that it is the exact price of renting it. The game is a great addition to the series, but it takes away too much from the other games it is hard to say that it lives up to the Splinter Cell legacy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/21/11

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (US, 04/13/10)

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