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"Just for fans!"

I pondered about buying this game. I love The Simpsons, and thought “Hit and Run” and “The Simpsons arcade” game were good, but any other I played were always under average. Still, I picked it up and hoped for the best. I regret nothing.


Lets get the biggie out the way first. The gameplay is fantastic. It's your classic platforming type game, with a unique co-op type fill. You play as either Homer, Bart, Marge or Lisa and have another one follow you. You switch between either at anytime, all having their own special abilities. Homer can turn into a big fat ball that you roll around. Bart transforms into his alter-ego Bartman and can glide, grapple, climb walls and more. Marge has the ability to start and command a mob. And lastly, Lisa can, at certain points, summon the hand of Buddha to do her bidding. On every level you will come across puzzles where you must switch between your pair and use their own special abilities to solve them. Some can be rather challenging, while others you solve with out even thinking about it. The AI is also very well done. Let's say there is a bunch of platforms you have to jump across, you only have to do it with one and the other will follow without killing themselves over and over like many “partner characters” would in any other game.

The fighting is done by mashing the X button and then pressing the Y button to pull of a powerful combo. Reminds me of a good ol' beat'em up. There is also a ton of collectables to, well, collect. There are four different types, only Homer can pick up his type, as only Lisa can only pick up hers. This can make them a bit to get to, but still fun. Another type of collectible is the “cliche.” You get one of these after a computer game cliche happens. You'll know you have got one when the Comic Book Guy comes up with a witty comment. I personally love the clichés, so I won't spoil any of them for you, have fun finding them yourselves.


One word for the story: funny as hell. Okay, that may be more then one word but you get my drift. This may very well be the funniest video game of all time. It has over 8000 lines of dialog that will be said by any random character just to add to the feeling of the game. The main story itself is alright, but sometime ruined by plot holes or characters acting out of character. Not much I can say here without spoiling it all, but it revolves around Bart finding the manual for this very game and finding out that he and his family all have super powers. A good concept, but again, could have been handled better.


It's just like watching the show. As I said before, the dialogue helps it sound like the game, but the graphics will just complete it. It's the best cell shading I've ever seen and is like what the cartoon would look like if that was in 3D. Imagine the Halloween episode where Home gets lost in the third dimension, only better. The cut scenes themselves are all 2D. Sometimes I forget I'm playing a game when watching these. Although the cut-scenes are also beautiful, they can look quite jumpy at times, but you'll get used to it.


The music is, for the most part, remixes of music in the show. That is not a bad thing. It also has quite a few pieces of music that you would have never heard of before. This is also not a bad thing. Saying that, the new music can be quite forgettable, and I'm currently having trouble trying to remember particular pieces.

As I've said before, there is over 8000 lines of dialog in this game, all done by the same voice actors in the show. Even though it can be unique and funny, sometimes you get a person who keeps repeating the same line, which can get very annoying. But with so many characters walking around Springfield (main and not-so-main), you will not have this problem much.


+ Multiple characters, all with the same voice actors form the cartoon.
+ Many stages to explore, as well as main hub of Springfield itself.
+ Loads of collectibles to hunt down.
+ Great graphics for a game based of a TV show.
+ Gameplay is much better then expected.
+ Funniest. Game. Ever.

- Music is nothing special.
- Some lines can be very annoying and repetitive.
- Not the best story.
- Annoying camera at times


If you love the show and platforming games, this is a must buy. If you just like the show, but not that much, then the least you owe yourself is a rent. Overall, a fun game with a few minor flaws, but I will say that it is strictly just for fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: The Simpsons Game (EU, 11/02/07)

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