Where can I find Draogn's Liver and Gomei?

  1. I know it's been asked before, but I could use a more specific answer. I know how Gomei spawns, and I know Grand Beetles must be present in the Searing Cauldron, according to my friend, there has to be a Grand Beetle in the Searing Cove, which I've tested. Got beetles in the cove and sand sea. but still no gomei! Some spawn assistance would really help. Thanks in advance.

    User Info: Tarnymelon

    Tarnymelon - 7 years ago


  1. Why not just split a normal dragon for Dragon Liver, why Gomei? Normal dragons split into Dragon Livers, and you can respawn them a lot easier in Crookfen than trying for Gomei.

    User Info: Torin1234

    Torin1234 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Gomei is in Searing Cauldron, between Marker 1 and 2 (N from entrance, near center, above the circular missing area on map). According to the Wiki, there can only be 2 regular monsters or 1 rare and 1 regular monster spawning in the Searing Cauldron - it can be any of the regular monsters spawned in the Cauldron (Abelisk, Blackwing, Deathclaw, Divain, Grand Beetle, Spiritlord, Terrapest) and then the rare spawn has to be Gomei instead of one of the other rares (Bandit, *Bloody Death or Forgotten Queen*, Ikaros Feather, *Jatayu or Pale Leafhopper*, Sandcrawler)...

    User Info: Zabuzadono

    Zabuzadono - 7 years ago 0 0

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