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  1. I traded the sword to baulson and he said he traded the map to a lady, where is this lady that he speaks of

    User Info: thefirstremnant

    thefirstremnant - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Step 1 -
    Person: Raphus
    Location: in the Firestone pub in Royotia
    Request: wants to give back some Wine he got from Rainn

    Step 2 -
    Person: Rainn
    Location: in the pub in Balterossa
    Request: He needs the Ring of Morning Calm from Alyssa

    Step 3 -
    Person: Alyssa
    Location: Baaluk, on left side of the street next to the west zone exit
    Request: needs 10,000G to purchase Ring.

    Step 4 -
    Go back to Rainn and give him the Ring of the morning calm.
    You should receive the Ancient Scabbard and no proceed to Elysion and speak to Beauson.

    Step 5 -
    Person: Beauson
    Location: Elysion, Genaade District, head down the ramp near the Southwest exit
    Note: He tells you about a lady who had the map. With the power of deduction you should remember that Alyssa was talking about a map so go back to Alyssa and talk to her.

    Step 6 -
    She tells you that she threw it away somewhere (in that area). If you cant find it, its near the Guild door. Now that you have what you need, go back to Raphus in Royotia.

    Step 7 -
    Talk to Raphus and receive: Royotian Wine and the Godstone of Wisdom.
    And you're done!!

    User Info: ranivus1

    ranivus1 - 9 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. In Baaluk - at exit to Lord's Manor (Lady is Alyssa) she told you what she thew map away - and you will find it aroud fighter`s guild

    User Info: 99Rs99

    99Rs99 - 9 years ago 0 1

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