How do I beat (gates of hell)?

  1. My BR is 45 and i have three parties of five and two leaders in each the first time I tried I summoned this colossus thing and well it didn't help much but do extra damage here and there

    oh and should I use the defender that is given to you before the fight?

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    ArchAngel305 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    I've been stuck of GoH forever. When he kills my unions, I never get the option to kill them and bring them back. In fact, I never get the option to bring anyone back in the battle whether they are enthralled or not. And I never get the option to just stand by. On top of all that, I can't wait until the right time to summon Cyclops since I only have the option to use the talisman both the first and second time. Is it possibly that it's my formation that's preventing all of this?

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  1. there are a few ways to beat the GOH
    my way which worked second try was this

    i was 37 BR, with 3 unions five people in each with 2 leaders in each

    when the battle starts concentrate main attacks on the hypnos

    when issuing rush's attacks always use the one thats in green until you summon the cyclops, the one that uses the talisman

    the first time nothign will happen, the second time he will summon the cyclops

    continue killing all the little guys until their gone

    then use standby or heal so that none of your unions deadlock the GOH

    so therefore the cyclops will deadlock with the GOH and the GOH will concentrate most of its attacks on the cyclops, leaving you to absolutely man handle it from the flanks

    if the GOH does manage to kill one of your unions and bring it back its not the end of the battle just KO the possessed unon as fast as possible then resuurect so the GOH cant

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  1. It was hard for me. Make sure you've done all the quests possible then fight it (those quests disappear after these battles). I think I was battle rank 60. I'd use the Defender. Put everyone in a formation that's high on mystic defense (Mystic Shield I think is best). I gave Rush the Manryell accessory from the fight against Valeria (quest) which gives +3 flame defense.

    Cyclops is the big guy you summon. He does barely any damage to anyone, but if you get him to deadlock Gates of Hell then he will take most of the damage from it. Basically use him as a giant shield and slowly kill the Gates. If you have long distance attacks use those. Also, if a union dies the Gates will raise them from the dead and use them against you. They'll kill the other unions in one attack if they don't go after Cyclops (usually they do). There's an option called "save them even if it kills them" and if you attack them, killing them, you'll bring them back to life.

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  2. Well, your best bet is to get blackout with pagus on the 1st turn, that should destroy all the enemies save for the gates of hell. If you can get cyclops to summon, then summon him so you have someone else deadlocked with the gates. I'd always keep the union you use for healing on the sidelines so they don't take much damage. You should also have someone with vivication herb their as well, i think baulson and rush should have it by now.

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  3. I beat him first attempt although having done all the disk 1 sidequests, my BR was 72...

    I used four unions, Rush and Caedmon in an all-rounder union with two soldiers, Pagus and Blocter in a mystics union with two soldiers, Baulson and three soldiers in a combat union and David with two soldiers in what I call the "Blackout" union. The two soldiers with David both have Spark spells and the union has a high enough AP charge rate to cast Blackout after one turn so after a first turn of either just attacking or putting them on standby, David pretty much 9 times out of 10 can use Blackout, which insta-killed all the Hypnos.

    Baulson, Pagus and Rush all have Revitalise and some form of ressurection spell, having Blocter with Pagus gives the union a huge HP boost and Caedmon is a good all-rounder which matches Rush well.

    I just used "Attack" with everyone in round one, saving up their APs until after David had killed all the Hypnos which gave me "Go all out" options for everyone except Rush the first turn we were fighting GoH itself (Rush was summoning Cyclops at this point). After that I had Rush and Baulson's unions attacking GoH, kept David back for a turn so he'd be flanking rather than Deadlocked as with only three members, the HP of his union is a bit low and used Pagus for healing and status clearing. If you choose Play it by ear, you'll often find they'll heal someone and the rest of the union will attack, rather than wasting the others hanging around on standby.

    The whole fight lasted no more than six rounds, including killing all the little guys. Like I say, the high BR probably helped but make sure you're using decent equipment too. I was using the poison sword you get from a woman upstairs in the Celapaleis pub after the attack on Athlon by the Conqueror and the fire sword from the Fiery Revolt quest in the other hand.

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  4. This battle isn't really that hard; everyone seems to think it's over if one of your unions goes down, but I disagree. I was BR58 or so and the battle took almost 20 turns, but wasn't particularly difficult. I used 5 unions of 3, with leaders as Rush, David, Emmy, Torgal and both Baulson and Blocter in the 5th. I did not use the defender; I had Rush with a Damayo Katana +1 and an Elite's Rapier +1. I had David's union (the highest defense in my game) Deadlock the Gates and keep it busy, and split my other four unions between the groups of Hypnos. David's union got in some decent damage on the Gates in the first two rounds, with David constantly casting Restore to keep their HP up. In two rounds all the Hypnos were dead, and Cyclops had been summoned and was acting as a meat shield. From here it was really easy; a few of my unions got KO'd and Gates resurrected them with Enthrall, but if you choose "Save them, even if it kills them," one of your unions will KO the enthralled one and resurrect them on the same turn, ending the status effect. From here I simply had one union (Emmy's in my case) focus on healing Cyclops so he could remain deadlocked and minimize the damage Gates could do to my other unions. The other four unions flanked Gates and wailed on him - whenever somebody's HP got low, I'd have them break the deadlock and heal. If you have other unions deadlocked with Gates, he can't break away to finish off your injured unions. Rinse, lather, repeat. Easy.

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  5. I did all the side quests up to this point so my BR was about 65. I used Rush's summon to give the gates of hell something else to aim at. The main thing I did was made sure that at least two members of each party could heal, and I kept healing each union as soon as they had approximately half their HP left. It seems only to be able to enthrall ko'd parties so revive as soon as possible. Doing this and with a little luck with arcana and leaders special abilities I managed to defeat it in 10 turns.

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  6. My strategy for clearing this boss was to run with 3 groups of 5, making sure that each group has someone with healing arts that includes the ability to raise the dead. The first two rounds should be spent taking out the groups of small mobs and summoning the Cyclops. Durring that time the Gates will refrain from attacking if you avoid attacking it, after the prep work is done use the cyclops to dead lock with the gates, then keep your unions out of combat as much as possible. This means using attaks from afar and breaking off of deadlocks whenever possible. Since the gates will always be deadlocked with the cyclops you can break yours without fear of a raidlock. If one of your unions drops, use the other two unions to kill and revive asap. This battle is primarily based on good fortune so it may take a few runs to get it right.

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  7. i think the monster needs to be clarified.
    the first meeting with Gates of Hell is when you first get Cyclops and is a fairly routine
    fight if done methodically.
    there is a rare monster that appears in the aquaducts area you fought the 3 harpys before
    your Gates of Hell fight and this piece of work is downright inhuman with its attacks.
    i tried this thing with 3 unions of 5 at BR 70+ with over 3500 hp in each union and it wiped
    the floor with me in 2 rounds.
    i'm assuming that the Gates of Hell appears after the 5 unions of Hypnos but as i never
    got by them i dunno.


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  8. When i beat the gates i used three unions of 5 and took out the minions first (they just make a niusence) i also summoned cyclops straight away and let him and two unions tank him. Keep one back to heal or cure your unions as he keeps enthralling your KO'd unions.
    If you mean the one that wagram summons against you in the boss fight after the three harpys or what ever they are. The cyclops helps because it does 1 or 2k damage and can act as a meat sheid for your unins as he can deadlock the boss to save your unions having to break it all the time and getting raidlocked.
    I am not sure what battle rank i was.

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  9. It is actually quite easy really, i tried 10 times couldnt even get close til I changed tactics. I now play mostly Combat Arts and Restorative Magics. First you need Emmy, Davide and Rush as leaders, Rush is with Blocter and other combat types. Davide group is my magics group which must have Glenys in, and Emmys group is mixed. The reason I say this is because Glenys and Emmy both have Revitalise magics which heal your whole group in one (Very handy). When you attack the Gates of Hell the Cyclops must deadlock first, this way he takes most of the attacks. Attack only with 2 unions at most at any one time, you must always keep Glenys or Emmy out of deadlock so they can heal every round (Keep the main group at full health all the time, when the gates use grenade impact it takes like 2000hp) . If one union is very low look for a healing move that gets you out of deadlock this way you can heal and receive no damage as the gates will keep attacking the Cyclops. i.e. (Revitalise, Standby, Standby, etc) As long as you keep 1 union out of combat you should be fine. Sometimes this cannot be done with the healing group and you have to attack, but you will with one of the other unions if they are low which is why you have 2 unions with Revitalise. I Hope this helps because the bosses from here on out are just as strong and a lot harder, so you need to keep healers in your ranks. Good luck

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  10. Can I beat this at Battle Rank 41?

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  11. Make sure to have 1 or 2 unions in and two unions healing or three would be best, max out your healing skills PLZ, it is the only way.

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  12. I can t find kill them 2 save them option .

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  13. And from were can u c d your battle rank ?

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  14. Easiest way for me way just 3 unions of and after killing all the hypnos and summoning the cyclops deadlock just 1 union and the cyclops and use the other two for healing and long range attacks the high hp and healers ensure that your unions arent KOd and while is a bit slow it gives good raises to you healing abilites i did it about BR 35 which was a bit low as 4 or 5 union set ups were 1 hit KOd against the GOH

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