How do you recruit non-leaders to your Union?

  1. I don't get how you recruit non-leaders. When I go to a guild, the only thing they have there is Recruit Leader, Dismiss Leader, and Guild Tasks. How do I get a non-leader?

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    superman3210 - 8 years ago

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  1. You cannot recruit soldiers until you beat the creature summoned by Wagram (the guy with a fan and a weird eye) in Blackdale. Then you'll eventualy end up in Athlum. There, talk to David, go to the square, talk to the soldier with a red bubble above his head, go talk to David again, he'll mention soldiers available for recruitment, go back to the square and talk to the soldier again. (don't forget to make a balanced troop with soldiers using herbs, lotions, remedies and powers used for attack; and also that new soldiers become available when your Battle Rank increases).
    For now all you can do is recruit leaders and use them as soldiers in Rush's union (look for Baulson at the pub, he can be useful). The more guild tasks you accomplish, the more leaders will become available in guilds. Some leaders simply appear when you progress in the main story.

    If you're stuck and cannot reach Blackdale :
    First go to the pub in Athlum and talk to the woman with the red bubble above her head. She'll send you to robelia but you won't have to fight, just give the letter from the woman to the yama. Back at the pub, talk to the left bartender. He'll mention the city of Celapaleis. Go back to the world map and Celapaleis will become available. Go there, talk to the woman that looks like Emma and then, talk to the Qusiti blacksmith. Go meet him at the pub in another section of the city. When you complete the quest that involves him and Mr Diggs, you'll be sent back to Celapaleis. Now, several soldiers with red bubbles should have appeared in Athlum or Celapaleis. Talk to one of them and go to Athlum's castle. David and his men will join you and you'll fight with them in Blackdale.

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