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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jaffer_Master

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    The Last Remnant - Strategy Guide
    Written by Jaffer Ibrahim.  You may contact be by email:
    themasterjaffer@yahoo.com.  I also accept paypal donations through that email!
    Just in case you want to help out a college senior ;), or pay for a game you'd
    like me to write a guide for!  Other than that, you can email me any blatant
    errors, fixes, etc etc you like and I will get around to incorporating them.
    Table of Contents
    Just search for the section you want to go to by entering the number.  Entering
    a side quest number will jump to the story section at which it's available.
    [1.00] Game Notes
    [2.00] Walkthrough
    2.01 - Yamarn Plain
    2.02 - Athlum
    2.03 - Gaslin Caves
    2.04 - Robelia Castle
    2.05 - Dillmoor
    2.06 - Athlum
    2.07 - Celapaleis
    2.08 - Blackdale
    2.09 - Thlum
    2.10 - The Ivory Peaks
    2.11 - Elysion
    * 2.11b - Balterossa
    * 2.11c - Vale of the Gods
    * 2.11d - Baaluk
    * 2.11e - Lavafender
    * 2.11f - Royotia
    * 2.11g - Cleaning Up
    * 2.11h - The First Path
    * 2.11i - Elysion
    2.12 - The Catacombs
    * 2.12b - Cleaning Up
    * 2.12c - The Fifth Path
    2.13 - The Numor Mines
    * 2.13b - Cleaning Up
    * 2.13c - Cerechevaltelle
    * 2.13d - Crookfen
    * 2.13e - Melphina
    * 2.13f - Heroic Ramparts
    * 2.13g - Ghor
    * 2.13h - The Fourth Path
    * 2.13i - Cleaning Up
    2.14 - Nagapur
    * 2.14b - Cleaning Up
    2.15 - The Nest of Eagles
    2.16 - Athlum
    * 2.16b - Cleaning Up
    2.17 - The Aqueducts
    2.18 - Wyrmskeep
    * 2.18b - Cleaning Up
    2.19 - Fornstrand
    * 2.19b - Cleaning Up
    2.20 - Summons to Congress
    * 2.20b - Cleaning Up
    * 2.20c - The Second Path
    * 2.20d - Remnants
    2.21 - Base 1
    2.22 - Base 2
    2.23 - Base 3
    2.24 - Base 4
    2.25 - Base 5
    2.26 - Base 6
    2.27 - [Blocked for Spoiler]
    * 2.27b - Cleaning Up
    2.28 - Koenigsdorf
    * 2.28b - Cleaning Up
    * 2.28c - The Sixth Path
    2.29 - Darken Forest
    * 2.29b - Cleaning Up
    2.30 - Mt. Vackel
    2.31 - Undelwalt
    * 2.31b - Cleaning Up
    * 2.31c - The Third Path
    * 2.31d - Cleaning Up
    2.32 - The Holy Plain
    2.33 - The Sixth Path
    2.34 - [Blocked for Spoiler]
    2.35 - [Blocked for Spoiler]
    2.36 - The Final Fight
    [3.00] Sidequests
    3.01 - A Day's Beginning
    3.02 - Baulson
    3.03 - Mr. Diggs
    3.04 - Bravery and Loyalty
    3.05 - The Dreaming Rose
    3.06 - The Secret Letter
    3.07 - For Love the Bell Tolls
    3.08 - Amnesia
    3.09 - The Silent Soul
    3.10 - The Hero
    3.11 - The War of a Thousand YEars
    3.12 - Into the Abyss
    3.13 - The Trade Route
    3.14 - When the Rose Blooms
    3.15 - Athlum's Witch
    3.16 - Celapaleis's Witch
    3.17 - Elysion's Witch
    3.18 - After a Day's Work...
    3.19 - The Wanderer
    3.20 - Frustrations
    3.21 - The Losing Game
    3.22 - The Silver Falcons, Part One
    3.23 - Goodbye, Sweet Love
    3.24 - Blooming Flower, Singing Bird
    3.25 - Darken Forest
    3.26 - A Voice from the Past
    3.27 - The Broken Seal
    3.28 - The Rainbow Bond
    3.29 - The Ancient War
    3.30 - Slumber of the Lost Fragment
    3.31 - The Standoff
    3.32 - The Fiery Revolt
    3.33 - Nagapur's Witch
    3.34 - Wisdom's Echo
    3.35 - The Cosmos Maiden
    3.36 - Darien
    3.37 - The Disappearing Knights
    3.38 - Emotions
    3.39 - The Reviving Legend
    3.40 - At Hatred's End
    3.41 - The Silver Falcons, Part Two
    3.42 - Ghor's Witch
    3.43 - Love Will Rise Again
    3.44 - The Desert's Legend
    3.45 - The Successor
    3.46 - The Assistant
    3.47 - The Slave Traders
    3.48 - Infestation
    3.49 - The Fated One
    3.50 - Kosmosfest
    3.51 - The Silver Falcons, Part 3
    3.52 - The Tablet of Marshall
    3.53 - Kate and Rhagoh
    3.54 - Seeker of the Ancient Path
    3.55 - UFO?!
    3.56 - The Ladies of Bloody Alice
    3.57 - The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead
    3.58 - The Fallen
    3.59 - Hearts
    3.60 - The Villain and the Sightless Girl
    3.61 - Undelwalt's Witch
    3.62 - Balterossa's Witch
    3.63 - Royotia's Witch
    3.64 - Melphina's Witch
    3.65 - Baaluk's Witch
    3.66 - The Distant Promise
    3.67 - History's Boundary
    3.68 - Things Unchangeable
    [4.00] Union of the Golden Chalice
    [5.00] Sword of Three Realms
    [6.00] Ring of the Labyrinth
    [7.00] Leaders
    [8.00] Locations (later!)
    [9.00] The Ancient Ruins
    [1.00] Game Notes
    The Last Remnant's battle system is a convolutedly complex and at times it can
    be quite frustrating, to say the least.  I cannot really go through all of the
    mechanics, as that in itself could be a guide (and probably is), so I will
    cover some basics.
    Your party consists of Rush (he can be removed on PC), other generals of your
    choice, and (possibly) Athlum Soldiers, hired at the recruitment NPC in
    Athlums Town Square.  Your generals are the true backbone of the party, as
    they have significantly better stats than soldiers.  It is common to see people
    that play the XBox360 version to forfeit Athlum soldiers all together and just
    use as many generals as possible, or to have a union of all generals and have
    a healing/arcana union with Athlum soldiers in it.  This is actually a good
    idea, and in a lot of the fights... soldiers will generally just hold you back.
    On the PC, you are not limited to how many generals you can use, which makes
    your party VERY powerful compared to the XBox360 version.
    You will spend about a long time playing this game if you get into it.  To beat
    the game, while writing this updated guide (I did them side by side this time!)
    took about 60 hours.  Steam reports that I've spent 71.5 hours playing, but I
    have watched probably 3 or 4 movies and forgot to shut the game off, so 60 is
    a good estimate.  This is to go from beginning to end, complete all sidequests,
    and beat the final boss.  This does not include DLC/Special Guild Quests, or
    even once opening the door to The Ancient Ruins.  While I will cover those in
    this guide, do note that doing those may up to 20-30 hours of gameplay, most of
    which will be farming.  This is also on the PC with Turbo Mode on the ENTIRE
    game.  This means I probably saved a good few hours of battle animations.
    The equivalent to "level" in The Last Remnant is your Battle Rank.  The BR you
    have is some kind of weighted average of all the units you have.  Weighted?  I
    think so -- if you're BR 100 and hire a weak general, you do not go down in BR,
    it will stay 100.  So it is weighted in some way.
    In battle, you will not have absolute control.  This is where that convoluted
    complexity comes into play.  There will be battles you lose simply because your
    luck was simply poor.  In light of this, I must make a serious suggestion for
    you to get the PC version and forego the XBox360 version, as the PC version has
    an auto-save function which is an absolute life saver.  It may be you
    accidentally encountered a rare enemy that's too powerful for you, you tried to
    do a quest too early, or, well, you got unlucky.
    Some battle notes:
    Deadlock: A head-on attack between two unions.  Breaking deadlock by selecting
    another enemy or by certain commands will almost always get you hit with
    Raidlock or a Rear Assault.  A good method to avoid that is to have another
    union Deadlock the union you're breaking off of.
    Multi-Deadlock: An ability reserved for bosses, rare monsters, and very large
    enemies (Dragons, Greater Demons).  This allows a monster to take multiple
    frontal assaults AND fight back -- this means they could get three turns in
    one!  As you can imagine, this can be dangerous, especially if the monster uses
    strong Area of Effect (AoE) attacks, which could result in an untimely game
    Raidlock: A head on strike in which one side was not "expecting" to deadlock.
    This will happen if you cast magic from afar and the union you targetted comes
    to deadlock you (or vice-versa).  In Raidlock, more damage will be taken.
    Flank Attack: A flank attack happens after a union is deadlocked and another
    union comes and attacks them.  In the case of multi-deadlock, it's when their
    deadlock count is full.  A flank attack is slightly stronger and you are a bit
    more likely to hit.
    Rear Assault: When a union is being flanked twice, the next union will Rear
    Assault them.  This ends in fairly massive damage being done.
    Massive Strike: When a union is being flanked twice, rear assaulted, and then
    another union comes to attack, this results in a Massive Strike.  You will
    rarely ever see this, as it's unlikely your unions will live through that much
    punishment unless you're fighting really weak monsters, or that your enemies
    can take that much punishment while you're attacking them.  I've only done a
    massive strike once, on one of the rare bandit enemies.  It is not possible
    to Massive Strike a multi-deadlock unit that can do 3 deadlocks.  It IS
    possible to Massive Strike a 2 deadlock unit.
    [2.00] The Beginning
    You'll watch a quick cutscene, then immediately be thrown into battle.
    This battle is impossible to lose.  On the second turn, a cutscene will
    automatically win the battle for you.
    [2.01] Yamarn Plain - The Unknown Cavern
    - Broad Sword
    After a scene, walk forward and pick up the Broad Sword in the treasure chest.
    Proceed forward, talk to Emma, then encounter 3x Jhana in battle.  This battle
    is also very easy and likely impossible to use -- just select the option that
    uses the most AP and you will likely win.
    [Boss Battle]
    Raptor x1
    This is also, as you might've expected, an easy battle.  You should
    automatically dodge and miss all attacks for two turns.  Then select the only
    option "What... what is this power?" and proceed to one-shot the boss.
    Another scene.
    You will be presented with the world map.  Yamarn Plain is now inaccessible.
    Travel to Athlum.
    [2.02] Athlum
    Start with some scenes and forshadowing.
    Now that you're (relatively) free, you can visit the weapon shop in Athlum and
    buy a weapon type you'd like to use.  There are plenty of guides to show you
    how each weapon type compares, but select whichever you prefer.  I usually go
    Two-Handed Sword, but all styles are strong in the end.
    Whenever ready, head over to Virtus Parish, get to the pub Warrior's Honor, and
    talk to the bartender.  You'll learn that Athlum Castle is further into the
    city.  Return to the city map and go to Athlum Castle.  Scenes will ensue.  You
    will get the option to go to the Gaslin Caves or Robelia Castle. In my opinion,
    the Gaslin Caves are far easier, but both are perfectly beatable as a new
    player.  Choose whichever you like, then go to the town map then to the world
    [2.03] Gaslin Caves
    - 300g
    - Cureleaf, Relaxing Herb
    In here, you will just want to follow the map to the furthest point in the
    cave.  You should see two Rosefly units on the map.  Get close and initiate
    combat with both simultaneously.  Taking the first actual left on the map 
    (when you have a choice) will lead to a quick battle.  Go further down to 
    acquire 300g, then turn back and take the other route.  Up this route, you will
    see two Rosefly groups, and a Manticore group will jump out of the ground.  You
    can do all 3 of them, although it may be a bit risky (save if you like!)  Pick
    up the second chest with the herbs in it.  Continue up for some scenes and a
    boss battle.
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the slave traders!]
    1x Slaver (Boss)
    2x Slaver Group
    This battle is easy.  Have Blocter deadlock the boss union, and have Rush's
    union attack the regular groups.  The battle should only take 5 turns like
    this. Talk to the people afterwards, then proceed backwards to the Transporter
    to leave the area.  Return to Athlum and take the other mission from David. You
    will get Pagus on your team.  Head to the world map and go to Robelia Castle.
    [2.04] Robelia Castle
    - Alizarin Orb
    - Cureleaf, Relaxing Herb
    - Slayer Stone
    - 500g
    - Greaves
    On the first floor, to the right is a group of Landworm's.  To the right is a
    group of Vile Lizard's.  Both should go down easy with magic.  Continue
    straight through the large doors.  Another Lizard group is here.  To the right
    is a treasure chest with herbs in it.  Continuing left, another Vile Lizard
    group awaits.  Continue down to the next set of doors, and another Vile Lizard
    group will be to your right.  Up and to the left will be a set of landworms.
    Go into the northmost room to get a Slayer Stone.  Then go to the right door in
    the previous room and use the Slayer Stone to open the door.  Another Vile
    Lizard will be ahead.  To the right of it is another Vile Lizard group.  Behind
    them is a chest with 500g.  Go up the stairs.  The room to the right contains
    a chest with Greaves.  The room to the left... may have two Chimera Groups. You
    can beat them, but I recommend not multi-encountering them.  Nothing else is in
    the room.  Go to the room at the end of the hall.  A scene will ensue, and 
    then, of course, an boss battle.
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the anti-Remnant activist!]
    1x Anti-Remnant Activist (boss)
    1x Anti-Remnant Bodyguards
    1x Anti-Remnant Terrorist
    Use a strategy like the boss from Gaslin Caves.  Have a unit deadlock the boss,
    and use the other to kill off the other unions.  When you're done talking, use
    the transporter to return to Athlum.  Return to Athlum Castle for some scenes.
    You will need to head to Dillmoor now.
    [2.05] Dillmoor
    - Timeshift
    - Cureleaf, Relaxing Herb, 800g
    - Heatershield
    - Superior Necklace
    First, travel straight to the chest in the distance.  You may choose to use
    your new timeshift ability to engage multiple unions in battles to get some
    rares.  As a general rule, more than 3 monster groups in a battle will likely
    be too difficult to handle at this stage in the game.  That is not a definitive
    measurement at all, though.  Grab the chest with the herbs and gold, and
    proceed left.  There will be a Raptor.  Up the hill will be three groups of
    Divain's.  Shortly after will be another three groups.  A Raptor Group will be
    right after that.  Crossing the bridge, there will be three groups of Jhana
    Archfighters.  Chain them with Timeshift, as they are the weakest monsters
    around.  After the bridge, to the right will be three Divian Groups and a Jhana
    Archfighter group.  Grouping these four shouldn't be an issue, as both Pagus
    and Emma have Restore.  One more Jhana Archfighter group down that path and a
    sealed door.  Go back to the bridge and explore the left part.  Scenes will
    ensue.  The last chest is behind the boss.  You must come back to get it.
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Vicious Plant (boss)
    4x Vile Plant
    For this battle, have your unions split up and kill the Vile Plants.  This
    should only take two turns.  Have both unions then attack the boss.  You may
    take him down in a single turn, or it may take two.  Either way, still an easy
    battle.  You will return to Athlum automatically and see some scenes.
    [2.06] Athlum
    - A Day's Beginning (Warrior's Honor)
    - Baulson (Warrior's Honor)
    After the scenes, you will be in the Town Square.  Go straight ahead and talk
    to the guy with the red bubble, then head over to Virtus Parish.  Head to the
    guild behind the pub and hire the two units. Head to the pub and get your first
    quest!  After this, you can get another quest.  The bartender will open the
    road to Celapaleis for you.
    [2.07] Celapaleis
    Head to the right when enter and talk to the qsiti.  Head north and talk to the
    lady, both with a red dot over their head.  Head to the next district.  Head to
    the pub and talk to the qsiti to your right for a quest (3.03).  After the
    quest, a soldier will be in the pub.  Talk to him.  There will also be two new
    units in the guild here.  Return to Athlum Castle for some scenes.
    [2.08] Blackdale
    - Combat Francisca -1, Weapon Recipe 3
    - Restoleaf, Cureleaf, Relaxing Herb
    - Blackdale Map 1
    - 7200g
    (Second Area)
    - Simarrionne
    - Blackdale Map 2
    - Battered Katana, Dull Sword, Heroic Medal, Weapon Recipe 52
    Enter Blackdale.  Scenes.  Boss!
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Jager (Boss)
    1x Third Committee Melee Squad
    3x Third Committee Mystic Squad
    + Reinforcements Support Squad
    This battle is actually fairly difficult.  You can try to rush Jaeger and just
    kill him, or use Rush's squad to fight the other squads (target mystic and
    support squads first!).  Make sure to keep healed.
    After the boss, you enter Blackdale.  To the right is two Giant Spiders, and a
    deadend.  To the left is three giant spiders close together.  You should be 
    fine multi-encountering them.  Continuing down will be a Skull Scavenger.  The
    first right will likely be a dead end (a rare monster spawns there).
    Continuing, a Giant Spider will be there, and two Hypnos' will spawn in.
    Multi-encounter should be fine.  The first chest should be to your left.
    Another spider will be down the hall, followed by two Skull Scavengers.
    After the two scavengers, follow the path until you can turn right, go through
    the two giant spiders and you will get the second chest.  Back on the other
    path, you will see three Hypnos groups in a row.  You should be fine chaining
    all three.  You can go to the next area.  Taking a right will lead you to two
    Giant Spiders.  Go back left to find 3 Hypnos'.  The third chest will be there.
    Go straight and find two more Skull Scavengers.  Go to the next area for some
    scenes.  And yeah, a boss battle.
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the Fiery Idol!]
    1x Fiery Idol (boss)
    5x Third Committee Soldier
    Similar to most strategies.  Kill the extra unions, but be careful.  After the
    turn ends, it may use a skill that hits all unions (for quite a bit).  So make
    sure your unions HP stay high.  5 turns should do this boss in. You will return
    to Athlum afterwards.  To get the 7200g, return later and go to the previously
    blocked route.  Do not continue to the next map, as those monsters will be
    way too strong.
    [2.09] Athlum
    Once back in Athlum, a new Unit at both the Athlum and Celapaleis guild will be
    available.  All you need to do now is go to another section of town, find a
    guard with a red bubble, and talk to them, then return to the castle.  A few
    scenes will ensue.  After that, David and his four unions will join you.  First
    you should head over to the pub in Virtus Parish and get quest 3.04.  Head over
    to Celapaleis and get quest 3.05.  You can pick up a new general at Celapaleis
    as well if you complete 4.29. (Uncertain, but that's when he opened up for me)
    Two new generals opened up in the Athlum Guild as well.  After you're done,
    head to the world map and The Ivory Peaks will open up.  I took some time here
    to refine my weapons.  Check out some of the guides on gamefaqs for item
    locations if you need help!
    [2.10] The Ivory Peaks
    - Ivory Peaks Map
    - Leraje Princeps, Wayfarer's Ward
    - Ballista
    Travel south, clearing any enemies along the way.  Take the first path down from
    the plateau that you can, and head right to get the first chest.  This will be
    the map.  In the bottom left corner is the third chest, and at the east-most
    plateau is the second chest.  Gather them and head to the next map.
    [2.11] Elysion
    After a quick scene, head over to the pub to pick up 3.06.  You can hire two
    new generals at the guild.
    [2.11b] Balterossa
    If you do quest 3.06, you unlock Balterossa.  This is not mandatory.  In
    Balterossa, you can do the following:
    - Get quest 3.07
    - Get quest 3.08
    - Get quest 3.09
    - Get quest 3.10
    - Get quest 3.11
    As well at get Caedmon at the guild, which I highly recommend.  He is one of
    the stronger generals in the game.  You can pick up another quest at the
    castle... but... that's not a pretty fight.  The enemy has aound 100k hp and,
    well, hurts severely.  Don't worry, we'll come back to it.  From the Great
    Sand Sea, you can unlock Vale of the Gods which leads to another city.  To
    get there, follow the number posts all the way to an inlet and go in.  You
    can also get to Lavanfender.  Just go pass the E post and it's straight ahead.
    [2.11c] Vale of the Gods
    - Armlet Recipe 2, Mineral Water, Vitaeroot
    - Vale of the Gods Map
    - Bandana of Grooming
    First, take a right and check the rock to get the Letter of Remembrance.
    Follow the path straight.  After awhile, you will see the first chest on your
    left.  Forward a bit more will be a split in the road.  Go right.  You should
    see the 2nd chest up on the ledge -- go for it.  The third chest is in one of
    the large circular areas just south-west of the previous chest (the top
    circular area.)  Using your map, continue on the path to the exit.
    [2.11d] Baaluk
    Go up to the guild and talk to the warrior woman along the way, though it's
    probably obvious who she is.  You can hire another general, as well.  No
    quests right off the bat, but now that you have the place unlocked, it's out
    of the way.
    [2.11e] Lavafender
    - Quadrashield
    - Lavafender Map 1
    - Lavafender Map 2
    - ... forgot to write it down (someone please email me)
    Travel straight and follow the path.  Turn right when you can, and go down
    that path for the 1st chest.  Continue on the path.  When you get to the open
    area, hug the wall to your left and go to the set of corridoors.  Turn right
    for the 2nd chest (you will pass a transporter).  Use your map to get to the
    west most exit.  This will take you to another floor.  Go straight and there
    will be a chest on your left immediately.  Go back upstairs.  Head to the
    southernmost point to exit to Royotia.  Right before the exit, turn right and
    up that path get the last chest.
    [2.11f] Royotia
    Two new generals will be available at the guild.  Head over to the pub and
    talk to the soldier to get word of a quest.  Emmy can be found near the smith.
    Go to the castle and get quest 3.12.
    [2.11g] Cleaning up
    Head to Athlum to pick up quest 3.13.
    [2.11h] Elysion
    Now that we've done all the side quests available, back to the story!  Head
    over to the Academy and talk to the lady with the red bubble.  Go right
    and up the hall and talk to the woman in the lab coat.  She will give you
    Academy Visistones.  Talk to her until she stops.  Come back frequently to get
    them all.  Afterwards, head over to Tula Street for some scenes.  Head over to
    the Assembly Plaza and up the steps to a lady with a red bubble.  Talk to her.
    Go up the Ark Gate for some more scenes. Travel up the newly opened door and
    head straight down the path.  This part is very straight forward.  Keep using
    the devices and go to the path they open.  Proceed for some scenes at the end
    of the path.
    [2.12] The Catacombs
    - Weapon Recipe 21
    - Catacombs Map 1
    - 3200g
    - Beastman Ale, Fresh Oil
    Walk down the opening path and you will enter a room.  You must turn right.
    Continue along this path until you reach the next area.  Keep going until you
    reach an open room.  A small scene will ensue and you will have to fight some
    enemies.  Continue forward along the path.  Open the double doors and turn
    right for the first chest.  Keep following the path.  After a large door,
    the path splits into a V.  The right path deadends, so go left.  You will
    get locked into the next room you go into, and a  path will open.  Follow it.
    You will come upon another branching path after you fight the months -- go
    right first.  You will grab the 2nd chest this way.  Back track to the other
    way.  You will walk into some gas.  Take the first left and go up a ladder for
    the 3rd chest.  Go out of the fog and take the next left to get to the next
    area.  The rest of the way is just a straight walk now.  When you enter the
    first set of large doors, turn left for the 4th chest.  At the end of the path
    enter the door to your left.  Scenes!
    [2.12b] Cleaning Up
    Before talking to Emma, head over to Celapaleis and grab 3.14.  After this,
    you can hire Violet at the new guild in Celapaleis.  Head over to Athlum and
    pick up Nora from the guild.  Head over to Royotia and talk to people in the
    guild to open The Fifth Path.  After that, head over to Athlum's Town Square
    and talk to the Mage-Like Girl.  That'll take care of 3.15.  Head over to
    Celapaleis and go to Grants Way and talk to the Mage-Like Girl.  That'll be
    3.16.  While you're in Celapaleis, go over to the Union of the Golden Chalice
    and get Gabriel on your team.  Head over to Elysion and go to Hendler and talk
    to the Mage-Like Girl to finish 3.17.  While you're here, head over to the
    Academy and grab some Visistones from the researcher.  Go back to Hendler and
    talk to Emma to continue the story.
    [2.12c] The Fifth Path
    - Fifth Path Map
    - Beastman Ale, Fresh Oil
    - 1900g
    - Alp's Briolette
    Head straight down the path.  You will come to a V, head left.  You will soon
    come across another V.  Head right, then keep left until you get to the end.
    There will be the 1st chest.  Turn around and head left, then right at the next
    V to get to the second chest.  Head back to the original V split and head up
    the right path.  You will come across another V split.  Head right to pick up 
    the 3rd chest.  Go back to the V and head up the left path.  It will V.  Wrap
    around to go down the eastern path.  A transporter will be there.  Go through
    the door and to the next map.  You will be in The Final Fortress.  Head thru
    the large doors, turn right for the 4th chest, then return to the transporter
    and leave.
    [2.13] Numor Mine
    - Commander's Rapier
    - Avalanche
    - Numor Mine Map 1
    - Stone of Marshall
    It'll be just you and Emma now.  The enemies will be weak, too, so you may
    split want to split them into two unions and just refrain from chaining too
    many battles together.  Head straight along the path.  You will come across
    an elevator.  Take it down, then take a left for the 1st chest.  Head down
    the other direction until you hit a T.  Go right and head straight through
    the V.  Take the door to your left and use the elevator to go down to the
    next area.  Head straight through the door and you will see another elevator
    soon.  Monsters will attack you on your way down.  You will reach a platform
    that has the 2nd chest on it.  Continue down the elevator.  The next platform
    will not have any chests but has dig points if you want.  Once you get to the
    bottom, take a left and grab the 3rd chest.  Head along the path until you
    come to another V in the path.  Go right to get the 4th chest.  Go to the
    left path and follow it down.  You will see a transporter meaning you're just
    about at the end.  Continue to the door and use the Stone of Marshall to
    unlock it.  You may want to use one union now.  Scene time.  Boss fight time!
    [Boss - Defeat Namul Sin & Niram Sin!]
    1x Namul Niram
    This battle is easy.  Just beat her up and heal yourself.  One or two union
    approach works just fine.
    Take the transporter back home now.  Scenes will follow, and you will gain more
    unit/union slots.
    [2.13b] Cleaning Up
    The Heroic Ramparts and Numor Mines are available on the world map now.
    Head over to Elysion and talk to the barkeep about surrounding cities.  Go
    upstairs and talk to the White Sovani for 3.18.  Berechevaltelle is open on
    the map now, which leads to Melphina.  Head over to Royotia and pick up quest
    3.19.  Head over to Baaluk for 3.20.  Return to the Baaluk pub and pick up
    3.21.  Head over to the Merchants Lot in Balterossa and talk to Caedmon.  Head
    over to the pub and talk to Caedmon again for 3.22.  Head upstairs and pick up
    3.23.  You can also pick up 3.24.  You can grab some Visistones back in Elysion
    then head over to Celapaleis to pick up 3.25.  Head back to Balterossa and talk
    to Caedmon again.  Head over to Berchevaltelle.
    [2.13c] Berechevaltelle
    - Triumph Belt
    - Berechevaltelle Map
    - Chalice
    Head straight and to the right after you pass the large rock and you will see
    the 1st chest to your right.  Continue straight and the next chest will be
    on your right eventually. (There will be an impassible hook like formation
    and a massive rock in front of you.)  Head left (north on your map) and the
    3rd chest will be near you on your left.  Use your map to get to the south
    exit to get to Crookfen.  The other road is closed.
    [2.13d] Crookfen
    - Oberon's Baguette
    - Barbed Wall
    - Crookfen Map
    Head straight for the first chest.  Hug this wall and head right, continually
    hugging it.  You will be at the 2nd chest now.  Head out of here and to the
    water, looking for a bridge; the third chest is near the bridge in grass.
    Head over to the exit using your map.
    [2.13e] Melphina
    Take the first right when you get in to pick up the Book of Remembrance.
    Talk to Emmy once you get in here.  Go to the guild and talk to the qsiti to
    unlock The Fourth Path.  Go to the pub and just walk right up to the counter
    and then talk to Pagus to get access to a new quest.  Talk to the White Qsiti
    to get 3.26.  Head over to the Knight of Melphina and pick up 3.27.  Go on
    over to Royotia and pick up 3.28.  Lets take a stab at 3.29 in Balterossa as
    well (at the castle).  Head over to the Heroic Ramparts.
    [2.13f] Heroic Ramparts
    - Marauders' Glaive
    - Heroic Ramparts Map
    - Greaves of Growling
    - Medal of Strength, Weapon Recipe 26, Weapon Recipe 27
    Head left all the way until you see an opening in the wall.  Walk through and
    you should see a chest in the distance.  If you go further to the left you
    will unlock Ghor on the map. (Either do Ghor first or finish this).  Reenter
    the Ramparts and go straight ahead this time.  Once you pass through the door,
    head left to get the 2nd chest.  Head the other direction and go to the bottom
    of the keep are to get the third chest.  Go into the keep and you should see
    the 4th chest to your left.  Get to the next exit with your map and you will
    unlock Nagapur (the next story base.)  Before that, lets clear The Fourth Path.
    [2.13g] Ghor
    When you get to Ghor, go ahead just a bit and you will see a huuuuuuuuuuge
    Yama.  Talk to him to get 3.30.  Head over to the pub and talk to Blocter
    to get 3.31.  Head back to the Ramparts and finish up if you haven't.
    [2.13h] The Fourth Path
    - Anklet Recipe 4, Cureleaf, Relaxing Herb
    Follow the path until you reach a V, from here take a left (the right has a
    sealed door.)  Once you get to the end of the path, you will get the first
    chest.  That's it for now!
    [2.13i] Cleaning Up
    You should realize by now that you've gotten all 9 fragments for the old quest
    from Royotia.  Head to Royotia castle and go see the flame guardian.
    - Manrynell
    - Vespe
    - Takshend
    Quest 3.32 starts.  You can also head over to Balterossa and talk to Jorgen.
    I don't think having more than 3 items will make a difference in the outcome
    of the quest.  Just hand over 3 items and you're done, and that wraps up 3.08.
    And as you might have guessed, you can go get Jorgen at the Balterossa guild.
    Head over to Nagapur.
    [2.14] Nagapur
    Go talk to Emmy in the opening area.  Go to the docks and talk to the Mage-Like
    Girl (3.33).  Only after you do that, go talk to the last quest dot (open your
    map and look for a weird blue dot) to start the story.  You will then need to
    go to the two other areas and talk to Emma and Pagus and get them to return to
    Flussbahn.  Then head over to Sudenhalm and talk to Oswald.  Then head back to
    Flussbahn for some scenes.  Now head over to the pub for more questing! Woo!
    [2.14b] Cleaning Up
    Head over to the Nagapur pub and pick up 3.34.  Pick up 3.35 as well.  Aveclyff
    will be on the world map now.  Go to Elysion and pick up 3.36.  Head over to
    the pub in Melphina and pick up 3.37 (go to the castle after).  Head over to
    Royotia to pick up 3.38.  That should be all you need to do for now.
    [2.15] The Nest of Eagles
    Head over to the Athlum Castle for some scenes.  You must then go to the Nest
    of Eagles for a fight.  Emma will leave your party, so replace her position if
    necessary.  Before that, head on over to the pub and talk to Nora.  Go outside
    the guild and talk to Loki.
    [Boss - Defeat the main force of the Conqueror's Army!]
    1x Roeas
    1x Castanea
    4x Strike Squad
    1x Escort Squad
    2x Magus Squad
    Have your magic union (or Dave's union) stay back a turn to charge up enough AP
    to use either Gae Blog or Blackout/Whiteout to take care of the large number
    of enemies.  Once you do so, they will be reinforced.  Castanea is very
    dangerous and does a ton of damage.  So long as Roeas and Castanea are both
    alive, they can use Catapult which has a large AoE.  Once you kill either, the
    other will use Overdrive.  It's really not clear who you should take out first
    as with Overdrive anyone is really dangerous, but I'd try to kill them both
    around the same time (get one to red, get the other to red.)  Don't clutter on
    Castanea, as he has Hammerspin.  When one uses Overdrive, it is most likely
    that whoever deadlocks them WILL die.  However, if a union in deadlock dies,
    (and they are the only one) the next union to attack them will not be hit
    that turn.  It's a bit of bug abuse I suppose, but it certainly helps!  Scenes
    will ensue.
    [2.16] Athlum
    Emmy will join your party now.  You will now be able to have 15 people and 5
    unions in battle at once.  You could use 5 unions x 3 people or 3x4 + 1x3.  I
    personally recommend the latter for AP purposes.  And despite what people say,
    Emma's stats do NOT carry over to Emmy.  She is still a good fighter and should
    not take long to raise to where Emma was, so I'd still use her, especially if
    you have been using Emma the entire time (since no other leader will be as
    [2.16b] Cleaning Up
    Head over to the town square to get the Belt of Remembrance from where the
    Yama had been blocking you up until now!  Most of your partner's side quests
    will start becoming available soon, so keep talking to them in their hometowns
    when they get a ...! over their head.
    Head over to Melphina to pick up 3.39 -- again, go to the castle afterwards.
    Head over to Melphina and pick up 3.40 (if you fulfilled the requirements!)
    Head over to Balterossa for 3.41.  Grab some Visistones from the Academy in
    Elysion.  Go to Ghor and do 3.42 by talking to Mage-Like Girl.  Now, head over
    to Nagapur.  Go to Sudenalm and talk to Emmy to go to the Aquaducts.
    [2.17] The Aqueducts
    - Ring of the Patient Ear, Justice Wristlet
    - Lure and Trap
    - Sickbed
    - Aqueducts Map 1
    - Defender, Restobulb, Curebulb, Faerie Herb
    When you enter, head forward and activate the device.  Go around the hook path
    on your minimap to get the 1st chest.  Follow the path until you pass a second
    bridge.  A new path will open, so go over the new bridge.  Follow the path
    until you see a bridge on your right.  Go over it and you will come to the 2nd
    chest.  Return to the path and follow it down.  There will be another device,
    activate it and cross the new bridge.  Continue down until you pass a set of
    doors to go to the next area.  Go straight and down the ladder, then go left
    to the next ladder and go up.  You will see the 3rd chest from here, so go get
    it.  Head down the path until you reach another device, and activate it.  Go
    back to the nearest ladder and go down it.  There will be two paths going
    right, take the second one.  When you hit a bend, a ladder will be behind you
    on your left.  It leads to the 4th chest.  Head further down to a dead end,
    turn left and there will be another ladder.  Go up and activate the device,
    then climb back down and go to the new path.  Head past the transporter to the
    next area.  In this area, head straight for the ladder, go up, and the 5th
    chest will be in your face.  Head right through the large doors for some
    scenes.  And, well...
    [Boss - Defeat the Enemy!]
    3x Harpylia (Boss)
    Their blaster attack can be dangerous, or can be an absolute joke.  They also
    have Caustic Blast, so refrain from stacking on too hard.  They don't have much
    HP, and should go down really quick -- 4 or 5 turns.
    And you get some more scenes.  Save in a seperate slot if possible, as a strong
    boss is up ahead.
    [Boss - Defeat the Gates of Hell!]
    1x Gates of Hell (boss)
    4x Hypnos Group
    The Gates of Hell is notorious for being extremely difficult.  Having the
    ability to resurrect people is a huge plus.  Revitalize is a must (Emmy comes
    with it, and so does Gleny's!)  His Hellfire skill is really powerful and
    annoying, and comes with quite the AoE, so try not to stack on him too much.
    Your newly summoned cyclops has about 9,999 HP, so he can do quite a bit of
    tanking and will always deadlock something.  You have about 3 turns to take
    out the Hypnos before the Gates of Hell opens and starts fighting.  A single
    Blackout/Whiteout or Gae Bolg will do this.  His Grenade Impact will close to
    one-shot most unions without high resistance, so be careful about that as well.
    Keep your HP up and pay attention to who you're healing, as you may try to
    keep healing the Cyclops.  When a union dies, if they stay dead for the turn,
    the Gates of Hell will cast Pandemonium which will Enthrall the union, reviving
    them and turning them against you, so watch out for this too!  What I did
    was got 4 unions to attack him and kept a union with the ability to flank them
    with "Strike from the sides!" command.  This should help.  On the PC version,
    this boss is significantly easier than the XBox version.  If you've been doing
    all the quest, he will be a challenge, but not impossible.  Then, some scenes.
    You will be transported elsewhere inside Wyrmskeep.
    [2.18] Wyrmskeep - Cherry Pavilion
    - Cherry Pavilion Map
    - Cureleaf, Restoleaf, Relaxing Herb.
    When you gain control, the first chest will be inside this room.  The 2nd chest
    is in the south western room near the northern door.  Now head to the northern
    most room for some scenes.
    [Boss - Defeat Jager and the Lob Omen!]
    1x Jager (Boss)
    1x Lob Omen (Boss)
    2x Nagapurian Soldier
    2x Third Committee Soldier
    Jager is not very strong, but the Lob Omen is extremely powerful.  This battle
    is not quite as hard as The Gates of Hell, but can still be pretty difficult,
    especially if you used a lot of your resources fighting The Gates of Hell.  You
    also have no chance to build AP up for Gae Bolg or Blackout/Whiteout, so just
    go all out, make sure to kill all the regular unions quickly, keep your HP up,
    and have plenty of resurrection items.  Lob Omen's Eclipse and Palsy Skien
    may wipe unions out in a single hit.  Jager cannot multi deadlock, so taking
    him out shouldn't be hard.  Once either boss is dead, the battle is much more
    manageable.  Otherwise, it's just a resurrection fest and a battle of
    [2.18b] Cleaning Up
    Go to Balterossa and pick up 3.43 and 3.44.  Head to Royotia for 3.45.  Head to
    Melphina for 3.46.  Head over to Nagapur for 3.47, then to Baaluk for 3.48.
    You can get access to The First Path by talking to a qsiti in the Celapaleis'
    pub.  You can also pick up some Visistones.  Don't forget to check your party
    members to see if they have anything special to say in their home towns.
    When you're done, head back to Dave to continue the story.
    [2.18c] The First Path
    - First Path Map
    - Liberty Belt, Heels of Victory
    - Mystic Fiend Ale, Fresh Oil
    - 1200g
    Sadly I forgot to get this earlier in the game but it shouldn't make much of a
    difference, except the monsters will be way too easy.  Head straight, at the
    first V, keep right.  You will pass another V, just keep going right.  You will
    come to a third V, go left and you will come to, yes, another V.  Go right,
    slide down the cliff, and go forward to a U.  Go right and down the passage
    behind you, you will come to yet another V, go left for the first chest.  From
    here, use your map to go to the next area, The Final Fortress.  Head down this
    path and you will reach a V.  Go right until you get to the next V, and go
    right again for the 2nd chest.  You can take a left at this V and pass through
    the door to get a look at some gigantic monster that you may be running into
    later!  Otherwise, just head back.  Now head back to the V right before the
    first chest, but go right instead and slide down the cliff.  Go straight and
    ignore the first right turn, but take the second.  You will come to a V, go
    down the other side (not the cliff), and take the next two rights and you will
    be at the 3rd chest.  Head back to the last jagged cliff you passed and go down
    it.  Go left at the V until you reach a T.  Head right for the fourth chest,
    and that's it for this area.
    [2.19] Fornstrand
    - Maelstrom
    - Fornstrand Map
    - Leprechaun's Scissor
    - Charm Recipe 6, 5200g
    Head straight and you will see the first chest, so head straight and take the
    first available left to grab it.  Continue along the path and you will reach a
    little inlet on your left.  Ignore it and take the next left and pick up the
    2nd chest.  Use your map to get to the exit nearest you.  In this area, keep
    right to get to the 3rd chest, it'll be across the lagoon.  Return to the
    lagoon and go north.  You will reach a T, head right to pick up the 4th chest.
    Head to the exit of this map for some scenes.
    [2.19b] Cleaning Up
    Head over to Athlum and pick up 3.49 in the Town Square.  Jager will now be
    available in the new guild you got.  Head over to Nagapur to pick up 3.50.  Go
    to Balterossa and pick up 3.51.  You can pick Gaou up in the Baaluk guild.
    [2.20] Summons to Congress
    Now head back to the castle in Athlum.  Head over to Elysion's Entrance Hall
    for some scenes, then back to Athlum Castle.  After some scenes, you can go to
    Virtus Parish and talk to the Yama behind the guild to gain access to The
    Second Path. Talk to the soldier with the red bubble then return to the Castle.
    You now have the capability to have 18 units in battle (final upgrade).  Irina
    joins your party.  You can do the B/C/D parts of this, or head to Celapaleis'
    castle for some scenes.  You can pick Zolean up in Balterossa.  Head over to
    Ghor then return to Athlum Castle.  And now it's time for fuuuun.
    [2.20b] Cleaning Up Still!
    Head to the pub in Athlum and talk to the soldier to get 3.52.  Head to
    Celapaleis and talk to Rhagoh in Lamberro District (leave and reenter if you
    must) 3 times with a red ...! to unlock 3.53.  After that, return to the boss
    area to pick up Flachonelle.
    [2.20c] The Second Path
    - Second Path Map
    - Cage
    - Zane's Ring
    - Boggart's Trapezoid, Siren's Square
    When you enter, go down until you reach a +.  Head right, continuing down to
    a jagged cliff.  Go down it, and follow the path until you reach a T.  Head
    left, you will pass a V, continue down until you reach another V.  Head left
    and behind you will be the 1st chest.  Using your map get to the near south
    exit to get to the final fortress and grab the 2nd chest.  When you leave,
    head left at the T and slide down the jagged cliff, keep going left for the
    3rd chest.  From here, go back and ignore the first left, taking the second one
    at the V.  Head down and take a left and go down the jagged cliff and head
    straight for the 4th chest.  That's it for now.
    [2.20d] Remnant Hunting
    So you got that Tablet... so why don't we go use it?
    - Head to Dillmoor to bind the Rubber Soul
    - Head to Blackdale to bind Schiovana
    - Head to Ivory Peaks to bind Liafort (the wall)
    Before continuing, make sure to talk to The Duke of Ghor!
    [2.21] Base 1
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the command squad and assault their base!]
    5x Stormtroopers
    4x Commandos
    1x Cleric Squad
    1x Tactics Squad (boss)
    2x Magus Squad
    A lot of enemies but they're all regular enemies, so just wipe 'em out.  Keep
    back on the first turn to charge.  If you're on the PC you have the chance to
    save.  On the XBOX360 you do not (which made these battles very... hard.)
    [Boss - Defeat Snievan!]
    1x Snievan (boss)
    5x Snievan Division
    So a reason why these bosses tend to be hard is that they have really, really
    powerful attacks.  At the end of a turn Snievan will use Lugh's Revenge, which
    was doing almost 3.5k damage to me.  The magic groups have Snare Shot, so they
    need to be killed quickly or they will really screw you over.  Snievan will
    cast Miracle after awhile to add annoyance to this battle.  He will continue
    to use Lugh's revenge every 3 or 4 turns, he also uses a lot of Psionics so
    your morale will be hurting the entire battle.  As far as base bosses though,
    he's probably the easiest and will go down fairly quick.  You will also gain
    the ability for Torgal to use Lugh's Revenge once you win.
    [2.22] Base 2
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the command squad and assault their base!]
    2x Escort Squad
    6x Stormtrooper Squad
    1x Commandos Squad
    4x Special Squad
    1x Tactics Squad
    Again, easy, straightforward.
    [Boss - Defeat Zuido!]
    1x Zuido (boss)
    5x Zuido Division
    These mage divisions are also really dangerous.  At the end of some turns
    Zuido will use Giant Press which hits multiple unions, so don't put everyone
    on him at one time!  He will quite often instant KO whoever he hits.  He will
    cast Miracle after awhile as well.  He has some dangerous arts but if you've
    actually been following this guide he won't be hard at all.  You will get the
    Obsidian, which Gaou will request.
    [2.23] Base 3
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the command squad and assault their base!]
    7x Stormtroopers
    2x Support Squad
    3x Escort Squad
    5x Magus Squad
    1x Tactics Squad (boss)
    [Boss - Defeat Ludope!]
    1x Ludope (boss)
    5x Ludope Division
    Ludope is far more dangerous than the previous two bosses, having the ability
    to use Galaxy during his turn, which hits all unions on screen, and worse yet,
    he uses it on his first turn, so it will wreak havoc.  He will also cast
    Protection/Ward on himself between turns, which makes him immune to the next
    physical attack he takes.  You will probably go through a lot of resses in this
    battle, as Ludope also has every magic, so he will hurt, badly.  You will need
    some Blackout/Whiteout or Gae Bolg action for this battle.  Once he casts
    Miracle on himself, he will likely wipe unions out with a single magic cast.
    He drops an item for Pagus.
    [2.24] Base 4
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the command squad and assault their base!]
    9x Stormtroopers
    1x Escort Squad
    1x Support Squad
    1x Commandos
    5x Magus Squad
    1x Tactics Squad (boss)
    [Boss - Defeat Hannah and Hinnah!]
    This battle requires a bit more finesse than the others.  You will need to kill
    a sister if their HP gets in red quickly, or the other will fully heal them --
    yes, a 100k+ heal.  Once one dies, the other will use Total Domination, which
    automatically enthralls a union, and then Overdrive. Once you will, you will
    get a Nightbloom... which Irina may ask for...
    [2.25] Base 5
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    Make sure to save before you enter Base 5, as there is a missable enemy.  To
    attack him, you must wait after they get reinforced without entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the command squad and assault their base!]
    8x Stormtroopers
    2x Special Team
    8x Escort Squad
    1x Beastman Squad
    1x Tactics Squad
    [Boss - Defeat Young!]
    1x Young
    5x Young's Division
    Young is... annoying.  He uses Brawl every turn, which has quite a large AoE.
    He also spams Victory Cry, which destroys your morale.  He will use Miracle
    after awhile which will make his Brawl really deadly.
    [2.26] Base 6
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the command squad and assault their base!]
    (probably not 100% accurate, kept spamming Gae Bolg and Blackout so I didn't
    see all the reinforcements)
    10x Stormtroopers
    7x Magus Squad
    2x Support Squad
    4x Escort Squad
    4x Commandos
    [Boss - Defeat Milton!]
    1x Milton
    5x Milton Division
    Milton is pretty easy, except when he uses Iron Will, which is the combination
    of Miracle and Overdrive.  The odd thing is, his damage isn't something you
    need to worry about, his weapon deals instant death, always.  5 attacks +
    instant death = instant union wipe.  Wards (Protection) are very useful in this
    battle, as is Talisman's fight.  If you activate a special like Omnistrike etc,
    use it as your dodge increases tremendously.  Lugh's revenge that you earned
    should make this an easy fight.
    [2.27] Battle Against Cyclops!
    This battle happens after all 6 bases are finished, not necessarily after Base
    6.  It's not hard, but you will not be able to save.  This is especially
    annoying on the XBox, as this is 3 battles in a row without saving.
    [Boss - Defeat the Cyclops!]
    1x Cyclops
    He will open up with Gae Bolg, which will hurt, but nothing life threatening.
    His arm whip can be a pain, as he hits a wide area and he can multideadlock up
    to 3 unions.  Don't stack too much on him if your HP isn't full.  He will use
    Gae Bolg every 3 turns at the beginning of the turn, so keep your HP high.
    Otherwise, not a hard boss.
    [2.27b] Cleaning Up
    Well, while that was fun, lets get some more questing out of the way.  Head
    over to Melphina to pick up 3.54.  Go to Nagapur for 3.55 from Jager.  Now lets
    get back to the story.
    [2.28] Koenigsdorf
    Talk to The Duke of Ghor BEFORE entering the base!
    [Boss - Defeat the Ala Melvilana!]
    9x Stormtrooper Aces
    2x Special Aces
    4x Support Aces
    1x Ala Melvilana Synthesis
    2x Magus Aces
    This is a large battle.  He can use Hurrivane between turns which does about
    2k~3k to all unions.  His Desperate Whail is annoying, but his attacks are
    actually pretty weak.  Make sure to keep your HP up to take the Hurricanes.  He
    will cast Miracle on himself, but he's likely going to die the turn he does.
    This boss is easier than most of the base bosses, so you can take it.
    Scenes ensue, and that looked very painful.
    Adjust your unions to make up for the party change.  The Sixth Path opens up
    on the map automatically.
    [2.28b] Cleaning Up
    Head over to Melphina and pick up 3.56 from Nora.
    [2.28c] The Sixth Path
    - Witch's Signet
    - Sixth Path Map
    This is a short path.  Keep straight, ignoring both V's.  You will end up at
    the first chest.  Back track to the V you just passed and head in the other
    direction, going straight through the T that comes up (going right will take
    you to the Final Fortress which has no stuff in it from here right now) to
    grab the 2nd chest.  That's all for now.
    There is a Remnant you can bind here, but do NOT bind it just yet.
    [2.29] Darken Forest
    Head straight a bit and a new path will open up.  Head up it to get to the new
    Darken Forest
    The Wanderer's Ruins
    - Riptide
    - Darken Forest Map 2
    - Kobold's Halfdutch, Banshee's Octagon, Weapon Recipe 56
    Enter and head up the stairs.  Take a left and go to the end of this path to
    grab the first chest.  Head back to the T and go the other way until you have
    a path on right that leads down.  Ignore it for a second and walk forward a bit
    more until a small path on your right opens up.  The 2nd chest is on this edge.
    Now go down the steps and head left until you see a transporter.  The path to
    your right is where you need to go.  The third chest will be on your left just
    before you enter the next area.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    3x Anima Group (boss)
    This battle is easy... just watch out for Bewitch and you will be fine.
    [2.29b] Cleaning Up
    (These quests can be done in any order!)
    This is a tough time.  You cannot head to Undelwalt or you will not be allowed
    to fight The Fallen.  On the PC, you must defeat The Fallen to enter the
    Ancient Ruins, which is where you get all your uber gearz.  Mt. Vackel opens up
    on the map.  Go to Baaluk and pick up 3.58... and be ready for a fight.  Head
    to Ghor and pick up 3.57 from Ghor Castle.  Head to Elysion and talk to Haruko
    in the pub to start 3.59.  Now, head to Mt. Vackel.
    [2.30] Mt. Vackel
    - Mt. Vackel Map
    - Obelisk
    - Rune Ring
    Head straight until you hit a V (it will be awhile).  Head left for the 1st
    chest.  Head to the exit using your map.  Head straight until you get to a
    T, and head left for the 2nd chest.  Head up the path and the 3rd chest will
    soon be on your left.  Head over to the exit
    [2.31] Undelwalt
    After you enter Undelwalt, some new quests will open up.  When ready, go to
    Castellum.  Once you do, 2.32d opens up.  When you're ready, use the Teleporter
    in Castellum.  This is just a straight walk so no problems here.
    [2.31b] Cleaning Up
    Head to Athlum Town's Square and talk to the Blind Girl, then head over to the
    pub and grab 3.60.  Head over to Gefyri in Undelwalt to do 3.61, head to the
    Merchant's Lot in Batlerossa for 3.62, to the Byon Sector in Royotia for 3.63,
    the Cobalt Plaza in Melphina for 3.64, and finally the Grentze Commune in
    Baaluk for 3.65.
    [2.31c] The Third Path
    - Third Path Map
    - Gem Recipe 3, Gem Recipe 4, Gem Recipe 5
    - Divine Metal, Crimson Ore
    - Gem Recipe 1, Gem Recipe 2
    Head straight and you will hit a T.  Pass straight through it and you will come
    to another T immediately after.  Head right and take the first available left,
    sliding down the cliff.  Take the next two lefts and head down for the 1st
    chest.  Head back and take a right then a left then another right, head
    straight down passed the next T and the 2nd chest will be there.  Head back and
    pass straight through the next two T's, sliding down the jagged cliff (you will
    be in the north west corner of the map).  Head left (south!) until you reach
    exit.  Pass it and slide down the nearest cliff, head left then turn left
    again to grab the 3rd and 4th chest.  Then head back to the exit you just
    passed up.
    The Final Fortress
    - Saintly Band, Holy Relic
    Head along the path and pass through the large door.  The first chest will be
    on your left.  Continue down through the next set of doors to the exit.
    The Second Path
    - Destrier
    - Dwarf's Cabochon, Leanan Sidhe's Brilliance
    Again?!  If you had noticed the first time we came here, there was an entirely
    inaccessible area.  Well, now you can access it.  Head straight and when the
    path turns right, the 1st chest will be to your left.  Head all the way down
    this path for the 2nd chest.
    [2.31d] Cleaning Up
    Head to Athlum pub and pick up 3.66.
    [2.32] The Holy Plain
    [Boss - Defeat the main force of the elite troops!]
    3x Escort Team
    10x Stormtroopers
    8x Assist Team
    6x Beastmasters
    3x Mystic Squad
    6x Commanos
    1x Beastmasters (boss)
    Long but not hard.  Just keep waiting on your toes and they will march to you.
    Use Blackout/Whiteout/Megalore/Gae Bolg and just keeping wiping them out.  Once
    reinforcements stop arriving, kill the dragon easily and you will get nearly
    50k gold!
    Now, for a bit of a tear-jerker... head to Undelwalt and pick up, dun dun dun,
    the final quest (3.67)!  Well, not really.  If you've done all the quests (with
    the exception of At Hatred's End on PC), head to Atlum and pick up 3.68.
    [2.33] The Sixth Path
    A way to get to the Holy Land?  Hm, why not try the ancient path that connects
    EVERYTHING?  Well.  Head to the Sixth Path.  Remember that unopenable door in
    The Final Fortress?  We're going there.
    [Boss - Defeat Gojun!]
    1x Gojun
    This guy MUST be defeated to continue.  He will be in the final fortress.  He's
    a really strong dragon that also has the ability to curse.  And while you've
    heard it enough -- honestly, if you're been doing the side quests and are THIS
    far... this will not be much of a challenge.
    [2.34] The Seventh Path
    - Spike
    - Satchel
    - Seventh Path Map
    Upon entering, head straight until you reach a T.  Turn right and go all the
    passed the next T to get the first chest.  Turn around and head right, going
    down this path until you reach another T.  Head left for the 2nd chest and go
    back to head down the other way.  Head along until you reach a V, head left
    and behind you will be the 3rd chest.  Now just head down the path until you
    reach a large door.
    [Boss - Defeat the Icy Idol!]
    1x Icy Idol (boss)
    5x Glagonos Group
    This boss can be nasty.  He has Curse and the ability to use skills before AND
    after turns, so he can really put on the damage.  As usual, kill his support
    unions ASAP.  He will use Maelstrom Insignia after turns, Acid Rain before
    turns, and he can use Cachexia which... urg.
    [2.35] The Sacred Lands
    - Demonblade
    - Kelpie's Single, Knocker's Ceylon, Weapon Recipe 62
    Head down straight and use the device to transport across the gap.  Head to the
    next teleporter and cross this gap.  Now, keep right to get to the third
    teleporter, and right before it on your left will be the first chest.  Take the
    teleporter and head across.  A control mechanism will be to your left.  Go and
    use it.  Head straight to the next teleporter.  Head straight to a T in the
    path, you should see the 2nd chest across from you.  That's it for chests here,
    and the rest of the base is a straight shot.  Eventually you will take a device
    up a long ways.  Behind you will be a transporter to the world map.  In front
    of you will be, well, the end.
    [2.36] The Final Fight
    1x Roeas
    1x Castanea
    1x The Conqueror
    Castanea and Roeas haven't changed significantly.  The Conquerer will reinforce
    after you defeat Roeas and Castanea.  His strength will depend on what you've
    done in the game.  He does quite a bit of damage and likes to use Arcana
    between turns.  Keep your HP up, especially when Castanea and Roeas are about
    to die, because he will get a turn and he will cast Blackout.  You can hit him
    with status ailments (it will not prevent his arcana!) to help you through the
    battle.  Once you win, congratulations, you had defeats The Last Remnant!
    [3.01] A Day's Beginning
    - Reward 100g
    After getting this quest in Athlum, you will be taken to Robelia Castle.  The
    yama will be right in front of you.  Talk to him.  Quest over.
    [3.02] Baulson
    - 500g
    - Baulson (get him at the guild)
    After getting this quest after 3.01, you will be sent to the Gaslin Caves.  Make
    sure you recruited new units at the guild, or you will meet a swift end.  You
    can leave this quest and restart it if you forgot.  The layout is the same as
    the original Gaslin Caves.  Continue in the same direction.
    [Boss Fight - Defeat the bandit leader!]
    1x Bandit Leader (Boss)
    1x Bandit Group
    This fight is easy.  Have Rush's union attack the regular group, then the boss
    group.  Two turns should do.
    [3.03] Mr. Diggs
    - 1000g
    Back to the Gaslin Caves, yay.  Head up past the first set of rosefly's and
    there should be a light metal harvesting point.
    [3.04] Bravery and Loyalty
    - 1500g
    - Mano Salia
    - Aerial Insecta Ale, Fresh Oil
    Go forward a bit to trigger a scene.  A ladder will be revealed, and you can
    use it to quickly get to the second floor.  Talk to the soldier there, then
    head down the path to the right.  Through the big doors will be a set of Vile
    Lizards.  Go through the open set of doors as the other is locked.  You will
    go back to the first floor.  You will be met by a landworm and two Vile Lizards
    further down.  Go through the northern door to get the first chest.  Go to the
    left door and just follow the path until you find a room with two sets of doors.
    Go through and find four groups of Vile Lizards.  Encountering all 4 should be
    readily possible, just make sure to use Mystic Arts and keep your HP up, and
    make sure to save beforehand -- a 3 union setup may be more effective than a
    two union setup for this.  Go left and proceed through the large doors.  Scenes
    will follow.
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the Third Committee forces!]
    1x Third Committee Combat Squad (Boss)
    2x Blackwing
    This is probably the first real battle you will fight. If you use three unions,
    send your strongest at the boss and your other two at the Blackwings.  This
    battle can be decided over if you're cursed or not.  If you're on the PC, then
    you will likely have no issues with curse since all your unions should be
    generals.  If you're on XBox, then you may have issues with curse as regular
    soldiers have a tendency to get cursed, and once one person is cursed, the
    entire union is cursed.  Whail on them and try to take down the Blackwings ASAP
    then gang up on the boss.
    [3.05] The Dreaming Rose
    - Gaslin Copper
    - Natural Oil
    - 1000g
    Once you get to the Ivory peaks, head straight to find three Raptors.  This
    should be no trouble for you.  Head forward and there should be a Demon.  This
    should also not be a problem.  Continue along there path and there will be a
    large number of enemies.  After you clear the upper plateau area, head down. If
    you head all the way to the west once you go down, you can pick up the Ivory
    Peaks map.  With the map, you can head south to the south-western corner of the
    map, talk to the people, and continue with the quest, or just look around for
    chests.  Since this side quest doesn't open up any new areas, I won't be
    discussing the chest contents.
    [Boss Battle - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Manticore Group
    1x Vile Lizard Group
    1x Landworm Group
    ... This battle should take a single turn.  Joke of a boss fight.
    [3.06] The Secret Letter
    - Jade Orb
    For this quest you must first take the Southwestern Road.
    [3.06a] The Southwestern Road
    - 3200g
    - Talons' Clutch
    - Southwestern Road Map
    - Betrothal Band
    This area is not difficult at all.  Three chains should be just fine.  Go down 
    the long straight path.  To your right when you first walk between the large
    rocks should be a Bandana of Rememberance.  Spamming the NPC Lock-On button
    will help you find it easily.  The first little inlet will be on your left.
    Right after that, you will have a split in the road.  Go right to get the first
    chest in the area.  Continue down and you will see a bridge.  Before the bridge
    hang a left and wrap around to the second chest in the area.  After you cross
    the first bridge, hang a right for the third chest, then proceed across the
    second bridge.  Head left after the bridge to pick up the fourth chest.  After
    this, just use your map and head to the exit.
    [3.06b] Balterossa
    - Godstone of Love
    Head to the pub and turn in the item to the Cheerful Man.
    [3.07] For Love the Bell Tolls
    Mojcado Castle
    - Club
    - Restoleaf, Relaxing Herb
    - Necklace Recipe 2
    - Wroth Volcano
    - 2100g
    - Mojcado Castle Map
    - 1800g
    - Earring Recipe 2
    - Elf's Emerald.
    This quest is fairly long if you consider all the chests you can get.  You
    may scroll down for the tl;dr version just to quickly get the map.
    When you enter the castle, take the first right then the first left.  Head
    right to find the first chest.  Return to the hallway and continue you down
    until you hit the Phoenix Section.  Follow the path to get the next chest,
    then backtrack.  When you get back, return to the entrance, then go up and
    take a left.  Take a left into the first room down this hallway.  Take another
    left and get chest 3.  When you leave the room through the north exit, keep
    left and go through the portal to the next area.  Follow the path to the
    first room off to your right for a possible good dig sight.  Follow the other
    path down to get the fourth chest, then backtrack to the Gateway Section.
    Take the first left out, continue straight, take a right, and head into the
    first room on your right for chest 5.  Return out the door and continue along
    the path going right out of the door.  Take the next right down the corridoor
    then take the first left, then the first right, then left.  You will be in
    a room (probably with 5 pests) that is shaped like a U.  Take a left and wrap
    around the wall for chest 6.  You've cleared this area now.  Use the map and
    get to the north center exit.  From here, take a left first, follow the path
    down for the seventh chest.  Backtrack to the opening of this map and take
    the other route.  Take the first right and head down this corridoor for the
    8th chest.  Return to the main path and continue going until you can turn
    left.  Take the next left, then right, then right again.  Follow this path for
    the 9th chest.  Go back to the main path and take a left onto it.  Scenes,
    then of course, boss fight.
    [Boss - Defeat the assassin!]
    1x Hitman (boss)
    2x Jhana Fighter Group
    This is an easy, easy battle.  You should be able to beat it in one or two
    turns no problem.
    tl;dr version:
    Head straight and go through the right path that leads north.  Take a right
    into a U shaped room; the map is in here.  Using the map, get to the next map
    through the northern exit.  On this map, go to the circular room.
    [3.08] Amnesia
    - Stacked Attack
    - Jorgen in guild
    You need 3 items to help him remember who he is.  The Bandana of Rememberance
    is one, which you should have already.
    The Letter of Rememberance is in the Vale of the Gods (near entrance)
    Belt of Rememberance is behind the Yama next to the Valeria Heart
    Book of Rememberance is in Melphina
    Sword of Rememberance is in the Aqueducts
    Staff of Rememberance is in Siebenbur
    Boots of Rememberance are at Blackdale (second entrance near map chest)
    [3.09] The Silent Soul
    The Great Sand Sea
    - Godstone of Souls
    - Despair's Edge, Wayfarer's Ward, 1500g
    - Spriggan's Step, 1600g (Hug the left wall when you enter the searing
    cauldron, and just follow it)
    - Bullseye (Between the 2nd and 3rd pillars, behind a massive sand dune)
    - Great Sand Sea Map (Near where the boy was, continue up to the large
    rock face that makes up the maps edge, and head right.  You should be on a
    massive sand dune.)
    C-4-B-E-A-1 is the code.
    The Great Sand Sea is pretty huge.
    Head straight and to the right to get to the next area.  Note that you do
    need to check the pillars "in order," but, once you've checked pillar C, you
    can check any pillar you want and it won't matter.  So if you check the wrong
    pillar, it's ok.  Just keep going to the proper pillar.
    In this quest, you will be examining pillars in the sand sea.  This is
    actually pretty straightforward.  The first pillar you will see is marked 1.
    If you go horizontally, it will count 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.  Verticall will start
    the letters from A up.  Just count the number of pillars, and examine them in
    the correct order.  Near the "4" pillar, look over the hill and you will see
    a chasm, and a chest.  That is chest 1.
    Once you get all the pillars, a person will appear.  Follow them.  You should
    see a transporter on your way.  He will drop an item.  Pick it up and the
    quest is over.
    [3.10] The Hero
    The Great Subterrane
    - 2500g
    - Honor of Determination
    - Vanguard
    - Minearal Water, Vitaeroot
    - Great Subterrane Map
    - 1600g
    - Divine Statue
    - Fortune Wristlet
    - 1700g
    - Shamshir, 10,000g
    When you enter, take the first left, then another left.  Pick up the first
    chest.  Head back and turn left (past the spiders) and go down that path to
    the next map.  You'll see a chest up on a ledge.  Go get it.  Continue down
    the path you were on before turning to get the chest.  When you get to the
    circular room, take a right, then left for the next chest.  Return to the
    previous map.  Here, take the only path remaining (use your map!)  From here
    take the north path (to your right.)  Follow this path and take either
    route (it's a loop!)  You will loop around to the fourth chest.  Now that you
    have the Divine Statue, check the Stele's around the loop and use the statue
    on them.   Return to the entry point of this path and take the (only) other
    path.  Follow this path around the bottom of the map.  You should pass two
    stele's; deactivate them.  After the second stele, continue east.  Go up to
    the right side of the little T for the 5th chest.  Continue eastward to
    another stele.  Follow the path to the next stele.  Keep following the main
    path, and take the first left to get the 6th chest.  Once all the stele's
    have lost their power, a short scene will ensue.  A transporter will appear,
    but it's red.  This transporter will move you over to the unreachable
    platform!  Go to it and use it.  In front of you will be the boss.
    [Boss - Defeat the Mantroskylo!]
    1x Mantroskylo (boss)
    He is quite powerful and has annoying attacks that can hit multiple unions.
    It may be necessary to keep a union back as long as you can and let them do
    support when necessary.  Frequently break deadlock with him with all but a
    single union, and just hit him hard.  His Surefire attack can instantly kill
    any person, so he may botch a union.  However, if it is not the union leader,
    this may (oddly) actually help - less people to be hit with Merry-Go-Round,
    but no penalty to HP makes it easier to live.  He should go down fairly quick
    anyways, so just whail on him.  Behind him is a chest... that you need to come
    back to get, but the contents are really good, so do so ASAP.
    [3.11] The War of a Thousand Years
    - Rough Elven Stone
    - 2000g
    Back at the subterrane!  If you just did 3.10, you know your way around.  Well
    you just need to go back to where you fought the Mantroskylo, and you will be
    fighting this boss.
    [Boss - Defeat the Absolute Queen!]
    This battle is really easy.  Her only AoE is Laserbreath, which usually won't
    hit a large amount of people.  Just keep your HP up and beat it up.
    [3.12] Into the Abyss
    - 1800g
    - Steel Ore, Metal Scraps
    Those big doors in lavafender you saw?  Time to open them!  Head right to the
    large door and unlock it.  Right after the door, take the right path for the
    new chest.  Continue to the new exit.  Head straight down this corridoor.
    Keep going down the path to get to the next chest.  Continue back to the
    longer of the sidepaths and go up it for your scene.  The quest is completed.
    The Crimson Shard Locations:
    Mano Salia - Do Emma's Quest in Athlum (start of game)
    Manoryll Salia - Quest reward from this
    Shend Salia - Complete the White Sovani's quest in Elysion
    Aes Salia - Complete Hannah's quest in Balterossa (once Heroic Ramparts are
    Ves Salia - Complete Dishonest Looking Man's quest in Baaluk (heroic ramparts)
    Manryn Salia - At Melphina's pub.  Approach the counter, then head to
    Royotia to find Dragon with Sibal.
    Aen Salia - Once you get to Ghor, a white yama should ask you to find his 6
    shiny treasures, and he will give you this.
    Tak Salia - In Ghor, beat the tournament (talk to Blocter)
    [3.13] The Trade Route
    - Gaslin Copper
    - Iron Ore
    - Jhana Alloy
    - Rough Spriggan Stone
    - Restoleaf, Relaxing Herb
    - Gaslin Caves Map 2
    - Mootpoint, Weapon Recipe 10
    When you enter the caves just take a right and head down the path.  He will
    tell you when he thinks Jhana are around.
    1.) Cover him
    2.) Go right
    3.) I'll take care of it
    4.) Lets head left
    5.) Let's take 'em on!
    6.) Go on, I got your back.
    With this combination, no battles will be fought.  Unless, of course, it's
    random.  Then, sorry~
    [3.14] When the Rose Blooms
    - 2000g
    - Access to Sword of Three Realms guild.
    - Beastman Ale, Fresh Oil
    - Gaslin Caves Map 3
    - 2000g
    - Weapon Recipe 18, Charm Recipe 3
    If you check your map, you will notice the original path is now much longer.
    Head over to the extended path.  Once you get to the part where you fought
    the slave traders in the very beginning, a new path is opened.  Follow it.
    Take a right at the V to pick up the first chest.  Now follow the path to the
    next area.  Head forward until you come to a T in the path.  Head left to get
    the 2nd chest.  Go to the other path and follow it a long ways.  The path will
    eventually branch into a V.  The left path has a transporter, so just go right.
    You will come into a circular room.  3rd chest is on your right.  Going on,
    the 4th chest will soon appear on your left.  Gabriel will be there, talk to
    him.  Boss battle time~!
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    2x Wyvern
    1x Manticore Group
    1x Vile Lizard Group
    This battle should be no problem at all.  Take out the Wyvern's and then the
    other groups.
    [3.15] Athlum's Witch
    [Costs 500g]
    - Fresh Oil, Aerial Insecta Ale
    This quest isn't particularly... interesting.  Talk to the Mage-Like Girl in
    Athlums Town Square (earliest I've seen her is right before you and Emma go
    to Numor Mines).  Buy her potions.
    [3.16] Celapaleis' Witch
    [Costs 1000g]
    - Cureleaf, Relaxing Herb
    After Athlums Witch, head over to Celapaleis, go to Grant's Way, and talk to
    the Mage-Like Girl.  Buy her potions.
    [3.17] Elysion's Witch
    [Costs 1500g]
    - Methone Explosive, Glowroot
    After Celapaleis' Witch, head over to Hendler in Elysion and talk to the Mage-
    Like Girl and buy her potions.
    [3.18] After a Day's Work...
    - Shend Salia
    Back to the Catacombs!  For a little anyways.  Kill the first four qsiti there
    and you will get the item.
    [3.19] The Wanderer
    - Vys Salia
    Head straight and encounter a boss right away.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    4x Bandit Group
    This battle is a joke.  Just beat 'em up.
    If you recall where the Transporter is, head over to it.  If not, follow the
    path up until you reach the open area with lava.  Head right and stick to the
    wall.  Boss fight!
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    4x Bandit Group
    This battle is equally easy.
    Follow the path more.  When you get to the T, go right.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    4x Bandit Group
    Seriously, this is just sad.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    4x Bandit Group
    1x Milton
    You can simply kill the 4 bandit groups and be done.  Or, you can try and kill
    Milton, who is considerably harder.  I don't think it makes any difference.  I
    killed Milton... mostly by luck though.
    [3.20] Frustrations
    - 30,000g
    - Leshau available at Baaluk guild
    You will be sent to the Vale of the Gods.  Just walk straight and the monster
    will appear.
    [Boss - Defeat Validus!]
    1x Validus (Boss)
    He will use Curse right off the bat, so try to not get too many unions on him,
    or none at all, if possible.  He has a few AoE attacks, so stay back with
    at least one union and let them heal/revive as much as possible.  Otherwise,
    slam him with physical damage.  Since you have a guest union, you have the
    ability to flank him, and that union *may* have the option to constantly flank,
    even if another union breaks deadlock.
    After the boss, talk to Leshau again, and you will go back to Baaluk.
    [3.21] The Losing Game
    - Ves Salia
    So, go to the Great Sand Sea and beat up Grand Beetles.  Easy.  Remember, that
    Grand Beetles are green.  Other colors and you may have a Terrapest on your
    hands.  Just run around and kill some and you'll get it eventually.
    [3.22] The Silver Falcons, Part 1
    - Shamshir
    - 3000g
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    This is just a long string of really easy enemies.  Keep your life up, because
    in this game quantity is sometimes better than quality, so you will be taking
    some good damage.  After you wipe out the first wave, more reinforcements will
    arrive.  Having skills like Blackout is very useful here!  Just perservere and
    it'll be over in no time.
    [3.23] Goodbye, Sweet Love
    - Bracelet of Grafting
    - 3000g
    Simple enough.  Head to the eastern exit using your map.  Now head to the
    southernmost point on your map, and you're there!
    [Boss - Defeat the seer!]
    1x Seer (boss)
    2x Amoeba's Group
    This battle is very easy.  Kill the Amoeba Groups, then just kill the seer.
    Two turns at most!
    [3.24] Blooming Flower, Singing Bird
    - 2000g
    - Aes Salia
    - Snowflake
    Sent to Mojcado Castle.  If you did the previous Mojcado castle quest, go to
    the same area.  If not, head north to an exit, then head to the northern circle
    in the next map.  Check the Mojcado Castle section to find the map.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    5x Landworm's Group
    ... Yeah.  Uh, not really a boss fight.
    Next to Hinnah will be the Mojcado Key. Pick it up.  Return to the previous
    area, and go to the north eastern part of the map to open the door.
    Mojcado Castle Second Area
    Phoenix Section
    - Restobulb, Faerie Herb
    - Silver Ore
    - Pegasus
    - Astra Alloy, Medal of Strength, Weapon Recipe 32
    - Rosethorn
    Head forward and take the first right and open the doors.  Chest 1 will be
    right there.  Continue along the path until you reach an open room.  Head
    straight still and follow this path to the 2nd chest.  Turn around and go
    through the other door that was in the open room.  Turn right and you will get
    chest 3.  Follow the path for the 4th chest.  Keep following the path for the
    5th chest.  On the ground in front of the chest will be a Tarnished Earring.
    Back track to Hinnah to finish the quest.  Then come back!  Now you will need
    to head to the north western exit to get to the other section after unlocking
    the door.
    Mojcado Castle Second Area
    Senecio Section
    - 4800g
    - Mojcado Castle Map 2
    Head straight and take the first available right, following the path down.
    When you get to a crosssection, continue going straight and follow the path to
    the end to get the first chest.  Backtrack to the first intersection and take
    a right (it would be straight ahead if you just entered).  Continue until you
    come across a room on your right.  Enter it for the 2nd chest.  That's it!
    [3.25] A Single Soul
    Darken Forest
    - 5000g
    - Rhagoh available at guild
    - Cuchulainn's Heart
    - Darken Forest Map 1
    Head straight until the path splits, then go left.  Ignore the path down for
    now and continue along the high ground to reach the first chest.  Back track
    to the path going down.  Turn right when you descend for the second chest.
    Hug the wall and walk until you see a man sitting, and go to him.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Abaddon Group
    1x Feralwood Group
    1x Skull Scavenger Group
    This is another joke of a battle.  All regular enemies.
    When it's over, take his letter.
    [3.26] A Voice from the Past
    - 2500g
    - Picture of the Second Brigade
    Check your map and you will see a new path has opened.  Go to that door.
    The Catacombs 2
    Western Area
    - Catacombs Map 2
    - Cureroot, Refreshing Herb
    - Withered Parchment, Armlet Recipe 3
    - Mercy Wristlet, Sylph's Marquise
    Follow the path until you reach a room shaped like a honeycomb.  Go up, ignore
    the door to your left.  Once you pass through the door, head left for the 1st
    chest.  Go back to the split and go the other way to continue on with the 
    quest.  Follow the path until you get to the slowing smoke.  Take a right and
    go into the large door.  Once in this area, head left and travel through the
    doors to the small room first (use your map~) to pick up the 2nd chest.  Go
    through the other door and take a left to get to the 3rd chest.  Go back to the
    T and go the other direction to get to the next area.  Once there, head
    straight ahead.  You will eventually encounter the boss.  Last chest requires
    you to come back.
    [Boss - Defeat the Souleater!]
    1x Souleater (boss)
    This boss is really easy.  Just pile on him and hurt him badly.  He has a small
    AoE attack that isn't particularly threatening.  He can heal himself but only
    for 1500.
    [3.27] The Broken Seal
    - Azure Orb
    Do you remember those pillars you saw on your way through here the first time?
    Well, you need to go activate them.  When you enter, head straight as one is
    directly in your sights.
    [Boss - Defeat the Ruler of Mystic Arts!]
    1x Ruler of Mystic Arts (boss)
    1x Vile Lizard Group
    1x Basilisk Group
    The boss has surefire, which can instantly kill a unit.  Other than that, he's
    not dangerous at all.  He may get off a single Merry-Go-Round before he dies,
    and it should take maybe two turns to beat him.  Head to the other exit of the
    map, and that pillar will be weak.  Examine it.
    [Boss - Defeat the Ruler of Weapons!]
    1x Ruler of Weapons (boss)
    1x Spider's Group
    1x Grand Spider's Group
    This guy is pretty weak.  His Eclipse hurts a bit, but far from threatening.
    Next you want to go just a bit south and to the east of where you are, to the
    little part of the mpa that hangs off by itself.
    [Boss - Defeat the Ruler of the Shield!]
    1x Ruler of the Shield (Boss)
    2 Crab Groups
    This is easier than the other two bosses... and the last one you need to fight.
    Now, if you're on XBox360 and you want all the quests, you MUST side with
    [3.28] The Rainbow Bond
    - Manryn Salia
    - Maddox in the Royotia guild
    All you need to do is get to the Northernmost part of the map, and...
    [Boss - Defeat the Ancient Dragon!]
    1x Ancient Dragon (boss)
    This boss doesn't have a lot of HP, but he hits hard.  Artsap will drain most
    or all of your AP and anyone using techniques will be interrupted because of
    it.  Blaster CAN do a lot of damage (or pratically nothing) as well as instant
    KO units.  He will use Darkbreath every few turns, which is a massive AoE.
    But since his HP is pretty low, he will go down in about 5 turns if you've been
    following along with the guide.
    [3.29] The Ancient War
    - 20,000g
    You should wait until you're battle rank 40ish for this.  It'll make it a
    fairly straight forward dragon battle.  Watch out for his Vulcan or Dark Breath
    after almost every 2nd or 3rd turn.  Make sure to keep your HP maxed, and try
    to keep a union out of deadlock.  Clear out the extra mobs first -- Blackout,
    Whiteout would do this quickly and cleanly.
    [3.30] Slumber of the Lost Fragment
    - 4000g
    - Aen Salia
    Blackdale Second Entrance
    - Ring Recipe 5, Armlet Recipe 5, 5000g
    - Elite's Rod
    - Ondine's Pear
    - Blackdale Map 3
    When you enter, head left to get the First Treasure on the ground.  Go down the
    path until you hit a V.  Head left to get the Second Treasure.  Go back and
    head the other direction.  You will come to another V.  Head left until you
    get to yet another V.  Head right to get the 1st chest and the Third Treasure.
    Head back the other way until you make it to a T.  Head righ to get the 2nd
    chest.  Head in the opposite way to the next area.  In this area, head forward
    and you will reach a V.  Head left to get the Fourth Treasure.  Head back in
    the other direction and you will come to another V.  Head left to get the 4th
    chest and the Boots of Remembrance.  Head right, and as you go down this path
    there will be a very small inlet on your right with the Fifth Treasure.
    Continue down this path to get the 3rd chest and the Sixth Treasure.
    [3.31] The Standoff
    - 3000g
    - Tak Salia
    - Basic Customization
    [Boss - Defeat the Wild Dragon!]
    1x Wild Dragon (Boss)
    1x Azhdaha Group
    1x Weredragon Group
    The Wild Dragon has Merry-Go-Round which is dangerous.  Otherwise, it is really
    easy.  You will be sent back to Ghor.  Talk to Blocter to continue.
    [Boss - Defeat the Ferocious Lion!]
    1x Ferocious Lion (boss)
    1x Torpedo Group
    1x Bune Group
    This boss is easy.  His screech is annoying, but otherwise, quite weak.
    [Boss - Defeat the Hero Slayer!]
    1x Hero Slayer (boss)
    1x Demon Group
    1x Demon King
    This battle can get nasty.  Lots of Merry-Go-Rounds will really cripple your
    party (if not destroy it).  Keep your HP close to max and keep all 3 unions
    busy.  Take out the other two ASAP.  When the Hero Slayer gets low on HP it
    will cast miracle on itself, greatly raising his stats.  But he should die
    in a turn after that.
    [3.32] The Fiery Revolt
    - Pivasalia
    [Boss - Defeat Vespalia!]
    1x Vespalia
    This boss is nasty.  His Grenade Impact does a ton of damage.  Keep a unit back
    on heal duty and make sure you have some resurrecting items.  He doesn't have
    a whole lot of HP though, so keep damage on him.  Have Rush fighting him as
    his Omnistrike will give his union the ability to dodge so long as the fiery
    icon is there (fail C.Triggers if you must!)  That will make his Grenade Impact
    usually miss your entire union.
    [3.33] Nagapur's Witch
    [Costs 6000g]
    - Bell Seedling
    - Water of Eos
    - Young Bud
    When Nagapur opens up, just go to the docks and talk to her.  Buy her potions.
    [3.34] Wisdom's Echo
    Head over to the sealed doors on the far south eastern side of the map and use
    the Plateau Key to open them.  Head down and open up a large set of doors to
    get to Aveclyff.
    - Honor of Oath
    - Batwings
    - Glenys in guild
    - Chisel
    - Aveclyff Map 1
    - Leapfrog
    - Ring of the Patient Ear, Charm Recipe 5
    Follow the path down through a large door.  Enter the first door on your left
    for the 1st chest.  Head all the way down this area and take the last door out.
    This will put you right in front of an elevator.  Get off on the first stop, go
    into the door to the next area.  In here, take a right and you will see the 2nd
    chest.  Continue down this path and take the first new exit.  Head across and
    enter the next area, then turn left to get to the exit and leave this area for
    the elevator.  As you go down, you will see a chest.  Go get it by turning
    right when you get off.  Go down into the landworm pit when you're ready to
    end the quest.
    [Boss - Defeat the Mantroskylo!]
    1x Mantoskylo (Boss)
    1x Spirit Lord
    1x Landworm Group
    This battle is easy.  Gang the boss and have your magic union build up AP.
    I won with a single cast of Blackout and one turn of hitting the Mantroskylo.
    [3.35] The Cosmos Maiden
    - Royotian Alloy
    - Worn Manuscript
    - Antique Platter
    - 6000g
    Her location is indicated on your map.  Just go to her.  You need to leave out
    the way you came in -- the other exit won't work.
    [3.36] Darien
    - 25g
    - Darien at the guild
    Head to Melphina.  Talk to Festival Head twice, then to the salesgirl.  Then
    to Goster's Wife.  Then to Goster.  Then to Gosters Wife.  Then to Goster.
    Then to Goster again.  Then to Bino.  Then the Festival Head.  Then go to
    Elysion and talk to Darien.
    [3.37] The Disappearing Knights
    - 4800g
    This takes us back to the Fourth Path.  Head to the large closed door from our
    last visit.  Head down the path behind the door for some scenes.
    The Fourth Path - Behind the Door
    - Fourth Path Map
    - Magick Lamp, Aged Mace, Aged Staff
    - Scholarly Band, Merman's French, Aged Spear
    Right after the scenes, turn right to obtain the 1st chest.  Head down the path
    towards a man in black.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    3x Hypnos's Group
    This is a regular battle with boss music.
    At this V, head right for the 2nd chest.  Head back the other way to get to the
    next area.  Right before the door, pick up the Staff of Remembrance.  Head down
    the path at the Final Fortress until you get to a V and head left to get the
    3rd chest.  Continue down the path and you will be in The Fifth Path... which
    you have the map for!  So just head to the exit.  If you don't have it, keep
    left, sliding down the slope.  Keep again the left wall.  It'll take you out.
    If you're on XBox360 and you want all the quests, you MUST side with Ophelia.
    [3.38] Emotions
    - Godstone of Wisdom
    - You keep either Royotian Wine or Ancient Scabbard
    Head over to Balterossa pub and go upstairs to find Rainn.  Head over to Baaluk
    and go to the far side of the Grentze Commune to find Alyssa.  It'll cost you
    10,000g.  Head back to Rainn and then to Elysion's Genaade District to find
    Beauson.  Now head over to Alyssa then up to just outside the guild to pick up
    the Map of Memories.  Go to Raphus to finish.
    Notes:  Apparently you can refuse Rainn's first deal so you get a Scabbard and
    Tuck.  You can talk to Beauson again and get an Irised Stone, and Alyssa will
    give you another Ring of Morning Calm.  The Scabbard is necessary (PC only) to
    get a special drop from one of the Bases later in game.
    [3.39] The Reviving Legend
    - 20,000g/7000g
    - Melphina Certificate of Gratitude
    - Roberto in guild/Access to the Quest At Hatred's End
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    2x Hypnos Group
    3x Giant Amoeba Group
    2x Evil Eye
    1x Ruler of Weapon (Boss)
    1x Ruler of Shields (Boss)
    1x Ruler of Mystic Arts (Boss)
    Evil Eye's have Caustic Blast which can do a lot of damage to a lot of unions.
    The rest of the enemies should be nothing.  Watch out for Hypnos Self-Destruct,
    though.  A Blackout/Whiteout union or Gae Bolg will make this battle very easy.
    For me, a Blackout nearly killed 2 of the weapons.  They are not significantly
    stronger than before, so they should be pretty easy now.  It took me 9 turns
    to beat this battle.
    If you're on XBox360 and you want all the quests, you MUST side with Ophelia.
    [3.40] At Hatred's End
    No guide yet (I missed it!).
    To get this quest, you MUST side with Ophelia all three times in the Melphina
    Knights quest.
    [3.41] The Silver Falcons: Part Two
    - Premier Bracelet
    - 8000g
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    4x Glasya Labolas
    A lot of Jhana Unions (15?  Or so)
    I kept my magic and David's union back to charge for Blackout and Gae Bolg.  A
    single Blackout almost ended the entire battle, knocking off about half the
    Glasya's HP, making it an easy battle.  After you defeat the first two Glasya,
    more reinforcements will come.  If necessary, recover now.  Have all the unions
    stay put and let your enemies come to you, and use another blackout or Gae Bolg
    or both to end the battle.  If you get neither (unlucky!) just take down the
    birds ASAP.  The Jhana's won't even tickle.
    [3.42] Ghor's Witch
    [Costs 4000g]
    - Charm of Gilding
    Go to Ghor after you've finished the other witch quests and pay her the 4000g.
    [3.43] Love Will Rise Again
    - Gold Ore
    - Truesilver Ore
    - 15,000g
    - Paris at the Royotia Guild
    Head to Royotia Castle and talk to Priam.  Head to Lavafender.  Stop whichever
    army you like first.
    I went to Royotia.
    [Boss - Defeat all the monsters!]
    1x Godwood (boss)
    3x Jhana Fighter Group
    3x Raptor Group
    This battle is really easy.
    [Boss - Defeat all the monsters!]
    3x Raptor Group
    2x Jhana Shaman Group
    3x Jhana Fighter Group
    2x Jhana Magus Group
    1x Weredragon (boss)
    1x Killer Insect (boss)
    4x Abbadon Group
    Slightly larger but this battle is still pretty easy.  Blackout/Whiteout or
    Gae Bolg will help speed things along, but you shouldn't have issues.
    [3.44] The Desert's Legend
    - Claws' Grip
    - Intermediate Customization
    Using your map, head to the eastern most point of the sandsea.  Get between the
    two large rocks and you will see where you need to go.
    Flaumello Tower
    Tier of Doubt
    - Flaumello Tower Map 1
    - 7300g
    - Aged Ring, Aged Sash
    - Methone Explosive, Glowroot
    Walk straight to the large room.  There is a large stele with some story on it
    if you like that kind of thing.  There are 3 exits, each of which lead to a red
    transporter.  Lets go right first.  Take the teleporter to the next part of
    this area, walk straight and take the left in the T room.  This will get you to
    the first chest.  Head back the other way and go through the other door, go
    until you reach the next T room (another stele is right before that.)  Head
    right for the second chest.  Go the other way and use the transporter.  You
    will now be in the middle section.  Head straight and ignore your first left,
    going through the doors.  Take the next left to get the 3rd chest.
    (This is the best part to take the path to the next floor to get the Map!)
    Now backtrack to the room with the 3 transporters and take the left one.  The
    4th chest is right before the staircase to the next floor in the little inlet.
    Go to the next floor.
    Tier of Pride
    - Aged Necklace, Aged Armlet
    - Gauntlet
    - Restobulb, Faerie Herb
    - Ninja Katana+3
    - Flaumello Tower Map 2
    (From leftmost transporter)
    Follow the path until you reach a transporter.  Use it to get to the next part.
    Continue along the path until you hit a T.  Head right and enter the room that
    will come up on your right.  Turn right into it for the 1st chest.  Follow the
    path to the next room, and head out the left door.  Head along the path and you
    will come across a T.  Head straight for the 2nd chest.  Head back to the T and
    go the other way.  Go up the steps and turn into the door on your left for the
    3rd chest.  
    (From central transporter)
    Now we'll enter the Tier of Pride from the middle entrance from the Tier of
    Doubt.  From this entrance, follow the path until you reach a T.  Head left for
    the 4th chest.  Now leave and head to the other entrance to the Tier of Pride.
    (From right transporter)
    Head straight along the path until you hit a V.  Head
    through the door in front of you.  This will lead to a transporter, take it
    and you will quickly come to a T.  Go right until you reach a T.  Head straight
    and pick up the 5th chest.
    Tier of Value
    - 6900g
    - Flaumello Tower Map 3
    (From the entrance of the right transporter in the beginning.)
    Walk straight until a T in the road comes up.  Go right through the door and
    turn left for the 1st chest.  Continue down until you reach a transporter (a
    stele will appear slightly before you do) and take it.  Head left to the first
    door and go through it, taking the transporter.  Go straight down a large set
    of stairs and head left, going until you reach a ladder.  Climb it, and the
    2nd chest is right to your left.  Return back to the transporter and go back.
    Use one of the 3 red transporters surrounding the central area and go to the
    center.  Place the 3 stones on their respective platforms, then walk... into
    the light.
    [Boss - Defeat the Mantroskylo!]
    1x Mantroskylo
    2x Killer Insect Group
    3x Pest Group
    This battle is pretty easy.  Take out the small groups (easily!) then kill the
    boss.  2 or 3 turns should do.
    [3.45] The Successor
    - Force Field
    - Allan available in the guild
    You will be chasing 3 Syndicate Members.  Just quickly timeshift to catch up
    to them, and wipe them out.  Piece of cake.  Just don't grab too many other
    monsters in the process or you will be in for a world of hurt.  To make it easy
    just grab the first two with the first timeshift, then get the last one.
    [3.46] The Assistant
    - 400g
    - 800g
    - 1600g
    - Divine Elixir
    - 6000g
    I hate this quest...
    Yvalock's Nest
    - Yvalock's Nest Map 1
    - 6200g
    - 6500g
    - 6700g
    - Troll's Cushion
    So, lets grab the map to make this easier.  Take your first left, head straight
    pass the next left and take the second one.  Go down this hallway and take
    another left at the V, then another left down the path.  A chest will be to
    your right, the 1st chest.  Continue going left to the harvest point and
    harvest the 5 Shadowood Seeds you need.  Head to the northernmost point on the
    map for the 2nd chest.  Head back to the second left you took from the entrance
    and you will see a harvest spot on the wall.  This is where you will get the
    Parasitic Oil.  To get the Blackrose Nectar, head to the L across from the
    entrance and it will be on the wall.  Turn in these items, exit the pub and
    reenter for your reward.  Then talk to him again for the next part of your
    quest.  Return to the Yvalock's Nest and head over to the newly opened area.
    If you see any Echidna Moths, you will not be able to fight the Yvalmock's
    necessary to get the Cosmosand.  When you reach the new area, take the first
    left and harvest your Blackrose Nectar.  Why here?  It drops more often, and
    the other drops are much better.  If there are no Echidnamoths, a Yvalmock
    will spawn here.  They have a lot of HP but aren't threatening, just don't
    chain them as this does not effect their Cosmosand drop. (I got 10 Orichalum
    from this spot!)  Continue along the main path and another Yvalmock will
    spawn in the next circular area.  Continue along the path to get the 3rd chest
    and shortly after will be another circle, then a little ledge to the right.
    Two Yvalock's spawn here.  Yvalock's are succeptible to poison, so Poison Gas
    can make the battles even quicker.  Head to the end of the path to get the 4th
    chest and your dig spot for Shadowood Seed.  Turn the quest in when ready.
    Then talk to him again for the final leg of the quest.  Return to Yvalock's
    nest to see yet another area has opened up.  Well, head to it.  Head straight
    and encounter Yvalock, who will drop the Nightblossom Seed (by chance!)  So you
    should say your data and keep reencountering him to speed this up if he does
    not drop the seed.  Head along and on your first left will be another
    Yvalock spawn... and 5 Yvalmocks.  Head down for the 5th chest.  Further down
    this path in a circular area will be another 3 Yvalmocks and a Yvalock.  Near
    the 2nd chest is another 3 Yvalmock's and a Yvalock.  Head east of the first
    chest to find another Yvalmock.  Return to the quest giver when your done and
    talk to him three times.
    [3.47] The Slave Traders
    - Linen Belt
    - 5000g
    First talk to the Brother of Kidnapped Girl in Nordenalm.  Head over to the pub
    and talk to Oswald.  You will be brought to the Aqueducts.
    Aqueducts Part 2
    - 7200g
    - Mermaid's Barrel
    When you enter, take the first ladder down and follow the path to the next
    ladder.  Go up and cross over the bridge to your right, ignoring this device
    for now.  Along this path will be two left turns.  Take the first and activate
    the device.  Now go back to the device you ignored, and activate it.  Go down
    the ladder and through the newly opened path.  A ladder at the end will go to
    the 1st chest.  Cross the bridge and wrap around to the first device you
    activated, and use it again.  This will open the path to the second chest.  Go
    back to the beginning and travel straight instead of going down the first
    ladder.  You will be in the room where you fought the Harpylia.  Use your map
    to find the exit (you're going the opposite way from when you did the aqueducts
    the first time.)  After passing through to the Third Channel, the slavers will
    be right in front of you.
    [Boss - Defeat the Slavers!]
    1x Slaver (boss)
    4x Slaver Group
    Fairly straight forward.  The boss union is mildly dangerous as we will use
    item arts that can do decent damage.  Not that hard, though.
    [3.48] Infestation
    - Empty Aerial Insecta Shell
    - 10,000g
    - Flail
    [Boss - Defeat the Queen!]
    8x Hunter Group
    9x Soldier Group
    2x Queen's Guard Group
    1x Queen (boss)
    Fairly straight forward.  Do not march to them, instead wait where you are to
    charge up Blackout/Whiteout/Gae Bolg to quickly dispose of the unions.  The
    queen only has like 70k HP, so this should be a joke by now.
    [3.49] The Fated One
    - Superior Targe
    - Unlocks Ring of the Labyrinth Guild
    This is a quick quest.
    Aveclyff Part 2
    - Chipped Axe, Mule Hide Cloth
    - Ring of the Astute Ear, Necklace Recipe 7, Armlet Recipe 7
    - 5100g
    - Emmie Learns Hundred Flowers
    When you enter, you will notice that all of the lifts work.  Take the first
    lift all the way down.  Head right and talk the next lift up a single level.
    Now, go across this floor to the door on the other side, enter it and head left
    and exit out the nearest door.  Take this lift up a level, and enter the door to
    your left.  Head left to grab the 1st chest.  Head out the door to your left
    and take this lift down a level.  Head to the next lift and enter the door
    behind it to get the 2nd chest.  Now take the lift you passed up and go into
    the door behind you for the 3rd chest.  Head forward for the boss.
    [Boss - Defeat Warrior Yerva!]
    1x Yerva
    4x Yerva Devotee
    This battle is very easy.  Take out his support unions and just pile on Yerva.
    [3.50] Kosmosfest
    - Sapphire Crystal
    - Snowy Crystal
    - 5000g
    - Sheyrl at guild
    You will be sent to Fornstrand and need to kill all the monsters.  Fairly
    straight forward.  After clearing both areas you will have to come back and
    fight 2 Death's.  They hit hard, but they should go down quick.
    [3.51] The Silver Falcons: Part Three
    - Wishing Coin
    - 30,000g
    - Access to Sword of Three Realms in Elysion
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    8x Assault Team
    2x Mystic Team
    2x Assist Team
    1x Castanea
    1x Roeas
    Roeas and Castanea don't seem any stronger than they were before.  The only
    issue is Overdrive.  Other than that, they have about 60k HP, which at this
    point is pathetic.
    [3.52] The Tablet of Marshall
    - Tablet
    - Namul Niram
    Marshalton is the area where you fought Namul Niram.
    You should know how to get there, if not, head to the Numor Mines section
    earlier in the guide.  A new area is open though, so this is a fine time to
    go there.
    [Boss - Defeat Namul Sin & Niram Sin!]
    Same boss as before but with much higher HP and... a bit more power.  Not much
    though, the boss shouldn't be hard.  Just heal after Caustic Blast and you
    should be fine.
    Numor Mines 2
    - Lariat
    - Numor Mine Map 2
    - Blood Chalice
    Head straight when you enter and go all the way down through a door.  A lift
    will take you down to the new area.  Head straight and take the first left
    around the V to get the first chest.  Head down the path until a lift shows up
    on your left.  Take it down to the next part and head forward, taking the next
    right for the 2nd chest.  Continue down the path, taking a left at the
    transporter to get to the next area.
    [3.53] Kate and Rhagoh
    - Ruby Crystal
    - Emerald Crystal
    - 5000g
    - Kate in guild
    - Flachonelle bindable
    You will see a new door is accessible close by the entrance.  Head to it.
    Robelia Castle
    Underground Tier
    - Robelia Ruins Map 3
    - Metallic Stud
    - Stone of Antimageia
    - Platinum Ore, Divine Dragonyte
    Head straight until you see some scenes.  Head left and go through the door,
    and follow the path down.  This will take you back to the central tier, in a
    previous inaccessible part.  Right before you get to the central tier will be
    the 1st chest.  Head straight and take the door to the right of you down to
    the 2nd chest.  Head back downstairs and head through the door you ignored.
    Head down and there will be a room on your left, go in it to grab the 3rd chest
    then return to the path.  Continue down until you see a transporter.  In the
    room to your right will be the 4th chest.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Flauros Group
    1x Raptor Group
    1x Imp Group
    This battle is insultingly easy.
    [3.54] Seeker of the Ancient Path
    - Amethyst Orb
    - Yuniver at guild
    You want to go to the circle in the center of the map where you got a chest.
    To get there, head straight, go right at the first V, go until you reach
    another V, turn left and slide down the cliff, and take the first right.  You
    will see a big mirror looking thing.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    3x The Tested
    Just regular greater demon types, nothing special here.
    The next boss is at the eastern most part of the map (not the exit, the other
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    3x The Tested
    You will want to quickly knock these out, as they have Caustic Blast and
    Snare Shot, which will really hurt.  Once one is down the battle is much easier
    so just focus on one.
    Turn around and head back to the V.  Go right and slide down, then keep right
    and turn around to get to the last set.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    3x The Tested
    3 enemies that cast Curse on the first turn?  Awesome!  Have your unions just
    wait and let the birds decide who they want to curse so you don't end up with
    all your unions cursed.  They will also use Artsap... which is just annoying.
    They also use White Breath and Whirlwind AoE attacks, so keep from stacking
    on them too heavy.  Keep a resurrecting union available.
    Ok I lied.  Now head over to The Final Fortress and go through the large doors
    [Boss - Defeat the Charged Idol!]
    1x Charged Idol
    2x Hypnos Group
    2x Death
    This battle is quite difficult.  Make sure you have the ressurection items,
    you'll need them.  He has Curse, Hunter's Claw (high damage, may insta-KO),
    Tempest Insignia (after turns, full screen, can be defended with Orphic Ward),
    Dispirit, Bewitch (Enthrall's if they live), and deals a lot of damage with
    pretty high HP.  Try to Blackout/Whiteout or Gae Bolg to quickly take out the
    other unions because they are very strong.
    [3.55] UFO?!
    Check your map to see a new path opened up.  This leads to Wyrmskeep.  Be
    careful to avoid the new Gates of Hell here, as he will most likely make quick
    work of you.
    The Aqueducts
    - Lob Omen
    - Divine Metal
    - 10,000g
    - Jager Parameter Bonus (talk to him after you finish)
    - Turtle
    - Aqueducts Map 2
    - Cloistral Belt, Ring Recipe 6
    Use your map to get to the new area (Disposal Tank 8).  When you enter, follow
    the path until you reach a +.  Head left and go up the ladder.  Cross over the
    bridge (ignore the device for now), head down and ignore the next device as
    well, crossing this bridge.  Go down to the previous map and head straight and
    activate this device to move the bridge out of your way.  Go down the ladder
    and through the new path for the first chest.  Head back to Disposal Tank 8 and
    cross the first bridge, activating the device.  Head to the newly opened path
    by taking two left turns, and head down this ladder.  You should see the 2nd
    chest clearly once you do.  After grabbing the chest, head back up the ladder
    and go straight until you cross a second bridge, and activate this device.
    Now climb down the ladder and circle back to the second chest, climb up that
    ladder again, head across the bridge and take a right then a left to get to the
    newly placed bridge.  Cross it for the 3rd chest and to the exit to Wyrmskeep.
    Once you enter Wyrmskeep, walk forward and...
    [Boss - Defeat the Lob Omen!]
    1x Lob Omen (boss)
    4x Manticore Group
    Lob Omen is quite a bit stronger now.  Clear out the Manticore's quickly.  Do
    not put too many people on Lob Omen, as he may easily wipe out your unions
    with Mystic Mine or Shadowfall.  He has some powerful new moves this time and a
    lot more HP.  Protection will be very useful for this battle.  After about 200k
    damage, he will die... or not.  He'll run away.
    Now, go around and fight some battles, and Lob Omen will appear in them (it may
    be random, it may not be.  Don't know!)  Head up to the area where you fought
    Lob Omen and Jager here.  After all the fights you will get Lob Omen.
    [3.56] The Ladies of Bloody Alice
    - Ruby Solitaire
    - Emerald Solitaire
    - Sapphire Solitaire
    - Ivory Solitaire
    - 12,800g
    - Ring of the Labyrinth in Elysion
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    5x Third Committee Melee Squad (boss)
    1x Third Committee Mystic Squad (boss)
    1x Third Committee Support Squad
    5x Hypnos Group
    1x Harpylia Group
    This battle can be pretty painful, but Blackout/Whiteout and Gae Bolg will help
    tremendously.  Each union is fairly powerful, and the Hypnos self-destruct is
    pretty much assured death.
    [3.57] The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead
    No guide yet.  I missed it sadly.  To get this quest, you must talk to The Duke
    of Ghor before EVERY SINGLE BASE (base 1 to 6... and might as well Konigsdorf!)
    [3.58] The Fallen
    - 250,000g
    - Breath of the Omnipotent
    - Alabaster Orb
    - Stone of the Imperator
    [Boss - Defeat the Fallen!]
    1x The Fallen
    Well... this is certainly a hard battle.  After almost every turn, The Fallen
    will use a powerful skill.  Blackout, Whiteout, Animacule, Divine Retribution,
    Rain of Blades, and it will eventually use Miracle on itself.  When the field
    turns red, that means you lose the next turn because he will cast Armageddon.
    You can prevent this on the XBox360 by using Cachexia, but not on the PC.  His
    Hand of God ability can instant kill units, not to mention deal massive damage
    (most it hit me for was 5.5k).  This battle will just take a few tries, and
    maybe some farming to get a higher BR/better gears, or simply because he may
    end up critical hitting everyone and wiping out your entire team with a 7k
    Rain of Blades like he did to me.  Just keep the damage on him -- if you have
    the ability to use Rejuvenating Water, it will be amazing for this battle.
    Just keep on it.  I did it at BR 85 in three tries.
    [3.59] Hearts
    - Dead Heart Bound
    - 7500g
    - Haruko at Ring of the Labyrinth in Elysion
    After talking to her in Elysion, go to Melphina pub and talk to her.  Then head
    to Celapaleis and talk to her again.  Head over to Athlum and talk to her yet
    again, then to Nagapur and talk to her again, then back to Celapaleis.  This
    will take you to the Darken Forest.  Go to the Dead Heart (where you fought
    the Harpylia) to finish the quest.
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Tamas (boss)
    1x Rajas (boss)
    1x Sertva (boss)
    2x Arachnid Group
    This shouldn't be hard.  They all have less than 100k HP so easy.  But then
    again, you know...
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Tamas (boss)
    1x Rajas (boss)
    1x Sertva (boss)
    2x Rockshell Group
    They have much more HP than before... but still aren't particularly dangerous.
    The dragon never used breath attacks on me, so this battle is just a longer
    version than the previous.
    [3.60] The Villain and the Sightless Girl
    - Hurricane
    - Loki Parameter bonus
    This quest will require you to go to the bulge in the path near the exit on the
    opposite end of where you entered.  It is shown when you first enter.
    [Boss - Defeat the Welkin Dragon!]
    1x Welkin Dragon (boss)
    1x Dragon
    Two dragons at once is never good.  The Welkin Dragon is pretty powerful.  If
    possible, try to keep just a single union deadlocked with him and take out the
    regular dragon, as they will both use breath attacks between turns.  The
    Welkin Dragon has Grenade Impact (ouch!), Mystic Mine (another ouch!), Cachexia
    (severe ouch!), and most of his attacks will instant KO.
    [3.61] Undelwalt's Witch
    [Costs 20,000g]
    - Prismic Ring
    Talk to the Mage-Like Girl in Undelwalt and buy her stuff.
    [3.62] Balterossa's Witch
    [Costs 8000g]
    - Roseraphim Bracelet
    Talk to the Mage-Like Girl in Balterossa and buy her stuff.
    [3.63] Royotia's Witch
    [Costs 12,000g]
    - Crimson Ore
    Talk to the Mage-Like Girl in Royotia and buy her stuff.
    [3.64] Melphina's Witch
    [Costs 20,000g]
    - Verge of Victory
    Talk to the Mage-Like Girl in Melphina and buy her stuff.
    [3.65] Baaluk's Witch
    [Costs 18,000g]
    - Amber Orb
    - Khrynia available and Elysion Union of the Golden Chalice
    Talk to the Mage-Like Girl in Baaluk and buy her stuff.
    [3.66] The Distant Promise
    - Vermillion Cameo
    - Pyramid
    Just follow the path to the next area.  There, take a left at the lagoon, then
    take the next right. 
    [Boss - Defeat the enemy!]
    1x Darma
    1x Karma
    1x Alta
    Not funny Square-Enix! (Battle is easy.)
    [3.67] History's Boundary
    [Costs 450,000g]
    - Snakebite
    - Shard Formula
    - Finsternis
    - Spear of Origin
    - Arch
    After talking to Glenys in the Undelwalt pub... lets go a diggin'!  And that
    number is NOT a typo, it will indeed cost you 450,000g to finish this quest!
    Head to the guild and talk to the Black Marketeer.
    Head to Gefyri and talk to the Black Marketeer.
    Head to the pub and talk to the Black Marketeer.
    Head to Castellum and talk to the Black Marketeer.
    [3.68] Things Unchangeable
    - 1,000,000
    - Dream's Edge
    To get this quest, you must do all other quests on XBox, and on PC, you must do
    all other quests with the exception of At Hatred's End (it is not required, you
    can still do it though.)
    4.00 Union of the Golden Chalice
    This section is PC specific and quite incomplete.
    4.01 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 8 Spiders in Blackdale
    - Cup of Celapaleis
    4.02 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 6 Nussknackers
    - Belt
    4.03 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 7 Crabs
    - Lotion Formula
    4.04 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 12 Quien.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 1000g
    - Scatterswarm
    4.05 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 6 Jhana Magus.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 3500g
    4.06 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 12 Rockshell.
    - Box
    4.07 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 9 Barbarossa.
    - Imp Weekly
    4.08 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 16 Armorshell.
    - Anchor of Celapaleis
    4.09 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 18 Varangand.
    - Oarfish Weekly
    4.10 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 2 Brynhildr.
    - Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 5
    - Albic Qsiti Weekly
    4.11 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 10 Hraesvelg.
    - Jewel of Undelwalt
    - Phantom Weekly
    4.12 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 20 Weredragon.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 8000g
    - Eye of Promise
    4.14 The Monsterslayer
    Defeat the Dominator in Blackdale.
    - Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 1
    [Rare Monster: Dominator]
    The Dominator can be a fairly difficult boss at low battle ranks (I was 28).
    He has a lot of AoE attacks (Acid Breath, Whirlwind), can inflict Curse,
    Poison, and his attacks do some heavy damage.  To beat this boss, I used a
    three union setup.  One union MUST have the ability to revive people, and you
    will need to keep them away from the boss, so make sure they are not the first
    union.  Otherwise, just keep having that union use "Stay on your toes" or
    "Heal yourself," always.  This will help mitigate damage.  Make sure you have
    plenty of revive items for this battle as well, as it will take awhile.
    To spawn him is very simple.  Enter Blackdale, walk to the ledge.  You can see
    him from the ledge.  If you do not see a massive golden bird, leave, reenter,
    repeat until you spawn him.  Now just go and beat him up.
    4.15 The Monsterslayer
    Defeat the Hellbiter in The Great Sand Sea.
    - Church Bell
    4.17 The Monsterslayer
    Defeat Prometheus in Lavafender.
    - Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 2
    [Rare Monster: Prometheus]
    Prometheus is not hard at all.  He will typicall spam Spinning Lariat and do a
    bit of damage, but not too much.  Just keep a union on heal duty.
    To spawn him, you must have access to the second floor of Lavafender and have
    finished the Catacombs.  Head down to the Underworld and where you fought
    Vespalia.  He will be there.
    4.18 The Monsterslayer
    Defeat Ore Cruncher in the Numor Mines.
    - Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 3
    [Rare Monster: Ore Cruncher]
    This guy is easier than Prometheus imo, so if you're here, you should destroy
    To spawn, head over to the numor mines and go down the first possible lift.
    You will see some Dagon's.  Head to the left and if you see any Feralwood, just
    reenter the mines as it won't be there.  If there are no Feralwood, it may be
    at the next right, however other rare monsters can block it from spawning.
    4.20 The Monsterslayer
    Defeat Death Tank in The Aqueducts.
    - Union of the Golden Chalice Rank 4
    - Fenris Weekly
    4.23 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Heaven's Lord.
    - Dragon Weekly
    - Eye of Oath
    4.25 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Copper Ore.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 1000g
    4.26 The Collector
    Obtain 2 Commemorative Medals.  This can be done by dismantling a Broad Sword.
    - Hawk-eye
    4.27 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Gaslin Copper
    - Mystic Mountain
    4.28 The Collector
    Obtain 2 flasks of Natural Oil
    Blueprint 1
    4.29 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Horns.
    4.30 The Collector
    Obtain 2 Vase Fragments
    - Blueprint 1
    - 500g
    - Goblet
    4.32 The Collector
    Obtain 2 pieces of Shadow Metal.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 2800g
    4.33 The Collector
    Obtain 4 Passionblooms
    - Blueprint 1
    - 2600g
    4.34 The Collector
    Obtain Sylph's Marquise.
    - Whip
    4.35 The Collector
    Obtain 5 Fossilized Trees.
    - Casket
    4.36 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Titicaca Leaves.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 2500g
    4.37 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Royotian Alloy.
    - Lion's Den
    4.43 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Coral.
    - Grand Beetle Weekly
    4.44 The Collector
    Obtain 4 Voltaic Crystal.
    - Tortoise
    - Homunculus Weekly
    4.45 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Holy Water.
    - Crab Weekly
    - Eye of the Dragon
    4.46 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Divine Metal.
    - Spiritlord Weekly
    - Eremurus Rain
    4.49 The Collector
    Obtain a Legendary Platter.
    - Blueprint 1
    - Caduceus
    - 7500g
    4.51 The Weaponmaster
    Obtain a Shamshir
    - Unicorn
    4.54 The Weaponmaster
    Obtain a Daimyo Katana.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 4500g
    4.55 The Weaponmaster
    Obtain a Champion's Lance.
    - Blueprint 1
    - 5400g
    - Fly Weekly
    4.58 Leader Extraordinaire
    Have a Marauder in the party.
    - Mystic Shield
    4.60 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a unit with 26+ STR.
    Blueprint 1
    4.61 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a unit with 30+ STR
    - Blueprint 1
    - 2600g
    4.62 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a unit with 39+ INT.
    - Leash
    4.63 Battle Chains of Steel
    Create 10 battle chains
    Pincers' Grip
    4.64 Battle Chains of Steel
    Create 30 battle chains
    - Blueprint 1
    - 1300g
    4.65 Battle Chains of Steel
    Create 50 battle chains
    - Blueprint 1
    - 3800g
    4.66 Treasure Hunt
    Bind 5 treasure chests.
    - Pentacle
    4.67 Treasure Hunt
    Bind 30 treasure chests.
    - Bait and Hook
    4.72 The Collector
    Obtain 1 Dwarven Core.
    - Mystic Skelenyte
    - Blacksteel Ore
    - Advanced Customization
    4.73 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Damascus Ore.
    - Meller Crystal
    - Legendary Platter
    - Professional Customization
    5.00 Sword of Three Realms
    This section is PC specific and very incomplete.
    5.01 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 6 Flauros.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 1800g
    5.02 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 5 Vulture.
    - Sword of Three Realms Rank 1
    5.03 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 6 Rockgrater.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 2800g
    5.04 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 7 Glutton.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 2700g
    5.05 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 3 Spiritlord.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 3800g
    5.07 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 14 Nidhogg.
    - Wings of Nagapur
    5.09 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 13 Arachnid.
    - Orb
    5.11 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 15 Charybdis.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 5600g
    5.12 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 9 Mandragora.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 5400g
    5.14 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 15 Greater Demon.
    - Chimera Weekly
    5.15 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 14 Glagonos.
    - Battle Crown
    - Eye of the Gods
    5.22 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Mystic Fiend Talons.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 1600g
    5.23 The Collector
    Obtain 2 Plantae Fluid.
    - Cascade
    5.24 The Collector
    Obtain 5 Thick Mystic Fiend Fur.
    - Wedge
    5.25 The Collector
    Obtain 4 Mystic Fiend Fangs.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 2500g
    5.26 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Land Insecta Fluid.
    - Raiders' Fork
    5.29 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Beastman Rawhides.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 3100g
    5.30 The Collector
    Obtain 4 Darkfiend Talons.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 3600g
    5.31 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Mystic Fiend Husks
    - Manticore Weekly
    5.32 The Collector
    Obtain 2 Tanned Land Dragon Hides.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 3200g
    5.34 The Collector
    Obtain 4 Land Insecta Talons.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 3400g
    5.35 The Collector
    Obtain 5 Mystic Fiend Horns.
    - Grand Spider Weekly
    5.36 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Tanned Archfiend Hides.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 4400g
    5.38 The Collector
    Obtain 2 Mystic Fiend Meat.
    - Landworm Weekly
    5.42 The Collector
    Obtain 3 Tanned Mystic Fiend Hides.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 4800g
    5.43 The Collector
    Obtain 2 Archfiend Fur.
    - Whirlpool
    5.44 The Collector
    Obtain 5 Faerie Rawhides.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 4900g
    5.51 Leader Extraordinaire
    Have a Freelancer in the party.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 1400g
    5.53 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a party member with 35+ STR.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 3600g
    5.54 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a party memeber with 33+ INT
    - Jhana Weekly
    5.55 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a party member with 25+ SPD.
    - Leap Frog Weekly
    5.56 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a party member with 40+ STR.
    - Blueprint 2
    - 5400g
    5.57 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a party member with 45+ INT.
    - Demon Weekly
    - Eye of the Demon
    5.58 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have a party member with 30+ SPD.
    - Oculus Weekly
    5.61 Battle Chains of Steel
    Create 100 battle chains.
    - Shamshir
    - Boggart's Trapezoid
    - Kobold's Halfdutch
    - Dragonicle Ore
    5.62 Treasure Hunt
    Bind 150 treasure chests.
    - Auld Pitchfork
    - Dwarf's Cabochon
    - Meller Crystal
    6.00 The Ring of the Labyrinth
    This section is PC specific and absurdly incomplete.
    6.01 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 6 Glasya Labolas.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 5200g
    6.02 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 12 Harpylia.
    - The Daily Jhana
    6.03 The Bloodthirsty Warrior
    Slay 12 Diatryma.
    - The Daily Albis Qsiti
    6.08 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Birdwing in Yvalock's Nest.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 6000g
    6.12 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Siren in The Aqueducts.
    - Mast of Nagapur
    6.16 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Bloodhorn in The Sixth Path.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 5800g
    - The Daily Dragon
    6.17 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Ruler of the Dawn at the Ivory Peaks.
    - Sword of Three Realms Rank 2
    [Rare Monster: Ruler of the Dawn]
    The fight I can't say much about because I was BR 86 when I got around to this.
    To spawn: if a Raptor at the gate is asleep (the pair of raptors, one must be)
    and only Rosefly/Raptors are present, then the Ruler of the Dawn MAY be spawned
    on the top side of the plateau passed the first downward path.
    6.19 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Terror Wing in The Ancient Ruins.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 12,000g
    6.20 The Monsterslayer
    Slay Holy Servant in The Ancient Ruins.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 12,000g
    6.36 The Collector
    Obtain 1 Tough Killer Insect Husk.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 7100g
    - The Daily Leap Frog
    6.52 Leader Extraordinaire
    Have a Runemaiden in the party.
    - Spell Wall
    6.55 Leader Extraordinaire
    Have a Scout in the party.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 4600g
    6.57 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have 8 party members with 60+ STR.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 5200g
    - The Daily Grand Beetle
    6.58 Leader Extraordinaire II
    Have 8 party members with 55+ INT.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 6500g
    - The Daily Hydra
    6.59 Treasure Hunt
    Bind 50 treasure chests.
    - Blueprint 3
    - 6300g
    - Eye of the King
    6.61 Monster Eradication
    Slay 21 Echidnamoth.
    - Phalanx Mace
    - Siren's Square
    - Banshee's Octagon
    - Blacksteel Ore
    7.00 Generals
    7.01 Generic Generals
    There are quite a number of generic generals.  You should only use them while
    absolutely necessary (like the very beginning of the game) and then drop them
    7.02 Unique Generals
    These generals are unique.  You must do specific things to get them, and they
    impact either the story or sidequests.
    Starting Out
    Rush Sykes
    Congress in Elysion
    David Nassau
    Emma Honeywell
    Numor Mines
    Nagapur (before sending David off)
    Nagapur (after the meeting)
    The Nest of Eagles
    Emmy Honeywell
    After Wyrmskeep
    Irina Sykes
    Second Congress Meeting
    The Six Bases
    Darken Forest
    Duke of Ghor
    The Final Fight
    The Enlightened Seven (PC only!)
    You can hire the enlightened seven by beating them in the Catacombs after
    you are near the end of the game (you also need an item on the PC, but I do
    not know what exactly!)
    [9.00] The Ancient Ruins
    To enter the Ancient Ruins, you need The Stone of the Imperator key item.  To
    get this, you need to download it (XBox360) or defeat The Fallen (PC).  The
    ruins are the only location to get Jewel Steel, used to make the best items in
    the game.  They are located in the north western corner of The Second Path.
    Visiting the ruins during the normal game progression will make the game pretty
    easy, however it will be necessary for things like The Absolute Conquerer,
    Eldritch Dragon, etc.
    Apex Tier
    - Foxtail
    - Grammi Key
    - Daedalus
    To get the first chest, take the first left and keep left until you see a large
    door.  Enter it.  From there, leave and head left at the T, keeping left and
    you will get to the 2nd chest eventually (through another large door that will
    be on your left.)  You could also take the 2nd left from the entrance, head
    through two sets of doors and keep right for this chest.  For the 3rd chest,
    from the entrance take the second right, and keep on this path until you reach
    a T.  Head left, and eventually you will come upon a room.  Enter it, head
    left, chest will be through the doors.
    Grammi Tier: Anatoray
    - Dragontail
    For the chest here, head straight until you eventually hit a +.  Go left and
    you will see the chest.  From here, head back to the + and go left to the exit.
    Grammi Tier: Disith
    - Malystrix
    - Metopon Key
    The first chest will be on your right the moment you enter.  Continue along the
    path and you will reach a T.  Head left through the door, and you will see a
    door in front of you.  Head into the door and take a right for the 2nd chest.
    Now return to the T and head right, you won't have to go a long way and will
    quickly hit a T.  Head left through the door and defeat the Holy Servant (you
    have to so that you may continue.)  Now head down the other direction to reach
    the transporter.
    Metopon Tier: Boreas
    - Ama-Gi
    To get the chest, head right at the cross road right ahead of you.  You will
    reach a T, head right down it, turn left at the next T, then follow the path
    and a door will be right in front of you.  Inside it is the chest.  Pretty much
    every godly weapon in this game required Jewel Steel, and this is probably the
    best level to get it on, so farm away!  While it is *possible* to beat a lot
    of the special enemies without the uber weapons, it is severely difficult, and
    just not recommended at all.  To get to the exit, from the entrance head until
    you are required to turn left.  Head through this room and out the other side.
    Turn right, you will come to a T.  Turn right again, and you will soon have a
    room on your right.  Enter it, and head left to exit the room.  Head straight
    for one of the exits.  The other exit is the left turn right before this one.
    Metopon Tier: Notus
    - Jewel Steel, Goddess Wriestlet, Valiant Eardrop
    - Choros Key
    To grab the first chest, when you enter (regardless of which entrance you used)
    head left until you're forced to turn left again, and follow down this path.
    To reach the next floor, from the entrance of the map, simply head straight for
    along while (the first branching path is a loop, so ignore it).  Keep going
    and you will eventually reach a T.  Head right and the next map is through
    Choros Tier
    - Treasure of Divinity
    Walk straight to fight the beefed up version of The Fallen, Demigod.  Behind
    him is a chest.  You MUST defeat him to get the chest.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This guide was written by me, Jaffer Ibrahim.  Do not reproduce without any
    form of permission from me.
    Copywrite Jaffer Ibrahim, 2008-2011.

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