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"A great sequel in awhile..."

Ok so as some of you and myself were waiting so bad for the xbox 360 to come out awhile back, we were all wandering what launch titles were going to be decent and we found sega's Condemned: criminal origins which most of us deeply feel in love with. Now a highly anticipated sequel stands the test of time and I must say it won me over, as in compared to other big sequels which were let downs not saying any games in paticular, Condemned won't let you down I can bet on that.

Graphics~ The graphics in this game are amazing, I love the fire effects they look so realistic It felt like my tv was on fire haha. The levels are well done and look great,the textures are good,lighting is mostly good sometimes you'll get a real dark level.

Sound effects~ The game's sound is great anything from pumping your shotgun with shells to just simply walking sounds great,when there are fires present in certain levels it sounds just like real flames,the voice overs are well done and have a lot of good emotions in them which bring out the characters alot.

Gameplay~ The game is great,the levels are a little bit more bigger this time around and you can explore more of the levels for items and other things. You can pretty much pick up anything from pipes to 2x4's to hammers and dirty old toliet seats to take down your foes which is awesome and a lot of new weapons have been added like more shotgun types,new pistols,machine gun rifles. In each mission there are things you can do to earn points you can earn either silver rating or gold rating and after each level you unlock upgrades such as in a armor vest,your trusty taser gun and many more. The enemy AI is way more smarter and cunning which gives you a better fight, a cool new feature in the game is when you have no weapons you can use your fists in a small time boxing style you can parry,hook,and throw jabs which is cool. This game does a well job scary you probably one of the scariest games I've played in awhile and the suspense is great you never know when your going to be attacked. The forensic tools are upgraded this time and are more realistic looking and neat and fun to use on crime investigations.

Story~ The story picks up a year later after the events of Condemned:criminal orgins, where ex FBI agents/cop ethan thomas is not doing so well due to problems such as drinking and what not. Pretty much the story picks up when the force needs you to help them solve why the city is rioting and other crazy things are happening and the infamous SKX is back and the death tolls are starting to soar, the story is pretty complex I don't want to spoil anything so the story is very good and keeps you wanting to know more.

Online~ Is very fun, with a different varitey of game modes and cool leaderboards,maps are very cool.

Replay value~High, I could play the online modes for so long and I could keep playing the single player over and over.

Dislikes~ Ethan Thomas's new look, he looks kinda fat and has like real long hair and a scuffy beard and is like super pale looks more like a drug addict than his original model, during certain levels when walking these werid lights flash and are annoying and you get dizzy,when tunning in to tv's throughout the game you have to keep your thum on the right stick in a certain postion where it hurts after a little.

So all in all a great sequeal, to all fans of the 1st game I'd advise you to buy this one its a must buy worth the money you will have fun with this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/08

Game Release: Condemned 2: Bloodshot (US, 03/11/08)

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