Review by cincispy

"bloodshot, is horrible"

I can't understand the rave reviews,... this games fighting sequences are horrible, he's very slow, all weapons and other picked up items must be placed perfectly... U must take the hints perfectly, your blows to an enemy aren't a third of their's to you, the flashlight is worse the the origins game...some of the new things make it an ok game, but overall this game needs lot's of fixing....and those that compare this to the F E A R games, are simply put, ridicules...these games aren't similar in any form and the excitement and fun had by playing fear far exceeds any fun this game has....good thing I have a hook up that allows me to play these games at no cost to me, had I actually paid for this game, I'd really be pissed

some of the boards give absolutely no hints as to what you must do, it's very hard to complete side missions, as a couple of boards cause you to simply have to out run the enemy to survive making it impossible to complete side missions, heck some of them don't allow you to complete the storyline very well

that re-wiring of the elevator was ridicules, anyone that knows anything about electricity knows you don't ground to the same side of the box as you power from, also funny how the description of the wires give 5 or 6 different wires, when clearly there are only (3) wires in the box none which are red except the striped one..

so, should anyone want a real review, take it for what it's worth, if you simply have no other game to play, or can buy it used so as to get your money back within (7) days play it otherwise stay as far away from this stupid game as you can get

if you can get into the FEAR games they are much better games by far, and another thing that disturbs me about other reviews of condemned, who is REALLY scared by playing a game ??? you might want to get into a box and live out your life, now startled by the game a bit because your really into paying attention, and getting blind sided by an enemy I'll by....but so scared that 20 min's of play was all you could handle, wow you must live a very sheltered life.... you probably think the villains in scooby-doo are real

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/04/08

Game Release: Condemned 2: Bloodshot (US, 03/11/08)

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