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    Secrets FAQ by veronicablushes

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    Saints Row 2 - Secrets & Everything Else FAQ
    by Onica
                                                                         About This
      You are looking at version 1.1 of this FAQ.
      This is NOT a list of where to find what are called "Secret Locations" in
      the game. This FAQ includes:
         Glitches, Oddities, Tips, Videos, Images, Maps, Information, Etc.
      It is only here to entertain you and give you some other things to do
      while playing this game.
      This FAQ was created from the infamous "My Little Bits" topic I logged
      while playing this game for about 500 hours. I used the XBOX 360 version,
      but I'm sure all of this is the same on each platform.
      This was written before the first DLC package was released.
      The tips in this FAQ do not contain any storyline spoilers.
      I have intentionally left out several popular secrets so new players can
      still experience those big surprises we all enjoyed stumbling upon so much.
      - Removed a duplicate "error" from the Contents section.
      - Fixed the URL for the Bruce Campbell character image sample.
      - Updated Maps URL.
      You may use all of the information in this FAQ in any way you want.
      Please give me credit (as "Onica") for it if you do.
      Everything here is backed up by images or video. You may use the associate
      images in any way you wish. You may not use the videos without prior
      permission from me. (See Credits section for contact information.)
      Several friendly people have added their own tips to my topics. If you still
      want more, visit one of them and browse to find out more interesting things,
      get more tips, and feel free to add your own to the lists.
      The official topic is at:
      (Sorry about the link above. You'll have to copy/paste it and put it
       together yourself because the width of FAQs is limited.)
      Another topic link:
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              Thank you very much.
      I did not include information from anyone besides myself in this FAQ.
      Everything - Onica
                 Contact  http://www.youtube.com/VeronicaBlush
           Saints Videos  http://www.youtube.com/user/herlittlebox
      In addition to what's in this FAQ there are over 30 more bits at:
      Extras include: A light that changes color at night, ATM machines that can
        net you $200 a hit, various graphic errors, vanishing graffiti, climbable
        invisible walls, a brick yard, basketball court locations, and I finally
        figured out how to make the Red Light crib's door transparent every time.
        Also documented are locations for fire breathers, steel drummers,
        photographer, tai chi, weight lifting, and granny upskirts.
                                                                  Similar Interests
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      Though I'm no longer hosting it as a public game, I created an image bank
      of 100 photos I took across Stilwater. Some of them are pretty easy to
      find, while others will challenge your sanity. If you're into the hunt:
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    [SEC01]  Errors
                 Backpack Logo Error
                 No Post
                 Stop That Train!
                 Another Derailed Train Location
                 Misplaced Objects
                 Another Poorly Placed Interstate Sign
                 Lator Gator
    [SEC02]  Map / GPS Errors
    [SEC03]  Fun To Find
                 Best View Of Car Interiors
                 Quick Bits
                 More Quick Bits
                 Lost Island
                 Butterfly Tree
                 Another Butterfly Tree
                 Butterfly Trees Map
                 Smart Butterflies
                 Airport Zombies
                 Pirate Skeleton on Beach Chair
                 Mystery Trailer Trash
                 Upside Down Painting
                 Sideways Paintings
                 No Paintings?
                 Only One Headlight
                 Gettin Shafted
                 Suicide Businessmen
                 Falling Pilots
                 Be A Photographer
                 UFO Into The Ultor Tower
                 Come In Major Tom!
                 Car On Top Of Dumpster
                 Oddest Place For Music
                 That Doesn't Look Comfortable
                 The News At Six
                 No Feet
    [SEC04]  Almost Useless
                 Skyline Schedule
                 Moon Path and Times
                 Nitpicking Crib Details
                 What Rail?
                 Backwards Bench Force Field
                 Women's Outfits
                 Back Out!
                 Standing on Floating Dead People
                 Misaligned Lines
                 That Sun Doesn't Work
                 Sprint Meter - Everything
                 Sit On This Bench
                 Hardly Worth Mentioning
                 Rain Is A Cylinder
                 Come On Justin, We Gotta Get Back To Work
                 Look Ma, No Wheels... or doors, or..
                 Three Ronin Tetsuo Designs
                 Drive-up homie is down!
                 Misaligned Shadows
                 Car Stuck Under Crane
                 Match Made In Heaven
                 Stuck Again
                 Something Special
    [SEC05]  Glitching
                 Road Replaced By Water
                 People Walking Under Water
                 How To Hold Your Water
                 Sideways Elevator
                 People In The Ground
                 Inside Bridge Foundation
                 Through The Roof
                 Ocean Farming
                 The Astonishing Invisible Lady
                 Bikes Standing on End
                 Skipping Me Across Water
                 Heli Stuck In Building Upside Down
                 Raining Inside Buildings
                 No Traffic Parking Lot
                 Dead Bodies Underground
                 Square Lamp Shadow
                 Another Square Lamp Shadow
                 Glitches and Funny Things
                 A Few More Glitches and Funny Things
                 Jumping Bridge
                 Blown Into Blue Hell
                 Drivable Cars Without Wheels
                 Floating Guns Firing At Me!
                 Rotating Bear Wheels
                 Motorcycle Stuck On Wall
                 Climbable Missing Fence / Pimp War!
                 Trees Don't Reflect
                 Floating Tetsuo Logo
                 He Only Has Two Balls
                 More Flame That I Know What To Do With
                 What The Shadow?
                 Floating Kneekappers
                 Stuck In Wall
                 That Doesn't Fit
                 Ruckus Reversion
                 That's It, Folks!
                 Motion Triggered Lights
    [SEC06]  Tips
                 Move B, Get Out The Way
                 Easy Money Early
                 Infinite Weapons
                 Max Highest Police Notoriety Duration
                 No Hassle Tagging / Get Out Of Jail Free Card
                 Wishin I Was Living Like A Hitman
                 4-Wheeling Mall Cop Chase
                 Grab That Traffic Sign
                 Get 3 Homies Early
                 Female Homies
                 Back Alley Shortcut
                 Hidden Music Stations
                 Super Easy 3 Gold on 2-Wheels
                 Unlimited Stat: Vehicles Destroyed
                 Empty The Streets, This Is My Parade!
                 Hold That Thought
    [SEC07]  Pedestrians - Scripted / Performing
    [SEC08]  Maps
    [SEC09]  Improvised Melee Weapons
    [SEC10]  Buying Vehicles
    [SEC11]  Helicopters
    [SEC12]  Blue Hell
    [SEC13]  Character Creation - Agent 47
    [SEC14]  Character Creation - Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead 2)
    [SEC15]  Fun Things To Do When Bored?
    [SEC01]                                                                  Errors
    Backpack Logo Error
    Go to Sloppy Seconds Clothing store in Sunnyvale Gardens, Project District.
    Choose Upper Body, Coats, Backpack, Logo. Scroll to the bottom of the Logo
    list and choose the Rhombus logo. It will be the second logo on the 3rd line
    up. Error: instead of showing the Rhombus logo on the backpack, it will show
    the "No Drugs" logo. There is also another Rhombus logo higher in the menu.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586671403091010
    No Post
    In Rebadeaux, Red Light District there's a fence missing an end post.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972906283543442
    Stop That Train!
    In Humbolt Park, Museum District, you'll find a upside down triangle of
    intersecting railways. On the lower left line of that triangle there is a
    tree that will derail the train. It's on the inside track. I was riding on
    the top of a train when it stopped there. You can probably hang out there
    and watch for one though.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586773556248066
    Another Derailed Train Location
    I wasn't riding this one when I noticed it (randomly) and there's nothing
    that looks like it could have derailed this one. (This one's in Humbolt
    Park, Museum District.) Without a tree there I was able to get a better video
    of it this time. The front wheels are still spinning and the hinge between
    the first two cars is completely dislocated - and this one is right at a
    street access platform.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJMeakEQnNI
    Misplaced Objects
    In Black Bottom, Factories District on the elevated highway, northwest of
    the Spelunkers Clothing store - there's an Interstate sign going through
    the middle of a large pole. Error: There are 2 objects located at the same
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586769101186466
    Another Poorly Placed Interstate Sign
    Like the one I found before, this interstate sign is merged into the middle of
    a larger post.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5302413470152378146
    Lator Gator
    Locate the Lator Travel Agency building in Brighton, Downtown District. There
    are stairs that will take you to the top of it just around the corner. When
    you get above it and look over you would think that the ledge made by the sign
    would be solid, but it's not. You'll fall right through it. There's a small
    lip of wall inside the sign were you can stand and look around.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946757826395954
    [SEC02]                                                        Map / GPS Errors
    Map / GPS Error #1
    Go to the Cycles Vehicle Dealer, in Ultor Dome, Arena District. Set a waypoint
    on the Gas Station Liquor store in Frat Row, Stilwater University District.
    (It's just to the southwest.) Error: Part of it's directions expect you to
    leave your vehicle and travel over water for no reason.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586665911373026
    Map / GPS Error #2
    Go to your University Loft Crib in Frat Row, Stilwater University District.
    Choose a car from your garage and enter it. Set a waypoint on the Stilwater
    University Gift Shoppe Clothing store in Stilwater University, Stilwater
    University District. This is just to the south. Error: Instead of telling you
    to pull out and make a left to go south which would be directly to it. well,
    you just have to see this one. It's crazy.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586665668076322
    Map / GPS Error #3
    Go to the Racing Activity in Prawn Court, Red Light District. Set a waypoint
    on the Septic Avenger Activity in Rebadeaux, Red Light District. This is the
    to the northeast. Error: Instead of driving 2 blocks east, then north for one
    block - it advises you to go directly east for about 7 blocks, then north for
    about 6, another 3 back east, then southeast for about 4 blocks.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586665363371122
    Map / GPS Error #4
    This one actually told me I had to turn around, go back down the street a few
    blocks, then come back to where I was before continuing on.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5303868458884259186
    Map / GPS Error #5
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5303868464090332610
    Map / GPS Error #6
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5303868545211528498
    Map / GPS Error #7
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5304415872056229602
    Map / GPS Error #8
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5304415876392171042
    Map / GPS Error #9
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5304962341816279154
    Map / GPS Error #10
    Branded Clothing Store in Filmore, Downtown District. Just stand near the
    doorway and put a waypoint on the store. Instead of telling you to just walk
    inside, it says to go south across the water to Rebadeaux, Red Light District,
    turn around and come all the way back.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5306168075280440802
    [SEC03]                                                             Fun To Find
    Best View Of Car Interiors
    Leave your Red Light Crib and follow the road southeast past the interstate
    ramps. Just before you go through the tunnel (as if you were heading to the
    Semi Broken Mechanic in Copperton, Truck Yard District) turn to your right
    (west) and follow the hill upwards to a corner of the interstate. Strangely
    you'll find that while on foot you can't enter that area (marked red on my
    image), but you can in a car. Do so and turn the camera around. The camera
    will affix itself to the top inside center of the car and you'll be able to
    rotate the camera all the way around while looking at all the details inside
    the car. Large vehicles like the Kent or Ambulance will not fit. If you get
    out of your car while it's in this place you may be transported a little way
    across the map. Most of the time it will place you directly outside of it and
    you may not be able to get back in.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946909154357538
    Quick Bits
    - You're invincible to melee attacks and bullets while using Shock Paddles.
    I'm not sure about explosions or fire.
    - All shadows are cast even if it's raining and the sun isn't visible.
    - You can only have 39 Outfits in your wardrobe.
    - The license plate on the special Phoenix you get says ANGLEAH.
    More Quick Bits
    I have video of these, but spending an hour editing and recompiling each of
    them is something I just don't feel up to at the moment.
    - Standing just inside of the Rim Jobs at Harrowgate, Saint's Row District
    will change the outside world to negative.
    - With the Stripper Pole installed, open the door to your Red Light crib and
    hang out on the sidewalk to watch an almost constant stream of dancers
    walking out. If you're in the right spot, they'll even come up to you, turn
    around, bend over and show off their bum.
    - I keep landing my Gyro Daddy perfectly on it's top. It takes no damage that
    way, but I can't take off again.
    - In Stilwater "Phantom" Caverns near the boat dock I often find invisible
    tools and objects. I can pick up the tools and they become visible.
    - In the Saint's Row area the cops keep chasing me without any stars.
    - A crashed my High Rise (the triple-layer-wing one) and one of the wing
    pieces was on the sidewalk standing on its end, swaying from side to side.
    I was able to stand on it a little.
    Lost Island
    (note: this was the very first bit I wrote about this game)
    This one is probably very well known by now, but I found it myself, so here
    it is. There is an island that doesn't show up on the map. Go to Misty Lane,
    Suburbs District's northwestern tip and boat/swim directly north. When you
    locate it, you'll receive a little message congratulating you, but it still
    won't show up on the map.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300586663466296546
    Butterfly Tree
    You guys may not appreciate this one as much as I do. Go to the Night Club
    Liquor store in Nob Hill, High End Retail District then walk across the
    intersection diagonally to find a tree (it's larger than the others around
    it and it's slightly elevated.) There's a little butterfly that flutters
    around it in continuous circles.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5301263808735122818
    Another Butterfly Tree
    Nob Hill, High End Retail District. I found another tree that has a butterfly
    circling it. This time it was a yellow Monarch. This tree looked exactly like
    the previous one.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#530386812693059448
    Butterfly Trees Map
    I've found 8 of them now. Instead of listing them separately, I've marked them
    all on one map.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5304962343130453810
    Smart Butterflies
    Another butterfly location. This time I found them in a Stilwater University
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5306168075414293842
    Airport Zombies
    You can play Zombie Uprising at the Wardill Airport. Locate the Charred Hard
    Burgers Fast Food place. Leaving it, you'll see some stairs going down.
    Descend those, turn to your right, descend more stairs and you'll see a store
    on your right called "Jive Turkey's". Directly in front of that is a little
    counter area with newspapers, vending machines, and such. On one end of it is
    a pretzel machine. Walk up to that end and you'll see a freezer. Standing in
    front of that freezer will give you the option to play the Zombie Uprising
    mini-game. This is not a different version of the game. All I'm saying is that
    you can start the sub-game from that freezer. Which is very strange.
    Pirate Skeleton on Beach Chair
    It was a dark and stormy night and I had been swimming in the ocean. When I
    came to shore, it was still raining and this guy was there to greet me with
    a margarita. Arrr.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5302413476707323890
    Mystery Trailer Trash
    Sounds like a bad name for a breakfast cereal. In the Elysian Fields, Trailer
    Park District you'll find a car dragon and a residence you can enter. Inside
    of that place is a map of the District with a five houses circled in red. I
    haven't explored them yet... (Please don't spoil it for me.) I just thought
    I'd share this one with any new gamers like me.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5302413471613376610
    Upside Down Painting
    Penthouse Loft crib in Tidal Spring, Suburbs District. When the Overall Style
    is set to Average (the default) there is a painting by the entrance door
    that's upside down. A correctly oriented copy of it can be found to the left
    of the TV.
    Sideways Paintings
    Hotel Penthouse Crib, Huntersfield District.
    With the Crib Customization's Overall Style is set to Ultra Modern go to the
    dining room (beside the kitchen) and you'll find three paintings on the wall
    and all of them are exactly the same. It shows a street scene with buildings
    and most notably a vivid sky covered in telephone poles. You'll find this same
    painting two more times around the house. One on a wall upstairs and one in
    your bedroom.
    Set the Overall Style to Classy and you'll find the same painting three times
    around the crib, but they'll all be oriented sideways.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5304415876314099186
    No Paintings?
    In the Downtown Loft crib if the Overall Style to Ultra Modern all of the
    paintings are empty. If they're supposed to be mirrors then they're just not
    reflective. :/ It's funny how in one crib there are 5 of the same painting
    (3 being in the same small room!) while in this crib there are none at all.
    Only One Headlight
    Pull a car up to a wall at night and you'll notice that there is only one
    light per vehicle and it's in the very center. The "normal" lights on cars
    shine, but they don't project like the center one does.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5305377812898565730
    Gettin Shafted
    The price displayed on cash registers is $54.03. So why do they charge us $200
    for a pair of socks? The cashiers are pocketing the rest! It's your ongoing
    obligation to kill them every time you finish shopping from now on.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5307899334716386498
    Suicide Businessmen
    The market can be painful some days. When that happens some fools feel it's
    time to jump from a very tall building. Take a heli Downtown and look for the
    building with the Apollo's sign and you may see one of these people jump.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972727388348034
    Falling Pilots
    There are a few places where pilots will fall from the sky. The one I've seen
    most frequent is in Mourning Woods Cemetery where the guy falls right into an
    open grave. I was somewhere around the Barrio or Chinatown and I happened to
    see one fall right into a pool and he lived since it was water.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972734145775122
    Be A Photographer
    Go to Humbolt Park, Museum District, stand around and you'll pull out a camera
    to take photo's of the Ultor building.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972904922361458
    UFO Into The Ultor Tower
    In Mission Beach, Saints Row District, you can take a UFO into the Ultor
    building. It has a pretty nice view. Look for the place where there is a
    needle-like thing pointing out of the building. Nudge it with your UFO and
    wait a few seconds for it to disappear. Then you'll be free to land inside.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946485108886082
    Come In Major Tom!
    I've reported on this one before but I hadn't noted the exact location. Now I
    have a map for you. You know how pilots fall from the sky in certain locations?
    Well, there's one place where they actually survive the fall - because it's
    directly into a pool. Sommerset, Apartments District. If you made a triangle
    between Mayhem, Friendly Fire, and Freckle B's - it's directly in the center.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946485708232194
    Car On Top Of Dumpster
    Driving around the back alleys in Frat Row, University District, I came upon
    a car that spawned on top of a large trash bin. I haven't been back yet to see
    if it happens all the time, but I would assume so.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312947797988108610
    Oddest Place For Music
    In Shivington, Projects District, just barely west of the Fuzz Activity you'll
    find a building with a entrance that leads to an underground area. Every once
    in a while when you enter you'll find a Samedi lady playing the Steel Drums.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946757542422610
    That Doesn't Look Comfortable
    While in the Elysian Fields, Trailer Park District I came across a guy who was
    drinking beer and repeatedly playing with himself - and he happened to be stuck
    inside a lawn chair.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946768534934482
    The News At Six
    At the train station in Sunsinger, Arena District (southernmost point) you'll
    sometimes find a news reporter and a guy with a video camera.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946903981185970
    No Feet
    I noticed that the Samedi Steel Drummer who plays behind the On The Rag
    clothing store in Prawn Court, Red Light District has her feet planted inside
    the ground. I would guess this is due to some kind of calculation that places
    her with the instrument. Seems the instrument is not tall enough for her, so
    she gets pushed down to fit it.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946909979802466
    [SEC04]                                                          Almost Useless
    Skyline Schedule
    The "search lights" on tops of the tall buildings turn on at 9:00 PM and go
    off again exactly at 5:55 AM.
    Moon Path and Times
    Unlike the sun, the moon in this game doesn't rise or set. Instead, it travels
    around the world in a circle - always at the same height. it starts to fade
    away around 4:30 AM. It will be directly North at about 6:00 AM. About an hour
    after that it will be invisible even on a clear day. At just before 4:00 PM
    you'll have your first chance of seeing it in the sky again. At 5:20 PM it will
    be exactly due South.
    Nitpicking Crib Details
    University Loft crib in Frat Row, Silwater University District. Set Overall
    Style to Cheap and you'll find a door in the kitchen that you can't go through.
    When it's set to Classy or Ultra Modern the extra door will remain, but it'll
    be behind cabinets. Also, there are pool sticks on the wall when it's set to
    Classy - even if you don't own a pool table.
    What Rail?
    Across the street from your Frat Row Crib in Stilwater University District,
    you can go up to a rail and it will allow you grab it to climb up on top of
    it, but then the rail immediately becomes (I don't know the word for it...
    um, you can move through it) move-through-able. You just fall through it and
    you can walk around with it running through your body.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5302413471229790034
    Backwards Bench Force Field
    If you jump up on a bench or couch and crouch (Press L stick down) - no one
    can physically hit you from the other side. This came in handy for me a few
    times while roaming around. Plus, it can be a little humorous too.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHD42zuztJw
    Women's Outfits
    This is an image index of 23 of my favorite outfits. If you're wanting ideas
    on how to dress your female character, you may want to check it out. (Tip: Use
    the slider bar near the top right to make them larger.) I don't want to list
    all of the details of every piece of every outfit, but if you have a question
    feel free to ask.
    Back Out!
    When you buy the Hotel Penthouse crib in Huntersfield, Airport District you'll
    surely want to have some fun by taking your homies out to the roof and throwing
    them off (for about 230 respect points each time). If you grab someone and walk
    to the door with them, for some reason they will always break your hold as you
    try to pass through the door. You can grab them again and push them through,
    but that can be a pain. Another way would be to punch someone then walk outside
    waiting for them to follow. Which works pretty well, even though you get shot a
    few times. Well, I just tried to walk through the door backwards while holding
    a guy and it worked perfectly. So, if you're walking someone out there, turn
    around before you go through the doorway.
    Standing on Floating Dead People
    If you throw people off the docks at Sunnyvale Gardens, Project District they
    won't swim around. They'll just tread water wherever you throw them. You can
    stand on top of dead people who are floating in the water. You can throw
    several people in at that spot, shoot them, then jump around on them for some
    fun. (There are also other docks where people don't swim away.)
    Misaligned Lines
    Hotel Penthouse crib in Huntersfield, Airport District. Go to the door that
    leads to the helipad and look at the line between the inside carpet and the
    outside roof. If you're standing inside your crib, you won't notice much, but
    if you're outside looking in you'll easily be able to see through into the
    building because the roof is slightly lower than the floor inside the crib.
    That Sun Doesn't Work
    The sun doesn't line up with your shadow, or any shadow for that matter. If
    your shadow is directly behind you and you look up to the sky you'll find
    the sun to the left. The vertical angle is not correct either. So, there's
    an invisible sun to the lower right of the sun you can see and it causes the
    Sprint Meter - Everything
    To attain these facts I recorded several videos and edited them frame by
    frame. I have rounded the durations.
    - It will not refill while you're jumping, climbing, or falling. It will
    refill while you're walking, jogging, swimming, or driving (any vehicle/craft).
    - By default it will be used up after 9.5 seconds and will refill in 9 seconds.
    - After completing Level 3 of Insurance Fraud in The Mills, Factories District,
    the game will say that your Sprint Meter has doubled, but that is not true. The
    meter will increase to 30 seconds, and will take 9.5 seconds to refill (it
    pauses for 1.24 seconds then takes 8.2 seconds to redraw the graphic).
    - After completing Level 6 of the above Activity (same location) the meter will
    be infinite.
    - When the meter runs out it will take the same duration to refill if you stop
    and stand still, or if you start jogging once it starts refilling, or if you
    didn't stop at all. All cases are exactly the same.
    - Being in water will increase the refill rate by almost 2 full seconds.
    Sit On This Bench
    At Stilwater University there is a bench near the center that has a top that
    isn't solid. You can walk up to it and crouch to appear to be sitting down.
    ...for some reason poor MC always has to stand.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5303868128615738034
    For Transformers fans.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5305377815892434274
    Hardly Worth Mentioning
    Cheerleaders, Barbershop Quartets, Guitarists, Percussionists, etc. They're
    all on the Music volume line.
    Rain Is A Cylinder
    When you look around it appears that it's raining everywhere, but it's not.
    The next time it's raining take a look up and you'll see the outline of a
    circle - the top of the rain cylinder you're in. And if you stand on the edge
    of a ledge you'll also notice that it never rains below your feet.
    Come On Justin, We Gotta Get Back To Work
    I called the Gyro number and the guy showed up in a Mongoose. I chased him
    down the street and as I pressed Y to enter, he got out and I was in the
    passenger seat. I was excited, hoping he would get back in and drive me
    around, but when he approached the buggy it booted me out, then he got back
    out and ran away screaming. I guess I have that effect on some guys. *sigh*
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553341899743186
    Look Ma, No Wheels... or doors, or..
    I did that trick I've talked about before where I can get vehicles without
    wheels, doors, etc. and I took one to a Chop Shop. Surprisingly I was able to
    alter all of the colors without the parts reappearing. The only thing I was
    able to restore were the back tires and the rims - I can do either without
    restoring the other.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553229451573938
    Three Ronin Tetsuo Designs
    One is a beautiful snakelike dragon, and the other two have words.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972921857849122
    Drive-up homie is down!
    I was in the middle of the Saint's Row District and I went to the menu to call
    a homie to bring me a car and it gave me the list of boats, so I chose one. He
    never showed up and the line was busy until I reloaded my game an hour later.
    Misaligned Shadows
    Climb the structures in west Pilsen, Factories District and you'll find that
    your shadow is a bit strange.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946478004233618
    Car Stuck Under Crane
    Be careful around the cranes at the north end of the Stilwater Nuclear Power
    Plant. It's easy to lodge your car under them, and you may not be able to
    free it.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946484460059138
    Match Made In Heaven
    I ran into 2 rednecks on vacation at the beach, a man and woman, who where both
    drinking beer and scratching their genitals in unison. Classy.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5322795396819003442
    Stuck Again
    I crashed my Gyro Daddy into the side of the Ultor building and as you may
    know helicopter blades can sometimes become stuck on the sides of things.
    This time I was able to get out of my copter and stand on it.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5322795402320336754
    Something Special
    In Athos Bay, Saints Row District, behind your Mega Condo you'll find a place
    where people randomly dance. If you go near that spot and step up to the
    windows beside it (to the west) and wait for a little while, your character
    will be triggered by that point. Except you won't walk down the steps. You'll
    just stand there and not dance. The neat thing about this very unique location
    is that you can taunt/compliment from there with no on-screen
    graphics (map/health meter/money).
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5322795401188971954
    [SEC05]                                                               Glitching
    Road Replaced By Water
    Go to your SR mega Condo and take the stairs to the roof. Turn to your left and
    walk to the ledge. Look down to see the Hospital sign and a railway. Just above
    that there is a section of road that is water. This only happens when you're on
    top of the roof. Take a heli up for a better view. Cars will drive right up to
    it and fall into the water with a splash.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5311261684275791266
    People Walking Under Water
    At the northwest point of New Hennequet, Suburbs Expansion District you'll
    find a Gas Station. Just east of that you'll see a long pier. To the east of
    that pier you'll find people that are constantly spawned under water.
    They walk around like it's nothing.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946606186908482
    How To Hold Your Water
    At the southernmost point of Brighton, Downtown District there is a water
    fountain with 4 water sprouts surrounding it and one in the center. Walking
    over the 4 water sprouts does nothing... The center of the fountain is slightly
    raise and for no good reason you can't jump up to it. Grab one of the eleven
    nearby trashcans, walk up to the center of the fountain and drop it. Jump onto
    it and then to the center of the fountain. Standing in that water sprout will
    cause all of the sprouts to stop.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946613631652098
    Sideways Elevator
    Go to your Saints Hideout in Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District. It has to be
    upgraded to the point where you have the elevator option. Take the elevator
    down into the crib. Then take the elevator up again. Continually press Y as
    you're going through the Loading of going back up and just keep pressing it.
    When you appear on the surface again, you'll very briefly see the "Press Y"
    message - just before you're teleported to the west corner of the building.
    People In The Ground
    I've seen this one a few times so I thought I'd go ahead and write about it.
    It's just more people spawning halfway in the ground. It's in the southernmost
    point of Brighton, Downtown District, just below the water fountain, down some
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946612274068354
    Inside Bridge Foundation
    I was in the water near the north end of the bridge that connects the Red
    Light District with Downtown and I called a homie to bring me a
    Shark (jet ski). The problem was that my homie spawned inside of one of the
    bridge foundations. I could just see the tip of the Shark pointing out of the
    wall. First thought was to try to get on it. I swam over and pressed Y and
    the next thing I knew I was inside of the foundation and able to move around
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946755354811666
    Through The Roof
    Go to the lowest level of the underground mall and enter the southeast
    conference room. Look towards the front of the room to the left of the podium,
    near the Ultor logo on the wall. You'll see a few people fall from the ceiling
    to the ground. Most will survive, get up and walk away. Leave the room and
    reenter to see it happen again and again.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5323117303299425106
    Ocean Farming
    I came across a guy at the beach doing yard work - above the water. You just
    have to see this one.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5322795579717871474
    The Astonishing Invisible Lady
    You've seen the couples on benches, the lady sitting on the guys lap and he
    has his arms around her. If you jump up on the bench and crouch (press L stick
    down), then zoom your view in (press R stick down) and then slowly swivel your
    view from behind to in front of them - the lady will disappear.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNLcVXFQvD8
    Bikes Standing on End
    Sitting on a dirt bike, pull back while accelerating as slowly as possible.
    In a few short seconds you'll have to ease off of the accelerator completely
    and it should smoothly dump you on your bum and leave the bike standing on
    it's back end. In one of these video's the bike explodes. In the other I
    started recording late, then kept running into things like curbs and bus
    stops. Then the bike just disappeared. It's a lot easier than I make it look
    in the vids. ;P Try it a few times on a flat surface and you should get the
    hang of it.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OA07lOcHps
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FtcZovsVA0
    Skipping Me Across Water
    I'm so happy I was recording when this happened. I launched my bike over the
    ocean and bailed out at the peak of the jump. Instead of plunging into the
    water with a thud, I hit it at an angle and bounced off of it like a stone
    skipping across a pond. I ended up really far away from the land. I tried it
    a few more times without success, but then was able to do it again finally.
    It's not easy and there's no great trick I know of to do it every time.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNNr-uxbF3c
    Heli Stuck In Building Upside Down
    I started a race that involves a helicopter - which I've had no experience
    flying yet. I sluggishly made it to the first checkpoint, then I hit a
    building, my heli flips upside down and the body of it wasn't touching the
    wall, but it was stuck there - flying upside down. I tried every button and
    stick movement possible. I couldn't even eject from it. Needless to say I
    didn't achieve gold.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mxO_09tvWY
    Raining Inside Buildings
    On most stores that you can't go into, you'll see a semicircle of a graphic
    in the background and maybe some 2D shelves or details in front of that. Then
    you have the stores that just have white drapes across the windows. The next
    time it rains, walk up to one of those stores with the white drapes and you'll
    be able to see it rain inside the building. I haven't checked this on a shop
    that's inside of a mall yet, but I've noticed it on several shops outside.
    No Traffic Parking Lot
    In Humbolt Park, Museum District, you'll find a Race Activity in the north end.
    It's in a parking lot that connects to two streets. When cars come from either
    way they'll stop before they get to the Race marker. Every car behind the
    first car will ram into it. It can be fun to watch for a while Especially if a
    police or gang car pulls up and someone starts ramming them.
    Dead Bodies Underground
    Copperton, Truck Yard District. Across the street from the North entrance of
    the Semi Broken Car Mechanic Shop, to the right of the highway ramp you'll
    find a patch of land where the graphics let your feet sink into the ground.
    It's high enough to hide a dead body or two.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5303868464137722066
    Square Lamp Shadow
    Frat Row, Stilwater University District. A lamp post has a large square shadow.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5303868129077278178
    Another Square Lamp Shadow
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553211244329506
    Glitches and Funny Things
    There was this piece of wooden fence that I found stuck in the side of a
    building. It was at an angle and I could walk up it. I destroyed several cars
    in fun ways. I jumped a boat with my jet ski, landed on the back of it, got off
    my jet ski, and then fell off the back of the boat while it continued on - with
    my jet ski. When it disappeared in the distance, it dropped it for me.
    Pedestrians juggle, dance and glitching in weird ways. I stopped at an
    intersection and my motorcycle decided it didn't want to move anymore. I drove
    a jet ski upside down for a long time. I was doing Insurance Fraud Level 6 and
    somehow my body gets stuck under the ground and the only thing showing is my
    butt. I'm not joking. It was just sticking up out of the ground. During Mayhem
    Level 5 a fence became stuck in my car and caused some problems. I was in a
    Compton when I hit a gas tank and exploded. The camera went crazy and the next
    thing I know I'm standing on top of my barely damaged Compton about a block
    away from the gas station. I took synchronized swimming lessons from a
    pedestrian. I found over 8 car jacks all lined up on one sidewalk. It was
    raining and there was a lady with an umbrella walking like normal, but she was
    stuck inside the backseat of a beat up Compton. I found a place where you can
    drive above the land (pretty sunset angle there, btw) and your wheels don't
    touch the ground. I car surfed doing a handstand. I started a plane race and
    before I made it to the first checkpoint I had crashed my plane on the edge
    of a bridge and it was stuck there. I wanted to leave my Red Light Crib, the
    door was open and I could see through it to the outside, but the hand symbol
    that was usually on the door was still where the door would be if it was shut.
    I couldn't get through. Some police were tweaking out and they totally ignored
    me while I tested my Shock Paddles on their FBI friend. I took a few smoking
    and drinking breaks along the way and I really thought that pool I jumped into
    was going to be much deeper than it was.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUfkW_SA0nU
    A Few More Glitches and Funny Things
    I kidnapped a hostage in a plane. I found a place where you can walk under the
    water. I landed a plane on the tip of it's nose and drove it around like that.
    A few dead people attached to my cars in weird ways. I landed a jet and all of
    it's wheels became stuck under the ground level. It would barely move at all.
    Then a plane lands and hits be from behind and dislodges the back wheels and
    that made it possible for me to go down the runway, but the front wheel was
    still stuck for a while. Etc.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWoyu1FPi5c
    Jumping Bridge
    There are three short bridges I found in Harrowgate, Saint's Row District. Two
    of them are fine, but the other one you can't walk across without jumping
    first. It's only a problem if you're heading South.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5305377810079449682
    Blown Into Blue Hell
    I fell under the map today and happened to be recording. I took the 20 minute
    video and edited it down to 5 minutes. If you just want to see the blue hell
    part skip to the end.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO4eIem--X4
    Drivable Cars Without Wheels
    This is the second time this has happened. Both times I had started a Mayhem
    and instead of reporting to the specified district I created my own havoc
    with the infinite weapons it provided. Both times I was also using the cheats
    for Low Gravity and Never Die, and it was only gang cars that had the glitch.
    They're completely normal except the obvious missing wheels. (This is a 3
    part Mayhem series. The next is stranger still.) Like the last video, jump
    to the end if you just want to see me driving a car without wheels.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuuD4YmN5Ws
    Floating Guns Firing At Me!
    In this last part of the Mayhem saga there are drivable cars with more
    invisible pieces, my car became stuck on a wall with me in it lobbing grenades
    out like rain on those around, I get into a fight with some invisible enemies,
    and then my game froze right when I was going to snap my first invisible neck.
    My computer can't handle editing files this large (over 2 hours) so sadly I
    couldn't fit this one to the music like the previous two. (Not that it
    clashes, it's just not precise.)
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1xt0VzDkhA
    Rotating Bear Wheels
    When I take a Bear to the mechanics and change the wheel size to 18, the
    front wheels start spinning by themselves.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDKmWeDfq5k
    Motorcycle Stuck On Wall
    I drove down a wall. I was near a ledge and by accident I drove off of it,
    except my bike tires clung to the wall. When I reached the bottom my bike
    just stayed there stuck to the wall like it was the ground. I was able to do
    a burnout and that made me fall off the bike, then I had a little trouble
    getting it free because it was sideways with a fence through it and still
    stuck to the wall.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7v-BW_Fa-A
    Climbable Missing Fence / Pimp War!
    I knocked down a fence and could walk through or climb over the space where
    it used to be. Also, there's a great Pimp War in this one.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPurs-nZ-eQ
    Trees Don't Reflect
    Trees don't have reflections in water. If there is a building that you can't
    see because it's hidden behind trees, it will have a reflection in water.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5308654252206635282
    Floating Tetsuo Logo
    If you have a Tetsuo with the graphics package that gives you the name of the
    bike on it's side - wreck it several times, almost until it explodes. Go to a
    garage and select it fast enough so that you won't be asked to repair it. The
    bike looks pretty cool that way, but you'll also notice that the Tetsuo logo
    is still there even though it has nothing to be on. All of the other graphics
    go away like they should.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553213097960034
    He Only Has Two Balls
    Jugglers. They only juggle two balls. Not three. Just sayin. And if you record
    it and slow it down you'll see that what they do with their balls is totally
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553217449724530
    More Flame That I Know What To Do With
    I went to the gun shop and it said I had 582/500 Flames. o_O I guess it just
    knows I'm that hot. Wooo!
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553346339548130
    What The Shadow?
    Somehow the moon is bright enough that it can cast shadows that are darker than
    the brightness of car lights. I know what I said. Check it.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553222512111730
    Floating Kneekappers
    Slowly roll your car up to a garage at your crib and get out before it stops
    moving. The car goes away and the kneekappers will be left behind where they
    were - spinning in the air. I did this with the same car two times in a row
    and both sets were still there.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5309553339884389554
    Stuck In Wall
    If you leave the southern hospital and turn left you'll see a parking garage on
    your right. At that intersection you'll find a piece of wall where people will
    sometimes spawn inside of. I've seen it happen four times.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972726993830018
    That Doesn't Fit
    At your Red Light crib there isn't enough room between the top of the chair and
    the bottom of the desk for someone's legs to fit, yet people will sit there all
    the time - half inside the desk.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972739920277474
    Ruckus Reversion
    I take my Ruckus (a car won by completing the Derby events) to a mechanic and
    lower the speed package, then every time I go back to my garage to get it, it
    has changed back to the "best" setting, which I don't like.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972911624807586
    That's It, Folks!
    At a total play time of 291:17:53 I stopped receiving the messages saying
    "Press A to pick up %", and stranger still, I played several hours since then,
    but the timer does not increase when I save my game. It only says 291:16 or
    291:17. It toggles between the two randomly. I ejected the disc and restarted
    the game and sadly the idiot messages are back. The timer in Statistics says
    291:19:31, but when I save it still displays 291:17 with the save.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310972917373154082
    Motion Triggered Lights
    There's a building in Ezpata, Barrio District where the lights around a
    building won't come on until you walk up to the door. They go off again when
    you walk away.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5322795401376230898
    [SEC06]                                                                    Tips
    Move B, Get Out The Way
    While riding in the oncoming lane your car horn acts like a police siren,
    moving people out of your path.
    Easy Money Early
    1) Go to the Chop Shop Activity in Sommerset, Apartments District and start
    the Activity there. Among others, this will add the Swindle (Jeep) to your
    wanted list.
    2) Go to the Chop Shop Activity in Charlestown, Docks Warehouses District.
    Start the Activity then start a war with the (red) Brotherhood guys. The
    jeeps they drive are Swindles. Stand in front of the Chop Shop and they'll
    just keep coming directly to you, usually two at a time.
    You can also try to do this with Police cars, but it's not nearly as effective
    because once you deliver a Police car, your wanted level will be completely
    removed. Whereas delivering a car does nothing to your gang meter. All you
    have to do is stand there & shoot them in the face while they drive up to you.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5300654684895332930
    Infinite Weapons
    I started a Mayhem Activity and at level 3 it gave me an array of infinite
    weapons including grenades and an RPG. It asked me to report to a district,
    but instead I stayed outside of that district and the timer never started
    so I was free to go anywhere else and keep my infinite weapons. I ended up
    on my very first Police chase with maximum stars and it lasted for over
    30 minutes. Personally, I don't think I'm going to intentionally complete
    that mission.
    Max Highest Police Notoriety Duration
    The stat is called "Longest streak at highest police notoriety" (second page
    of Statistics under the Info menu). Do the Infinite Weapons trick I wrote
    about above and go to your Red light Loft crib in Prawn Court, Red Light
    District. Stay inside and trigger the RPG until you max the time or become
    insanely bored.
    No Hassle Tagging / Get Out Of Jail Free Card
    Get an Ambulance, find a tag, start the Ambulance mission, jump out and
    complete the tag before the timer expires in 30 seconds. When the timer
    expires and it tells you that you've failed to return to the Ambulance it will
    remove all of your police and gang notoriety. I haven't tried this trick on a
    taxi, but it may work too.
    Wishin I Was Living Like A Hitman
    Face down in the guarantees... When you kill a Hitman target, revive them with
    the Shock Paddles. Then kill them again - as many times as you want. When
    they're reborn they won't want to fight until you attack them.
    Benefits Include:
    - Cops will not bother you for fighting, shooting, burning, etc. these people.
    - Follow them around a little you'll be able to hear more of their dialog.
    - They are more resilient than normal pedestrians. If you like fist fighting
    in the streets you'll have a lot of fun because you'll need to put them down
    about five times before reviving them again.
    4-Wheeling Mall Cop Chase
    If you go to the "underground" mall (near your Penthouse Loft Crib) you'll
    find a Toad (the 4-wheeler) parked somewhere inside. Cause some trouble until
    you have police notoriety. Now jump on the Toad, drive through the mall and a
    copy will chase you while riding another Toad. He'll follow you all over the
    place, even if you jump from floor to floor. Once you know the mall layout
    pretty well, it's fun to use the reverse camera angle and watch them launch
    stairs and run over people.
    Grab That Traffic Sign
    You may have noticed that some traffic signs (like Interstates) won't give
    you the option to pick them up. Well, if you kick them over first you can.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5322795399280285570
    Get 3 Homies Early
    Start the Snatch game and you'll be given the ability to recruit 3 homies.
    Don't go to the designated district and the timer won't start. You'll be free
    to go everywhere else and enjoy having company.
    Female Homies
    Over 100 hours playing and I've never seen female homies in my cribs. It's
    always been guys. Until yesterday. I was out somewhere, randomly saw a lady
    gangsta and recruited her. We went back to my Red Light crib to change outfits
    and grab a different ride, and there were only women in my house. Then I took
    her to my Downtown Loft and it was full of women as well. I don't know if
    that's old news, but I thought it was really cool. I just hope they don't
    change back to guys anytime soon.
    Update: Me and the little lady got into a fight and I had to silence her. When
    I went back to my cribs they were full of guys again. :,( The cribs feel so
    much different when they're full of girls instead of guys.
    Update: My Downtown crib was full of ladies. I dismissed the one that I had
    following me around, walked up the stairs, immediately turned around and went
    back down and it was full of guys again. :,( I really wish that was a setting
    you could choose or at least mix it up. Why does it have to be guys all the
    Back Alley Shortcut
    Behind the On Thin Ice jewelry store in Nob Hill, High End Retail District
    there is a n L shaped alley. People will drive off of the main roads through
    this alleyway. In the corner there are usually a few pedestrians standing
    around that always get themselves run over.
    Hidden Music Stations
    Thanks to UrielsJudgement for helping me find this one. Go to a Rusty's
    Needle (tattoo parlor), turn up the Music volume and turn down the SFX and
    Voice. You'll hear several unique Instrumental Metal songs. As well, each shop
    type has it's own playlist of somewhere around seven songs. The Image As
    Designed radio's DJ actually breaks between songs now and then to say,
    "WDIAF, musically enhancing your shopping experience." WDIAF, the stations
    call letters, is also an acronym for "will do in a few" - as in a response to
    a request. Here are a few stations that I've noticed.
       Brass Knuckles - Bluegrass
       Cooks Night Clubs - Industrial Techno
       Rusty's Needle - Instrumental Heavy Metal
       Impressions - Bossa Nova Jazz
       Image As Designed - Light Jazz
       On Thin Ice - Light Jazz
    Other Inside Locations:
       Stilwater Science Center - Melodic New Age (can be heard inside and outside)
     There are also some other outside locations that play music. Strausners and
       Plondort & Associates Inc. in the Plondort Plaza in Ultor Dome, Arena
       District are two that come to mind. Play the game for a while with just
       the Music volume on, or go to a store and let it play in the background
       while you do things around your room/house.
    Super Easy 3 Gold on 2-Wheels
    Hydraulics + Cruise Control (at a low speed) + Rotate the right stick. You can
    get 3 Gold, 3 times in 1 minute this way without a problem.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX8TguMUiUY
    Unlimited Stat: Vehicles Destroyed
    Start a Mayhem and do not report to the district is specifies. Instead go to
    your Downtown Loft Crib in Adept Way. Walk up the steps to the door and turn
    around. Arm yourself with the provided infinite rocket launcher. Crouch and
    zoom-in your aim. Slowly walk down the steps with your right shoulder to the
    wall. Stop as soon as you have a clear shot on the vehicle in the middle of
    the parking lot across the street. It rarely happens, but if there isn't one
    there, look away for a moment them look back. When you see it, shoot it. It
    will explode and another will almost immediately be respawned in it's place.
    It happens so fast that you can continually fire rockets and every one of
    them will hit a new car. Every once in a while it'll change to motorcycles,
    which are only slightly harder to hit at that distance. The cops and feds
    will surely not like what you're doing, so let them know how you feel when
    they pull right up to you. You can camp in that spot forever and just go
    crazy - back and forth between the cops and the unlimited cars across the
    street. If you happen to still have gangs, the yellow people may get
    involved in the fight too. They like to hang out in that particular lot.
    Empty The Streets, This Is My Parade!
    Want to drive anywhere on the map and never have to worry about cars, cops,
    gangs, anything? Start a place based race and don't go though the checkpoints.
    You won't be able to leave your vehicle (for long), or use weapons (not even
    your fists), but the whole world is empty and open for speeding around. You
    will see cars in the distance and some people are around. All of the
    Airplane, Helicopter, and Water races are timed, but that doesn't matter
    because we're talking about empty streets. ;) These are the few places where
    you can go to start this, and the default vehicles (you can take your own):
    - Bike -
    Kenshin: North Island, Trailer Park, Elysian Fields (South)
    Kenshin: North Island, Hotels & Marina, Stilwater Boardwalk (North)
    Kenshin: Airport, Huntersfield
    - Car -
    Cosmos: Small Island, Nuclear Power Plant, Stilwater Nuclear
    Go!: North Island, Museum, Amberbrook (North)
    Magma: North Island, Suburbs, Misty Lane
    Phoenix: North Island, Downtown District, Union Square
    Venom Classic: South Island, Saint's Row, Mission Beach
    Zenith: North Island, Trailer Park, Elysian Fields (North)
    Hold That Thought
    Pause your game in the middle of doing something crazy like firing a rocket at
    an unsuspecting police officer, dropping a grenade at your own feet, jumping
    off of a cliff, or flying straight toward the ground. Do this every time you
    walk away from the game and when you come back, well, it's a great way to
    get you started again.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5310973034282038338
    [SEC07]                                     Pedestrians - Scripted / Performing
    Steel Drums
    I just watched a Samedi lady play steel drums under the train rail beside the
    On The Rag clothing store in Prawn Couth, Red Light District. She played two
    different songs.
    I recorded 3 Steel drum songs being played by a Samedi woman and put them
    together into a little concert. You can find her playing under the train rail
    beside the On The Rag clothing store in Prawn Court, Red Light District.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seE5xq28GDc
    In the "underground" mall across the street from the Penthouse Loft Crib in
    Tidal Spring, Suburbs District. I took the elevator down into the mall and
    as I turned the corner there he was. I noticed that he was only juggling
    two balls.
    - One location is at Elysian Fields, Trailer Park District.
    Image: http://picasaweb.google.com/veronicablush/SaintsRow2#5312946903493395282
    Breath Of Fire
    I've seen a guy blowing fire. I can't remember exactly where he was, but I know
    it was near water, on a dock somewhere.
    Burry The Evidence
    I was searching around houses for Tags in Misty Lane, Suburbs District, just
    East of the On The Rag clothing store. There was a guy on his hands and knees
    in his yard, feverously digging and making motions like he was putting
    something into the ground.
    Watering Bushes
    Just West of the On Thin Ice jewelry store in Nob Hill, High End Retail
    District you'll find what looks like a green square on the map. On the West
    side of that square I've seen someone watering bushes.
    Dancing In Public
    Just north of the previous person is someone who dances. I've also seen
    pedestrian dancing in Amberbrook, Museum District.
    There's a Dancer at the top of the steps of the Chauvenet building on
    the west side of Harrowgate, Saint's Row District.
    Better Life
    This person hands out flyers that say "Better Life! Join Ultor". I've seen
    them pretty much everywhere, but for an example you can find one at the
    bottom of the steps of the Chauvenet building on the west side of Harrowgate,
    Saint's Row District.
    There are groups of four people at a time doing yoga moves. The first time I
    saw them they were in Imperial Square, Chinatown District. I've also seen them
    on campus at Stilwater University and some other place I can't remember
    Dice Game
    I've seen these frequently around Little Shanghai, Chinatown District in
    alleys. There's even one that starts outside of your Downtown Loft crib in
    Adept Way, Downtown District near your garage.
    Most popular around the Stilwater University campus area. I've also seen them
    in both of the Museum Districts, and in both of the Hotels & Marin a Districts.
    I don't think I've ever seen one on the southern island.
    I think I've seen a flasher before, but I'm not sure. I definitely haven't seen
    one more than once.
    He says, "I spit like a Cobra, b, I'm super nova. You still in sub light, when
    this big banger blows ya." and "I'll off ya like Hoffa, throw you're corpse in
    the trash, then I'll sing." I've seen this person behind my University Loft
    crib in Frat Row, Stilwater University District, and somewhere in either the
    Red Light or Projects Districts.
    Stop The Violence
    A person carrying a big sign that says "Stop The Violence" can be found
    somewhere in either the Red Light or Projects Districts, and I think I've seen
    them in the Docks & Warehouses Districts too.
    Acoustic Guitar Player
    They only play one song that I've heard, and it's always been a male. I've seen
    them everywhere from Ezpata, Barrio District to the University area.
    Sun Watchers
    Sometimes you'll pass individuals walking on the street and they'll be looking
    upwards. hen you first see them, look where they're looking and you'll see the
    Found behind your Saints Row Mega Condo and near the mall.
    Barbershop Quartet
    Found around the University areas and I've seen them around docks. Also seen
    in Misty Lane, Suburbs area.
    Construction Workers
    They'll block the road when you least expect it.
    [SEC08]                                                                    Maps
    Maps included are:
        Large Blank Stilwater Map
        Stilwater Phantom Caverns
        The Pyramid
        Underground Water Paths
        Race Types and Locations
        Enterable Buildings, etc.
    [SEC09]                                                Improvised Melee Weapons
    The things I've seen that you can pick up, swing, and throw at people.
    For the most up-to-date copy of this list:
    145 Items
    Bar Stool, Normal Black
    Bar Stool, Normal Red
    Bar Stool, Step Ladder
    Barrel, 3/4's of a Wood Barrel
    Barrel, Metal Dark Blue
    Barrel, Metal Dark Brown, Bio Fertilizer Logo
    Barrel, Metal Dark Red, No Top
    Barrel, Metal Dark White, Explosives Logo
    Barrel, Metal Dark White, Flammable Logo
    Barrel, Metal Dark Yellow, No Top
    Barrel, Metal Silver (slightly shorter)
    Blow Up Doll, Legs Bent
    Blow Up Doll, Legs Straight
    Bottle, Green Large Round
    Bottle, Black Square
    Brick, Masonry
    Bucket, Black Square
    Bucket, Paint with orange lid
    Bucket, Paint with no lid
    Can, Soda
    Can, Blue Recycling Waste Basket
    Cardboard Box, Flat Open
    Cardboard Box, Small Fragile
    Case, Riffle Storage
    Case, Handgun Storage
    Cash Register
    Chair, Dark Wood
    Chair, Leather with legs
    Chair, Leather with rollers
    Chair, Light Wood
    Chair, Metal Wire Bar Stool
    Chair, Plastic with legs, Black
    Chair, Plastic with legs, Green Circular
    Chair, Plastic with legs, Green Lawn
    Chair, Plastic with legs, Orange
    Chair, Plastic with legs, Yellow
    Chair, Plastic with legs, White
    Chair, Plastic with rollers, office
    Chair, Red Short Back, White Legs
    Chair, Whicker
    Coffee Maker
    Crate, Red Small
    Desk Lamp, Cheap
    Desk Lamp, Elegant
    Desk Lamp, Small Red Shade
    Drug Tank
    Drugs, White Brick
    Electric Guitar
    EQ Machine
    Fire Hydrant
    Ice Cooler
    Jar, Small Crossbones and Danger Label
    Jar, Large HCL + H20 Label
    Keyboard, Computer
    Keyboard, Music Standard
    Keyboard, Music with Speakers
    Lamp, Floor-standing 2 Lights
    Lawn Gnome
    Life Preserver
    Light Post
    Lobster Trap
    Mailbox, 1 Slot Gray
    Mailbox, 1 Slot Green
    Mailbox, 1 Slot White with Flower Box
    Mailbox, 16 Slots
    Monitor, Computer
    News Stand, Large Red Po Street Journal
    News Stand, Large Blue Sunny Herald
    News Stand, Large Yellow Sunny Herald
    News Stand, Small Green Daily Omen
    News Stand, Small Red Daily Sports News
    Paint Thinner
    Parking Meter, 1 Meter
    Parking Meter, 2 Meters
    Pay Phone
    Pizza Box
    Propane Tank
    Scale, Black
    Scale, Silver
    Scale, Silver Mini
    Shopping Cart
    Speaker, Tall on Pole
    Step Ladder
    Stop Sign
    Traffic Cone
    Traffic Sign, Bus Stop
    Traffic Sign, Interstate 295
    Traffic Sign, Interstate 395
    Traffic Sign, No Parking 6:30P-5:30A
    Traffic Sign, One Way
    Traffic Sign, Pedestrian Crossing
    Traffic Sign, Speed Limit 10
    Traffic Sign, Speed Limit 35
    Traffic Sign, Speed Limit 55
    Traffic Sign, Wrong Way
    Traffic Sign, Yield
    Trash Bag, Black
    Trash Bag, White
    Trash Can, Dark Blue
    Trash Can, Dark Green
    Trash Can, Silver Loose Lid
    Trash Can, Small Waste Basket
    Trash, Milk Carton
    Trash, Newspaper
    Trash, Small Brown Bottle
    Trash, Small Green Bottle
    Trash, Soda Can (not the same item as Can, Soda)
    TV, Medium Black
    TV, Medium Wooden Broken
    TV, Small Light Gray
    Twelve Pack, Ice Cold Beer
    Weed Brick
    Wheel Rim
    Wine Bottle
    Wood Barrel
    Wrench, Normal Open Ended
    Wrench, Normal One Closed End
    Wrench, X-Shaped (Lug)
    [SEC10]                                                         Buying Vehicles
    There are 3 shop types: Car, Bike, Boat. The same vehicles are sold at each
    location type so you can go to any one of them. The shops are marked on the
    map with a Key icon.
    Why Buy A Vehicle?
    All purchasable vehicles can be found on the streets of Stilwater. Nothing is
    unique or special about any of them. The only reasons you may want to buy
    vehicles is to increase your style points faster (which helps you earn respect
    to be able to play more missions), or if you just have the cash to spend and
    really don't feel like looking for a specific car.
    Style Points:
    The points you will receive are always the price with the last zero removed.
    For instance if you purchase a Miami you will get 1,500 style points.
    A Kenshin will give you 1,750. etc.
    =-= Shop: Foreign Power (Cars) =-=
    - Misty Lane, Suburbs District
    - Ultor Dome, Arena District
    - Harrowgate, Saint's Row District
    - $20,000 Phoenix
    - $20,000 Vortex
    - $30,000 Magma
    - $40,000 Attrazione
    - $50,000 Zenith
    - $60,000 Bezier
    - $60,000 Superiore
    =-= Shop: Cycles (Motorcycles) =-=
    - Misty Lane, Suburbs District
    - Amberbrook, Museum District
    - Ultor Dome, Arena District
    - $15,000 Tetsuo
    - $17,500 Kenshin
    - $10,000 Melbourne
    =-= Shop: Ship It (Watercraft) =-=
    - Misty Lane, Suburbs District
    - Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District
    - $15,000 Miami
    - $20,000 Python
    - $07,500 Shark
    [SEC11]                                                             Helicopters
    D-Stroy (UFO) (Harmless Code: #728237)
    Gyro Daddy (Harmless Code: #4976)
    Horizon back middle of airport
    Horizon (Medic) After Mission: Visiting Hours
    Oppressor (Brotherhood) In Mission: The Enemy Of My Enemy
    Oppressor (News) After Mission: Airborne Assault
    Oppressor (Police) back middle of airport
    Oppressor (Saints) Bronze 3 Heli Races
    Oppressor (Samedi) Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs
    Thompson airport helipad & in crib hangar
    Tornado (Ronin) Stronghold: Humbolt Park Science Museum
    Tornado (Standard) After Mission: And a Better Life
    Tornado (Ultor) In Mission: And a Better Life
    Tornado (SWAT) At police helipad in Saints Row after Game Over
    D-Stroy (UFO) & Gyro Daddy codes will stay in your phone forever once you enter
    them. They do not effect your ability to obtain Achievements.
    3 Helicopter races = Saints Oppressor
    "Saints" models are unlocked by getting at least Bronze in all races of
    that type.
    - Museum, Humbolt Park
    - Downtown District, Brighton
    - Saint's Row, Athos Bay
    Cribs with helipads
    - Hotel Penthouse, Huntersfield, Airport
    - Penthouse Loft, Tidal Spring, Suburbs
    - SR Mega Condo, Athos Bay, Saints Row
    The News Oppressor, and the Medic Horizon, will be in your garage after their
    missions (listed above).
    After you have unlocked the Medic Horizon it will randomly spawn at the airport
    You can find the Thompson randomly spawning at the airport helipads and inside
    of the Wardill Airport Hanger Crib.
    There is no standard Oppressor in the game.
    The standard Horizon has a few variations and appears at random near the back
    of the airport.
    Police Oppressors can also be found at the back of the airport, at the police
    station in south Saints Row on the roof helipad, and on the helipad at the top
    of the prison island.
    You are given a standard Tornado after the mission "And a Better Life". It has
    infinite ammo for a machine gun and auto-lock missiles. It's the same kind you
    fly in the Heli Assault Activity. SWAT and Ultor Tornado's have to be found as
    stated above. They're not auto-inserted into your garage at any point. When
    you play the "And A Better Life" mission and are given the Ultor version to
    fly - cancel the mission (press down twice on the d-pad) once you're in it and
    take it back to a helipad to save it. If you've already completed the
    "And A Better Life" mission the only way to get an Ultor Tornado is to keep
    checking the helipad at the police station in southern Saints Row.
    The Samedi Oppressor and Ronin Tornado would be incredibly difficult, if not
    impossible to obtain. I only mentioned these variants because they do exist
    in the game.
    I've read a lot of people saying that they have successfully parachuted onto
    the tops of helicopters and pressed Y to enter the vehicle. I've never been
    able to do it, but you can always try.
    Special thanks to Marquitos for help with the SWAT/Ultor heli. He also adds:
    "The Tornado that appears in the Ronin stronghold is not a special Ronin
    Tornado (with decals or other decorations), simply a very yellow one. I suppose
    that if you obtain enough Tornados with the cheat, you'll eventually get one of
    [SEC12]                                                               Blue Hell
    Blue Hell at Penthouse Crib
    Go through the roof access door and slowly walk straight off the edge in front
    of you. It will be a rounded corner and you'll land on a squared ledge below
    you. Turn around and walk to the building and you'll find out that you can see
    through the windows into the upper level of your Penthouse Crib. While standing
    on this ledge you'll also be able to hear everyone inside. While standing under
    the circular ledge you'll be able to look out at the world and see Blue Hell.
    All pedestrians, vehicles and light sources, will remain. As well as the very
    far background and the sky/weather. But everything else will be gone. Walking
    around the side of building, you'll find a small ledge. Follow that to it's
    end and you'll be able to see into the lower level of your crib. Getting down
    without dying is possible (and I included it on the video), but you may find
    it easier and more amusing to just jump when you're finished looking around.
    There's a hospital close by.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldvo7fzjM9Q
    Blue Hell Entrance - Downtown Loft
    Exploration Video:
    I found my bike stuck in the floor, so I started recording.
    I had no idea what I was about to discover.
      Instructional Video:
    I decided to go back and try to make it happen. I ended up doing it three times
    in a row with different bikes. So I think it's safe to say it can be done by
    anyone every single time.
        Downtown Loft Crib
        Adept Way, Downtown District
      What you can see:
    You will have access to the inside of the inside of that building - all levels
    of the crib and the space below the crib interior. You can work your way down
    and explore everything you can see from there.
      How to do it:
    This will sound crazy, but that's why I recorded the videos. Set your crib
    style to Ultra Modern. Take a motorcycle (I used the Kenshin and the Tetsuo,
    preferring the Kenshin.) to the top level and turn around near where you
    change clothes. Align yourself diagonally to the right so that when you take
    off you will go between the radio on the left and your bed on the right.
    Before you start, be sure to shoot any homies that are going to be in your way.
    You want to simply accelerate until you hit the rail. You will fly from the
    bike and land on the 1st level. Sprint upstairs and you will find that your bike
    is not exactly where you left it and it's now partially planted in the ground.
    Get on the bike and you should be instantly transported into the space above
    the top level of your crib. If you are not, alternate between the gas and
    reverse buttons and soon you and your bike will be inside, and above. You can
    jump down to above the main crib floor, to the entrance walkway, or down to
    the ground level. The lowest ground level is solid. And there is a partially
    solid exterior wall on the southwest where the camera and your character can
    partially move outside of the wall. To exit the area you'll have to suicide
    or save/load.
    Blue Hell - Red Light Crib
    I've been able to warp myself into blue hell again. This time it's by riding
    a bike onto the pimp bed in the Red Light crib. It's not nearly as easy as the
    last one. Your bike doesn't want to stay on the bed and will often become
    attached to the wall. I eventually took both a Kenshin and a Tetsuo into the
    crib and ended up getting it to happen about three times in 9 minutes.
    [SEC13]                                           Character Creation - Agent 47
    Presets: Male, Caucasian, Athletic, Middle Aged
    ^This will give you the Body, Nose, Eyes, and Ears you want.
    Crown: 59, 74, 73, 64, 77, 89
    Forehead: 81, 55, 56
    Brow: 56, 74, 76, 25, 78, 48
    Eye Color: Dark Brown (2nd row, 2nd column)
    Cheekbones: 6336, 89, 86, 69, 77, 35, 57, 82, 43, 64, 65, 24
    Mouth: 44, 64, 38, 46, 77, 51, 69, 66, 61, 60, 50, 62, 52, 35, 50
    Chin: 59, 80, 47, 15, 43, 40, 79, 92
    Jaw: 50, 74, 56
    Head: None
    Head Hair Primary Color: Black (1st row, 1st column)
    Eyebrows: Hairy
    (Optional) Personality \ Facial Expression: Disgusted
    -=- Optional Clothing Ideas -=-
    Go to any Impressions and buy these things:
    Long Sleeve Button Shirt
    - Color: White, Brotherhood Bright Red, Black
    - Style: Striped Tie
    - Wear Options: Open
    Men's Two Button Business Jacket
    - Color: Black, Black, Black
    - Style: Plaid
    - Wear Options: Open
    Men's Pleated Dress Slacks
    - Color: Black, Black, Black
    - Style: Plain
    Rectangular Belt 1
    - Color: Black
    - Style: Silver
    Then go to any Sloppy Seconds to buy these:
    Basic Tee
    - Color: White, White, White
    - Wear Options: Tucked
    Short Socks
    - Color: Black, Red, Black
    Men's Tightie Whities
    - Color: Black, Red, Black
    And finally to any Branded store to grab:
    Worker Boots
    - Color: Black, Charcoal, Slate Gray
    - Style: Leather
    [SEC14]                       Character Creation - Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead 2)
    I made the younger version from Evil Dead 2.
    Photo of completed character:
    Male, Caucasian, Athletic, Young
    25, 55, 30, 10
    Skin: Pale White (3rd Row, 1st Column)
    Crown: 94, 89, 69, 69, 29, 84
    Forehead: 73, 84, 60
    Brow: 50, 75, 50, 29, 50, 50
    Eyes: 42, 31, 44, 19, 38, 0, 46, 29, 54, 0
    Eye Color: Dark Brown (2nd Row, 2nd Column)
    Ears: 71, 43, 67, 69, 65, 80, 32, 94, 62, 72, 98, 53, 30, 0
    Cheekbones: 87, 71, 77, 83, 49, 85, 59, 67, 75, 30, 44, 60, 53
    Nose: 13, 71, 28, 13, 35, 59, 65, 12, 44, 54, 20, 0, 21, 56, 49, 87, 6, 84, 42
    Mouth: 29, 67, 31, 62, 12, 64, 22, 72, 20, 71, 25, 44, 55, 76, 62
    Chin: 59, 79, 59, 84, 23, 27, 60, 100
    Jaw: 72, 28, 13
    Primary & Secondary & Facial Color: Black (1st Row, 1st Column)
    Head: Messy
    Sideburns: Pointy
    Eyebrows: Hairy and Sad
    -=- Optional Clothing Ideas -=-
    Go to any Impressions and buy these things:
    Long Sleeve Button Shirt
    - Colors: Midnight Blue
    - Style: Plain
    - Wear Options: Open
    Rectangular Belt 1
    - Color: Black
    - Style: Steel
    Then go to any Sloppy Seconds to buy these:
    Men's Tank Top 1
    - Colors: White
    - Style: Dirty
    - Wear Options: Tucked
    Men's Jeans 1
    - Color: Black, Bistre, Brown
    - Style: Stone Washed
    And finally to any Branded store to grab:
    Worker Boots
    - Color: Black, Charcoal, Slate Gray
    - Style: Leather
    [SEC15]                                            Fun Things To Do When Bored?
    Everyone eventually asks, "What do I do now?" I thought this could be fun for
    those that have done everything already, or if you're just wanting a break
    from the main story. Here are a few inventive ways I entertained myself
    between finding my "bits", making FAQs, and goofing off. Hopefully you'll find
    some fun in them.
    Several enthusiastic people have more than doubled the list I'm including
    below. Their talent can be seen at:
    Basic Thieving Guidelines
    Once you have the item in your hands you must use that item to kill every
    pedestrian, gang member, police officer, and pimp that you see as you make
    your way to the specified location. Vehicles are not allowed. Sprinting is
    allowed. If someone runs away from you, you do not have to chase them.
    Mission 1 - Thieving - Club Koi
    Take the Electric Guitar, Turntable, EQ Machine, or Keyboard from Club Koi,
    Red Light District to your University Loft on Frat Row. Basic Thieving
    Guidelines apply. When you arrive at your destination you may enter and
    recruit homies if you wish.
    Mission 2 - Thieving - Ghettoblaster
    Take a Boombox from an airport guard shack to your Red Light Loft in Prawn
    Court. Basic Thieving Guidelines apply. When you arrive at your destination
    you may enter and recruit homies if you wish.
    Mission 3 - Thieving - Donnie's Dolls
    Take a blow-up doll from Donnie's Garage (just north of Rim Jobs in Little
    Shanghai, Chinatown) to your Red Light Loft in Prawn Court. Basic Thieving
    Guidelines apply. When you arrive at your destination you may enter and
    recruit homies if you wish.
    Mission 4 - In Your Face!
    Complete 20 muggings while standing in front of a Police station or
    Mission 5 - Bar Fight!
    Take as many homies as you can with you to Club Koi in the Red Light
    District. Reviving homies is not allowed during this mission. Walk up the
    stairs to your right, grab a bar stool and throw it at someone to start a
    brawl. You may not use any weapons besides your fists and bar stools.
    Throwing bar stools or people is allowed. Killing staff members is a bonus.
    Try to get your police notoriety as high as possible. When all of the
    stools have disappeared, open the doors and enter the next room to continue
    the brawl. When those stools are gone you are free to leave the club and
    deal with the cops as you wish.
    Mission 6 - Kidnapping - The Interrogation
    There is a police officer that has some information you need. This punk is a
    tough one though and it's not going to be easy to get it out of him. At sunset
    he leaves work and you'll definitely find him somewhere near the Brown Baggers
    Liquor store in Poseidon Alley, Docks & Warehouse District. You'll know him
    when you see him. Take him to the warehouse in southwest Stoughton and do your
    thing. There are several melee objects you can use there and I know that guy
    is scared of heights. Once he gives you the information you can "let" him fall.
    Remember to use the Shock Paddles to keep him alive as long as needed.
    (You receive those after Ambulance Level 10).
    Mission 7 - Kidnapping - Stop The Hype
    A redneck named Jim Billy has some dirt on you and he's going to expose you
    if you don't pay him. I've just been informed that right now he's in the
    passenger seat of a Peterliner on Interstate 398. Go there as fast as you can
    and start hijacking big trucks until you find him. You'll know him when you
    see him because he'll be acting like a hostage. Evade the police as best you
    can and make your way to the Filmore, Downtown exit. From there head west to
    your Downtown Loft and take him inside for your homies to enjoy.
    Mission 8 - Combined Fun
    Complete 40 kills while driving the Kent in the Saints Row District. Weapons
    are allowed and encouraged. Especially grenades.
    Mission 9 - The Nude Loop
    Remove all clothing, equip yourself with a Samurai Sword, grab the motorcycle
    of your choice and drive to the nearest Interstate 389 access ramp. That's your
    turning point for this mission. Travel counter clockwise from that point back
    to that point, then reverse and go the other way until you reach it again, etc.
    Take out as may vehicles and sign posts as possible along the way. Once you've
    made the loop at least 3 times and back, cause a traffic jam by parking your
    bike in the middle of a lane. Again, take out as many vehicles as possible.
    Most of the people won't even run away until it's on fire.
    Mission 10 - Dark Days
    While wearing the Construction outfit you must kill 50 people in the Phantom
    Caverns. (Located in Spelunkers Clothing in Black Bottom, Factories District.)
    The only weapons you may use are your fists and anything you can find inside
    the caverns to pick up.
    Mission 11 - Heli-Smash
    Land your favorite helicopter on 5 normal people. It only counts if they die.
    Then land on 2 gang members. Pimps do not count. And finally land on 1 police
    officer. This must be done in one run. You're counts reset if the heli

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