Review by DynoDuck2008

"You may think its just a GTA rip off, but I think its AWESOME!"

This game leaves off from the first one, when you get blown up on a boat and go in a coma for five years. You find out your gang called "3rd Street Saints" is no longer around, and you reform it with some old and new friends.

You can make your own character,guy or girl, choose how he/she walks, talks, and much, much, more! There are lots of cars,some boats and airplanes also, and you can change the cars and motorcycles, but thats it. Some things you can change is color, bumpers, roofs, and wheels. You mostly are taking down other gangs, so lots of shooting. Also you do these "mini games" to get respect. You need respect to play missions and strong holds that will bring you closer in the game to the end.Now you can do some silly stuff also, like dressing in a a hot dog suit or a ninja or clown. You use you money for clothes, guns, maybe cars and medical bill when you lost all your health and don't forget food and when you want to change your character. You can select how hard the game is from easy to hard.Think of the game like a GTA should know.

Now the look of the game is okay, not the best ever, but its still good. the waters very realistic. also the rain. Trust me, you'll like it. Better then every GTA but GTA 4 (By the way GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, just in case you did not know that)

Now the controlls are hard to get use to at first, but at one point its not too hard any more. it will be as easy as pie! Mmm... pie... Okay, so anyway don't worry about the controlls too much.

this game is best to be bought, if you rent it, you'll be sorry you didn't buy it first. you will be playing this game for at lease a month!

Now this games M for mature, because you kill people and smoke and drink and theres strip clubs, but also because you can run around naked...eww. So if your under 17 its a good idea to not get the game.

There might be a annoying glich every once in a while, but not all the time, but they are mostly bad ones. There aren't many games without gliches, so don't don't think its just this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/14/08

Game Release: Saints Row 2 (US, 10/14/08)

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