Review by Metal_boy_86

"This makes GTA 4 look like trash."

This is one of the best free style games I have ever played. Before this game came out I was stuck playing the god awful GTA 4.

I found that the story was well put together. I find that most stories are best set in a fictional place. And Liberty City is supposed to be NYC, well they got the realism right. You get stuck in traffic most of the time you drive. Gamers in my opinion play games to get away from realism.

What really got my attention was the fact that I no longer have to be stuck as a stupid character, like the one's GTA creators pulled out of there asses. And that I can make my own hero. From race, gender, voice, clothing, tattoos, hairstyles, fighting styles. I find that creating your own character to be the future of gaming. Not to mention that all the characters look alot better in Saints then the goofy looking ones in GTA 4. Because I don't find anything to relate to Niko .

The control of the game is smooth and simple and makes it fun. Whereas in GTA 4 you can't even walk smoothly. It always frustrated me that if your chasing someone in GTA 4, that it's so easy for you to skid off the road and/or flipping the car over. That hardly happens in Saints.

The city of Stillwater is more fun then Liberty City. And this is coming from a guy who lives in NYC. The vehicles you can steal and customize and best of all, keep. Also the weapons are just as fun as the vehicles. The choice of weapons is awesome. From the katana to the annihilator.

The missions are awesome. They're fun, exciting and non frustrating. If you fail a mission at a certain point you can go back to a checkpoint, not like GTA 4. And if you like the missions as much as I do, you can replay them as much as you like to. And the activities are just as fun as the missions. My favorite activity is the Fight Club activity.

The only flaw in my opinion is that I wish that you can wear tactical clothing. I thoght it was unfair that the bodyguards wore that outfit But your character couldn't. Don't get me wrong that clothing choices are great. I'm just suggesting that you have the choice to wear tactical clothing in the next one. Hopefully that will be a new feature in the sequel. But apart from that one suggestion, that's it. All in all a great game. Can't wait for Saints Row 3.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/05/09

Game Release: Saints Row 2 (US, 10/14/08)

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