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    Blue Mini Kit Guide by Neutropia

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 01/22/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =========================LEGO STAR WARS: COMPLETE SAGA=========================
    =========================BLUE MINI KIT CHALLENGE GUIDE=========================
    =========================By Daniel "Neutropia" Ratliff=========================
    ============================Version 1.03 - 08/29/08============================
    INTRODUCTION            - INTROD
    F.A.Q.'s                - FAQS00
    QUICK TIPS              - TIPSES
      EPISODE 1 - Chapter 1 - EP1CH1
                  Chapter 2 - EP1CH2
                  Chapter 3 - EP1CH3
                  Chapter 4 - EP1CH4
                  Chapter 5 - EP1CH5
                  Chapter 6 - EP1CH6
      EPISODE 2 - Chapter 1 - EP2CH1
                  Chapter 2 - EP2CH2
                  Chapter 3 - EP2CH3
                  Chapter 4 - EP2CH4
                  Chapter 5 - EP2CH5
                  Chapter 6 - EP2CH6
      EPISODE 3 - Chapter 1 - EP3CH1
                  Chapter 2 - EP3CH2
                  Chapter 3 - EP3CH3
                  Chapter 4 - EP3CH4
                  Chapter 5 - EP3CH5
                  Chapter 6 - EP3CH6
      EPISODE 4 - Chapter 1 - EP4CH1
                  Chapter 2 - EP4CH2
                  Chapter 3 - EP4CH3
                  Chapter 4 - EP4CH4
                  Chapter 5 - EP4CH5
                  Chapter 6 - EP4CH6
      EPISODE 5 - Chapter 1 - EP5CH1
                  Chapter 2 - EP5CH2
                  Chapter 3 - EP5CH3
                  Chapter 4 - EP5CH4
                  Chapter 5 - EP5CH5
                  Chapter 6 - EP5CH6
      EPISODE 6 - Chapter 1 - EP6CH1
                  Chapter 2 - EP6CH2
                  Chapter 3 - EP6CH3
                  Chapter 4 - EP6CH4
                  Chapter 5 - EP6CH5
                  Chapter 6 - EP6CH6
      LEGAL STUFF           - LEGALS
    INTRODUCTION                                                             INTROD
    Welcome to my very first guide! So bear with me as I am a complete newbie at
    this. I decided to do this guide for two reasons. The first was I've always
    wanted to do a guide, but there was always one in existence for most of the 
    games I've played, so this was a perfect chance. Second; I was already writing
    down the locations for my own use so I could get 100% in Lego Star Wars, so I
    figured I'd share it with the world.
    PLEASE NOTE: I am a retail employee and as you all know, December is the worst
    month for that profession. Updates will be slow through this month as I play
    through. If I don't finish this guide/game by year's end, January will be
    and easier month and will see the completion of this guide. User submissions
    will greatly help and WILL be noted in this guide.
    I hope you enjoy, I hope I did a good job, and good luck locating all the kits!
    USING THIS GUIDE                                                         USESOF
    This guide gives somewhat detailed descriptions on where to find the Blue Mini
    Kits in the Challenge Mode of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
    The guide is broken up by Episodes and Chapters with listings of the 10 Kits
    in (as close to as I can) the order you find the kits.
    This guide is also written on the assumption you know the levels somewhat well
    and know their layout. Thus I won't be walking through the levels entirely,
    merely the sections of the levels you come to.
    For easier navigating, all chapters and sections are tagged with an "F Search"
    code. To use these, simply highlight the 6 digit code following the section you
    want as listed in the CONTENTS section. Once highlighted, hold the CONTROL key
    and press the C key while holding it. Alternately, you can right click the
    highlighted section and then select COPY. Once copied, hold CONTROL and hit the
    F key to bring up the search menu. Once in this menu, you can either hold
    CONTROL and press the V key, or right click the query box and select PASTE. 
    This will past the 6 digit code you need into the box. Select FIND NEXT and it
    will take you to where those 6 digits appear. It may take you to the contents
    section. If it does, merely click FIND NEXT again and then it should take you
    to the actual section in the walkthrough. Voila! Quick and easy navigation!
    VERSION HISTORY                                                          VERHIS
    Ver. - Changes Made
    1.03 - Added some FAQs
    1.02 - Usage Rights Updated
    1.01 - First FAQ Question Added
         - Usage Rights Updated
    1.00 - Episode 6, Chapters 1-6 Added
         - Guide Content Finished
    0.83 - Episode 5, Chapters 1-6 Added
    0.67 - Episode 4, Chapters 1-6 Added
    0.50 - Episode 3, Chapters 1-6 Added
         - Version History Section Added
    0.33 - Episode 2, Chapters 1-6 Added
    0.17 - Episode 1, Chapters 1-6 Added
    0.01 - Initial Design/Layout Created
         - Basic Intro's Etc. Added
    F.A.Q.'s                                                                 FAQS00
    *Q: How do I get the canister on Episode X Chapter X?
     A: Make sure you read the guide thoroughly. If you just can't find the kit,
        e-mail me at the address below and I'll give you an overly detailed guide
        for that one kit.
    *Q: Are the white canisters and the blue canisters in the same place?
       -Glenn David
     A: Some of them are the same locations, but many are not. I found myself
        looking in places I'd never been before when searching for the White Kits.
    *Q: What is the difference between the blue and white kits?
     A: In short, there's no difference except for color and location in the level.
    *Q: What do you mean by "ghost" characters?
     A: In the Extras Shop, the very last 3 characters you can buy are Anakin 
        Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, & Yoda in their "ghost" form as they appeared
        at the tail end the of Episode VI movie. They'll actually have (ghost) after
        their name and no characters on any maps can see them and act like you're
        not even there making going by unscathed that much easier.
    *Q: I was wondering if your guide for the blue minikits in was for the 360
        version or Wii version.
     A: This guide was made using the Xbox 360 version. I can't say for an absolute
        certainty that it applies for all other systems, however.
    E-Mail all questions to NEUTROPIA@COX.NET
    TIPS AND TRICKS                                                          TIPSES
    Here's some tips to make your Blue Kit Collecting Easier
     * Unlock and use one of the three 'Ghost' characters. They play like normal
       Jedi but are invisible to the enemies and untouchable. This makes life
       infinitely easier with this challenge.
     * Droids are ignored as well. Don't be afraid to switch to a 3P0 or an R2 unit
       The enemy CAN hit you, but won't attempt to kill you intentionally. Only
       crossfire will be a concern.
     * As with the regular kits, the blue kits WILL make the familiar jingling
       noise. If you head the noise, a kit is near.
     * Try to memorize how many toggles it is to your High Jump or any other
       necessary character. This will cut down deaths and also help squeeze out
       some extra second per character switch.
     ** Send in your own tips to neutropia@cox.net **
    EPISODE 1  
    CHAPTER 1                                                                EP1CH1
     1) Immediately head to your left and it's there in plain sight.
     2) Use the force to open the first door and hang the first right. Repair the
        lift on the left, ride it up the few feet, and jump straight up into #2.
     3) Head back out and continue down the main hall. At the end on the left, open
        the door and go directly to your left. It's there behind the two blue pipes
     4) In the main hall again, continue on to the R2 door on the left. Just inside
        in the middle shower is this kit.
     5) In this same room, go to the right and remove the grating on the wall. High
        jump through the opening, then float across the gap. You'll find the kit on
        the near side of the small platform.
     6) Back in the main hall, past the required 3P0 doors, a grate will block your
        path. Use the Force to remove it, and then jump up on the platform this 
        will make. The kit is in the air above you.
     7) Just past this grate in the next area, immediately to the left is an R2
        door on a ledge. Inside, hop in the container to the right to nab this kit.
     8) After exiting this room continue forward (towards the screen) all the way
        to the railing, hop down to collect this one.
     9) Follow the blue force field covered airlock all the way to the right. At
        the end you will see the kit up on the ledge.
    10) Proceed to the back of the hangar. Hop up and over the force-field and then
        go behind the Troop Carrier that exits the level. The last kit is right
        there in the corner.
    CHAPTER 2                                                                EP1CH2
     1) Take the first path that branches off to the right. It's near the tree with
        the bulls eye on it.
     2) Continue down the main path and it's in plain sight, in some flowers,
        before the Troop Carrier blocking the way.
     3) Destroy the Troop Carrier, and past that, it's on the main path on the
        right near the steps.
     4) In the next section, use the force to move the Jar Jar picture that becomes
        the bridge. It's behind the picture.
     5) Begin high jumping onto the platforms that collapse down to ground level.
        The kit will be behind the last pillar, one after the bounty hunter camera.
     6) Just beyond the last kit, up on the ledge where you use the force to turn
        the railing into another platform.
     7) Further on you'll come to a Troop Carrier with a silver engine that a
        bounty hunter can destroy. In the room behind it, it's on the ground behind
        a statue's head.
     8) Just past the Carrier above, use the force to move the engine onto the tree
        Use this to jump up to the kit.
     9) Continue on and hop down to the next level. You'll see a couple brown
        pillars you can use the force to move. It's right behind them.
    10) In the next and final section of this level, it's immediately to the left
        near what I dubbed the "3-Piece Assemblebot"
    CHAPTER 3                                                                EP1CH3
     1) At the very start, there are 4 doors in the background. It will be directly
        behind the 3rd door.
     2) After rappelling up to the second level, it will be visible behind the
        window right near where you land.
     3) At the top level where the Amidala puzzle is located. It will be located in
        the back-right corner behind two metal objects.
     4) After a bit of running, you'll be inside a semi-circle shaped area encased
        in class. Break the glass and hope down to the left. Hover over the gap,
        rappel up a level, and it's on the left near two Droidekas.
     5) Hover back over the gap and follow the bottom level all the way around.
        After the long bend it'll be slightly tucked away on the corner in the left
     6) Continue on until you reach the destroyable "dome" where you can drop down.
        Head away from the screen from where you land and you'll see the blue kit
        (the area is behind the arches)
     7) Just past that one, they'll be some small steps behind you with a rappel
        point. Head up and it'll put you near a small crawlspace. Head in the
        crawlspace, hop up on the barren ledge, and then drop down to the ledge
        with the large glass window. Thermal Detonate the glass and grab the kit
        just behind the panels.
     8) Proceed on to the point with the two lifts and the bulls eyes you must shoot
        to open the door. On the left lift (far side), use your high jumper to
        sort of slide up the last bit of the ledge to the kit. 
     9) In the last part with the 3 "button topped" domes, the first of the two
        kits here will be just left of the first dome near a couple metal objects.
    10) This last one will be at the very far right of the domes on the near side
        of the screen
    CHAPTER 4                                                                EP1CH4
    **Choose the TIE Fighter for this race.**
     1) You'll see one at the start, ignore this for now. The first one will be in
        plain sight before the first booster.
     2) This one will be after the drop down near the pits. It will be on the left
        in between the two sets of them.
     3) Run up the hidden path the TIE Fighter will unlock and pick it up at the
        end of the hill.
     4) In the crystal room, it will be mostly visible next to the 8th crystal.
     5) At the sand people shooting gallery, it will be on the far right side at
        about the middle point of the bend.
     6) In the next part after you go up the little hill it'll be on the right
        under a small archway.
     7) When you go into the narrow crevice-like area, it'll also be in plain sight
     8) At the second set of boosters, it will be just to the left of the middle
        booster. It's small and hard to see before you're right on it.
     9) Now you can get the one you saw at the start as you begin lap 2.
    10) Once you start lap 3 you will veer slightly right and then see this one
        right in the middle of the course.
    CHAPTER 5                                                                EP1CH5
     1) Take the rappel point right near you and hop to the next balcony.
     2) In the wide open area, take the right most rappel which is on ground level.
        Head behind the grated window to nab this kit.
     3) Head inside the building and head down the left path all the droids come
        from. It's right in front of the statue.
     4) In the next circular multi-hall room, head left again. High jump up to the
        ledge and then use Dark Force to remove the wall blocking the kit in.
     5) After the circular room, head halfway up the steps outside. Break the panel
        on the right and hop inside.
     6) Continue on until you head up and assemble the bridge to cross. Hop onto
        the building on your left, then hop up the ledge. Use Force to create the
        small platform, hop up again and continue a little bit further to see it.
     7) Head back from the way you came across the assembled bridge, float across
        the gap and pick up the kit in plain sight.
     8) In the next part, follow the nearside ledge all the way until you have to
        jump down. Then go a small bit further to see the kit.
     9) When you get to the circular room with the 3 statues, break the statue on
        your right. Hit the button and go up the stairs to find the ninth.
    10) You'll see this one on the cut scene when you enter the hangar. Just head to
        the right and it'll be past the second star fighter at the group of three
        pilots in between the three metal things.
    CHAPTER 6                                                                EP1CH6
     1) This one is to your immediate left at the start.
     2) Go to the star fighter on the left and repair it. Then pull both levels to
        open the launch door and reveal the kit.
     3) Take the platforms in the middle up top using the force. Inside the room it
        will be in the middle of the dark red room.
     4) In the pillar room, follow the bottom path all the way around and Thermal
        Detonate the wall section.
     5) Jump up and use the rappel to take you to the top and it'll be around on
        the left.
     6) In the large room with a + shape platform and 4 light pillars, jump over
        and head down the left side. You'll see it on the cut scene.
     7) Take the SW (bottom left) light pillar and ride it all the way up.
     8) On the NE (top right) light pillar, it's on the higher walkway.
     9) In the next hallway with the "Red Laser Walls" it will be visible before
        the last wall.
    10) In the final room, it will be on the right on the raise platform. High jump
        up to reach it.
    EPISODE 2 
    CHAPTER 1                                                                EP2CH1
     1) At the beginning, it's right at the end of the red dividers.
     2) Just ahead of that, inside the TIE Fighter door is the next one.
     3) Proceed down a bit staying to the right and you'll go between two buildings
        with a catwalk containing this kit.
     4) Just before the first tunnel is a traffic light sort of object in the
        middle, its underneath of the light.
     5) In the first "electric wall" section, it's in the bottom right corner.
     6) Straight ahead once you exit the electric wall part it will be in between
        two green/blue left arrow signs.
     7) Hang a right and it will be in a TIE Fighter door.
     8) Before the second tunnel, it will be between two green/blue right arrows.
     9) Inside the tunnel, this kit will be right next to the wall-mounted gun.
    10) In the second electric wall section, go to the bottom left for this one.
    CHAPTER 2                                                                EP2CH2
     1) At the start, head towards the screen and you'll see this kit just over the
        ledge on the left.
     2) Once you get inside, go to the left and it will be in the R2 janitorial
     3) In the next big room with the lights, it's directly to the right on top of
        two bombs.
     4) After opening both doors in this room, head to the right hallway. In this
        room, hop from platform to platform until you lower the big white one.
        Float up the blue columns and float over to the kit.
     5) On your way back across the platforms, shoot the bulls eye and then run to
        the background. Hop into the far left crawl space and you'll appear in the
        tube with this kit.
     6) Head back now down the left hallway and immediately head towards the screen
        once you're through the R2 door.
     7) Down this same hall on the left is a Storm Trooper door. Head inside and
        hang a right inside the room. The kit is behind the R2 force field.
     8) Once you go back outside into the storm, follow the catwalk all the way to
        the right. Rappel up to the higher level, then head back left on the higher
        catwalk. You'll see this one as you run to the rappel point.
     9) Hop back down and float across the gap. Use Force to make the small
        platform and reveal the R2 point. High jump off the platform to the ledge
        above for this kit.
    10) Once up the circle elevator, use Dark Force on the section on the left and
        this last kit will be on the back wall just inside the room.
    CHAPTER 3                                           EP2CH3
     1) This first one will be inside a cave hold on the left near the 3rd light.
     2) After the first masher, this kit is on top of the red wall between 2 droids
     3) Once the conveyor belt ends, it'll be visible inside the sideways cylinder.
     4) Hop to the second platform right after #3, head towards the screen. Hop up
        and into the door and the kit is in the back right corner.
     5) Continue on until you see an R2 door right near a Droideka. The kit is on
        the far side of the sliding platforms.
     6) Head back outside the sliding platforms room, then go to your right. It'll
        be only a few steps away to your right.
     7) In the room with the lava and the two large rotating platforms, it will be
        in the middle of the room in the back on the lower platform.
     8) At the room with all the small caves, there will be a breakable wall. It's
        just inside and to your right in plain sight with the red force fields.
     9) Exit this room, head straight at the camera, and blindly hover off the
        part of the level that juts out a bit. You'll come to a hidden island.
    10) Continue on to the right to the lava pit. This one will be easily located
        on the small ramp heading into the lava.
    CHAPTER 4                                                                EP2CH4
     1) At Padme's pole, High jump up two levels to get this kit.
     2) To the right of Padme, it's right behind the first pillar.
     3) Continue to the right past the grated door and it'll be near the screen
        near some wreckage.
     4) When you reach Anakin, it will be hidden behind the pole he's on.
     5) Continue on to the right and you'll see it behind the second pillar just
        past the metallic thing only a Bounty Hunter can destroy.
     6) Once you reach Obi-Wan, it'll be clearly visible to his right.
     7) In the same spot, Force repair to create a platform, then rappel up to the
        Storm Trooper camera which will activate the other elevator. Ride both
        these up to the kit.
     8) Continue on to the right (note the pattern?) and this one will be near a
        grate and a proximity mine.
     9) Heading right yet again, you'll come to a section with broken pillars. It's
        in plain sight in this cubby hole type area.
    10) The final kit will be just to the left of the gate where the droids come in
    CHAPTER 5                                                                EP2CH5
     1) This one will be just ahead between two of the energy towers.
     2) Just a bit further down on the right side near a rock pillar you'll see it.
     3) Continue on and this one will be on the left of a rock just before a chasm.
     4) You'll soon see a TIE Fighter door on the left, go inside and the kit will
        be in the back of this small area.
     5) After the first force field, it will be on the left side of the chasm near
        the three lasers.
     6) After the bomb dispenser, there will be a yellow wall you can destroy with
        the bomb and nab the kit.
     7) This one will be on the far right of the level near a rock before the
        second force field.
     8) From the start of this second area, head to the right. It's right at the
        start near the Control Ship.
     9) Continue right and this one will be midway between the ship and the screen.
    10) The last kit is even further right near the screen on top of a small rock.
    CHAPTER 6                                                                EP2CH6
     1) At the very start, take the rappel point up to the kit.
     2) Once you go inside, it will be directly in front of you.
     3) Through the door it will be just to the right on a blue speeder.
     4) On the left side of this room will be this kit out in the open.
     5) Hit the red button near the last kit, let the computer activate the other
        one, then hop on up to the top and the kit.
     6) In the final room, head straight behind Count Dooku in plain sight.
     7) To the right of the last kit, Thermal Detonate the two metallic things,
        Force the lego pieces, then head in the crawlspace to nab the kit.
     8) Just to the left of where #6 was will be this one in obvious sight.
     9) Continue on to the left and it'll be visible behind a sideways pillar.
    10) Once again, head left and you'll have to high jump up onto the ship.
    EPISODE 3 
    CHAPTER 1                                                                EP3CH1
     1) This first one is given to you right at the start. Easy!
     2) When you come to the second ship it will be on the left side.
     3) After you split the ship in half by shooting the red dots, it will be on
        the next ship by the lef side of the bridge/tower.
     4) When flying underneath the next ship it will be on your left.
     5) This next one will be after this ship in obvious sight.
     6) When you go past the next cruiser at a sideways angle, it will be on the
        far side of the ship before you pass it by completely.
     7) After the tower with the 2 destroyable dots, it'll be in plain sight.
     8) Once you shoot the red dots to open a pathway through the ship, it's in the
        pathway on the right.
     9) A bunch of droid fighters will come at you and this kit will be past the
        cruiser once again in plain sight before 2 more cruisers.
    10) The last ship you fly under before the end will have this one under it.
    CHAPTER 2                                                                EP3CH2
     1) In the very first section, rappel up and run left across the ledge.
     2) In this same room, you'll find it behind the yellow ship on the right.
     3) Once you hop down for the first time, R2 the panel to make an elevator
        appear, then run into the room behind the droideka and look behind the
        "dispenser" object in the back.
     4) When you reach the room with 4 doors on the back wall, it's in the 3rd door
     5) Once you get outside, head all the way left up and over the beam.
     6) Now head all the way to the right on the bottom level for this kit.
     7) Once in Dooku's room, head to the left right near the screen and it's on a
        small pillar. Just hop on up to it.
     8) Now head up the steps and go to the room on the right and it's inside.
     9) After the room with the sliding wall, you'll see it right after the first
        two yellow levers.
    10) In the cockpit at the end it will be on the left corner of the cockpit.
    CHAPTER 3                                                                EP3CH3
     1) At the start, float over to the left, Thermal Detonate the wall, and hop up
        the ledge to collect the kit.
     2) Float back and then back across to the right of before. You'll see the kit
        right in front of you near two bombs.
     3) Continue heading up, and when you have to high jump, it will be up top.
     4) Float across to the right, and then around the cliff to the kit.
     5) Continue on toward the walkway high up and it will be halfway down the way.
     6) Inside the building, you'll find the kit in the back of the room.
     7) In this same room, pop all four locks on the center piece to reveal the kit
     8) Head back outside and head left to the rappel point, jump to the left and
        it will be straight ahead of you.
     9) You'll see this kit down to your left, just jump down to it.
    10) On the platform where you started, it will be on the backside near the edge
        of the platform.
    CHAPTER 4                                                                EP3CH4
     1) After you drop the bridge, take the right path and it's right behind the 
        Dark Force object.
     2) Continue on until it shows a Commander Cody cut scene and it's right by him
        in the back of the platform.
     3) When you rescue the first Wookie up the platforms, hover around to the back
        of the tree and you'll find it on a small platform.
     4) Head to the left of where you save the second wookie and it will be just on
        the top above a rappel point.
     5) When you get to the beach, it will be on the waterline near some wreckage.
     6) At the far left of the beach, it will be towards the back behind a large
        rock but infront of another.
     7) In the next area which is a swamp, it will be in the back left up on top
        of two small ledges near a droid.
     8) In the next section, follow the right side past a tree and to the kit.
     9) When you get to the rolling boulders, it will be high up on the left and
        require you run up to it or high jump.
    10) After passing the gate atop the rolling boulders, it will be straight ahead
        just past the walker trying to kill you.
    CHAPTER 5                                                                EP3CH5
     1) The first one will be directly ahead of you on the right.
     2) Head all the way to the right and you'll see it in the background.
     3) Back to the left, break the little metal thing to reveal a rappel point.
        Head up and follow the ledge up and around to the left and it will be
        in front of the window.
     4) This one will be inside, down the path and on the left behind the globe.
     5) Just to the right, head inside the storm trooper door; it will be just past
        the steps on the left
     6) Head down the steps on the right down into the Jedi Council room. It's
        behind the second chair on the left.
     7) In the blue room, take the second hall on the left and rappel up to the kit
     8) After you activate all 3 levers, hop up the platform that comes down and
        you'll see it up on the ledge in the middle of the walkway.
     9) This one will be in the very last lever hall, which is the first on on your
        left when you enter.
    10) Inside the last room in the rear corner on the left side.
    CHAPTER 6                                                                EP3CH6
     1) Quickly grab this one behind you. If you kill yourself, don't worry!
     2) On the far back of the control room is this kit.
     3) Just to the left of the last kit, destroy the cover and hop inside the
        cubby hole to nab the kit.
     4) Again to the left, open the R2 door and it's at the far end of the table.
     5) You'll see it directly to your left once you exit the control room.
     6) This one will reveal itself once you hop on the two buttons and the panel
        flips down.
     7) At the lava section, it will be on the last sideways concrete pillar.
     8) Float to the far right and you'll see the kit on the third platform back.
     9) Float back to the left and it will be on the larger metal platform.
    10) Ride the tall tower all the way down, then hover to the small island on
        the right for the last kit.
    CHAPTER 1                                                                EP4CH1
     1) Immediately to your left the kit will be right there.
     2) At the perpendicular hall, head to the right and it will be right next to
        the Sith door.
     3) Near the first door the Storm Troopers blow through, it's in the small
        alcove on the left on to of a box.
     4) In the area with the grated floor, Thermal Detonate the metal object, then
        hop down and grab the kit.
     5) You'll see this one at the next area directly above the far door.
     6) In the room with the Bounty Hunter door, break the panels on the far left.
     7) Go in the Storm Trooper door and hang a left. Deactivate the 3PO force
        field and head through to the kit.
     8) In the next dark room, it's in the far right corner on the nearside.
     9) In the crane area, break the box to the left of the exit door. Rappel up
        and hover to the left platform to nab it.
    10) Just past the gap with the assembleable mini-bridge, it'll be to the right
        inside the door frame right in your way.
    CHAPTER 2                                                                EP4CH2
     1) Head just to the left and the camera will zoom in a bit to show you the kit
     2) Continue on a little bit until there's a gap with a Detonatable spot on the
        right. Blow it up, hover across the gap, then follow the right wall. It's
        behind some Force boxes. It's not too hard to see.
     3) Continue to the back of this area, and head up to the tents. Pop the door
        off the left tent and run around inside.
     4) Continue on until you have to hop across the mud stuff on two ledges,
        assemble the rappel once you land, and rappel up to the kit.
     5) Head to the top of the crawler, hop of the ledge, and slide back into the
        crevice with this kit.
     6) Right inside the crawler, head through the 3PO door. The kit is to the left
        of the TV on the far side of the room.
     7) Inside the room with the 4 buttons that reveal the levers, on the left,
        Dark Force the panel to remove it and get the kit.
     8) Use the Dark Force on the red/black object holding the rock. Hop up on the
       ledge and head to the back of this area and hop up to the kit.
     9) At the second moisture vaporator, high jump up the ledge to the left and
        float over to the kit.
    10) In the final area, you'll find the kit on top of Obi-Wan's house.
    CHAPTER 3                                                                EP4CH3
     1) Head immediately to the right and the kit will be in the far back corner
        behind a pillar.
     2) Past the broken bridge, it's on the left side of a barrel on your left.
     3) At the end with the movable stairs, go through the Storm Trooper door, and
        the kit will be directly to your right after going through.
     4) Before you enter the cantina (just past the AT-ST), the kit is in the
        corner to the right of the shutter door.
     5) Inside the cantina, it will be in the last room before the exit on a table.
     6) Once outside, rappel up to the next level, head through the walkway to the
        next area, then hop down to the kit.
     7) Head through the 3P0 door on the right and follow the pathway until you
        pass a garage on the right with the parts and the kit inside.
     8) In the area with the theater, it will be just to the left of the theater.
     9) Inside the theater it will be on the left side amongst the seats.
    10) In the falcon room, hop up on the large object in the back right, then up
        to the ledge and run around to the right edge for kit.
    CHAPTER 4                                                                EP4CH4
     1) Take the very first hall to the right and the kit is by the crane controls.
     2) In the control room, head right and open the 3P0 door to reveal the kit.
     3) Following the right path, the kit will be to the left of the tractor beam
        generator controls.
     4) Continuing on, break the object near the 4 storm troopers just past kit #3.
     5) Back down the left path, high jump off one of the red barrels just past the
        elevators for this kit.
     6) Use R2 to activate the left elevator which takes you right to the kit.
     7) Continuing on down the left path, the kit will be at the very end.
     8) In the next control room with all of the Storm Troopers, the kit is right
        in the middle on top of the blue console thing.
     9) At the end of the walkway before the elevator to the prison cells, Force
        the 3 blocks into a pillar. Now just hop up to the kit.
    10) Go in the first cell on the left for the final kit.
    CHAPTER 5                                                                EP4CH5
     1) At the start, run towards the screen to find the kit between the two poles.
     2) Go in the 3P0 door on the left. The kit will be inside to your right.
     3) In the next room, pull the lever twice to set the rappel point to take you
        directly to the kit.
     4) In the next room the kit will be immediately to the left.
     5) Moving on to the next room the kit will be right in front of you before the
        red and blue pipes.
     6) After riding up the elevator and going through the Trooper door, it will be
        directly to the right.
     7) In the large wide open room, rappel across to and go down the first hall.
     8) In the room with all of the troopers and walkway, go into the right tunnel.
     9) Now go into the left tunnel.
    10) In the room with the falcon, go all the way to the right and you'll find
        it right near the blue object (just past the R2 panel).
    CHAPTER 6                                                                EP4CH6
     1) Head immediately to the right for the first kit.
     2) Next is just past the force field on the right near a turret.
     3) In the next little part with the force field, it's in the far right corner
        near the screen.
     4) Head back to the left and through the TIE door to find this kit.
     5) In the next area go thru the TIE fighter door on the right path.
     6) Head back and down the left path to find the kit between two turrets.
     7) Down a bit further in the TIE door on the left, it's in the right
        corner nearest to the screen.
     8) After the second force field, it's on your left by two more turrets.
     9) Down in the trench, U-turn and grab the kit just before you hit the wall.
    10) At the end past the vent shaft the kit will be on the far wall.
    EPISODE 5 
    CHAPTER 1                                                                EP5CH1
     1) Head to the left and through the TIE door, it will be on the left at the 
        third crevice.
     2) Drag a bomb to the far wall in this same area, head inside the cave, and it
        will be in the back on the left.
     3) Head back to the main path, and it will be to the left of the wall at the 
        end near the power generator.
     4) In the next part, head through the TIE door and the kit will be to your
        right. You'll have to U-turn to get to it.
     5) Continue on into the tunnel and it's on right side of tunnel in plain view.
     6) Blow up the wall ALL the way at the end of this secret area and it will
        have the kit behind it.
     7) Back in main area, the kit is behind a few blocks by the second AT-AT.
     8) When the path narrows before the final wall, head to the right in and it
        will be in the corner.
     9) In the final circular area, head to right and it's behind some boxes.
    10) Continuing on to the right, just before the bomb dispenser it's behind some
        more boxes.
    CHAPTER 2                                                                EP5CH2
     1) Head to the left at the start, go through the R2 door, and it's in left
        side of this room.
     2) Continue on until you reach the mounted gun. Go to the right, and it's in
        the room on first alcove. Just jump up to it.
     3) Now head down the other end of this hall and it will be on the right.
     4) Once you reach the large room, it's clearly visible on far side on the left.
     5) Back on the right side, go through the R2 door to an ice fishing tent. The
        kit is on the right side of the room. 
     6) In the room with some buttons on a slope, It will be on the middle of the
        slope; just slide on down to it.
     7) In the next room, go left to a 3PO door. Blow up the metal object, head
        through the door, and continue straight ahead to the kit.
     8) In the room where the Dark Force makes steps up a slope you can't walk up,
        the kit is right at the top of the hill.
     9) From the last kit, go through the R2 door on the right and it will be right
        in front of you.
    10) In final room with the falcon, pull the levers to open the glass wall and
        reveal the kit between those two boxes.
    CHAPTER 3                                                                EP5CH3
     1) The first kit is behind the second Star Destroyer on the left.
     2) The next one will be on the right side of the TIE door.
     3) Next will be on the left side by two small asteroids before giant one.
     4) This one will be just to the right of the big asteroid with the rock you
        must destroy in side.
     5) This kit is right where the destroyable rock was.
     6) On the second part, this kit will be on the left near the third or so blue
     7) Next is on the right side near the last couple asteroids before the
        asteroid with the destroyable rock inside.
     8) Inside the crater asteroid, it's on right side near wormhole. 
     9) In the third part, it'll be on the left near the first huge asteroid.
    10) The last kit will be on the right side just hanging out. Look closely.
    CHAPTER 4                                                                EP5CH4
     1) Look for small path on just ahead on the right, use the Dark force to
        remove the gate, then hover across, and you'll see it ahead on a race track
     2) At the first swampy area, hover to a rock on the left with the kit.
     3) Just past Yoda's house, high jump up to a tall rock to get it.
     4) To the right of Yoda's house, break the box using Dark Force, build the
        raft with the pieces that come up, ride it to the next area,  and it will
        be on the on left on a rock.
     5) In the next area, just before the gate, it's on the left side behind the 
        hatch type object.
     6) Inside the cavern, use Dark Force to a make bridge to the island on the
        right and the kit is right there.
     7) Down a bit, up on the high ledge on the left is a grate and an R2 panel,
        the kit is right behind the grate.
     8) In the Darth Vader fight room, it's on left side near the tall rock.
     9) Just outside the battle room, head over to the right and it's on a rock.
    10) Before the final gate, it'll be on the left side between two blocks that
        rise when you use the force on them.
    CHAPTER 5                                                                EP5CH5
     1) At the very start, it's right on top of the X-wing.
     2) Just inside, it's in the right corner on the near side.
     3) In the carbonite room, you'll have to hover off the left side of the
        platform to reach it.
     4) Once you're back outside, it's just to right of the fan on the wall.
     5) After the last lift but before the door back inside, you have to hover over
        to the right to get it.
     6) Back inside, it will be on the left corner near the screen.
     7) In the next area, it will be on the right corner of the platform come in on
     8) Next is just across the gap on the left of the other platform.
     9) Outside once more, it's just past the first R2 lift.
    10) Take the lift up and head around the corner and it'll be right there.
    CHAPTER 6                                                                EP5CH6
     1) Go through the 3P0 door directly to the left and the kit is right there.
     2) Follow Boba Fett to the right into the circular room and it's on the left.
     3) Follow him through the Bounty Hunter door and hang a right to the kit in
        front of the door.
     4) Now follow Boba Fett back to the left and you'll see it down the hall.
     5) Head outside and you'll see the kit behind Slave 1.
     6) Outside after you kill all the Storm Troopers and build the rappel point,
        head across to the top level and hop on top of the elevator to nab the kit.
     7) Hover across the gap a bit further down and then Rappel up to the top
        ledge for the kit.
     8) Once you get to the room with the mist, rappel up to the ledge on your
        left, then hover over to the right and land on the ledge near the screen.
     9) Head past the mist and down that hall and it's at the corner.
    10) Once you reach the Falcon outside, it will be on the backside of the ship.
    EPISODE 6 
    CHAPTER 1                                                                EP6CH1
     1) Look to your right on the second hill at the beginning.
     2) Head back to the left, break the Dark Force object, rappel up, then rappel
        up again, and finally hop down to the left to grab the kit.
     3) To he left of the Bounty Hunter gate, head around the wall and grab the kit
        behind the grate.
     4) In the large room with the big Dark Force grate, remove the cover near the 
        lever on the right side using the Force.
     5) In the next room, go through the crawlspace on the left near the giant
        wall, then break the bed and take the next crawl hole to the kit.
     6) As you continue, when you come to the hall with the breakaway floor panels,
        it will be on the left on top of one of the grates.
     7) Just down the stairs, break the floor and run into the tunnel to the kit.
     8) In the next area with the second level and the movable pillars, it's in the
        back right corner in the break between the top level.
     9) In Jabba's room, it will be on the left tucked away in an alcove.
    10) Lastly, in the rancor room, it's in the far back left corner.
    CHAPTER 2                                                                EP6CH2
     1) On Boba Fett's barge, you'll see it right behind him.
     2) Use the Dark Force on the fourth barge to make a platform. Use that to hop
        to the back/right side of Jabba's barge and the kit.
     3) Back on the left side, it's behind the lift able panel to the right of the
        panel that's missing.
     4) Curve around the front of the barge and hover off the ledge at the far end.
     5) Inside the barge, destroy the gate and the kit will be in the back of the
        room on the right side.
     6) Once up the 3P0 lift, Thermal Detonate the grate on the left and head to 
        the back of this room.
     7) Once in the disco room, when you rappel up to the right, it will be barely
        visible in the right corner.
     8) Once up you go up top to the outside, it will be just to your left.
     9) Heading right, it will be to the left of the power generator on the far
        side of the screen.
    10) Hop up to the second level and it will be right near the ledge on the
        side closest to the screen.
    CHAPTER 3                                                                EP6CH3
     1) At the start, head to the left and it's right by a tree trunk.
     2) Once you hop down, follow the left wall towards the screen and the kit.
     3) After the first pressure panel, it will be just up the hill in front.
     4) After the hill on the left and the few pressure panels, it will be behind
        a turret.
     5) Just past the turret up on a hill, the kit will be between some trees on
        the left side.
     6) Right after the pressure pad before a hill, it's on the left a bit before
        another turret.
     7) In the area with the first destroyable generator, it's on a hill on the 
        right in some grass.
     8) In the second generator area , it will be on your left up against the wall.
        You should see it as the game shows you flying in.
     9) In the third generator area, it will be near the screen on the left side
        near a large log.
    10) After the fourth generator, head through the new opening, run to where you
        can see the kit is, build the rappel there, and head up to it.
    CHAPTER 4                                                                EP6CH4
     1) At the beginning, hop on the chair and have the computer lift you up to it.
     2) Head around behind the hut that's just to the left of the first crawlspace
        to find this hidden kit.
     3) Continue on a bit, past the first gap, and you'll see the kit near 3 pots.
     4) In the second area, head down and it will be in the back.
     5) Once you head down the elevator, run towards the screen, break the purple
        boxes, and build the rappel point to go up to the kit.
     6) After you use the lever to drop the gate, the kit will be right there.
     7) In the next area with a slight overhead view, head to the right and hop
        over a large log to reach the kit.
     8) Just past the gate you destroy with the catapult, it will be hidden behind
        a tree on the left.
     9) To the right side of the shield generator building, the kit will be among
        some bushes.
    10) Inside the generator building, head down the hall and then  to the left,
        the kit will be in the far back corner of the room.
    CHAPTER 5                                                                EP6CH5
     1) From the beginning, head to the right and high jump to the alcove to reach
        the kit.
     2) Head underneath where you are and the kit will be in the middle.
     3) Once you build the fan to go up, it will be right above where you land.
     4) From where the Emperor shocks the floor tiles, hop down and look in the
        window on the left. Just hop up to it.
     5) Open the storm Trooper door down the walkway from the starting point.
     6) Curve around and use the Bounty Hunter door to show this kit.
     7) Head inside the Emperor's hidden room and immediately it'll be on your left.
     8) Another one will be immediately to the near side of where you came in.
     9) Work your way to the top back of this room to find the kit.
    10) The last kit will be at the top of the elevator where you last fight the
    CHAPTER 6                                                                EP6CH6
     1) This kit will be right ahead of you infront of the Star Destroyer's bridge.
     2) Head to the ship on the left and it's again in front of the bridge.
     3) One you get in the trenches, it will be on the left side just before the
        first bend.
     4) When you reach the force field and four purple buttons it's to the left.
     5) After the second bomb dispenser, it will be visible on the right.
     6) When you get to the force field with a cannon on either side, it's on
        the left.
     7) In the core room, it's just after the 3rd panel on the your left.
     8) During your escape, it will be along the right side in the first section.
     9) In the second escape section it will be mid way on the left.
    10) The final kit is in the third section on the left side of the first turn.
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