How do you unlock/ or get the level 4 Performance parts?

  1. Im not sure how to get them.

    User Info: xbl2013

    xbl2013 - 8 years ago

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  1. You can either win them by Winning/Dominating events, OR, you can look for someone on Xbox Live to give you the parts, though you will need 200-400K to install the parts depending on how many you have to install and which car it is.

    Here is how to do the Xbox Live thing.

    1:get someone to share a blueprint with you for the car, make sure you have the car.
    2: install the blueprint on any open spot that you have on the car, make sure it has all stage 4 parts.
    3:go back to your original blueprint, so that now you can go to your parts menu and have all the stage 4 parts in the list.

    It is A LOT easier to do it this way, as it has taken me over 70 or so events just to get the parts for one car. I got the parts for my GT500 on live from a buddy =D. Feel free to add me, ill give you them though for whatever car i have. A Pink Bunny1

    User Info: heartless_shado

    heartless_shado - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. You could use the unlockallthings code to unlock stage 4 parts. After you've finished installing all the stage 4 parts u need, u could use the leipzig code to relock all the racing events and stage 4 parts. Hope this helps.

    User Info: lostclanz_30

    lostclanz_30 - 7 years ago 0 0

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