Getting The Small Guns Bobblehead?

  1. I am having trouble finding a way into the National Guard Armory where the bobble head is, I see where it is on the map but I cannot find a way to get there. Oh, and how do I open the locked utility door. I am told you need the Kellar Tapes, where are those, I have 2 of them.

    User Info: Tron-2x9

    Tron-2x9 - 8 years ago

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  1. 1 - North of VAPL 58 Power Station - The pylon where 2 ghouls have made a home. The tape in on the bookshelf

    2 - Hallowed Moors Cemetary - On the podium right at the entrance

    3 - Grisly Diner - On the desk out back

    4 - Rockbreaker's Last Gas - In the shack on top of the hill to the West

    5 - Anchorage Memorial - Head north to the broken truck and tent, it's in the tent

    If needed, here's the video guide -

    User Info: Captain_Cuevas

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  1. National Guard Armory: sitting on a shelf in the sealed storage room in the basement.

    User Info: deviltongue999

    deviltongue999 - 8 years ago 4 3
  2. Go to the upper floors, find a terminal on a desk, activate the alarms, the door will open, watch out for a robot with a missle launcher, PROFIT

    i dont have a single kellar tape

    User Info: DBBig_Sid

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  3. I couldnt find the stupid terminal, which level is it on? using the door to the wasteland as the reference

    User Info: SRT8SuperBee

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  4. Go through the training part of the depot, then through the offices, and it will take you to an upper floor in the first room you enter. There is a switch in the corner of the upper floor portion that you enter from the offices.

    User Info: Bahamut_42

    Bahamut_42 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  5. To get to the actual location on the map you'll have to traverse there on foot, staying just north of the DC Metro Area (You don't need any tunnels to get there).

    Once inside the Armory, you'll have to get to the bottom floor which will eventually take you to the Training Grounds / Shooting Range. Go through the shooting range back to the office which will take you up to the top floor where there is a terminal you can hack to open the secure door.

    Through the secure door you can get into the main ammo vault that contains guns, armor, ammo, etc. including the bobblehead. Inside this vault is another door to the bunker (for which you need the halotapes). The only thing I can remember of benefit inside this bunker is the MIRV (multi-mini-nuke Fat Man).

    User Info: Captain_Cuevas

    Captain_Cuevas - 8 years ago 2 0
  6. National Guard Depot - In the Armory, you must first go through the Training room and Offices, you'll come out of a door in the main room, hit the power switch on the wall to your left and then you can get into the Armory door. It is on a shelf in the Armory

    that is the forum i have been using to find them all

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  7. In the armory of the National Guard Depot on a shelf.

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