There is a bounty on my head, can i take the guy out who placed it on me?

  1. Yea i keep running into those freakin bandits who have an item on them that states there is a huge bounty on my head. Now what i want to do is, take their leader out so the bandits stop coming. Plus i want to do some more stuff before i finish my fallout 3 save.

    Is this even possible?

    User Info: Scaccia101

    Scaccia101 - 8 years ago

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  1. The only way you can get away from people attacking you is to have Neutral Karma. Why would you want to though, I loved fighting the Talon Merc's. They yield 80+ exp (On hardest setting) and there armor is perfect for repairing Riley Ranger Armor.

    User Info: Lionheartyz

    Lionheartyz - 8 years ago 11 2


  1. The bounty on your head will never end. I've tried kill the gangs leaderer. Nothing happened. They still came after me. I killed the guy who started the bounty. And they still came after me. You will always have someone after you Good or Bad. There is no avoiding it.

    User Info: scotty167349

    scotty167349 - 8 years ago 8 2
  2. The reason you got the bounty on your head is because you saved megaton. The guy who asked you to blow it up put the bounty on your head. There is no way to get rid of it, just get used to the attacks.

    User Info: Xifihas

    Xifihas - 8 years ago 4 7
  3. Well, I've noticed that there are actually 2 factions that will attack you if you are good and save Megaton. The first is the Talon Co Mercs for having a good Karma, and the second is when Burke puts a hit on you for saving megaton. Now, when Burke puts the hit on you, at least for me, it seems he only can if you let him kill Simms and let him talk to you afterwards, where he tells you to watch yourself. Then, sometimes, instead of the usual Talon Co mercs, they'll be called Hitmen, although they still wear Talon armor and have the usual Talon weapons. The note they carry is different, too. It talks about Burke hiring them because you didn't help blow up megaton. To avoid this second group, you can simply attack Burke before or right after he kills Simms. I was goofing off and finding ways to disrupt that scene, and by talking to Simms and Burke, you can actually make it to where Burke will follow Simms outside instead of shooting him in the bar, but as soon as you exit, then Simms is dead and Burke tells you to watch your back. You can still kill him at this point without any repercussions.

    User Info: Talvert

    Talvert - 8 years ago 4 1
  4. If your karma is very good the Talom Comp. will attack you. Alternatively, if your karma is very bad the Regulators will attack you. There is no avoiding this. Though the Regulators are generally weaker than Talom Comp.

    User Info: HelloSatan

    HelloSatan - 8 years ago 4 2
  5. The only way to avoid bounties are:
    Do not do the side quest of "power of the atom" and to maintain a Neutral Karma.

    User Info: Fitzler

    Fitzler - 8 years ago 3 0

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