Good shotgun?

  1. In the nuka-cola challenge I can send ronald to his doom for his shotgun, Is it any good? and also cansomeone tell me where to get to the town where this qwest is, I can't find it.

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    Satanburger - 9 years ago
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    Scotty thanks for telling me bout' the stats but do you start the quest in girdershade, tenpenny tower what?

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    Satanburger - 9 years ago
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    Evergreen is the place full of raiders right?

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    Satanburger - 9 years ago
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    Do you get a quest for the location i was holding out on going hoping to get a slaver quest. i still am doing the hunt for declartion prior to jefferson mem.

    User Info: Ben_the_ben

    Ben_the_ben - 9 years ago

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  1. While the kneecapper is a good shotgun, I find that "The Terrible Shotgun" that you can get off of Smiling Jack in The Evergreen Bazzar is way better. It's got great damage (low 30's I believe), and can be repaired by other combat shotguns in game (which I believe that the kneecapper can be as well). If your going to Evergreen as a good player, your going to kill everyone anyway, so why not make the run complete. Also, if you grease Smiling Jack, you can use his key to get a bunch of extra loot from his locked cabinet.

    User Info: cptgarrett

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  1. Yes the kneecapper a.k.a his shotgun. Is very good. It has very nice stats. To find Girdershade North of F. Scott Key Trail & Compound, or North west of Tenpenny tower, south of little lamplight, or west of Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop.

    User Info: scotty167349

    scotty167349 - 9 years ago 2 0
  2. The place is Evergreen Mills. there is a behemith in a cage outside plus a lot of raiders. Inside there is a trader with The Terrible Shotgun. I think you have to kill him to get the shotty.

    User Info: mustachedmystic

    mustachedmystic - 9 years ago 3 1
  3. There is a slaver quest, but its for Paradise Falls, not Evergreen Mills. EM is kinda like a WWII concentration camp. You can start the quest by talking to the crazy chick in Girdershade, but the quest has no relation to the shotgun. You could simply find the place, kill the dude, take his gun, and leave. This will have no effect on the quest unless the chick sees you.

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  4. The best is "The Terrible Shotgun", with a damage of 80 and a magazine of 12 rounds...!

    Here is a list of all the 4 shotguns in Fallout 3:

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  5. The kneecapper is a better shotgun than the sawed-off shotgun but is nowhere near as good as "The Terrible Shotgun" that you get off of Smiling Jack in Evergreen Mills.

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  6. im a personal fan of the terrible shotgun but Charon's pump action, unlimited ammo,unlimited full health is the best one too bad you can't use it only on the computer version =(

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  7. I live in dc is really going to happen o my god i got to build a bomb shelter and iv been to f scott key!

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  8. Awesome, the shotgun is great at short range and uber powerful.

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