How do you start broken steel???

  1. ok so I downloaded broken steel and the pitt. lastnight I beat fallout 3 and puriifed the water at the end. so once I purified the water I died of course and then it rolled the credits and then brought me back to the main menu of the game. so I went down to downloads on the main menu and clicked broken steel but nothing happened. how in the heck do I get broken steel to start??? this is getting ridiculous. I beat fallout 3 and broken steel wont start.... what do I do please help, sumone. plz

    User Info: hakon420

    hakon420 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    But Im not hooked up xbox live while I play fallout I have to be hooked up to live to play the dlc?? I downloaded it to my hard drive why would I have to be connected?

    User Info: hakon420

    hakon420 - 8 years ago

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  1. 1. make sure your logged onto Live.
    2. the save that you load should be outside of the Jefferson Memorial
    3. you might just need to wander around and do a side quest or something. Eventually you'll see a message that says "Broken Steel Loaded: Level Cap Raised to 30"

    That message is gold, if you haven't seen it then make sure your on live, and go do a side quest, or go kill some raiders or something. Once you see the message, finish the game and it will take you through.

    User Info: _Gazelem_

    _Gazelem_ - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Make sure you the patch installed and you are using the same hard drive, Console and gamertag that BS Was downloaded on.

    User Info: itwizz

    itwizz (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 2
  2. You have to send a companion into the purifier to activate it. I'm pretty sure the game will still end as usual if you send either Sentinel Lyons or yourself inside the chamber. Fawkes or Charon are perfect candidates as they are immune to the radiation.

    You do not need to be signed into Live if you are playing on the same console the content was downloaded on, or if it is a console you did a license transfer to.

    User Info: Spindoc_SEI

    Spindoc_SEI - 8 years ago 0 1
  3. Like the others have said just load the last save and do some random s*** and it should say "Broken Steel has been loaded and the level cap has been raised to 30 otherwise just start a new one and it should say it a little after you left the vault.

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  4. I downloaded on xbox without live ( got from GOTY disk 2 then played on everyday fallout 3) i had already beaten but went back through from a file b4 i entered the purifier the last time, I had fawkes,I came in( no live on) had fawkes do it, broken steel started, just to note, I went though again, did the purifier while fawkes watched,( blew up eden but to be a jerk i popped in the fev :)) and steel started still.....awkward.

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  5. Finish the campaign but make sure u have the dlc downloaded

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  6. Simple, you must attain a follower to purify the basin FOR you. Or you can get Lyons Pride to do it instead. Doing it instead will kill you, someone else must do it. It's best to have fawks, Charon or Sergeant r-l3 as they do not die from the radiation. So you can keep them as a follower during Broken steel, but technically broken steel is active since the moment it is downloaded because it adds enemies and weapons. You can also get into the Adams airforce base BEFORE starting the dlc, just know we're to go.

    User Info: Knightmare51b

    Knightmare51b - 2 years ago 0 0

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