How do I solve the west family quest?

  1. I got to arefu talked to king and now i have to find the boy, but theirs no marker. where do i go?

    User Info: squashua13

    squashua13 - 9 years ago

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  1. When you talked to Evan King, he gives you three locations he might be: a drive in, a hideout and a metro station. Head all the way up to the metro station (it's pretty much directly north of flash fordham memorial field, in fact, all the locations are) and head inside.

    Talk to the ghoul about the family's location and he'll point you toward an irradiated hole in the ground in one of his lab's side rooms. Ignore your geiger counter and jump in!

    You're going to run into some baddies and a few traps down here, so be ready. After following the tunnel for a while, head left (your quest marker should point you in the right direction, if you exit into meresti train station you've gone way too far) and you'll eventually find a connection to a different metro station. A few more traps is all that stands between you and the family.

    Good luck!

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  1. There are three possible locations of 'The Family'. You have to explore each region (I think it randomly Generates where they appear, I found them in the Seneca Metro station). I haven't found the boy yet, as I just murdered the Family, but when I get home, I'll finish the quest and let yah know.

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  2. when you get to the family talk to their leader and you can convince him to let out the kid, and he can give you a perk that gives you 20 extra health from bloodpacks, and tell him to leave Arefu alone and they can provide bloodpacks.

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  3. Yes you can go in thru the Northwest Seneca Station, Or. the Meresti train yard is directly east of Hamilton's Hideaway. At the train yard go in and head South. At the first left go east and beware of the bear trap. The next train car turn right and go till you see a branch to the right, take that right and go west. don't shoot the guard or you wont be able to get in. He will give you the pass code to the Meresti train station. "DON'T READ FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO FIGURE THE REST OUT FOR YOURSELF!!" After talking to Vance at the top of the stairs go south up the ramp till you come to a computer terminal behind that door is the boy. Hack the computer and then convince the boy to leave. When he makes his decision go back and talk to Vance.

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