Mothership Zeta ?

  1. What must i do other than blowing up the 3 generators to get the decompression chamber to open.I have the suit.Do i need to activate the teleport for the observation platform.If so how do i?

    User Info: jalenconn

    jalenconn - 7 years ago


  1. Press the chamber's single control switch, which decompresses the airlock, leaving you free to make your way through several doors to outside.

    User Info: Hamaoun

    Hamaoun - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Make sure you're wearing the spacesuit. After destroying the generators, Sally should speak to you. If not, talk to her. Make sure you have all the captive recordings thus far. There should be around 11-15 before the space walk. After going in the decompression room, there's a button in front of you. Press it.

    User Info: Ad_Victoriam

    Ad_Victoriam - 10 months ago 0 0

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