Where can i find caps?

  1. I am in Megaton, right after I escaped the vault. and I found difficulties to find caps in order to hael my low health. Is there like job or something to gain caps?

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    boyd803 - 7 years ago

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  1. The most obvious answers would be to:
    * Steal/pickpocket (depending on sneak skill)
    * Sell any item you dont need (depending on bartering skill)

    Doing "power of atom" quest gives a few options:
    *Defusing the bomb gets you 100 caps (500 with speech) (housing in megaton)
    *Blowing up megaton gets you 500 caps (1,000 with speech) (housing in Tenpenny Tower)

    If none of these work, try one of the following methods:
    *- In springvale, (just outside megaton) go into the only standing house. Inside is Silver. Talk to her, kill her, she has 400 caps on her. Then, if karma is not a worry, rob the house and sell the loot!
    *- In megaton, find "walter" in the water purifer building. He keeps the purifer running but need you to repair 3 leaks. (locations are : meagton, down the ramp on the left; beside church of atom; on roof of church of atom. I think). He then pays you, then offer to buy any scrap metal from you.
    *-In the "brass lantern" in megaton, hack the computer or lockpick the safe. I think thats 100 caps
    If REALLY desperate, One-Hit Kill "doc church" in the clinic, take the key and use the stimpaks

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  1. i can tellu an even easier way then that. Go to a shop not like a medice one or that but like moria in megaton adn go to either wepoans or armour and see if there is two of the same item but will different condition ok. buy the one with lower price then sell it back what happens is you buy it for a lower price then once u have it its price to sell back rises so u buy something for 130 caps then u can sell it back to them for like 493 or sumthin like that repeat till they have no caps and find someone new also if you dont care about karma out in front of megaton occasionally traders will ocme you cna kill them nad take everything sell wat u not need and keep caps and skematics

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  2. First do the 300 pieces of silver quest from Moriarty in the saloon in megaton. You will get between 300 and 400 caps depending on how you complete the speech chalenge.

    Start the Blood ties quest that will take you to Arefu. Once there you can use the West residence (Last house on the left) as your base of operations and it will also provide you with a safe place to sleep and recover energy.

    Finally with your 300/400 caps buy a decent gun and some ammo and make your way to SatCom NN-03d (this is at the top of the map northeast of Arefu, halfw way between Arefu and Megaton).

    The tower spawns raiders in groups of 5 at seval seperate areas of the building. Kill them, steal their goodies and sell them back to Moira. They will re-spawn every few days so you can fam caps until your hearts content.

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  3. If you have Mothership Zeta:
    Finish the DLC and come back to the ship every in game day to ask Elliot and Sarah for guns. After you got yourself a good supply, sell them, or repair them into something great and sell them.

    If you don't:
    Good Karma:
    Be a good person and do normal quests.
    The Power Of Atom (Lucas Simms side.)
    Blood Ties
    Following in his Footsteps (Talking through/killing Silver.)

    Bad Karma:
    Go to Paradise Falls and become a slaver. It'll net you 250 per each unnamed slave. Few named people can be enslaved.
    The Power Of Atom (Mr. Burke's side)
    Blood Ties
    Strictly Business (enslaving)

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