Super Mutant rumors.... ????

  1. The whole of the brotherhood hint at finding the source of ... (or even the reason behind) the high concentration of super mutants around the DC area. I was wondering if anyone has found what this is all about... Someone (elder lyons?) mentions that the mutants may be looking for something.... Any clues?

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    harkonnenscum - 8 years ago
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    yeah i've played all the fallout games... my favorite was tactics.... but i was meaning does this specific game have a point to mentioning such things... i didnt want a history lesson... so unless you have any sort of GOOD info then dont answer questions

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    harkonnenscum - 8 years ago

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  1. Reily of Reily's Rangers says something about it, too. And the super mutants are pretty thick around that area too. Almost as much as in the Mall itself. I think they are looking for someone in the government to give them instructions. They are possibly the hinted at 'super weapon' in some of the loading screen slides.

    My guess is they were supposed to be unleashed into China, but the US got bombed before they could do that. So my guess is they are either an Enclave or a Vault Tec technology that escaped after the bombs dropped. There is a vault you will eventually have to go into in the main quest where you see failed FEV experiments on tables, in irradiated rooms.

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  1. If you've had the chance to play the first two fallout games, then you'd know that the Super Mutants were designed as a weapon by the Enclave. Another little tidbit; those intelligent deathclaws - another Enclave FEV experiment.

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  2. In the game you find out that the super mutants were being created in one of the vaults. It is in vault 87 where you find the GECK and Fawkes. If you search the terminals and talk to Fawkes you can get the full story. It explains why the super mutants always take captives.

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  3. Hey harkonnenscum... I've also pondered this and have been looking like crazy for an answer... I was really excited when I stumbled upon the bunker at The Mall and thought I would *finally* get some clarification... to no avail.

    It is obvious that the others that "answered" your question either have not paid attention to the dialogue in the game or misunderstood your question.

    So far, I can only think that it's just part of some of the mysteries that the writers of Fallout 3 included to keep us guessing. If I find anything, I'll post it!

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  4. This may or may not be helpful but in the Reily's rangers quest I found a highly irradiated area near the Statesman hotel that has a spacecraft or bomb of sorts at the bottom.

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  5. You played the games and The Enclave used them as a weapon but The Master had an army that could have migrated to the East or this is a theory....The Super Mutants might be from China in Fallout 3 because in the other games they were green but in Fallout 3 they are yellow and they could be from China but that is just theory or they could be a new type of super mutants made from a combination of FEV and radiation

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  6. There was something in the game saying that the super mutants were an experiment from china that went wrong and I think I can't remember though that the Enclave or the American government took over and ya I can't remember much cause I haven't played in awhile something went wrong though I can't remember though.

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  7. during the game and exploration of the various vaults, you realize that each vault had a specific mission. Vault 87's mission was to create super soldiers. the FEV virus was created, creating a mutated species without specific gender with iron skin, super strength, and as you find out from Uncle Leo, the super mutants took super captives to convert them into super mutants. as to the reason why they were created, im not sure but theoretically, why would china or america make weapons against eachother when a nuclear holocaust wiped everyone out?

    but then again, that giant robot refers to the enclave as chinese communists... so maybe logic isnt a factor :P

    but if they were created as a weapon for the enclave as was mentioned earlier, does that mean the enclave has its fingers in to vault-tec?
    and if so, why were they refused access in to vault 101?
    and it definately wouldn't be a weapon created by China. unless they were genius enough to get Americans to make them in order to destroy themselves...

    any more clues, anyone?

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  8. well here's what i think the Super mutants were made in china but we took the idea and made them better in vault 87 but stored them in underground DC When the bombs dropped they were set free in a way and Arctic255 is also right cause the enclave did keep them for a while but not in there DC base. Read the terminals at 87 also and thats a bout it.

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