whats the best waY to go up in levels?

  1. im a lvl 7 Now i was lvl thirty til my game got deleted so i want to no how to go up in lvls?

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    fallout3nut - 7 years ago

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  1. There are a number of ways to power level, although it still takes a lot of time and patience to complete.

    If you have proximity mines, at least 2 so that you don't have to keep re-equipping, you can get infinite experience (5XP per land-mine) by continuously dropping them behind the wall that the Mercenary in Craterside Supply stands at. Just make sure you throw the mines close enough to the wall for him to trip them before disarming them for the experience. Also be sure to save frequently, as sometimes Billy Creel or Nathan will walk past the room, tripping of the mines even faster and causing everyone to attack you.

    You can also find forts and the like, such as Fort Bannister, that enemies respawn at (I believe after 72 hours of killing them), and keep resting and killing for fairly quick experience (if your thumbs get tired of the proximity mines). The best part about this one is that the bodies will respawn in the same place you killed them, so if you drag everyone into the same spot and lay a few mines around them, wait a few days, and then fast travel, you will kill them all instantly for a very large XP boost. You'll get an even greater XP boost if you have your difficulty set to very hard, although in some cases this may cause you to have to lay out more mines to kill them. Personally I prefer Fort Bannister for this, as I drop all the bodies down the stairwell with the barracks entrance to the right of the front gate entrance (which is also to the right of where you spawn from fast travel). Just be sure to do the mine trick, otherwise you'll have 2 guys with missile launchers coming up the stairs and chasing after you. :P

    I've also heard of gaining quick levels by mining Scrap Metal in the Mill of one of the add ons, but I have yet to purchase and enjoy the DLC to do this myself.

    Good luck!

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  1. You could use an exp. glitch. Here's a tip for getting tons of skill points though: Get your Intelligence up to 9. (That's a S.P.E.C.I.A.L skill by the way). Then find the Intelligence bobble head.

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  2. With an Intelligence of 10 you get to spend lots of points and then if you get the educated perk you will get to spend 23 points each level.

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  3. When you are near some enemies but they have not spotted you (sneak mode etc) get sneak critical kills for the extra experience, if you have high enough sneak then change the difficulty just before you make the kill to very hard so you get loads of exp for (will work better if you are going tha bad kharma way coz you can use it on unnamed characters like meggaton settlers, especially at night) just remember to set the difficulty back afterwards

    oh and i recomend using a scoped weapon not in vats or lincolns' repeater if you want to use vats

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