Vault 101 mission?

  1. I need help when i go back to vault 101 i just get a bunch of squiggily lines on my radio but no password i finished the main story im at level 28 i was obducted by aliens and a chunk of my brain is missing so if any one can help that would be great oh and can you get your brain chunck put back in your noggin try to be specific on how to do the mission please

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    TOXINJOE - 8 years ago
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    Ok i get all that but when i get a signal i hear nothing and when i go to megaton i cant even get the signal any ideas?

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    TOXINJOE - 8 years ago

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  1. Double checked the walkthrough just make sure im not lying here. Even tho you've finished the main quest you should still be able to access this one. There's nothing to suggest finishing the main quest blocks these side quests. If the signal is the only thing you cant hear then put the subtitle on (if you haven't already) and relisten to the signal. You will have to exit the pipboy screen to do this. It shoud now display the dialogue that is being broadcast on that frequency. If this is not the case (even in close vicinity to vaulty 101) I'm wondering whether it may be glitched. Failing that I can't think of anything else other than reloading to a save before the "Water of Life" quest, if possible. This is a big step back I know but you don't get the Vault 101 quest until after this part of the main story so any save after that point may be glitched too. Hope this helps

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  1. Firstly, no the brain can not be put back in your head. I took great satisfaction in dealing with the dude who took it out though. Secondly, if you listen to the Vault 101 signal, you will hear Amata try to get your attention. She will tell you there are problems in the Vault and she needs your help. She will also tell your she has changed the entry password to her name. You should then recieve the quest and be able to re-enter the vault. Once inside speak to Officer Gomez who will tell you what has been happening. Next go to the Overseers Offiice and speak with the man himself. use the speech choices that make him realise he is nolonger fit to be Overseer. He will tell you he is making Amata the Overseer and run off to tell her. Follow him and listen to his conversation with Amata then speak with her. She will thank you for your help then tell you for the Vault to regain some kind of normality you will need to leave. Then simply leave the Vault. At some point while in the Vault depending on who you talk to you will be given the option to sabotage to Vault. You'll take a Karma hit for it so avoid this option if you are playing with a good karma character. Otherwise, this will spike the water supply and force the residents of Vault 101 to leave the Vault.

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  2. No actually it states in many walk throughs and i have tested it you only have 24 hours game time from the time you go in the citidal. if you wait for more than one day you can not get the quest.

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  3. The quest stays for a long time, but it's NOT indefinite. I'm afraid I don't know what the timer is like, but I HAVE heard that if you go to Point Lookout or start Operation Anchorage after the signal has started, it will glitch/stop when you return keeping you from doing the quest.

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  4. After you initially hear the signal, you need to go to Vault 101 and complete the mission. If you decide to save it for later, or don't bother to listen to the whole signal and just carry on about your business, then you will lose the option to complete that mission.

    In the end though, they kick you out and you can never return anyway, so nothing of value was lost as far as I can remember. Though I do regret not being able to kill the Overseer...

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  5. Does this affect you if you have killed the overseer, not that I did? *Wink* *Wink*

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