Whats the best way to start the game in your opinon?

  1. I would like to know how others begin the game..................

    User Info: Deadlyswingfist

    Deadlyswingfist - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well... basically do what you want. for example if you are going to be evil dont help amata from the gang and kill her dad and make smart comments and lie but if you are going to be good do the opposite.as for the skills, i would get really high on, on melee, science, and lockpicking skills to start with then i would get high on the small big and energy guns skills. and keep in mind to get melee to a good level as ammo can get scarce.

    User Info: andync96

    andync96 - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. what he said...but as for skills I stuck to small guns, Big guns, LOCKPICK! and repair that will help you sooo much. quests- i did the ones that gave me money and weapons, ammo, STIMPACKS, stay away from drugs such as psycho when your addicted its just annoying all that gave me a good base that made all the main quests way less annoying and really lets you enjoy the game instead of getting mad at it.

    User Info: dhanson94

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  2. For your first two level-ups, concentrate exclusively on Small Guns and Repair. Allocate your skill points about 70/30 to Small Guns and Repair only. Take two levels of Gun Nut immediately. Even though you may ultimately want to focus on Big Guns or Energy Weapons, you will not be getting any of those early in the game, and you have to survive. Small Guns will not be a waste at all. This strategy for the first two level ups makes Fallout much more survivable as early combat can be challenging.

    At Level 5, take the Comprehension Perk (the earliest you can get it), which gives you 2 skill points per book instead of just 1. There are well over 300 skill books in the game. Taking this early on means you're essentially getting over 300 additional skill points over the course of the game. Let's say you don't care about the Unarmed skill. Even if you never spend a level up skill point on it, there are 25 Unarmed skill books in the game. You can add 50 points to this skill for free!

    As for gameplay itself, I like to finish up the Power of the Atom asap, then I head down toward Arlington Library because there are a couple well-stocked Raider camps on the way, and I can get the best possible early weapons as well as fill my inventory with stuff to sell. Thanks to my early points into Small Guns, the bands of Raiders are no problem, and thanks to points in Repair, I can Repair lots of the stuff myself to make maximum caps. Once I get this initial stock-up excursion out of the way, I don't want for caps and equipment again.

    I've played Fallout through a number of times, and this is my standard opening.

    User Info: digeratess

    digeratess - 7 years ago 0 0

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