I cant get another follower?

  1. I killed dogmeat and had jericko and charon but i got captured by col. atum ,i dont know how to spell it, and i left raven rock and went to get charon. i went megaton to get jericko and he told methat he wont join unless i get rid of charon but i had them before im confused and need help?

    User Info: jelly509

    jelly509 - 7 years ago

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  1. There is an exploit in the game in which they didnt realise you could get three followers yes three.
    Lets for example go with
    Jericho, Clover and Star Paladin Cross.
    First get bad karma and bring 1000 caps to Jericho to get him to join you.
    Now Quick travel to Paradise Falls and save.
    Fire Jericho so he walks away but stay close to him and Eulogy.
    Talk to Eulogy and buy Clover from him.
    Quickly rush to Jericho and and re-hire him then Clover will talk to you and you will have two followers.
    Now get good karma and travel to the Citadel and talk to Star Paladin Cross (Located in the Lab) and say that you couldnt stop here from joining you and choose the karma option and now you have three followers!
    NOTE: this works with any karma for instance if your neutral then get butch then use the hire re-hire exploit and get paladin cross.

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  1. You can only have one follower at a time.

    User Info: Toxin44

    Toxin44 - 7 years ago 0 4
  2. No you cant have more than one follower. If u want to keep one keep jerico.

    User Info: Toxin44

    Toxin44 - 7 years ago 0 3
  3. Maybe Jericho is a bigot.

    User Info: CyberneticRat

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  4. You can have 2 followers, but you have to have a certain Karma level to get both.

    User Info: blueovalgamer

    blueovalgamer - 7 years ago 2 3
  5. What's your karma?

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  6. Jericho is a bad ass u need bad karma to get him but for charon you need good id go for charon

    User Info: Tommywx

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  7. if you did the follower glitch(es) before getting captured youre partner slots are reset so u are back to 1
    there are many ways to get them back
    >if you have puppies perk you can repeatedly kill dogmeat to get as many as u want
    > there is a glitch with hireing clover and rl-3( save frequently!!!)
    1 hire jericho (BAD KARMA REQIURED)
    2 go to parad ise falls and find eulogy jones
    3 fire jericho away from clover
    4 buy clover from eulogy (1000 caps maybe?) NOT CLOSE TO CLOVER
    5. rehire jericho BEFORE TALKING TO CLOVER
    6. hire clover, you now have TWO parteners
    7. for 3 you could kill dogmeat and hire someone, or...
    8. u need neutral karma and a neutral karma follower, or no karma( charon)
    9. pretty much the same as clover, find tinker joe away from rl3 a bit and fire charon
    10. buy rl-3 (1000caps?) and hire charon BEFORE TALKING TO RL3
    11. talk to rl-3 now u have 3 PARTNERS AND 4 WITH KILLING DOGMEAT.

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  8. Its a glitch some say they dissapare sorry for spelling unless you dont give a crap or load another save before they capture you or start a new game in my opinion i prefer to be alone like you havr to give the stimpack,ammo or magazines,or make them wait at your house

    User Info: msvman1

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  9. Ok, everyone else is dumb. i am smart.
    1. hire Sgt. RL3
    2. go up to any other follower. (example: charon)
    3. tell Sgt. RL3 (imma call him rust-bucket) to wait.
    4. while he is waiting talk to him, select the second option where you talk to him about something else.
    5. Fire the rust-bucket (the goal is to fire him while he is waiting)
    6. hire charon (or the other follower you are next to)
    7. WITHOUT LEAVING THE AREA wait for 7-8 DAYS (thats pressing the back button and waiting 24hours 7 to 8 times ik its a real bi*** but it must be done)
    8. you will get a notification saying the rust-bucket has returned to cantaberry commons, now its safe to leave the area
    9. go to cantaberry commons and re-hire the rust-bucket. he will come (haha)
    10. rinse and repeat for all the other followers in the game there should be 8?
    11. if you feel your little armada of people isnt big enough there are other followers you can get besides the 8 main ones EXAMPLE: cherry, sticky, red, sydney, ect.
    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KILL DOGMEAT! thats amimal cruelty and you all should be punished for what you've done. that little puppy saved ur ass from some raiders in the scrapyard and you repay him by using a fat man and other ways of violent blood and gore?? you sicken me.

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  10. You are supposed to have only one follower, HOWEVER Dogmeat does not count towards that. You can have any of the other characters AND Dogmeat at the same time and it is not a glitch. You can get lucky though and have the game glitch. I had Charon, Fawkes, and Dogmeat with me at one point. Badass team.

    User Info: KaiserSenel

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  11. I hired Jericho then I was able to find Dogmeat and I have both of them.

    User Info: FPSChris

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  12. You're only supposed to have one follower at a time (except for Dogmeat, he doesn't count). If you managed to get both Charon and Jericho at the same time, the game glitched.

    User Info: Cyberslam8

    Cyberslam8 - 4 years ago 0 0

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