Is it safe to put items in any box in the waste and not lose them?

  1. If its like oblivion than you cant put items in other boxs only your house. But im new to fallout 3 so im not sure.. Thank you for your help...

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    DevilMarine - 7 years ago

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  1. If you use a container in the Capital Wasteland to store your gear, that gear usually stays put because containers in fallout 3 don't respawn their contents like in oblivion BUT you want to be careful what spot you choose to store you stuff because i use one of the mailboxes around Springvale and every so often when i fast travel back to my stuff i saw a group of two raiders standing around my mailbox stealing my stuff and when you attack them they take any weapons and ammo to use against you this includes the alien blaster which can kill you in 2 quick shots.

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  1. So far as long as you go back to it quickly I've never had anything disappear. I usually find somewhere close to the spawn point for the location and put whatever i can't travel with there, Go back to home base, drop off/sell, then go back.

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  2. There are only two places where you can safely store items and not have them disappear: your house and Vault 112. Vault 112 has this strange thing going on where things won't disappear inside. I've used this place as a sort of extra storage room and never had any problems. It's also the only place outside of cities I can think of that won't have enemies spawn or enter; if anything you can seal the vault door if you want to be careful, though I never needed to.

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  3. If i were you i woundnt put anything in places were enimes have been because they are likely to respawn,i would sugest putting them into your house because it has plenty of storage room and i store everything there.

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  4. Nuka Cola vending machines are always safe, and they're all over the place

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  5. Yes.

    I stash lots of stuff in tons of random containers all over the wasteland and I've never lost any of the stuff that I stored. Well, except for the stashes that I forgot the location of. XD

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