How do I get easy caps?

  1. Is there a easy way to get money for your house or suite,and weapons?Also, were is the best place to get guns,armor, and ammo for few caps?

    User Info: gray_fox_11

    gray_fox_11 - 7 years ago

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  1. I forgot to mention perhaps the easiest way to get caps. When you complete Reilly's Rangers, Reilly gives you a you can opt to help her map the DC ruins. She gives you a geomapper module that maps any new areas you discover. All you have to do is return to the Ranger's compound periodically. She downloads the info and pays you caps in return.

    User Info: DJHud

    DJHud - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. The easiest way I've found to get caps is to find game characters who will pay extra caps for specific items. Walter (who works in the water treatment plant) in Megaton pays extra caps for scrap metal which is abundant and relatively low in weight. Winthrop in Underworld will trade stimpaks, radaway, etc. for scrap metal. Sierra Petrovita (sp?) in Girdershade will pay pretty well for Nuka Cola Quantum, even after you finish her quest. Also, the Brotherhood Outcast commanding officer (can't remember his name) at Fort Independence will trade stimpaks, radaway, etc. for enclave/brotherhood equipment and tech items.

    User Info: DJHud

    DJHud - 7 years ago 2 1
  2. It is simple just steal and sell

    User Info: bones1536

    bones1536 - 7 years ago 2 2
  3. okay so theres a few different wasy to do thiss. first thing i did was kill and loot the bodies and thier containers.

    then (POSSIBLE SPOILER) i advanced in the storyline to after the normal plot (if u have broken steel) and the enclave are EVERYWHERE! thier weeapons are worth on average about 200 each and thier armor about 300. you can also steal and then sell it but that can be risky.

    If you have found paradise falls you can get slave collars. you must use the mesmetron to "mez" the people to a state where they seem like they're high then talk to them and slip the collar on. i also take whatever they happen to be holding. after they start running you can fast travel (or just follow the poor bastard) and then when u get there Grouse will give you 250 caps for the slave. keep in mind that slaving reduces your karma and if they die you wont get any money. since they turn hostile after u put the collar on them if you have any followers they will blow them away and you will have wasted 100 caps and have to go buy another. also save before you ever 'mez" someone because there are a few options the mesmetron has upon impact on someone. Their head can explode, or they can "frenzy" and start attacking everyone around them. If that happens reload your save and try again.

    User Info: xXbacchusXx

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  4. One of the easiest ways I found to keep caps around in my pocket was to just not spend them! I mean it's not that hard to find ammo that you're not using on a regular basis. My personal favorite are the missles, I take and keep ALL ammo scrounged and then when I enter into a 'business transaction' I buy what I want and then go back to my side and trade them all I just took for a bunch of misc. items of decent value I picked up while wandering (Cartons of cigs, radscopion glands, mirelurk meat, etc...) and ammo that I don't use anyways... It's very rare that I actually PAY caps for anything that can be bartered for...

    User Info: Galan_Faran

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  5. The easiest way to get caps was go to anywhere that sells armor or weapons, or one of the two, then search for an item that the dealer has two of. then buy the one witch least condition. then resell that same item. then rebuy it and now the item should be in perfect condition so resell it back for some caps and keep buying back reselling it etc. etc. (this works because once the item is in perfect condition and then you sell it, it will be the same condition the first time you bought the item so you spend some caps, then get even more caps) as for the best place to get some weapons and armor, well my friend just look at every place that sells that kind of stuff and your bound to get something eventually.

    User Info: gunmaster69

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  6. Well if you don't care about your Karma you could go around and kill all the traders...take all the things from their inventory...keep their caps and all the stuff you want and sell the rest.

    User Info: 1KingOfGames

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  7. Scrap metal glitch ht tp://
    Scroll down to the Exploit / Bug section.
    You will be a rich individual .
    You will also go from lvl 2or3 to lvl 30 in an hour or so.
    The leveling part it great because you can experiment with all the different perks in a short amount of time and find the ones that are best for play style.
    I had about 200,000 caps going from lvl 4 to 30. Setting up the glitch is the part that takes time.
    If anybody knows a way that's better than this,let me know. :P

    User Info: SlayerKnot

    SlayerKnot - 7 years ago 1 0
  8. When u reach level 19 i think just get the lawbringer perk or the contract killer perk It all depends on karma
    with lawbringer perk every evil character u kill (Raiderws, Talon company ect ect) will have a finger on their corpse that u can sell to a sertain good character so save up 20 and u get 200 caps oh and its a good way for getting karma up and ghouls and super mutants are not included but for the other perk the contract killer i havent got that 1 im not evil every good character u kill will have an ear on their corpse and u can sell to the evil ppl i think u loose karma doing it and i dont think u can have the both well without the other company shooting the crap into u u might be able to have to so Easy caps Contract killer might be easier there are loads of good characters

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  9. Try and convince people to give u money or more caps (high speechy level)

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  10. Every other way thats typed here causes so much troble and takes time. What I recommend is to do Strictly Buisness quest get all the slaves and then use a stealh boy to steal a key off Forty or Eulogy. Then you go to the slave Pen talk to Flak Red Arkansas or the slut. (Either one works) exit Paridise and as you approach Grouse he will talk to you. Keep this in mind: speak with him four time and he will give you 1000 caps. (250 for each slave) Rinse and Repeat.

    User Info: Ketchemonia

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