National guard depot location?

  1. Trying to get this last bobblehead so i can get the achievement

    User Info: rymer62

    rymer62 - 7 years ago

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  1. Start off at canterbury commons and head directly south from there until you reach the out walls of dc and then search along that wall and its got a gate and two protectotrons gaurding the entrance. Also inside the ruins of this building the most powerful weapon in the game, the expiremental mirv. Though you can only get mirv if you have all five keller family transcripts.

    User Info: gamerdj1210

    gamerdj1210 - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. I never went in but I believe it's along the northern edge of DC. Right outside of it. I think I heard someone say the xperimental mirv is in there too. But, I also heard you need some keycards or something to get in.

    User Info: Lithinide

    Lithinide - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. its location is directly south of vault 108 or if you don't have its location ita also directly south of the robot repair center and you don't need all five Keller family tapes i copied this read it, its a glitch for pc ps3 and xbox360 here it is , You can get inside the bunker without getting the transcripts. To do so, walk into the corner made by the door and bunker access terminal. Then crouch, go into third person view, and twirl the camera around until it says "activate electrical switch". The trigger is very small, but should appear on the door or the door frame, a little higher than the player's head. Activate it, and the bunker door will open. This is a brilliant time saving method and should be used if you don't want to bother hunting down the transcripts. (No longer patched) Although, directly on the other side of that corner of the access terminal wall and bunker (the side with the radiation suits), the same method can be applied and gain you access into the bunker.

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