How do I find more companions?

  1. I want to get as many people as a can to work with me through the game. So far iv got Dogmeat and Star Paladin Cross. Is there any others that will join me to fight?

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    joerut - 8 years ago

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  1. There are actually 8 different companions in the game (including dogmeat).

    1. Dogmeat - This dog you can find at the scrapyard, in the centre of the map at any time. You don't need any specific karma relation for this companion.
    2. Jericho - This old war veteran hangs out in Megaton, waiting for an evil karma character to show up (you). You do however need to pay him a 1000 caps in order to get him in your gang.
    3. Star Paladin Cross - A lovely Brotherhood soldier who'll help you out if you have good karma. She'll be available after completing the "The Waters of Life" quest in the Lab of the Citadel.
    4. Fawkes - Probably the toughest of all companions and he is a mutant. You'll bump into this guy during your main quest in vault 87. After "Finding the Garden of Eden" you need good karma status in order to get him to join your clan.
    5. Charon - A tough ghoul found in Underworld who serves anyone with his contract in their hands. This contract you can get from bartender Ahzrukhal (also in Underworld).
    6. Clover - A purchase you can make i Paradise Falls. You need bad karma (since she is a slave...).
    7. RL-3 - This is a "Mr. Gutsy" robot equipped with a plasma weapon and a flamer. You can buy this robot from Tinker Joe, who hangs around the RobCo factory near Tenpenny Tower. You can buy with caps and some neutral karma.
    8. Butch - You probably remember this character if you have played at least 5 minutes of the game. If you let him live after the "Future Imperfect" quest in the beginning, you should be able to help him out of the vault later on in the game. He'll then hang around Rivet City (inside) and will be an asset to your team if you've got neutral karma.

    Beware! You cannot have more than one companion at any given time (besides Dogmeat).
    Another thing: You should be able to equip each companion (with exception from Fawkes the Super Mutant and Dogmeat the dog) with any given item, provided it is better than the one they are already wearing/carrying (for example you cannot make Star Paladin Cross wear a Wastelands Settlers Outfit...).
    In order to do this, just speak with them and choose to trade with them. I have not tried this with all of them, just Star Paladin Cross, to whom I equipped a Power Helmet to go with her great Power Armor and it worked like a charm. :D

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  1. These are the ones i've come across..

    Star Paladin Cross
    Clover (Evil, Paradise Falls)
    There is a good Super mutant you get in the main storyline if you are good, forgot his name
    There is a robot from a wandering salesman

    You can also use the little kid going from Little Lamplight to bigtown as a temp 2nd partner.. He was useful to me for an hour then he got mowed down by a behemoth lol

    I think thats it, Might be wrong though

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  2. You can get two human/ghoul followers by killing dogmeat and then asking the other follower you want to join you, apart from that there is no other way of getting more than 1 follower and dogmeat annoying isnt it :l

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