Best NPC Follower? (May contain spoilers.)

  1. I was wondering on which NPC follower to get, besides Dogmeat. And also on how to get him/her.

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    gamesomighty - 8 years ago

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  1. Depends on your Karma:

    Neutral- Get RL-3 by buying him from RobCorp Building near Tenpenny Tower

    Evil- Get Clover by buying her from Paradise Falls

    Good- Get Star Paladin Cross from the Citadel by asking her to join you

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  1. The best follower is Jericho people underestimate him but he can use power armour and he has unlimited ammo on his chinese assault rifle wheras clover is harder to get and has a sawed off shotgun which is one of the worst weapons ive used in the game

    To get jericho evil karma, 100 caps and he's in megaton normally around moriarity's bar or his house

    User Info: 54zerogamer54

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  2. I meant 1000 caps sry

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  3. I like Fawkes....hasn't done me wrong so far

    User Info: ancieintone

    ancieintone - 8 years ago 1 0
  4. I like Fawkes as well, too bad for some odd reason I lost him in Megaton....

    You must save him during the G.E.C.K quest (can't miss him, only talking super mutant) after you save him he'll come and save you at Raven Rock, he'll join your party if you have good karma (possibly neutral...)

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  5. I do like fawkes i would choose him but hes too BIG and blocks me all the time i got annoyed and mini nuked him twice :L i do regret it in a way

    User Info: 54zerogamer54

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  6. Fawkes is a beast, I think I've actually hit him slightly with mini nukes and had him survive. By the way, it's only good karma that he will join you with.

    User Info: R0FLKN1FE

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  7. I like charon. You get his contract from Azurcal or something like that when you kill Greta or pay him 1000 to 2000 caps.(Underworld, 9th Circle) He could wear power armor, hold a lot of stuff, has a good shotgun, and he's not as big as Fawkes sp he won't get stuck in some palces.

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  8. Fawkes, hands down. You need good karma though. But he/she is free and he/she won't die if unload at fatman at her.

    User Info: tehholyspoon75

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  9. I agree with those before. Fawkes is a beast. I have blasted Fawkes with every weapon I have...and I have most of the uniques and it takes a ton to kill him. plus he rolls out with a gatling laser after raven rock...can't complain about that.

    User Info: Bahamut_MXII

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  10. It depends more on your character. If your bent on playing a stealth character, chose Star Paladin Cross for good karma, and Clover for Bad Karma.

    If you don't rely heavily on sneaking, Fawkes. If your karma is too low, do your best to raise it, seriously. Fawkes can resist so much damage, wields a Gatling Laser with unlimited ammo, and can carry around 250 pounds of equipment. Fawkes can't sneak however, and he will attack all enemies on site, so be careful not to get to close to an enemy if your trying to sneak.

    Fawkes is automatically met during the main story quest, during "Finding the Garden of Eden" in Vault 87. You need to free him from his prison and meet him outside of Raven rock.

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  11. My good guy Bullet roams around the whole Wasteland with two followers:

    1. Tough and self-healing Charon (a good ghoul) from Underworld who's a hell-of-a-shot with Scoped .44 Magnum or Chinese Assault rifle. He can carry 150 WG total.

    2. Sydney met in National Archives who makes Bullet melt when she look him in the eye. She says she can shoot off dick of a fly at 100 yard with her 10 mm Ultra MSG. This chick is a bit high maintenance (stimpacks) but a good protector who sticks to Bullet like glue. She becomes a liability later in the game. A little reckless I would say. Keep her away from a Fat Man 'cause she will fire the Mini Nuke in the room in your defense:)

    My Bullet has full hands with these two very able rascals so he doesn't look for a third follower. By the way, he has two houses: one deeded in Megaton the other in Tenpenny Tower Penthouse on squatter rights both with Handyman and plenty of storage.

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  12. The best companion i have heard of and have had is charon from Underworld from some dude named azurcal or something, he has a shotgun that fires without spread and randomly gives shotgun ammo in the "lets trade equipment" dialoge and Fawkes whi is a super mutant u meet in the quest where u have to fund the G.E.C.K in vault 87; he has a gatling laser after the raven rock quest and before that u can get the chance to get his unique sper sledge plus like every one said it takes a lot to kill him and accationally make even a scratch on his health. Charon u can get with any type of karma, and Fawkes with good karma.

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  13. The one I like is fawke since i use this tactic where i shoot the enemy with the gauss rifle which stuns the enemy and then fawke destroys the enemy with his weapon.

    User Info: AznOnslaught

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  14. I have to say fawkes, although its annoying when he gets trapped and I have to fast travel with him. but other than that, self healing unlimited ammo and never realy dies unless you shoot him yourself with a mirv.

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  15. Well I have to decide between dogmeat and Fawkes as a follower team.

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  16. Fawkes is the strongest

    User Info: HavenlyHunter

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  17. Fawks is the best because he doesent die easily at all and any other fallower could be easily killed by a deathclaw and he has a gattling laser which is ungodly powerful

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  18. Fawkes is the best and all u have to do is have good karma and ask him to come with you after u meet him during the main quest.

    User Info: matthewmahoney

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  19. Cross sucks i had her after i killed jericho and she got killed by a sentry bot on very easy So fawkes hands down i made him wait at the bottom of a cliff once and i uloaded a mirv and he didnt die

    User Info: ballsofsteel696

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  20. If you are good get fawkes outsine of raven rock. or star paladan cross in the citidel. (fawkes recamended) after raven rock if you are bad get jerico in megaton (100 caps) or clover in paradice falls (jerico recamended) recammended if you are netrual get rl3 in the parking lot next to tenpenny tower 500 1,000 or 2,000 caps i forgot. you can get charon with any karma but you have to pay 1,000 caps or kill someone in the underworld. the best is fawkes, rl3 and, charon

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  21. Fawkes is the best by far i think. The only problem with him is that there are a few glitches and bugs associated with him. Such as i've gone into the Super Duper mart with fawkes, walked around for a while, and noticed he wasn't following me. So i went back to the entrance a saw that he got stuck INSIDE a nuka-cola machine. All i could see was his face sticking out the front and his arms sticking out the side. It was awesome.

    User Info: sgttaters

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  22. I have Fawkes charon and dogmeats puppy and let me tell you, they are amazing. i was in old onley the other day, didnt even have to shoot the deathclaws. they died before they got to me.fawkes gatling laser is beast and he is a feaking tank taking about 3 mini nukes to kill. charon can blow a muties head off from a mile away with a combat shotgun! and dogmeats puppy has 1000 health. they are an amazing team. to get all 3 of them u get broken steel. then u do garden of eden and right before fawkes talks to u so that he can team up with u quickly fast travel to underworld. get charon, then go back to raven rock and he will team up with u. then u get lvl 22 and get the perk puppies (if dogmeat is dead) or u can jsut get dogmeat. and u have all 3!

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  23. I vote for Butch! He has skill in unarmed and when swinging with the armor piercing deathclaw guantlet he is a force of destruction, plus he's a whizbang hairdresser!

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  24. I have to say that fawkes is the best.

    User Info: gamerdj1210

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  25. I've tried all the good ones. I like RL-3 for the first part, cause he not easy to kill. Charon's great for the middle of the game. He does well with the shotgun. Dogmeat inhibits my sneaking (they all do, really). This is my 2nd time thru the game. When I can get Fawkes, he's definiately best with a gatling laser. I like RL-3's foul mouth, though.

    User Info: peacemillenium

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