Vault 87 main hatch inside?

  1. Anybody that has tried to find the 87 hatch from outside knows its futile but I have a question about the other side of the hatch.
    After Murder pass following lamplight you enter vault 87 and soon find the Test Lab area. Straight East of that is what appears on the map as a dead end but is actually the vault door to 87. You can open this door, but what you see is the outer edge of the vault and it procceds into a Twilight Zone like "blackhole" of orange.As you step through this you are transported back to the test lab area. Question; Has anybody else encountered this and is there anything else to this door and its reason for being or anything else that can be done here? If you have arrived at this door, have you been able to open it and what happens when you do if different from my experience?
    Just to clarify, this is the big round vault entrance as found on the others. I dont believe it is a glitch at this point as we have played it to the end of quests with no problems in other areas of the game and this is the only vault door to have acted this way.
    If you havent actually experienced this hatch from inside please leave unanswered.Thanks

    From: Frozenrain9176 12/14 11:08AM - So what exactly is your question?
    Since you can't get into the vault via the outside vault entrance, it just teleports you back to the test labs, it isn't a glitch, it's just... there.

    Additional details - 12/14 3:28PM
    Read man read! This is not the outside entrance. Its from the inside and if someone has been playing games long enough they should know that there are events put into games for the thrill or exploration of more advanced gamers. Thats why I asked if you havent personally experienced this to not answer.

    User Info: bucketbuster

    bucketbuster - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Its either story's worth of question or story's worth of answers that dont fit the question if youre not detailed enough so better off providing as much detail as possible eh?
    Still with all the detail you get people that cant absorb more than one line.
    Thanks just the same DL.

    User Info: bucketbuster

    bucketbuster - 8 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Yeah its definately futile to try to enter from the outside, unless there is some ultimate radiation suit.. I thought I had one, guess not. But I had that same weird thing happen to me, I am going to try it again just to make sure.. it was a long time ago ingame time. I am almost done.. I have discovered every location accept vault 87, when I did the lamplight quest it never "opened" it n my map.. I hate to finish this game with one little "slash" left for a location! Argh.. theres got to be a way to activate that darn vault! I mean I been through there already it should have said " You discovered vault 87" right? Well I am minus one bobblehead and one location.. nobody is perfect.....Makes me wanna play evil next time!

    User Info: Tamzgamz

    Tamzgamz - 8 years ago

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  1. I was able to discover Vault 87 and here is how I did it. I entered the site from the South, it is a straight shot to the door which is very important. i wore an Advanced Radiation Suit, popped some Rad-X bringing me to 85% Rad Resistance, well over 100 RadAways, and my Wg was 12 (Advanced Radiation Suit, Geomapper Module, and a Pistol).

    All I did was walk straight forward paying attention to the counter on the upper right as it started to fly upwards and timed it to use RadAway when it got close to deadly. Once the cha-ching hits I just walked straight backwards using the same method. It took me awhile and a boatload of RadAway but it worked!!!

    User Info: monkfo0

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  1. Dude.. Chill out... He's just trying to help. After all. He probably misread something. Afterall you typed a story's worth for a question. And my guess is that its just an Easter Egg for the adventurous gamer such as yourself. Or just a place where the creators of the game can laugh at you for going into one of thier trick doors... Just suggestions.

    User Info: DarknessLord10

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  2. Yup Its true. I went through it again, got to the door, opened it and POOF I am back in the Test Lab hallway.. I hope they address this in an Expansion pack... like a quest to get the ultimate radiation suit or something. Some new adventures of vault 87, cuz there are thousands of characters just dying (of radiation) to get in there!!! Thats it I'm finishing this mutha tonight!

    User Info: Tamzgamz

    Tamzgamz - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. Same thing happened here, and they didn't even put the 'control pad' for the door; you have to open it by the actual door, so I'm guessing they probably didn't even make an entrance on the outside that works...

    User Info: supagangsta69

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  4. Its a major easter egg the reason its so irradiated is because it got struck directly by a bomb during the great war. If you want to know its story got to

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  5. On my XBox 360, I had an advanced radiation suit and about 350 RadAways. I REALLY got into Vault 87 through the front door! The only way to discover it is to get to the front door.

    User Info: Tikilo985689456

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  6. Tikilo, you did NOT get into vault 87 through the front door. It doesn't open from the outside.

    User Info: frankspank

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  7. TIkilo you are lying. It doesnt matter how much rad x and rad suit you have, your rad resistance can only go up to 85%, and even when it's that high the radiation levels go up to the hundreds... the only way possible i think of getting there is to bring hundreds, maybe even a thousand radaways with you and take one every second, as well as 85% rad resistance... it sounds impossible but it just might work.

    Anyway I too find it annoying, if you have a PC there might be a cheat that can let you not absorb any raditaion at all but unfortunately that doesn't exist for us 360 users. Anyway thanks for telling us going in from the inside, I too wondered about this and now that I know where it is I will check it out tomorrow.

    User Info: bleh32_

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  8. I did the same thing as monkfo and he is right you got to use LOTS OF radaway save before as i did a safe your self from doing it aging. I died 3 times but there was some brutes there as well it works though it shows up on my map.

    User Info: killallnite42

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  9. You might be able to use so perks like the Rad resistance perk.

    User Info: MegaShea63

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