1. Is there a way to get to pinkerten without lock picking the very hard door?

    User Info: MetalGearExile3

    MetalGearExile3 - 7 years ago

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  1. What you need to do is, enter the Rivet city market. Then, proceed to the oppiste end of where you enter Rivet City. There is a Nuka Cola machine on your right and the store "A Quick Fix" on your left. Run up the stairs and enter the door. You will come out at the broken part of the ship and the water below your feet. Jump off and swim to the right side of the ship acrossed from the one that you jumped off of. You may have to look around and come back up for air before you find it but it is a small tunnel with a door. Save before you enter because you may drown trying to get out of there. Just swim through the first door, come up for air, swim through the second one and take a right through that door. Run up the stairs and and go about 5 feet and hit the locking mechanism on the left right beside the 100 lock pick door you mentioned to unlock it from the inside. Have note that 2-3 mire lurks are in there and if they catch you in the water over your head you are defenseless so if you encounter them, dodge and quickly get to dry ground. Be wary of traps. There is a trip wire with a grenade bouqet in a gas filled room. Two chest with hidden mines next to them, and a pressure plate with shotguns pointing towards you if you step on it. Also do not try to hack the computer when you get to it. Hack the antennae in the rear console. Find the door opening mechanism yourself lol.

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  1. Yeah, there's an underwater door on the broken-off end of his ship.

    User Info: angelsdontkill

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  2. The underwater door he refers to is between the two sections of the ship not far from the corner closest to the door. Just be careful; the mirelurks have a bit more of an edge if you come in that way and there's no traps between you and them to help you take them out.

    User Info: Blue_Dragoon77

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  3. There is an underwater door near the broken part of rivit city go under and go in(it will be hard to get there because you will lose oxygen quicker)then go through and explore around and you will iventualy find him there may be traps such as bome sacks,the shotgun traps and bear traps. i hope this has help you

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  4. There is a under water door where the ship is cut off if u look on ur local map u should find it

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  5. Yes go to the broken off section of the boat of rivet city jump into the water go to the right side and under water there should be a door but take a lot of rad-aways when you find and enter the door its a maze I was stuck fighting off the mirelurk "guards" until I got out of the irritaded water and I follow this hallway saw somwe mirelurks replenished completle my health walked on then I heard a linewire trap and said "oh &*#$" something blew up I got knocked down and my legs got crippled then I kept on going at the end of the hallway I found a staircase leading down to this door, I opened it and found pinkerton. Hoped this helped and remember take a good gun or two, lots of ammo and rad-aways.

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  6. The right side of the other half of the boat

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