DLC Weapons?

  1. Which unique weapons are in each of the DLCs?

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Accepted Answer

  1. There are quite a few unique weapons from all the dlc but here they are:

    Operation: Anchorage:
    Jingwei's Shocksword (unique Chinese officers sword +2 Shock Dmg/5sec )
    Trench Knife (unique combat knife)

    The Pitt:
    Steel Knuckles (unique brass knuckles)
    Man Opener (unique auto axe that ignores damage resistance)
    The Mauler (another unique auto axe that automatically blocks when hit by another melee weapon)
    Perforator (unique infiltrator FTW)
    Wild Bill's Sidearm (unique .32 pistol)
    Metal Blaster (unique laser rifle that and fires 9 beams at once)

    Broken Steel:
    Callahan's Magnum (Unique Scoped .44 Magnum, obtained by destroying the Citadel
    Precision Gatling Laser (Unique Gatling Laser)
    Rapid-Torch Flamer (Unique Flamer; +2/(3) Fire Dmg/5s, and a faster reload )
    Slo-Burn Flamer (Unique Flamer; +8/(12) Fire Dmg/5s, and a slower reload; uses 3 times more ammo)

    Point Lookout:
    Toy Knife (Unique Knife)
    Ritual Knife (unique knife)
    Fertilizer Shovel (Unique Shovel; +4 Poison Dmg/10s)
    The Dismemberer (Unique Axe; +250% limb damage)
    Backwater Rifle (unique lever-action rifle)
    Microwave Emitter (Unique Mesmetron that's very strong against robots)

    Mothership Zeta:
    Electro-Suppressor (Unique Shock Baton; no shock Damage; Knock-down on critical hit)
    Paulson's Revolver (Unique Scoped .44 Magnum; no scope; fires 9 projectiles per shot)
    Atomic Pulverizer (Unique Alien Atomizer)
    Captain's Sidearm (Unique Alien Blaster; uses different ammo, fires 6 projectiles per shot, consumes 3 power modules per shot)
    MPLX Novasurge (Unique Plasma Pistol ; uses two microfusion cells per shot)
    Destabilizer (Unique Disintegrator fast rate of fire)
    Drone Cannon Ex-B (Unique Drone Cannon projectile explodes on impact)

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  1. Forgot the Gauss rifle

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