What are the different types of armor and weapons (specifically sniper rifles and assault rifles) in the game?

  1. Where are there locations?

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  1. Power armor- This can be found in missions and on people. There are many types of this armor such as Tb-51 power armor and the Outcast power armor. Requires power armor training from a man at the Citadel (or the Ancorage DLC.)

    Combat armor- This is a very common but strong and heavy armor. Talon company and
    Reilly's Rangers use this armor. This is also normally sold at Crater Side Supply and at Shrapnel and Flak.

    Raider armor- This is easily found and sold. This can be found on raiders and at most shops. These weigh a lot but offer a low protection normally. Good for starters

    Pre-war Clothes- These are useless unless they are valuable but offer some "style?" if you like they are light but weak. i don't use these often.

    Chinese stealth suit (DLC)- There is only one armor in this category and it can be found after beating the DLC Ancorage. Good for stealth people like me.

    Overcoats- Rare but stylish they are moderate in weigh and protection there are two of them with the DLCs. One in the original game and one in the Mothership Zeta DLC.

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  2. These are the various sniper and assault rifles, with the unique versions in brackets.
    Sniper Rifle (Victory, Reservist's Rifle)
    Assault Rifle
    Chinease Assault Rifle (Xaunlong AR)
    Infiltrator (Perferator, The Pitt DLC)

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