Operation: Anchorage armory won't open?

  1. I tried getting it to unlock with the computer that's next to it, but it keeps telling me that i need a key. Your thoughts?

    User Info: calvinman710

    calvinman710 - 7 years ago


  1. You have to complete Operation Anchorage first then the armory door will open for you! but make sure you have a lot of room in your gigantic back-pack! Also get ready for a fight down there when some of the outcasts get pissed off that they dont get any loot from the armory.

    User Info: RefriedMassacre

    RefriedMassacre - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Dude I know a Good glitch You see the stuff in the armoury i sold all of it except the armour because of this glitch before you enter the simulation kill all of the people at the base inside you cna get your karma back up later but anyways then drag some of them into the simulation like sitting on the chair so when you sit on it you can search them then do the mission till you get to pick your weapon class pick it go and get it drop all of it go back choose another and repeat that till you had all the weaopns and then finish the whole game and when you have the t-51b winterised you then have the best armour anyways at the end when you are leaving keep pressing a till you are searching the bodys on the chair and put all of your stuff into it and then when you get out search it and all of the stuff is there and here comes the best part the armour has the strongest DR and has almost unlimited condiction it just wears out super slow and every weapon you took now has unlimited condition meanign you may have only one of each of those weapons because you have no need for more to reapair them and if you want the shock sword the have unlimited conditon then when you fight the general keep shoting at the weapon with vats till it gets shot out then quickly pick i tup before he gets it then do the glitch as said before with it and ta-da you have all the stuff and well I guess some of the best equipment I hope that this helps alot more then the crappy armoury they have when you finish

    User Info: LordFam

    LordFam - 7 years ago 0 0

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