NPC Death?

  1. ok so im plsying around in fallout just started the game and escaped the vault so im playing in megaton and I see lucas simms so i get a house and go to it. I see I have a bobblehead (stimpack) so I place it in my collection and then I go to kill lucas simms because he has that chinese assult rifle and then I CANT FIND HIM ANYWHERE an then i ask a person about whos in charge hes answer

    it was lucas simms but now that he's gone.....

    and im like WTF and i move on but its kinda wierd
    so im going to moria and when im walking there
    LUCAS SIMMS RUNS OUT OF NOWHERE out of megaton so out of curiosity I follow him and he leads me to the super duper mart and stops and I talk to him and hes like normal and then runs away again

    so after like 5 days (real LIFE)
    I walk down a road for a quest and I see him dead on the road

    I check his body and for some reason he has a mini-nuke clip

    and again WTF!

    what the hell happened did he like nuke himself

    and Its scary cause this happened right after I put the stimpack bobble head in my collection so theres 4 reasons I came up with

    1.There was a huge glitch in the game that made him do that
    2.I got it used from gamestop so im guessing a modder modded the game before I bought it
    3.Lucas Simms is an idiot
    4.The stimpack bobblehead is CURSED!

    Any answers

    User Info: FalloutGAMERBOY

    FalloutGAMERBOY - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:

    Dude its the stimpack bobblehead I got from the vault 101

    I dident get the strength bobblehead until I found his house in megaton

    (yes I know im an idiot right)

    User Info: FalloutGAMERBOY

    FalloutGAMERBOY - 7 years ago


  1. I don't know why this happened, but I think the best answer is "It's a game made by Bethesda". Their games are full of bugs and weird NPC behavior. I've only ever seen him leave Megaton when the town's under attack (such as raiders at the front entrance).

    According to The Vault, the Fallout wiki:
    "He will sometimes follow the Lone Wanderer across the Wasteland. The reason for this is that the Lone Wanderer talked to him before he could auto-talk to you as you enter Megaton for the first entrance. Therefore he will follow you till he can initiate conversation with you."

    Also it's strength bobblehead, not stimpack bobblehead.

    User Info: Phlegatu

    Phlegatu - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. The stimpack bobblehead your talking about is most likely the medicine bobblehead and yea this game can be bugged a bit because of the huge size of it

    User Info: FinalGearheart

    FinalGearheart - 7 years ago 0 0

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