I dont have much ammo and caps. NEED HELP!!!?

  1. I've spent most ammo on new weapons but, no ammo. I need so I can get back to missions. where are the best easiest places to find ammo and some strong weapons?

    User Info: duswe

    duswe - 7 years ago


  1. If you have the Operation:Anchorage addon then complete the mission and there will be an armoury with lots of ammo, if you've already done that then just explore

    User Info: kick_a22

    kick_a22 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Explore to collect ammo and caps.

    User Info: Blank_Empty

    Blank_Empty - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. An easy way to get caps if you don't mind murder is to goto Tenpenny Tower and do the misson about the ghouls in the subway and talk to Tenpenny about letting the Ghouls live there and convince him. Then convince the shopkeepers, they will then leave if you're successful and just follow them until they are away from the guards and kill them and loot their keys, then use the keys to open their safes and containers for some caps and loot. You can get ammo with the money.

    For strong weapons goto the Museum of Technology and look through all the computers and guess the codes (you'll see what i mean) so save often, after you guess the code, loot the safe it unlocks and goto the location you find out about you'll see a dead body in the diner in that location and the body has the Xianlong Chinese Assault Rifle which will be very useful to you. You can also goto the Republic of Dave around the top-right corner of the map and in Dave's safe you can get a little bit better hunting rifle. You can get it by either having someone else run for the election there and win or you could steal it. For a good plasma rifle you can get in the beginning of the game do the Android quest which you can start by either finding a message about the android or more easily talk to Dr. Zimmer in the science lab in Rivet city. To get the rifle you need to find out the truth about the android and you do that by finding info and until someone tells you to talk to Pinkerton who lives in the broken hull of the ship past some traps. Get him to tell you what he did. When you find out about the android goto it and tell it the truth about itself as it no longer remembers it's an android then say you'll kill Zimmer for it. Goto Zimmer and tell him about the android for a perk then immediately kill him. You should have the rifle by now. The rifle is the easiest to get in my opinion, unfortunately ammo for it will be a bit scarce in the beginning of the game.

    User Info: Mitsunakari

    Mitsunakari - 7 years ago 0 0

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