I was just curious about a small number of things?

  1. 1.Is it possible without hacking or modding, can you make your dad hostile toward you and 2. Dont make fun of me because im asking but i played the entire fallout without any help from anything i i need to know is it possible to have all my skills maxed out (smallguns, science, Medicine etc...) and yes i need help i have restarted many times with no luck.

    User Info: lol122129

    lol122129 - 7 years ago

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  1. 1. Try shooting your dad. He'll turn hostile. and 2. As far as I know, you can't max out all of your skills. You don't level up enough and it makes the game harder. Just choose wisely.

    User Info: Mariloee

    Mariloee - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. 1: Not unless there's a glitch involved. I've knocked him unconscious five times in a row before and he never retaliated.

    2: Yes, but if you have to be psychotically meticulous about it. It's a long and boring process, which in my opinion is not worth the trouble. Especially if you don't have Broken Steel.

    Have Broken Steel? It's easy, take the Comprehension perk and make sure you don't allow any of your Skills to be under 40 by the time you hit level 30. Just hunt all the Skill books(using a guide is recommended) and it won't take much effort. The Almost Perfect perk will also provide a nice bonus, contributing up 24 points in Skills depending on your SPECIAL stats. Bobblehead for each Skill is +10 and there are 24/25 of every Skill book(excluding exploits) for another +48/+50.

    Don't have Broken Steel? I hope you're a masochist. Get your character's Intelligence at 10 as soon as possible and take on both the Educated and Comprehension perks. It's *POSSIBLE* to max every Skill with much lower Intelligence, but you're begging to have your soul crushed by the tedium of doing so.

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