Where is Crowley? Is this a glitch on 360?

  1. While doing You gotta Shoot em in the head, Crowley disappears as soon as he goes through the doors to the Museum of History entrance. I follow him through, and he is not in the lobby with the Mammoth and dinosaur. If I turn to look at the skull over the doors, it shows a friendly blip on my radar as if he is there. I also tried going outside to the Museum Metro Tunnel and can't find him there. I want to get the keys, rather than kill him in Underworld later to get the T51 armor.

    User Info: OrigBabushka

    OrigBabushka - 7 years ago

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  1. I found him at "bomb storage (need 100 lockpick)", which is north of fort constantine (southwest of train tunnel (the pitt), far northwest of paradise falls, east of raven rock, exactly west of vault 92/Old olney, and northeast of deathclaw sanctuary). Inside is some hostile robots and the ghoul you were talking about (which is on the western side of the building). I just painted the walls with his brains and looted his body. If he doesn't have the T51b power armor then leave the building and go inside the house near the entrance of fort constantine. Look around and you will find the basement that leads to the bunker. then go from room to room until you find Tina's body (i think that's her name). Her body is in front of the door that leads to a fatman, some mini-nukes, and the legendary T51b power armor on display. Enjoy your new armor and happy hunting! p.s. note that the armor can still degrade, but i don't think that the helmet will.

    User Info: ubertyrant

    ubertyrant - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Try and load a saved game before you gave the keys to Mr. Crowley. if that doesnt work then i guess your out of luck.

    User Info: RefriedMassacre

    RefriedMassacre - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. you dont have to kill him, even iif you get all the keys and go back to visit him. All he does is say i dont want to talk to you, you stole what was mine. He doesnt become hostile

    User Info: Alex9876543211

    Alex9876543211 - 7 years ago 0 0

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