Where are the holotapes for the android?

  1. I have looked everywhere but i cant find those holotapes for the android can you help me?

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  1. One tape found inside Craterside Supply, Megaton, behind the counter on a table to the right. Another, Doc Church's little place on the desk I believe. Forgive me for stating what has already been said, but Eulogy Jones does have a holotape in hes bedroom on the back desk, the guard at the entrance to Paradise falls has one lying behind the sandbags, Cutter has one on the cabinet, -if- I recall correctly the Doctor of Rivet City (forgot his name) has one in his office. In Big Town, specifically Red's Clinic, there's a holotape somewhere in there.

    Anyway, Blue Dragoon77 is correct about the rule of 4 different holotapes. When you find the fourth, you can travel to Rivet City to find Pinkerton.

    **On finding Pinkerton**
    1. Easy Method: If you have a Lockpick rating of 100, there's a Very Hard door found at the the bow of the ship. Enter from there, if you can get the door open, and just go straight through the hallways and rooms (I think there's only two rooms on the 2nd "floor", both of which are located to the right from entering through the Very Hard door, the first being a room with a pressure pad trap which activates two rigged combat shotguns to fire and the second leading to Pinkerton), ignore the stairs unless you want to fight a couple of Mirelurks and pick up some minor loot.

    2. Harder Method: If you can't go through the aforementioned door, you'll need to get wet for this one. Where the ship is split down the middle, underwater there is an unlocked door leading inside of the bow of the ship. As soon as you enter, there's going to be nowhere to breathe so you have to swim to a door found directly in front of you and inside you can go up for air. You'll have to dunk down again, though, to go through yet another door and make a left turn, preferably followed by a right turn (quicker to stairs, and there's no water in most of the room so you want get irradiated). However, there are two idle Mirelurks that seem to be impossible to sneak past waiting for you in the room. Well, one in THAT room and another in the room next to it. Oh, you'll know you're in the right room if there's a staircase leading up. When done with the Mirelurks, go up the stairs and go straight from the direction you're facing after climbing the stairs (I think, but even if you go the opposite way it leads to the Very Hard door mentioned in the "Easy Method". After that, well, just read off from the Easy Method's paragraph for more info on the 2nd floor.

    WARNING: There are some somewhat deadly traps layed out in the direction of Pinkerton. AND SAVE AS SOON AS YOU REACH THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, THERE IS MORE THAN ONE PLACE YOU CAN GET "STUCK" IN THE FORCES YOU TO RELOAD AN EARLIER SAVE, PLUS THE TRAPS MIGHT KILL YOU ON HARDER DIFFICULTIES OR IF YOU ARE A LOW LEVEL!!! Had to stress the save part, I know all too well how damn annoying it is to get stuck, but personally I wasn't killed by the traps because, well, I have a pretty keen eye and when I did set off one or two traps they weren't potent enough to kill me. Be cautious anyway, though.

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  1. When you first enter Megaton go into the clinic. You will see a holotape on the table. Listen to it and you can ask the doc about it. Also in Megaton there are a couple in Nathan's house to listen to. After inquiring to a couple of people in town about the android you will be approached by a lady who is part of the android underground railroad.

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  2. You can also get a bunch of information out of Pinkerton if you can convince him to tell you, so just go into the seperate section of the ship. If you're having trouble getting in, just keep going around the outside of it and you'll find a little walkway that leads to it from the Jefferson Memorial, though the door there is very hard. There's also an underwater passage, which if you look at the broken off section from Rivet City will be on the right near the edge. Back up a little from the wreckage in between the two sections so you are swimming and then dive under. There will be a little tunnel that leads to a door inside that I think doesn't have a lock on it, at least not a tough one. Inside are mirelurks, so be ready.

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  3. If you blow up megaton.. Tapes are also found in the Underworld.. But you may have to talk to Zimmer (Guy at Rivet City) about it(Unconfirmed)

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  4. There's some holotapes in pardise falls. Eulogy jones has one on a desk in his bedroom. The guard at the entrance of pardise falls has one next to him laying on the ground. cutter has one on top of a filing cabinet.

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  5. There's actually four different types of tapes: One kind went to technical and engineer types like Moira Brown to ask about the memory wipe, one kind went to doctors to ask about the facial reconstruction, and the last two went to sympathizers the android thought could help like the Father in Rivet City; one for any assistance possible, the other a thank you for all the help and guidance.
    To help you with sorting them out, the game actually eliminates copies when you pick up one type. For example: If you get the doctor tape from, say, Red in Big Town, all other copies of the same tape are removed from the game to keep from confusing you. You'll know when you got them all, because you get the name of the guy who did the procedure with the last one.

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  6. One of the tapes is given by the girl that runs the supply store in megaton

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  7. Yeah, plus, if nobody said this yet, Doctor Banfield or Banifold, the doc at Tenpenny tower, has a holotape, and can be bribed.

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  8. If you ask winthrope in underworld and beat the speach challenge he will tell you pinkerton did it , but if you confront pinkerton before doing this you dont get the option to ask him.

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  9. I found one in the clinic of Megaton

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  10. It is not exact, but here is the wiki's list of the androids holotapes.
    It doesn't tell you where to get exactly each one, but does tell you who stocks them.
    Hope it helps

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